Billionaire Bloomberg Had Big Plan Against Guns, But It Just Blew Up In His Face

Opponents of gun rights had more than $2 million worth of ammunition on their side in the battle for control of Virginia’s state Senate. They fired blanks.

When the smoke cleared, Virginia Republicans remained in control of the state’s Senate. This was a major defeat for billionaire and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, whose Everytown for Gun Safety advocacy group spent $2.2 million in two Senate races in an effort to give Democrats a majority in the chamber.

Bloomberg’s lobbying group entered Virginia politics in October. The group launched an ad campaign featuring this summer’s tragic murders of two Virginia TV reporters by a disgruntled former co-worker.

Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a gun rights opponent, had also made stronger gun control a centerpiece of the party’s message to Virginia voters.

“McAuliffe had attempted to turn the 2015 contest into a referendum on gun control, much as his close friend Hillary Clinton is attempting to do in her 2016 Presidential run,” wrote Mike Flynn. “It’s clear voters were not receptive to that message in Virginia.”

The election could serve as a precursor to the 2016 presidential race.

“It remains to be seen if the expensive wasted effort by Bloomberg/McAuliffe in the commonwealth will result in Clinton pulling back on her radical agenda pushing gun confiscation as a key part of her platform,” Flynn wrote.

Virginia “reflects many of the challenges with firearms seen across the United States,” wrote Nicole Hendrix, a professor of criminal justice at Radford University in Radford, Va. “In many ways, how Virginia responds to issues related to firearms, both politically and with regard to policy, may foretell the direction of the country.”

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What New York Liberals Want To Ban Now Could Affect How Millions Get Ready Every Morning

Government regulation has long been a topic of contention among residents of New York City as a succession of leftist leaders has vowed to take away citizens’ freedom of choice in an ostensible effort to save them from their own bad choices.

Among the most notable recent examples of this trend was then-Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s failed effort to ban sugary beverages sold in containers larger than 16 ounces.

One Manhattan council member is doing his best to ban another common product completely within the nation’s most populous city. Democrat Daniel Garodnick recently claimed microbeads – used primarily in hygiene products including toothpaste and skin cleansers – are “toxic” pollutants worthy of absolute prohibition.

“The risks of passing toxic plastic beads up the food chain far outweigh having them in our beauty products,” he explained, citing his belief that humans are becoming sick after eating fish that consumed the tiny exfoliators. Similar efforts to ban microbeads are currently under way within the U.S. and beyond, due in large part to activism by some within the scientific and environmental communities.

What many New Yorkers – and libertarian-leaning Americans across the nation – saw instead of a safety concern was a thinly veiled effort to give government even more control.

Weasel Zippers shared the story with its readers, many of whom found fault with the proposed ban.

“Just setting up a booming black market business,” one critic opined.

A number of readers pointed a finger at the voters who continue to elect such representatives.

“Seems like half of my state is infested with subhuman leftists that fled the mayhem and misery that they created in NY,” one commenter observed. “I wish that they would stay there and reap their rewards.”

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As Trump Feuds With Fox News, Network’s Owner Makes THIS Startling Pick For President

You might call it the battle of the big shots, or, okay, the clash of the titans. GOP presidential pacesetter and provocateur Donald Trump’s front-and-center feud with the Fox News Channel (FNC) is certainly no secret. Now, FNC owner Rupert Murdoch is jumping into the political fray by sending an apparent signal that he’d prefer another New York-based mogul to be the next occupant of the White House.

Murdoch, the 84-year-old founder, chairman and CEO of News Corp — the parent of Fox News — has tweeted his pick for the powerhouse entry he’d like to see in the running for president, Michael Bloomberg:

Image Credit: Twitter/Rupert Murdoch

Image Credit: Twitter/Rupert Murdoch

NewsBusters points out that the Bloomberg endorsement by the supposedly ultra-conservative media titan would seem to many to be quite out of character:

While the liberal media love to frame Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch as a raging conservative, he certainly likes crossing that image on Twitter. On Sunday, Murdoch proclaimed Michael Bloomberg, the anti-gun, anti-Big Gulp liberal, should be the billionaire candidate running for president.

And after a number of negative comments about Bloomberg in response to Murdoch’s initial boost for his buddy who served for three terms as the mayor of the Big Apple, the News Corp. owner followed up his initial tweet with this:

Image Credit: Twitter/Rupert Murdoch

Image Credit: Twitter/Rupert Murdoch

About that cheerleading for Michael Bloomberg by the supposedly conservative Rupert Murdoch… In an opinion piece published by Forbes in May 2013, author Karen Harned pointed out how the former mayor of New York City drew the scorn of many conservatives and libertarians with his “nanny state” policies and programs.

Emboldened by his mayoral powers, Bloomberg has decided to methodically push his idea of good living by regulatory fiat — a grand social engineering project that presumes he knows what is best for each of us. From banning smoking and large soft drinks to regulating sodium and trans fats, if he thinks it is bad for you, it simply has to go.

