Is Civil War Brewing In Mexico?

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It is hardly news that certain areas of Mexico are incredibly dangerous, having been overtaken by violent criminals from the nation’s illegal drug industry. While these hotbeds of murder have existed for many years, experts are now tracking the violence as it moves to new – and previously safe – regions of the country.

In a recent Western Center for Journalism article, intelligence analyst Dr. Lyle Rapacki detailed last weekend’s deadly 20-minute shooting spree just across the Mexican border from the town of Douglas, Ariz. While none of the protracted firefight directly endangered American citizens, its proximity to the border, he explained, is cause for concern.

Even before the violence erupted in Agua Pieta Jan. 18, Homeland Security Sec. Jeh Johnson announced plans to tour several border crossings – including a stop in Douglas – this week to discuss security issues and other concerns with law enforcement officials.

Rapacki explained that the violence has been moving closer to the U.S. border recently, noting that “even places like Acapulco and Mazatlan” are now experiencing the dangerous trend. He suggested that, as Mexican citizens become increasingly frustrated with the usurpation of power by the nation’s drug cartels, a civil war could easily develop.

A recent report – written just days before the violent outbreak in Agua Pieta – detailed the ongoing struggle among Mexican citizens who are now trying to carry out a task the nation’s government has been unable to complete. With nearly 100,000 deaths resulting from cartel violence, many citizens are taking up arms in an effort to combat these criminals themselves.

During a conflict earlier this month in Paracuaro, for instance, vigilante fighters went to the streets to combat the Knights Templar cartel. A huge group of fighters, known as the Public Safety System, formed last year to fight similar threats in and around Guerrero. Such groups have developed across the nation, with the apparent common goal of battling their nation’s biggest security threat.

Former journalist and editor Rick Murray covered the rise of Mexican violence from Tombstone, Ariz. and shared some of his impressions with

He said “violence along the border is more common than most believe and it is almost never reported.”

The “scope of this outbreak,” he added, was the only reason the most recent attack received “any attention at all.”

Throughout his career, Murray said he was able to document increasingly common occurrences of violence perpetrated south of the border – but with a real impact in the U.S.

“I cannot tell you how much time we spent actually in the desert gathering news to disseminate to the American public,” he said, “but we had the facts no one else would get or report.”

Outrageously, as Mexican violence continues to increase and move closer to the U.S. border, American leftists are completely ignoring the trend and denying security measures designed to keep us safe.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Exclusive: Deadly Violence Hits U.S.-Mexico Border

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Unfortunately, violent outbreaks south of the Mexico border are all too common amid battles between drug cartels and other societal breakdowns. Recently, however, these deadly attacks have begun appearing in new regions of the nation – and in frighteningly close proximity to the United States.

Intelligence Analyst Dr. Lyle Rapacki spoke with the Western Center for Journalism recently in an effort to examine an attack last weekend that left several individuals dead and even more injured.

According to information confirmed by the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office, automatic rifles, grenades, and .50-caliber weapons were used by battling factions early Saturday morning in the Mexican border town of Agua Prieta, just south of Douglas, Ariz.

Reports indicate between eight and 13 individuals were killed during the gunfight, which lasted from about 12:45 a.m. to just after 1 a.m. Saturday.

Rapacki explained that, upon first hearing of the violence, he immediately contacted sources within law enforcement and the intelligence community to alert them to the troubling development. He said a primary concern was the threat of spillover violence entering the U.S., though the outbreak remained limited to Mexico. Still, he noted, violence in Mexico continues to creep northward in a manner he compared to the classic horror film monster, the Blob.

“Even places like Acapulco and Mazatlan, places like that have started to have some violence,” he explained. “As the violence continues to move further north, it has been concerning.”

Though the individuals involved in the weekend firefight were in Mexico, he cautioned that “a bullet doesn’t know boundaries.”

Reports indicate the violence “wasn’t static,” Rapacki noted. “It was a roving gun battle.”

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the incident was the unwillingness of local authorities to become involved.

“During the firefight, neither medical or law enforcement went into the area,” he said. “What that tells us is there were a lot more than a few people shooting guns.”

First responders essentially created a “free-fire zone,” he said, which “tells us by supposition that there was a lot more firefighting going on than meets the eye.”

He speculated that law enforcement might have been outnumbered and that the violence was too intense for even professionals to penetrate.

While the border crossing near Douglas is notoriously porous, Rapacki said it is fairly uncommon to see such violence so close to the Arizona border. The primary solution to the threats caused by such violent uprisings, he explained, is something millions of Americans support but which too many of our leaders deem unimportant.

“We need to secure our border,” he said. “We need to realize this is not a police action; it’s an invasion.”

Though there is still no concrete information regarding the root cause of the violence, preliminary reports suggest two warring cartels were responsible. In any case, though, Rapacki pointed out the rarity of such an attack.

“One of the theories is that Arizona is more of a gateway,” he said. “It’s quiet; they don’t want to draw attention to the Arizona border.”

While he confirmed that the “northern tier of Mexico has been turned over to the cartel,” Rapacki suggested the violence could also suggest a “limited civil war breaking out in northern Mexico,” fueled by those “tired of random killings, kidnappings, rapes” without a proper response from authorities.

“A lot of people are fighting for their lives [and their] communities,” he said.

Rapecki, who has dedicated much of his life to analyzing security risks and intelligence with law enforcement and other agencies, said this incident is particularly troubling given its proximity to the Arizona border. To make matters worse, he said, too many American leaders seem content to ignore the problem and hope it will simply go away.

As of Monday afternoon, a CCSO spokesperson had not responded to a request for further information.

–B. Christopher Agee

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One of Obama’s most useful idiots, putative Republican U.S. Secretary Transportation Ray LaHood, traveled to Mexico City to sign the “agreement” far from our gaze as he made certain America’s humiliation was complete.

By ratifying a so-called “pilot” program to allow Mexican junk wagons disguised as long haul trucks onto the highways we pay for, Obama has handed his pal Felipe Calderón another way to sneak undocumented fraudulent Democrat voters all over our nation.

Unless a lawsuit brought by the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) is successful, within weeks Mexican trucks, many of which are American fleet castoffs, will be found in every corner of our country.

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