Busted: A GOP Candidate’s Massive Connection To Planned Parenthood Just Got Exposed

Until shortly before announcing his presidential candidacy, former Florida governor Jeb Bush was a director for a charity that gave tens of millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood.

Life Site News reports: “In 2010, Jeb was named one of the founding directors of the Bloomberg Family Foundation, established as a tax-exempt foundation to advance the vision of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.”

That foundation announced a major partnership with Planned Parenthood-Global to train and equip abortion activists in pro-life countries, to the tune of $50 million:

In 2014, we started supporting local nonprofit organizations in Burkina Faso, Senegal, Uganda, and Nicaragua to advocate for better policies in their countries that will expand access to comprehensive reproductive health services. These organizations will receive technical assistance from Planned Parenthood Federation of America – Global Division to help augment their capacity for effective advocacy.

The former New York mayor laid out how the partnership would work when he received Planned Parenthood’s Global Citizen Award at its annual gala in March 2014.

“I am happy to say our major partner in this project will be Planned Parenthood – Global,” Bloomberg said. “In some countries, our funding will help advocates work towards better sexual health policies for teens and better access to contraceptives. In others, we’ll help push for less restrictive abortion laws and more government funding for high-quality, accessible services.”

When asked if Jeb Bush supported these foundation initiatives, spokeswoman Kristy Campbell told the Tampa Bay Times: “Governor Bush was honored to serve on the board of Bloomberg Philanthropies, which does a lot of good work across the world. Governor Bush and Mayor Bloomberg have great mutual respect for one another. While they disagree on several policy issues, both share a passion for improving education in America.” Both Bloomberg and Bush are strong advocates for Common Core.

“As a board member, Governor Bush did not vote on or approve individual projects or programs,” Campbell said to the Times.

Stephen Phelan, director of mission communications at Human Life International, told Life Site News: “Bush’s people are probably right that as a board member he did not vote on every project.

“But Bloomberg has been so open about his foundation’s goals for so long that it really stretches credibility to say that Bush or his people wouldn’t have known that the foundation pushes abortion and other population-control efforts,” he said.

Bloomberg–the former Democrat, turned Republican (as he sought to succeed Rudy Giuliani in 2001), turned Independent–made clear his top priority policy goals when accepting Planned Parenthood’s Global Citizen Award. “You can’t fight every battle,” he said. “The things that are high on my priority list are sensible gun laws…I obviously care about a woman’s right to choose…Nobody’s a bigger supporter of gay rights.” He added that “we need a good immigration bill” including amnesty for an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants.

“Bloomberg has described abortion as a ‘fundamental human right,’ elevating it to a make-or-break position. ‘On this issue, you’re either with us or against us.’ He once cited abortion among his reasons for endorsing Barack Obama in 2012,” according to Life Site News.

The Daily Caller reached out to Jeb Bush’s campaign for a response to the Life Site News story. The campaign responded by email with the following statement:

Governor Bush’s strong record of fostering a culture of life is clear, and he has called on Congress to investigate and defund Planned Parenthood in light of the recent alarming revelations about its practices. During his eight years in office, Governor Bush took measures to protect innocent life by passing a partial-birth abortion ban, fighting for a constitutional amendment requiring parental notifications and doing everything possible to promote adoption.

As a board member of Bloomberg Philanthropies, Governor Bush did not vote on or approve individual projects or programs. Governor Bush and Mayor Bloomberg disagree on several policy areas, including Planned Parenthood. They do share a passion for reforming education, which was Governor Bush’s focus on the board.

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Bobby Jindal Describes Why — And How — The Left Became Filled With Bullies

Photo credit: Christopher Halloran / Shutterstock.com  Christopher Halloran / Shutterstock.com

In a recent Breitbart interview, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal offered an indictment of leftist ideology, using issues like gun control and religious freedom to describe what he believes is a pattern of bullying.

“Look what they did in Indiana,” he said, “when it came to the fight over religious liberty. They are bullies who try to intimidate their opponents. They can’t argue with us — at least they can’t argue with us on the merits of the matter or ideas or even what the Founding Fathers intended — so they just bully.”

Moving from the reaction by many leftists to Indiana’s attempt to implement a religious law, Jindal lamented that “they are going to try to bully us out of our Second Amendment rights,” warning conservatives that “we mustn’t let them.”

He recognized a common theme among many initiatives emanating from the left.

“There is this attitude on the left,” he explained, “that they know how to live our lives better than we do.”

Jindal acknowledged that those targeting the Second Amendment — which he said contained an “important liberty right” — are also trying to limit the freedoms enumerated elsewhere in the Constitution.

For example, he asserted that the First Amendment is being similarly attacked, saying, “they are coming after our freedom of speech and freedom of association rights.”

Citing one prominent politician’s record as an example, he said he doesn’t believe “it’s any coincidence” that former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, “who is opposed to Second Amendment rights, was also the mayor who thought that he knew best how much soda New Yorkers should be drinking.”

