Obama Is About To Enjoy A Christmas Vacation, Guess How Much It Will Cost Taxpayers…

I’ll be home for Christmas. You can plan on me. Please have snow and mistletoe. And presents on the tree.” The old song, written by Kim Gannon, Walter Kent, and Buck Ram, was made famous by Bing Crosby in 1943 amid the turmoil of WWII. The beloved Christmas favorite is surely a familiar favorite of the Obama family this time of year as the president and his family plan to return to the president’s home state for Christmas. Going home to Hawaii for Christmas has been an annual tradition for the Obama’s since before they moved into the White House.

It’s rumored that the Obama family will be staying in the old Magnum PI estate, recently purchased by The Obama Foundation chairperson Matt Nesbitt for a price of 8.7 million. Even if the they get to stay in the mansion, which is located on the East side of Oahu, for free, there’s still a massive cost for the Obama’s to travel home for the holidays.

While many Americans may be griping about the high cost of traveling during the Christmas holidays, their gripes are nothing in comparison to the costs the Obama’s will incur to be able to enjoy Christmas in Hawaii. Last year, the Obama Christmas in Hawaii trip cost the American taxpayer a reported 3.7 million in flight expenses alone. Housing and security costs were placed atop that figure.

This year should be no different and the annual tradition doesn’t come without criticism. Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch said, “The Obama’s travel is out of control. They are treating the Air Force One like an Uber ride. Our military deserves better. The Secret Service is stretched to the breaking point by President’s Obama’s abusive travel … And President Obama seems oblivious to the burden he is placing on Americans with his continuous vacations, getaways, and political junkets at taxpayer expense.”

Wow: How Much Michelle Obama Just Cost Taxpayers For 24 MINUTES Is Almost Beyond Belief

Western Journalism has been reporting on what some would call the extravagant spending of the Obamas. In two months alone this year, the Obamas spent over 4.4 million dollars on vacations and political fundraising. Judicial Watch has repeatedly stated the American taxpayer should be outraged.

Michelle Obama’s November five-day trip to Qatar and Jordan, some might say, cost Americans a pretty penny. Obama speaking at the “Let Girls Learn” conference in Doha, Qatar, cost the American taxpayer an estimated $750,000. The First Lady spoke for 24 minutes. She also visited Jordan while in the Middle East, but those costs have not been reported as of yet.

While in Jordan, Michelle Obama spoke at a U.S. constructed and funded school for refugees. In a tweet, she stated that the U.S. is building 25 new schools in Jordan; and 70 percent of those will be schools for girls.

The Washington Examiner reported that the on-ground costs for the First Lady’s trip to Qatar totaled $450,000. The costs include hotel rooms, suites, and a ballroom for both the FLOTUS and the Secret Service. The Examiner also reported that Judicial Watch usually requests, via the Freedom of Information Act, the costs for jet fuel and costs which add up to more than $300,000.

The event attended by Michelle Obama in Qatar was called the 2015 World Innovation Summit for Education; it took place on November 4th. Mrs. Obama was the guest of Sheikha bint Nasser Al Missned, who is the second of three wives to Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani, a member of the ruling Al Thani family of Qatar.

Something Big Was Just Exposed About Michelle O’s ‘Let’s Move’ Program That She Won’t Want You To Know

As Western Journalism has previously chronicled, there is ample anecdotal evidence to suggest the federal nutrition regulations implemented in public school districts across the nation have been poorly received by students and administrators alike. Complaints of unpalatable meals and skyrocketing costs have forced many schools to opt-out of the program, despite the risk of losing the much-needed federal funding attached to it.

Along with touting her “Let’s Move” initiative aimed at reducing childhood obesity, Michelle Obama has been a vocal supporter of the largely unpopular lunchroom restrictions.

While there has been some good news reported from within the Obama administration, recently published emails indicate even those sporadic reports were intentionally misleading.

The Daily Caller seized on the information it obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, particularly one online correspondence regarding a questionable interpretation of a 2014 Journal of the American Medical Association study.

According to its findings, the obesity rate in America has largely remained constant overall during the past decade, with some increases among elderly women and decreases among preschoolers. JAMA cautioned consumers of the report that the results are still under investigation and should not be considered final.

The White House, in what The Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross called an “effort to lend credence to Michelle’s pet childhood obesity project,” reportedly emailed both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Health and Human Services with a direct request.

