Video: Bachmann: Obama’s Legacy Is ‘Establishment Of Lawlessness In United States’

Bachmann also compared Obama’s actions to those of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi — “whatever he said was law.”

Video: Bachmann: Obama Close To ‘Dictatorship,’ Puts Impeachment On The Table

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann had tough words for Obama, even going so far as to suggest impeachment should be on the table.

She told Rusty Humphries in a conference call sponsored by on Tuesday that “we can have an impeachment hearing in the house” because Obama “has committed impeachable offenses.”

Bill Maher Insults WWII Veterans, Needs To Shut Up Permanently

Bill Maher Bill Maher Insults WWII Veterans, Needs to Shut Up Permanently

On the heels of the government shutdown comes another lunatic liberal rant from TV’s most obnoxious personality by the name of Bill Maher. On his HBO show ‘Real Time’, Maher outdid his own offensiveness when he dissed American Veterans by saying, “They’re the greatest generation; nobody said they were the brightest generation.” Bill Maher’s history and humor are both sorely lacking in their knowledge and aptness. If not for America’s intervention in WWII and the same Veterans who inadvertently saved Maher’s sorry behind – the ones he disparaged on HBO — Maher would probably have been put away for his strange sense of humor, which would not have appealed to Hitler at all. His short stature would have caused problems as well. If not for the sacrifices of America’s fighting force, Bill Maher’s insults under the garb of jokes would be collecting years of torture in some forgotten camps.

Americans are now rightly appalled at this blatant display of disrespect for its Veterans! Bill Maher may have been miffed that once again, he was ignored and denied any Emmys (where he has been nominated 32 times in the past 17 years, but has never won.) Maher has competed in nine different categories over the years, missing the gold as writer, performer and producer for Real Time With Bill Maher, Politically Incorrect With Bill Maher, and his standup specials. Obviously, the people who vote at the Emmys do not think he is either funny or entertaining enough. Maher’s humor (if it can be called that) does not excite laughter at all; in fact, it stinks and stings!

Bill Maher has made it a habit to denigrate anyone who is NOT a political liberal like him and has consistently displayed special vengeance for conservatives (and conservative women) as well. The Veterans who were the brunt of Bill Maher’s ‘jokes’ were denied entry to WWII Memorial in Washington. Maher was additionally appalled that they had the temerity to take photographs with Michele Bachmann, a Republican. According to Maher, Republicans were responsible for the shutdown and that Veterans should have shown more sense than taking pictures with them! Perhaps dissing the Veterans was going to soothe Maher’s evil soul.

This left liberal lunatic does not get it that he is not a likable personality on TV. Worse are his below the belt jabs at people he dislikes, most of whom happen to be conservatives, armed forces, veterans, Christians, and all who do not adhere to Obama-like-foolishness. It’s time HBO re-think its contract with Bill Maher. HBO is a commercial venture; and if its numbers fall too low, or enough viewers pull out in protest, or sponsorship of Maher’s despicable humor declines significantly, that would be enough to teach this dirty-mouthed moron a few lessons in humor and political incorrectness.

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Obama’s Secret Meeting To Screw Conservati​ves

abolish the irs 300x300 Obamas Secret Meeting to Screw Conservati​ves

Recently, IRS official William Wilkins has been implicated in the IRS scandal that targeted Obama’s political opponents. And Capitol Hill Daily has now learned he may have personally discussed his actions with President Obama – just days before Wilkins’ office released new procedures for how the IRS reviews conservative groups.

White House visitor logs confirm that a “William Wilkins” was at the White House on April 23, 2012, specifically to meet with Obama. Was it the same Wilkins? Unfortunately, everyone who can answer that question is hiding behind a lawyer.

Regardless, it’s now clear that directions were given to the IRS officials in Cincinnati from the highest levels of government to target perceived opponents of President Obama. This was no low-level operation. All of the testimony points up the chain of command.

This is a gross violation of the IRS rules intended to keep the agency above or outside of politics. The IRS should never be involved in promoting partisan politics.

If this was an isolated scandal, one might forgive the agency. But this is only one of multiple scandals that show the agency has become a nest of corruption.

A Laundry List of Scandals

Where to begin?

The IRS is giving incarcerated criminals who submit fraudulent returns tens of millions of dollars in refunds. These are dollars that felons aren’t eligible to receive. The fraud figure increases every year, and at last tally, the IRS dealt north of $35 million to crooks, according to a federal audit.

The IRS also gave one million noncitizens, most in the United States illegally, approximately $9 billion in tax credits – even though they didn’t provide valid Social Security numbers on their tax returns.

The IRS also handed out $33 million in bogus electric car credits.

Recently, two dozen IRS employees were charged with stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in government welfare, including food stamps and housing vouchers. The scheme fleeced U.S. taxpayers out of at least a quarter of a million dollars, according to federal prosecutors on the case.

