Michele Bachmann Just Revealed Why She Thinks Jesus Is ‘Coming Soon’ With Unexpected Biblical Warning

Every now and then, a conversation regarding the separation of church and state presides in the media. Sometimes, politicians go to extremes, attempting to relate scriptures from the Bible to current events.

This is one of those times.

Former Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., made headlines today when she made comments relating to foreign affairs, arguing that the current state of ISIS, Iran, and Syria all are a prelude to the arrival of Jesus.

Late last year, Bachman made some biblical claims, stating that she believes that Jesus is “coming soon,” and that “we’re seeing the fulfillment of scripture right in front of her eyes.”

In a radio interview done by Olive Tree Ministries, the former congresswoman warned the public about the alliance between Iran and Russia, stating that their current presence in Syria can have great implications for the future.

“What we see, which is about to happen, I believe, with Syria … the prediction is that Syria has fallen apart, quite literally,” Bachmann said in the interview. “But on a political basis, they would be quote ‘partitioned’ in that, although Russia today has control of Syria, they would be partitioning it so that the eastern portion of Syria would effectively be considered disputed, occupied territory by the Islamic State.”

“I believe that Putin and Iran have an alliance so that they can control, not only the production of global oil, but the distribution of global oil,” Bachmann went on to say in the interview. “And I believe that they’re positioning themselves so that someday they can invade Israel to be able to take over the vast stores of oil and natural gas that Israel is controlling, with this very unique new partnership between Iran and Russia in Syria.”

Bachmann fears that the world is close to giving ISIS legitimacy, and that consequently, the Islamic State would assume total control over Iraq and eastern Syria.

“I think this lines up with scripture,” Bachmann said on air. She then went on to explain that the race for natural resources provides the motivation for an invasion of sorts, especially when one considers the natural gas that Israel has recently discovered.

“[Russia and Iran] would support a global world order to keep their game going into the future,” she said.

Before finishing the interview, Bachmann encouraged Christians to heed to eschatological scriptures, and preach the word of God to others.

“We know that there is more prophesy of Jesus’ second coming even than there was in the first,” Bachmann said on air. “We also should be encouraged and empowered as believers in Jesus Christ — now more than ever — with the Bible in one hand, the newspaper in another, to say to our neighbors and co-workers and people at church, this is about the Lord speaking to the world that, ‘I am coming soon.’”

Michele Bachmann Just Dropped One Line About Hillary That No One Saw Coming

Conservative Michele Bachmann and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton are poles apart in ideology. But Bachmann said recently they share one thing — the difficulty of being a woman dealing with the realities of keeping up appearances on the campaign trail.

“I really do have great empathy for what Mrs. Clinton is going through, because the hill that she has to climb on — appearance — it’s just a different hill than men have to climb,” said Bachman, who sought the Republican presidential nomination in 2012. “I’m not whining about it. It’s just reality. It is what it is.”

Bachmann, speaking on a Candidate Confessional podcast, recalled one instance in South Carolina where oppressive heat and humidity forced her to make four outfit changes, some taking an hour, in one trip.

“There were 1,500 people that came out for the speech,” Bachmann recalled. “And they were outside and I gave this speech and it was just blistering hot and humid and I was literally just drenched with sweat by the time that I was done. We had our campaign bus. So we went on the campaign bus. … I had to go in and take a shower and start over and do another hair and makeup while we were driving to the next city. So that’s another hour.”

During the podcast, Bachmann also discussed a 2011 photo that adorned Newsweek that, she said, made her look like the “Bride of Frankenstein.”

She said the scheduled photo shoot for the article was already over when photographer Chris Buck approached her about what he called a “test shot.”

For this shot, Bachmann said she had to sit on the bottom rung of a ladder in a closet-like space, in front of a stark blue background. “It was very uncomfortable, because I had to kind of squat down on this ladder and I said, ‘I don’t even know why we we’re doing this. You’ve got your shots,’” she said.

However, the photographer insisted, the pictures were taken, and a cover photo emerged that Bachmann would hate forever and that Newsweek would use for an article headline “Queen of Rage.”