Apparently, Murdoch got the message that he may have gone more than a bit overboard in suggesting that Michael Bloomberg should get in the 2016 contest as, possibly, a counter-weight to the flamboyant and feisty Donald Trump. Murdoch’s third tweet on the subject of his “friend” was as follows:

Image Credit: Twitter/Rupert Murdoch

Image Credit: Twitter/Rupert Murdoch

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Busted: A GOP Candidate’s Massive Connection To Planned Parenthood Just Got Exposed

Until shortly before announcing his presidential candidacy, former Florida governor Jeb Bush was a director for a charity that gave tens of millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood.

Life Site News reports: “In 2010, Jeb was named one of the founding directors of the Bloomberg Family Foundation, established as a tax-exempt foundation to advance the vision of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.”

That foundation announced a major partnership with Planned Parenthood-Global to train and equip abortion activists in pro-life countries, to the tune of $50 million:

In 2014, we started supporting local nonprofit organizations in Burkina Faso, Senegal, Uganda, and Nicaragua to advocate for better policies in their countries that will expand access to comprehensive reproductive health services. These organizations will receive technical assistance from Planned Parenthood Federation of America – Global Division to help augment their capacity for effective advocacy.

The former New York mayor laid out how the partnership would work when he received Planned Parenthood’s Global Citizen Award at its annual gala in March 2014.

“I am happy to say our major partner in this project will be Planned Parenthood – Global,” Bloomberg said. “In some countries, our funding will help advocates work towards better sexual health policies for teens and better access to contraceptives. In others, we’ll help push for less restrictive abortion laws and more government funding for high-quality, accessible services.”

When asked if Jeb Bush supported these foundation initiatives, spokeswoman Kristy Campbell told the Tampa Bay Times: “Governor Bush was honored to serve on the board of Bloomberg Philanthropies, which does a lot of good work across the world. Governor Bush and Mayor Bloomberg have great mutual respect for one another. While they disagree on several policy issues, both share a passion for improving education in America.” Both Bloomberg and Bush are strong advocates for Common Core.

“As a board member, Governor Bush did not vote on or approve individual projects or programs,” Campbell said to the Times.

Stephen Phelan, director of mission communications at Human Life International, told Life Site News: “Bush’s people are probably right that as a board member he did not vote on every project.

“But Bloomberg has been so open about his foundation’s goals for so long that it really stretches credibility to say that Bush or his people wouldn’t have known that the foundation pushes abortion and other population-control efforts,” he said.

Bloomberg–the former Democrat, turned Republican (as he sought to succeed Rudy Giuliani in 2001), turned Independent–made clear his top priority policy goals when accepting Planned Parenthood’s Global Citizen Award. “You can’t fight every battle,” he said. “The things that are high on my priority list are sensible gun laws…I obviously care about a woman’s right to choose…Nobody’s a bigger supporter of gay rights.” He added that “we need a good immigration bill” including amnesty for an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants.

“Bloomberg has described abortion as a ‘fundamental human right,’ elevating it to a make-or-break position. ‘On this issue, you’re either with us or against us.’ He once cited abortion among his reasons for endorsing Barack Obama in 2012,” according to Life Site News.

The Daily Caller reached out to Jeb Bush’s campaign for a response to the Life Site News story. The campaign responded by email with the following statement:

Governor Bush’s strong record of fostering a culture of life is clear, and he has called on Congress to investigate and defund Planned Parenthood in light of the recent alarming revelations about its practices. During his eight years in office, Governor Bush took measures to protect innocent life by passing a partial-birth abortion ban, fighting for a constitutional amendment requiring parental notifications and doing everything possible to promote adoption.

As a board member of Bloomberg Philanthropies, Governor Bush did not vote on or approve individual projects or programs. Governor Bush and Mayor Bloomberg disagree on several policy areas, including Planned Parenthood. They do share a passion for reforming education, which was Governor Bush’s focus on the board.

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Bobby Jindal Describes Why — And How — The Left Became Filled With Bullies

Photo credit: Christopher Halloran /  Christopher Halloran /

In a recent Breitbart interview, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal offered an indictment of leftist ideology, using issues like gun control and religious freedom to describe what he believes is a pattern of bullying.

“Look what they did in Indiana,” he said, “when it came to the fight over religious liberty. They are bullies who try to intimidate their opponents. They can’t argue with us — at least they can’t argue with us on the merits of the matter or ideas or even what the Founding Fathers intended — so they just bully.”

Moving from the reaction by many leftists to Indiana’s attempt to implement a religious law, Jindal lamented that “they are going to try to bully us out of our Second Amendment rights,” warning conservatives that “we mustn’t let them.”

He recognized a common theme among many initiatives emanating from the left.

“There is this attitude on the left,” he explained, “that they know how to live our lives better than we do.”

Jindal acknowledged that those targeting the Second Amendment — which he said contained an “important liberty right” — are also trying to limit the freedoms enumerated elsewhere in the Constitution.

For example, he asserted that the First Amendment is being similarly attacked, saying, “they are coming after our freedom of speech and freedom of association rights.”

Citing one prominent politician’s record as an example, he said he doesn’t believe “it’s any coincidence” that former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, “who is opposed to Second Amendment rights, was also the mayor who thought that he knew best how much soda New Yorkers should be drinking.”

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