Hillary Clinton – Presidential Material Or War Criminal?

Seventy-one Syrians were found suffocated to death in a truck near Vienna, Austria, on August 27th. The refrigerated poultry truck was found on the A4 highway not far from the airport. The deaths and thousands more like them were caused by the Obama Administration’s Middle East policy that was driven by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her chief aide, Huma Abedin.

Austria is a nation of just eight million people. That is just a little less than the population of New York City, yet this little nation has the highest per capita immigration rate of any European nation. This is quite a burden on such a small nation. Recently, heart wrenching photos have shown dead children and throngs of Syrians pushing past European borders to reach the Promised Land in Germany and elsewhere. Germany expects 800,000 this year.

The Obama Administration, despite causing the refugee crisis with its overthrow of secular governments in the Middle East, has jailed twenty Iraqi Christians who managed to escape to the United States seeking asylum. The Austrian and German governments welcomed refugees. Austria has made an effort to bring into its borders the persecuted Christians of Syria. Last year, there was an airlift of 500 Syrian Christians from Turkey to Austria.

Riots in Hungary, death off the Italian coast: Every day, there are stories of “immigrants” from North Africa and the Middle East drowning when their small, overcrowded boats sink. Recently, a photo was shown around the world of a young boy’s lifeless body being picked up where it had washed ashore on a beach in Turkey. There have been riots at the main train station in Budapest, Hungary, as refugees from Syria and Iraq demand to board trains for more wealthy European nations. There is talk even from Germany’s Chancellor Merkel that borders may have to be reestablished inside of Europe to maintain order.

Global warming is not the reason hundreds of thousands are fleeing Libya, Yemen, Iraq and Syria. Sadly, the reason for the greatest immigrant crisis since World War II is Hillary Clinton; and the emails she tried to hide are beginning to give up the details.

In March of this year, I wrote an article entitled “Hillary Clinton’s Grand Strategy for the Middle East,” which was published in numerous places including WND.COM and Western Journalism. In that lengthy article, I gave the details and sources of Hillary Clinton’s plan as Secretary of State to install the “moderate” Muslim Brotherhood into power throughout the Middle East. The idiocy of the plot undoubtedly came from her longtime aide and confidante Huma Abedin, a Muslim whose family was deeply involved in organizing the Muslim Brotherhood and Muslim Sisterhood in the United States.

Under the plan, the Muslim Brotherhood, with American help, would bring “moderate” Islamist rule to North Africa and the Middle East and stop Islamization by more radical elements. We all saw how moderate the Muslim Brotherhood was in the short time they ruled Egypt. The burned churches and abused women are a testament to their “moderation.”

Wiping the hard drive of the personal server Hillary Clinton used for State Department business removed the details of Huma Abedin and this idiotic Muslim Brotherhood strategy that has done so much humanitarian damage. The life lost and the destruction of thousands of years of human history by the Clinton/Abedin legacy had to be hidden. Among those emails is proof that Ambassador Stevens was acting as gun runner for Hillary Clinton when he was murdered in Libya.

Hillary Clinton wants to be the President of the United States and planned to run while Secretary of State. She destroyed the state of Libya to show how tough she would be as a world leader. Her plan was to install the Muslim Brotherhood. Instead, she birthed a failed state that became the base of several well-armed Islamic terrorist organizations. One of those, a branch of the Islamic State, beheaded twenty-one Egyptian Christian workers on a beach in Libya in February of this year.

Emails linking the Benghazi deaths of American embassy personnel in 2011 and the transfer of Libyan arms for “moderate” Syrian rebels were also probably among the “personal” emails she had wiped off the server. But the evidence of her total incompetence on foreign affairs is available elsewhere. The name of the ship that was used to carry weapons from Libya’s old arsenal to Turkey bound for “moderate” Syrian rebels is known. Some of those heavy weapons may have been used to route the Iraqi Army out of Mosul.

