These Surprising Numbers Could Reveal Who REALLY Won The Debate

The Aug. 6 presidential debate hosted by Fox News in Cleveland, Ohio, provoked interest in several candidates, but the one person people were most interested in is Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

That is according to Google search analytics showing Cruz captured all searches, when compared to other candidates, during his introduction. The senator had 67 percent more searches at his high point than the second-most searched candidate. That is more than any other candidate at any given point during the debate.

Image credit: The Washington Post

Image credit: The Washington Post

Cruz peaked at his introduction, when the most searched interest surged at 100 percent, far above anyone else during introduction speeches. Cruz’s search power didn’t rise that high again, but maintained a steady pace throughout the two-hour debate. Searching volume is relative to other candidates at the debate.

The second most searched name during introductions was neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson. Carson hit several peaks throughout the event, according to analytics. His opening peaked at around 35 percent, but hit nearly 60 percent when he talked about terror. His closing hit another peak again at around 45 percent, and Carson maintained strong search power in three more peaks after his closing statement.

Businessman Donald Trump had the most sustainable searches throughout the night with an average of 15 searches a minute, compared to Carson with 10 searches every minute. Cruz and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio are next in the averages, followed by Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul. The remaining, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker fell behind in the pack.

Image credit: The Washington Post

Image credit: The Washington Post

Some particular issues hit well with viewers. Rubio’s statement on business, Bush’s response on Trump’s candidacy, Carson’s statement on Iraq and Kasich’s closing statement went over well and provoked people to search their names. People also searched for Rubio and Carson after the debate ended.

One surprise was in searches after the 5 p.m. debate ended. Searches for businesswoman Carly Fiorina picked up dramatically after her performance in the earlier round with other candidates from the second tier of popularity polling.

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Here Are The 2 Things Hillary Did During The GOP Debate In An Attempt To Upstage It

As the Republican 2016 hopefuls in Thursday’s two debates on Fox News were taking shots at her candidacy, Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton was having a few shots of her own taken — selfies, that is.

USA Today notes in its “OnPolitics” blog that Hillary was hobnobbing with a celebrity cast of the Hollywood rich and famous — you know, some of those 1% folks Clinton campaign ads say have stacked the deck against the beleaguered middle class Hillary claims to be so focused on helping.

At a Los Angeles fundraiser “at the home of Justin Bieber’s manager,” where the price of entry was a $2,700 ticket, Clinton rubbed elbows and snapped photos with the likes of Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West. The Kardashian-focused reality show, of course, was where Bruce Jenner began to reveal his more feminine side. He eventually transitioned, amidst a chorus of liberal ecstasy, to his Caitlyn identity with his/her own reality series.

According to the USA Today post, Kim proudly shared the smiling Hillary selfie on her Instagram account with some 42 million followers who seemed to cherish the moment:

Image Credit: Instagram/kimkardashian

Image Credit: Instagram/kimkardashian

Other L.A. luminaries who reportedly lit up the Clinton fundraiser included Tom Hanks, Jessica Alba, Usher, and Kris Jenner, Caitlyn’s former wife before he, Bruce, became a she in her celebrated transgendering.

And while Hillary was collecting the cash from the Hollywood elite, her campaign was busy trying to hit up the general public for donations. A tweet aimed at people who may have watched the GOP debate on Fox News went out just minutes after the prime-time event ended in Cleveland: “Watch the #GOPdebate? Bet you feel like donating to a Democrat right about now.”

Image Credit: Twitter/@HillaryClinton

Image Credit: Twitter/@HillaryClinton

The link associated with that Hillary tweet takes you to a donation page that declares: “GOP candidates have an out-of-date vision for our country.” Curiously, one of the Republicans whose picture appears alongside the donation request from Hillary for America is Sen. Marco Rubio, who has frequently criticized Mrs. Clinton for having “out-of-date” ideas and policies. Rubio’s spirited performance in the Thursday debate was hailed by many analysts who place him among the outstanding debaters of the night.

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SHOCK POLLS: Trump Just Scored Two HUGE Wins In A Way That Could Redefine The Race

When the home team suffers an unexpected and startling defeat on its own field, fans and commentators will most likely take notice. And that’s just what’s happening today as the GOP front-runner for the 2016 presidential nomination, Donald Trump, scores a big win in a state where a rival or two could certainly be considered favorite sons.