Instead of presenting an honest interpretation of the JAMA study, the Obama White House reportedly encouraged two federal agencies to ignore unfavorable aspects of the report while sharing only the positive news regarding kids younger than 5 years old.

h/t: Daily Caller

Are you comfortable with Michelle Obama’s active role in the eating habits of American families? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Exposed: Look What Obama Made American Citizens Do So He Could Play Golf And Vacation

Judicial Watch’s president Tom Fitton said, “Taxpayers should be outraged that Barack Obama’s wastes 4.4 million of their precious tax dollars on golf vacations and political fundraising…And to make matters worse, the Secret Service has simply refused to respond to our requests for documents about the security costs of these controversial trips. The Obama travel scandal is about abuse of office, abuse of the taxpayer, and contempt for the rule of law.”

Fitton’s comments critical of the president arise from his organization’s request for information under the Freedom of Information Act. Judicial Watch “obtained records from the U.S. Department of the Air Force revealing that Barack Obama’s February and March 2015 travel for golf vacations and fundraisers totaled $4,436,245.50 in taxpayer-funded transportation expenses.”

The majority of the money spent was for the president to attend fundraisers for the DNC and for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s reelection campaign. The expenditures do not include the costs that the Secret Service incurred to keep the president and his staffers safe. That’s because the Secret Service has refused to comply with the law set forth under the FOI Act, which requires complete transparency when a request is made for records. The president’s travel expenses were made available and include the following expenses.

  • Obama’s February 14, 2015, golf outing to Palm Springs required a five-hour flight, costing taxpayers a total of $1,031,685.

  • Transportation for Obama’s February 19 day trip to Chicago cost taxpayers $619,011.00.

  • Transportation for Obama’s March 2015 fundraising trip to Los Angeles cost taxpayers $1,980,835.20.

  • Obama’s March 28, 2015, golf outing to Palm city required a 3.9-hour flight, costing taxpayers $804,870.30.

Not to be outdone by the president, First Lady Michelle Obama’s “2014 trip to China cost more than $360,000 in air transportation costs. Judicial Watch uncovered an expensive combination of trips by the Obamas to Africa and Honolulu, which cost taxpayers $15,885,585.30 in flight expenses. The single largest prior known expense for accommodations was for Michelle Obama’s side-trip to Dublin, Ireland, during the 2013 G-8 conference in Belfast, when she and her entourage booked 30 rooms at the five-star Shelbourne Hotel, with the first lady staying in the 1500 square-foot Princess Grace suite at a cost of $3,500 a night. The total cost to taxpayers for the Obamas’ Ireland trip was $7,921,638.66. To date, the known travel expenses of the Obamas and Vice President Joe Biden exceed $61 million.”

Do you think the president, his wife and the Bidens are riding on a $60 million gravy train?

Watch: Candy Carson Just Showed Why Some Are Calling Her ‘The Anti-Michelle Obama’

Popular syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin believes presidential candidate Ben Carson’s wife, Candy, would be the “anti-Michelle Obama,” if she were to become the next First Lady.

Malkin recently sat down with the couple, who just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. The columnist noted that not much is known about Carson’s wife, who tends to stay out of the limelight, though she did play her violin with a gospel choir as “they performed a joyful, rousing rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner,” at the campaign kick-off in the spring. 

The columnist described the mother of the couple’s three sons, and grandmother of two, as a “confident ray of sunshine: down-to-earth, devoutly Christian and proudly patriotic.” Candy grew up in inner-city Detroit, the daughter of a teacher and a factory worker. She earned a scholarship to Yale University, where she met fellow Detroiter Ben Carson. 

At Yale, she triple-majored in music, psychology and pre-med and played the violin for the Yale Symphony.

Malkin points out that Michelle Obama “regularly grumbles” about the burdens of being First Lady, while Candy has sought to count her blessings through the challenges of being the wife of a world-renowned physician.  

“The calling of a neurosurgeon isn’t easy to live out, and Ben has been required to go above and beyond the call of duty many times,” she writes in her upcoming memoir, A Doctor in the House. “The life of a neurosurgeon’s wife isn’t much easier. But it’s all been worth it. Together, we’ve been through poverty, tragedy, wealth, and joy, and I’ve come to love Ben more as each year has passed.”

Do you support Dr. Ben Carson? Like the page:

Candy appeared on The Kelly File earlier this week with her husband, where she spoke about his White House run:

He’s doing a certain thing he feels called to do. I’m with him 100 percent, in the sense that I will support him. This is not something that I was looking to do. After giving up my husband 40 years to medicine, I really don’t want to give him up to our country. But then again, when you look at our grandchildren and you see that deficit that we have…We are the first generation in the history of our country to make it worse for the next one.”

Megyn Kelly asked Mrs. Carson to tell the audience what her husband is like.

“It’s exasperating how great he is,” she replied. 

“Oh, come on!” said Kelly. 

“No, he doesn’t make mistakes much, and if he does, it’s a little tiny one,” Candy said. 

The host followed up: “What does he do that irritates you?”

“That’s what is irritating!” she said. 

h/t: Real Clear Politics and The Political Insider