When Hillary Clinton was sworn in as Secretary of State, the Middle East was more or less stable, and fighting had been greatly reduced in Iraq. By the time Hillary Clinton left that office, five national governments had been toppled; and three of those, including Libya, became failed states. Her support of the Saudi plan to topple President Assad in Syria led to birth of the ISIL and the loss of the entire north of Iraq. As a result, Iran has been able to spread its influence into Iraq to protect Shiite interests.

Is it any wonder the Hillary server hard drive was wiped clean? If Hillary Clinton prays, which I doubt, she is probably on her knees every night asking God to wipe the hard drives of the State Department servers as well.

Another Hillary Clinton aide, the man who set up her private server to conduct government business for the State Department of the United States, has stated that he will plead the Fifth if called to testify about the server.

Bryan Pagliano, an aide to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign who helped set up the server system, was asked to testify about the server by the House Select Committee on Benghazi this month. His legal counsel has now told the committee that he would plead the Fifth Amendment, refusing to answer any and all questions, if he were compelled to testify.

The Washington Post reported that Pagliano had worked as the IT director on Clinton’s 2008 campaign, and was then tasked by Clinton to oversee the installation of her server to handle her correspondence while Secretary of State. This was done before and after he was employed by the State Department in 2009. While doing the setup of the server system for Clinton’s State Department correspondence, he was apparently being paid by a political action committee tied to her. Lastly, Clinton admitted to paying him $5,000 herself. Who got Pagliano the IT job at the State Department? I think we can figure that out.

The transfer of weapons from Muammar Gadhafi’s captured arsenal in Libya to some Syrian “moderate” rebels (who turned out to be Islamist killers) was clearly illegal and could not be discussed using the State Department e-mail system because of the possibility of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit discovery. The fly-by-night e-mail system was clearly constructed to circumvent the law and shield Hillary Clinton from discovery of various illegal acts, the least of which were probably trading favors from the Administration for donations to the Clinton foundation.

The Clinton e-mail system, operated out of a bathroom closet in an apartment, was far less secure than that of the recently hacked Ashley Madison marital cheating site. Although American intelligence agencies (TAO) employ thousands of hackers to attack Russian and Chinese sites for information, little is spent on protecting systems in the United States. Copies of the “wiped” Clinton emails probably exist … Perhaps the best way to obtain these would be for the Congress to ask the TAO to hack Chinese or Russian intelligence agencies for them–or better yet, just ask Edward Snowden for copies.

Behind the shrouded-in-mystery relationship of Hillary Clinton and Human Abedin lies the blood of the innocent in the Middle East. That blood is on the hands of the planner, Hillary Clinton. It was her Grand Strategy for peace in the Middle East that has caused the downfall of nations, the rise of the Islamic State, mass executions and sex slavery, economic devastation for tens of millions and an unending immigration crisis in Europe. The question should not be whether Hillary Clinton should be President of the United States–but rather if she should face the International Criminal Court as a war criminal for the misery she has wrought upon the world.

William J. Murray is chairman of the Washington, DC based Religious Freedom Coalition and project director of Christmas for Refugees.

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The Real Refugee Problem – And How To Solve It

Last week, Europe saw one of its worst crises in decades. Tens of thousands of migrants entered the European Union via Hungary, demanding passage to their hoped-for final destination, Germany.

While the media focuses on the human tragedy of so many people uprooted and traveling in dangerous circumstances, there is very little attention given to the events that led them to leave their countries. Certainly we all feel for the displaced people, especially the children; but let’s not forget that this is a man-made crisis and it is a government-made crisis.

The reason so many are fleeing places like Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, and Iraq is that US and European interventionist foreign policy has left these countries destabilized with no hopes of economic recovery. This mass migration from the Middle East and beyond is a direct result of the neocon foreign policy of regime change, invasion, and pushing “democracy” at the barrel of a gun.

Even when they successfully change the regime, as in Iraq, what is left behind is an almost uninhabitable country. It reminds me of the saying attributed to a US major in the Vietnam War, discussing the bombing of Ben Tre: “It became necessary to destroy the town in order to save it.”

The Europeans share a good deal of blame as well. France and the UK were enthusiastic supporters of the attack on Libya, and they were early backers of the “Assad must go” policy. Assad may not be a nice guy, but the forces that have been unleashed to overthrow him seem to be much worse and far more dangerous. No wonder people are so desperate to leave Syria.