Do you agree that the left is full of bullies? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Michael Bloomberg Wants 50% Of Coal Plants Shut Down By 2017

Michael Bloomberg

Billionaire and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, at a press briefing, announced he will be contributing even more money to the Sierra Club’s “Beyond Coal” campaign in an effort to effectively wipe out half of the nation’s coal plants.

He donated $30 million in addition to the $50 million he had already thrown at the club; its mission is to now shut down 50 percent of coal plants by 2017.

With the shutting down of plants comes the destruction of thousands and thousands of jobs, something that didn’t seem to faze Bloomberg.

“Saying that we’re destroying jobs in the coal mining industry is not quite as bad, not quite as true as people want you to believe,” Bloomberg said without any further explanation. “But we are adding jobs in other industries and we are saving lives and I think that’s what’s really important.”

Jason Hayes, associate director of the American Coal Council, told CNS News that Bloomberg’s boast of stopping coal production was crass.

“That to me is fundamentally sick,” Hayes said to CNS News, “to brag about putting people out of work. One wonders if the Sierra Club is going to put any of Mr. Bloomberg’s multimillion dollar gifts to work helping these miners and families get retrained, or to help them pay their bills.”

“Or will they continue to enjoy their six- (or more) figure salaries and comfortable homes while they continue their campaigns to put more American miners out of work and shut down America’s industry?” Hayes added. “I think we both know the answer to that question.”

Bloomberg went on to say that officials ought to be avoiding the “shrinking” coal industry due to technological advances in renewable energies and added that more investments need to be made into developing these “growing” industries.

“Coal’s days are numbered,” Bloomberg said.

h/t: CNS News

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Watch: The NRA Just Slammed Michael Bloomberg With This New Ad


To fight back against former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun reform campaign, the National Rifle Association (NRA) launched a multi-million dollar effort ahead of next month’s midterm election, labeling Bloomberg as an “elitist.”

The NRA, which has already spent over $10 million this election cycle, is going to paint Bloomberg as an “elitist.” The former three-term mayor leads the group Everytown for Gun Safety, an umbrella organization that advocates for gun control legislation and reform.

The group includes Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and Mayors Against Illegal Guns, and endorsed a wide ranging list of U.S. Senators and members of Congress, including several in close races, such as those in North Carolina and Louisiana.

NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam labeled Bloomberg as the “ultimate hypocrite,” according to The Hill.

“We look at it as an opportunity to expose the real Mike Bloomberg to the American people.

“The American people will see he is the ultimate hypocrite who tries to ensure people don’t have the right to defend themselves, while he surrounds himself with armed security 24 hours a day.”

The Hill notes the NRA’s campaign puts a large emphasis on Colorado, where there is a close race for Governor and a nominally close race for the U.S. Senate. The NRA launched an ad Tuesday featuring Kimberly Weeks, a crime victim who tells of surviving two hours of “evil,” before telling Bloomberg in the ad:

“You do not have the right to tell me how to defend myself.”

Arulanandam cautions that the gun control lobby won’t go away quietly, according to The Hill:

“I think the gun control lobby has proven themselves very adept at exploiting tragedy to push their political agenda.

“It’s a misnomer or inaccurate for anyone to suggest that gun control is dead.”

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Soda Drinkers Rejoice After This Court Decision

Photo credit: Teeejayy (Flickr)

Supporting a previous ruling, a decision Thursday by the New York Court of Appeals ensures that restaurants and other potentially impacted businesses will not be forced to abide by strict size restrictions in the sale of sugary drinks.

The New York City health department attempted to limit the sale of soda to 16-ounce portions, a move supported by former Mayor Michael Bloomberg and, to some extent, its current mayor. The move was largely panned by the public; and amid complaints by owners of restaurants, theaters, and other businesses, the regulation was nixed by a lower court.

According to the majority opinion in the 4-2 decision, the court determined that the city’s health board “engaged in law-making beyond its regulatory authority” and “wrote the Portion Cap Rule without benefit of legislative guidance.”

While judges might agree with the board’s underlying opinion that consumption of sugary beverages is a health risk, the majority found it does not have the authority to impose such a ban.

Those who would have been affected by the restriction are celebrating the ruling.

A statement by the American Beverage Association expressed pleasure that the previous ruling was upheld, explaining that if reinstated, the ban “would have created an uneven playing field for thousands of small businesses in the city and limited New Yorkers’ freedom of choice.”

Of course, backers of the ban vowed to continue fighting against the consumption of soda.

City Health Commissioner Mary T. Bassett asserted that the court ruling “does not change the fact that sugary drink consumption is a key driver of the obesity epidemic,” vowing that her board “will continue to look at ways to stem the twin epidemics of obesity and type 2 diabetes.”

The left’s assault on soda is not unique to New York. In California, for instance, sugary drinks might soon contain a warning label designating them as dangerous products.

Legislators in other states, including Connecticut Democrat Rep. Rosa DeLauro, advocate specific soda taxes meant to discourage individuals from purchasing such beverages.

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