Another scary prospect is the empowerment of the IRS as part of Obamacare. The IRS will be the go-to agency for enforcing the fines on Americans who don’t buy the expensive, mandated health insurance plans.

As the abuses multiply, it’s time to seriously consider the only real fix.

A Clear Solution

The fix that will end this pattern of scandals is total abolition of the IRS.

And I’m happy to report a movement is building on Capitol Hill to actually abolish the IRS. You see, only abolition can protect us from an agency which has become bathed in scandal.

Abolishing the agency would be easier than most understand. All Congress would have to do is simplify the tax system. With a changed system, we could end the aggressive, highly discretionary and unfair targeting by the IRS. Either a flat tax or a national consumption tax would allow the agency to be eliminated while improving compliance and increase revenues.

Several members of Congress have taken up the battle and called for the end of the IRS.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, is backing an online petition to abolish the taxing agency. In the House of Representatives, Louie Gohmert of Texas, Representative Steve King of Iowa and Michele Bachmann of Minnesota have called for the abuses to be contained by abolishing the IRS.

The White House attempted to incriminate low-level agents in Cincinnati for the scandal problems. But it’s clear the abuse is widespread. High-ranking officials have known for a long time about the scandals, yet they’ve done nothing to stop it. The only real long-term solution is to end the life of a rogue agency. I hope you’ll join me in supporting the abolition of the IRS.

Your eyes on the Hill,

Floyd Brown

IRS And MSNBC Team Up To Crush Conservatives As Preacher Is Caught In The Crosshairs

The IRS’s scandalous snooping into the inner workings of Tea Party groups has exposed an erie alliance between the government and big-media groups such as MSNBC.

Bradlee Rachel Maddow IRS and MSNBC Team Up to Crush Conservatives as Preacher is Caught in the Crosshairs

As the American public reels from Congressional hearings about a KGB-style IRS that asks even what conservatives are praying about, the specter of a similar assault by the mainstream media is beginning to emerge. Case in point: MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow has accused one-time presidential candidate Michele Bachmann as well as preacher Bradlee Dean of calling for the “execution” of homosexuals. Neither has said this.

“I said no such thing, and now my life has been threatened,” says Dean, who has spoken to more than 300 schools on such subjects as drugs, the Constitution, America’s Biblical foundation, and the immorality of homosexuality. Maddow made the claim in a May 2011 broadcast; but on Dean’s Sons of Liberty radio show, he explained clearly that it is the Muslims who are calling for the execution of homosexuals in America. “I say this to my gay friends out there, the ones that continuously nitpick everything I say in their defense and for their eternal destination, Hollywood is promoting immorality and God of the Heavens in Jesus’ name is warning you to flee from the wrath to come, yet you have Muslims calling for your execution,“ Dean said on the show, discussed in his ministry’s article, “Explaining the Maddow Case.”

Bomb and Death Threats

After Maddow’s broadcast, Dean, his family, and his ministry began to receive death threats via emails and phone calls, threatening to bomb his headquarters. Other leftist blog and news sites posted Dean’s home address online while repeating Maddow’s false reporting.

“I took it on the chin at first,” said Dean. “But when I got death threats against my family, I knew I had to take action.”

081011maddow IRS and MSNBC Team Up to Crush Conservatives as Preacher is Caught in the Crosshairs

(Rachel Maddow gets served)

Dean is now having to take on a biased judge, Judge Joan Zeldon, along with Maddow, since his defamation lawsuit against Maddow and MSNBC is on appeal right now, based in part on Judge Zeldon’s prejudice in the matter, as seen in her glowing description of MSNBC attorneys as being “distinguished.”

Media watchers well know that every liberal journalist has his ear to the ground waiting to see which way this judgment will go. Loss is not an option!  Defeat will smell like blood, and every conservative’s neck will be on the chopping block.

Join the Fight, and recieve a special gift from Bradlee Dean!

Defending American Honor

Dean says that his lawsuit is not about just defending his work as a preacher, musician, and speaker to youth assemblies, but says, “I’m defending every conservative leader in America who boldly stands up for God’s country and the Constitution — everyone who publicly stands for our Constitution, which our Founding Fathers and brave soldiers have fought, bled and died for.”

Dean says, “Do you think it’s right that conservative leaders preach the truth about America and get death threats? I’m sure you don’t. This lawsuit will defend our American honor as a Christian nation.  It must go forward. ”

He adds, “I must continue to reach the next generation to counter the crazy leftist garbage that’s coming out of our TV stations and leftist newsrooms.”

Like contestants on “Survivor” gathered around the campfire, Obama’s leftist government has winked and nudged its big-media friends in an alliance designed to attack conservative leaders in America.

Those who refuse to take it any more can now join the fight. They donate to Bradlee Dean’s ministry, You Can Run International, and also get a unique gift in return. Simply make a tax-deductible donation to Bradlee Dean, and you will receive a gift that you will proudly own.


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