Most of us have seen the heartbreaking photo of the young Syrian boy lying drowned on a Turkish beach. While the interventionists are exploiting this tragedy to call for direct US attacks on the Syrian government, in fact the little boy was from a Kurdish family fleeing ISIS in Kobane. And as we know, there was no ISIS in either Iraq or Syria before the 2003 US invasion of Iraq.

As often happens when there is blowback from bad foreign policy, the same people who created the problem think they have a right to tell us how to fix it – while never admitting their fault in the first place.

Thus, we see the disgraced General David Petraeus in the news last week offering his solution to the problem in Syria: make an alliance with al-Qaeda against ISIS! Petraeus was head of the CIA when the US launched its covert regime-change policy in Syria, and he was in charge of the “surge” in Iraq that contributed to the creation of al-Qaeda and ISIS in Iraq and Syria. The idea that the US can salvage its disastrous Syria policy by making an alliance with al-Qaeda is horrific. Does anyone think the refugee problem in Syria will not be worse if either al-Qaeda or ISIS takes over the country?

Here is the real solution to the refugee problem: stop meddling in the affairs of other countries. Embrace the prosperity that comes with a peaceful foreign policy, not the poverty that goes with running an empire. End the Empire!

The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by WesternJournalism.com.

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Reporter Makes Bombshell Announcement About Hillary’s Newly Released Emails That No One Realized

Veteran reporter Sharyl Attkisson contends the latest batch of emails from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private server, released by the U.S. State Department, proves that the “law has been blatantly violated.”

The State Department Monday released over 7,000 emails as part of a court order from a federal judge. More than 25 percent of the Democratic presidential candidate’s emails have been disclosed.

Attkisson wrote the following on her personal website Tuesday after the emails were released:

The newly-released batch of Hillary Clinton emails provides further proof that Freedom of Information (FOI) law has been blatantly violated. The documents include material directly responsive to a FOI request I made back in 2012 after the Benghazi terrorist attacks on the U.S. compounds. However, the material was not produced at the time, as required by law. Once again, there appears to be nobody who holds government officials and agencies accountable for their routine violation of this law. So the infractions occur frequently and with impunity. If nobody policies our government officials and agencies–if they are above the law–then how does a lawful society function?

The former CBS News reporter also said she made several Freedom of Information Act requests for emails related to the terrorist attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi, Libya — including one sent by Clinton adviser Huma Abedin to Clinton on September 14, 2012.

Abedin forwarded Clinton a situation report on the Middle East which said, among other things, that several nations were engaged in “peaceful protests.”  In actuality, 250 riot police were required to facilitate demonstrations in Indonesia, and a leader described as the “most senior Islamic cleric in Kashmir” told U.S. citizens to “immediately leave” the region. 

Along with the situation report, Abedin flippantly sent this one-line message to Clinton:

I’m giving you credit for the ‘peaceful’ protests.

h/t: The Gateway Pundit

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Here’s How Islamic State Works To Realize Its Apocalyptic End-Times Vision

William McCant is a U.S. Middle East expert who wrote a book about Islamic State’s end-times vision titled The ISIS Apocalypse: The History, Strategy and Doomsday Vision of the Islamic State, to be published at the end of September.

McCant told the British news site Express this weekend that ISIS believes “all civilisations will crumble in an imminent apocalypse.” Islamic State has identified four locations for a future battle that will result in the demise of the entire world.

“Three of those sites exist in the Middle East, including two in Syria and one in Israel. But the fanatics have also pinpointed Italy’s capital, Rome, as the site of another great clash between their soldiers and the West,” according to McCant.

The key battle in the ISIS apocalypse will take place near the little town of Dabiq in northern Syria. This battle has a special meaning in the end of times vision of Sunni Islam as ISIS sees it.

ISIS seized Dabiq in August 2014 and has used the town as a symbol for its Jihad. The ISIS on-line magazine is named after the town, and Dabiq was used in several beheading videos that were posted by ISIS on social media. In one of these videos, ISIS executioner ‘Jihadi John’ can be seen with the severed head of U.S. citizen Abdul-Rachman Kassig at his feet, with Dabiq visible in the background.