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Thank You, Michele Bachmann, For Educating NBC About Carly And Islam

Recently, MSNBC and NBC News highlighted former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s tweet pointing to the fact that two weeks after 9/11, Carly Fiorina gave a speech in which she nearly entirely praised Islam. (Her remarks contained numerous errors and omissions of facts. One primarily being that more than half of Muslims worldwide are illiterate, have no personal computer, have no Internet, and have no human rights protections. The GDP of 57 Islamic countries is miniscule.)

While overall a balanced article, the MSNBC/NBC reporter failed to cite basic statistical data consistently released by the FBI. The most targeted victims of hate crimes in America are not Muslims, LGBTQ, Blacks, or Latinos– even combined. The most targeted victims of hate crimes in America are Jews. In fact, some of the most dangerous places for Jewish children/teens in America are public schools and college campuses.

Read More.

Listen to learn more about hate crimes against Jews.

Listen to learn more about Carly and Islam:

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Michele Bachmann’s Recent Facebook Post Lands Knockout Punch To Obama’s Foreign Policy


A simple meme can sometimes carry a more potent message than a well-researched article, a fact on display with a Facebook post by former U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann. Superimposed over an image of Ronald Reagan, the image states, “If I was still president ISIS would be WasWas.” Scroll down to view the entire image.

As of this writing, more than 25,000 Facebook users ‘liked’ the image, while nearly as many shared it to their own newsfeeds.

Criticism of Barack Obama’s approach to the terrorist network based in Iraq and Syria has been the object of varied and widespread criticism as ISIS continues to pose a threat to the region and far beyond the Middle East.

His apparent comparison of Christian atrocities of centuries past to the current rise in Islamic terrorism led to significant backlash following the recent National Prayer Breakfast event at which his remarks were made.

Obama has further been lambasted for his administration’s anemic response to the growing threat, with some, including former U.S. Rep. Allen West, asserting that he – along with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – created an environment in which ISIS could spread its deadly message.

The meme shared by Bachmann packaged the prevailing conservative sentiment succinctly, giving readers a catalyst through which to voice their own opinion.

With nearly 1,000 comments, it is clear the majority of those who saw the image agree with its statement.

Facebook/Michele Bachmann

Facebook/Michele Bachmann

“Too bad we can’t have this president again,” one user wrote.

Another comment suggested that the world “would be a better place if we always asked ourselves WWRD? (What Would Reagan Do?) Before we did anything.”

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Michele Bachmann Thanks Everyone From Founders To Lunch Ladies In Farewell Speech


Four-term Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) gave her final speech to an empty chamber at the House of Representatives on Tuesday.  The outgoing representative announced her decision to leave Congress in May 2013.  Bachmann thanked her constituents for making her the first Republican woman to represent Minnesota in Congress.

“It has been the privilege and the honor of a lifetime for me to serve as a member of the United States Congress….It’s an honor and it’s the ride of a lifetime.”

Bachmann gave a tribute to Moses and the Ten Commandments as the “very foundation of the law that has given happiness and the rise of the greatest prosperity that any nation has known before.”

The representative acknowledged her humble beginnings as a “nobody from nowhere” who was elected by the people of the 6th District.  She began to thank a long list of people that have helped her political career.  She thanked her donors for their generosity; the Holy God that created her; and her parents, brothers, step-brothers, and step-sisters.  She went on to thank her five children and 23 foster children; her Minnesota supporters and prayer warriors; and the men and woman who serve in the Armed Services, as well as the Veterans.

The retiring congresswoman continued her gratitude to her staff, her chief-of-staff, and press communications director.  Then she included the Capitol Police for keep her safe as well as the Sergeant-at-Arms.  The list went on to include the unsung heroes of Washington: the chaplains, the bible study leaders, and the staff in the clerk’s office.  The eight-year representative did not want to forget anybody and gave a special shout-out to James, who operates the railroad car that shuttles members underground between the Capitol and their office buildings.  She also mentioned the elevator lady “who’s always so happy,” and “the two lunch ladies at our lunch counter in the cloakroom” and their wonderful sandwiches.  As she wrapped up her 20-minute farewell speech, she thanked the Founding Fathers:

“More than anything, I want to say thank you to the Founders of this nation, who gave us the most incredible ride by believing in us and in our future.”

Republican Tom Emmer will replace Bachmann and will be sworn in after the new year.

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