The website Florida Politics reports on what it calls the “shock poll” that finds Trump leading Jeb Bush by a significant margin in Florida, the state where George W.’s younger brother served as a very popular governor from 1999-2007.

According to the just-released St. Pete Polls survey of more than 1900 likely GOP primary voters in the Sunshine State:

For the first time this year, Donald Trump tops a state poll of GOP presidential candidates in Florida.

A St. Pete Polls survey released on Wednesday shows the New York businessman with 26 percent support, with Jeb Bush in second place with 20 percent.

And what about Marco Rubio’s standing in the newly released survey of GOP voters? The senator from Florida is also found to be trailing Trump. Rubio places fourth in the new poll with 10 percent of the respondents backing him. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker came in third with 12 percent.

What many observers and analysts of presidential politics might find equally if not more surprising are the results of a different voter poll — one conducted by the left-leaning Public Policy Polling (PPP). In this national survey, Donald Trump has a higher favorability rating than any of his GOP competitors among Latinos who were questioned July 20-21 about their candidate preferences.

According to MRC-TV coverage of this survey of 1,087 registered voters of Hispanic heritage, Trump scored a favorability rating of 34 percent. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, who one might think would hold an advantage with Latinos because of their backgrounds, were close behind with 30 percent and 29 percent, respectively. Jeb Bush, whose wife hails from Mexico and who frequently delivers campaign messages in fluent Spanish, won 31 percent of the Latino vote in this PPP poll.

You may recall that, as Western Journalism reported, Donald Trump has confidently said he would win the Latino vote should he become the nominee of the party. Trump has made that prediction several times, despite the fact that he continues to generate heated controversy over his campaign-launching remarks about dangerous, criminal aliens illegally entering the United States.

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Watch: Judge Napolitano Reveals One Thing EVERY Candidate Should Learn From Trump

Fox News contributor Andrew Napolitano recently discussed Donald Trump’s headline-grabbing presidential campaign with the panelists on Outnumbered.

Acknowledging he knows Trump “professionally and personally,” Napolitano shared why he is happy the brash billionaire has made a mark in the GOP primary.

“I disagree with him on many issues,” he admitted, “but I am thrilled he’s in the race. I love the way he’s stirring the pot. I love the way he challenges the establishment, I love the way he says what he thinks.”

Responding to a concurrent discussion of primary candidate Marco Rubio, Napolitano shared his analysis. Some on the panel previously noted Rubio was an early favorite who has since failed to attract the level of support some predicted.

“If Marco Rubio had said exactly what he thought, as [panelist] Andrea [Tantaros] suggested,” he said, “he’d be higher in the polls.”

Napolitano insisted that the rest of the Republican field can “take a lesson from the Donald.”

Though others on the panel held an objectively different view of the candidate, participants in the discussion generally agreed that a significant percentage of Republican voters are looking for a candidate willing to take the fight to the party’s establishment wing.

While Trump’s unfavorable rating remains high, in large part due to his divisive rhetoric, he also continues to enjoy a comfortable polling lead for much the same reason.

Is Trump’s candidacy a boon or a distraction for the Republican party? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Rubio Just Unleashed This 10-Word Attack On Trump That Will Make Even Obama Furious

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio found a way to criticize both a formidable primary challenger and the current administration during an appearance on Fox & Friends this week.

Following controversial White House contender Donald Trump’s recent war of words with fellow candidate Lindsey Graham, co-host Steve Doocy asked Rubio if he is afraid Trump will target him.

“He might,” Rubio acknowledged with a laugh. “He’s said things about me already before.”

He then went on to criticize Trump’s campaign, not on the issues he has raised but for the manner in which he has addressed them.

Immigration reform is a “legitimate issue,” Rubio asserted, lamenting the fact that Trump has broached it with such divisive rhetoric.

“But here’s what’s so important to me,” he clarified. “The presidency of the United States is not just the top government official, it is the leader of our people and of our nation.”

As such, he explained, the individual occupying that office must do so “in a dignified way, with a level of class.”

Trump, Rubio assessed, has yet to behave in a manner suggesting he would meet that threshold. In fact, he said, Trump’s style is reminiscent of the president many Republican voters are anxious to evict.

“We already have a president now that has no class,” he said.

After mentioning a few of the actions he considered less-than-presidential from Obama’s two terms, Rubio concluded that “some of the language Mr. Trump is employing” is similarly unworthy of the office he is seeking.

Is Donald Trump presidential? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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