Sunni Islamists believe Mohammed’s words, specifically “the last hour will not come until a Muslim army vanquishes the Romans at Dabiq or Al-A’maq on its way to conquer Constantinople (Istanbul today),” will become reality at the end of times.

Both Dabiq and Al-A’maq are located close to the Turkish border in the area where Turkey and the U.S. plan to carve out an ISIS-free buffer zone.

Another battle will take place in a town on the outskirts of the Syrian capital Damascus; and after that, the epic battle for Jerusalem will start. Islamic State forces are already in the Kuneitra province, 40 kilometers away from the Israeli border.

A map published by Jane’s Defense last week shows how Islamic State is working to encircle Damascus. The group already has a foothold in the Yarmouk refugee camp in the Damascus area; and today, ISIS entered the Qadam neighborhood of Damascus.

The fourth city that ISIS plans to conquer is Rome. Conquering the Italian capital is a prerequisite for the submission of the entire world to the rule of the caliphate. For this reason, Islamic State is trying to take over Libya and has already seized the Libyan coastal city of Sirte.

Libya will serve as ISIS’ beachhead for the battle against Rome and the West. The country is close to Italy, and there have already been reports about ISIS infiltration attempts in Italy via the swelling stream of illegal immigrants from Middle Eastern countries who use Libya as a springboard to reach Europe.

In Italy, Islamic State supporters have posted videos and photos of ISIS symbols in the streets of Rome on social media. The organization threatened to introduce Sharia law in Rome and to throw gay men from the Tower of Pisa. ISIS also threatened to assassinate Pope Francis, whom they call the “bearer of false truth.”

The Italian government took the threat seriously and talked about preventive action against Islamic State in Libya.

“The risk is imminent, we cannot wait any longer,” Defense Minister Roberta Pinotti told Italian newspaper Il Messaggero on February 17 this year. “Italy has national defense needs and cannot have a caliphate ruling a country so near us.”

Italy closed its embassy in Tripoli and threatened military action after Islamic State promised to flood Europe with 500,000 refugees.

Italy is taking part in the international coalition against Islamic State, but focuses more on Libya than on Iraq and Syria. Italy has also spearheaded the international effort to come to a unity government in Libya, but the preventive military action against ISIS in Libya didn’t materialize.

ISIS, however, has kept its word. More and more illegal Muslim immigrants are shipped to Europe daily.

330,000 illegal immigrants have reached European countries in the first eight months of 2015. They travel the smuggling routes in the Balkan countries and Eastern Europe, but the bulk of them try to reach European countries via the sea between Italy and Libya. Last year, 170,000 immigrants arrived in Italy by boat. Most of the refugees come from Syria, where half the population has been displaced by civil war.

This year alone, 2,636 immigrants perished while trying to reach European destinations. Only this weekend, 270 illegal immigrants died in two separate incidents. On Friday, police in Austria discovered 71 decomposing bodies of refugees in an abandoned freezer truck; and on Thursday, two vessels packed with 400 illegal immigrants capsized shortly after they departed from Zuwara in Libya. Only two hundred passengers survived.

All this is a product of the Islamic State’s manipulation in an attempt to actualize their belief in the apocalyptic Sunni end-times vision.

“In their propaganda, they see themselves waging a war against a crusader alliance, between the US and the UK and other countries of the West that is seeking to eradicate Islam,” Mr McCant told the Express.

They see this battle as culminating soon in the great clash between the Muslim army of the Islamic world and the Christian armies of the West. And this confrontation is going to take place along the eastern Mediterranean – so Jerusalem, Damascus and Aleppo – but they will also take the fight to Rome.

After that, the final battle for world domination will start when 80 nations confront the Muslim armies, ISIS believes. They see the growing anti-ISIS coalition, which now includes 60 countries, as a fulfillment of the Sunni end-times prophesy and are eager to draw more states into the war.

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Hillary Just Tried To Use Fox News To Defend Herself, And It Did NOT Go As Planned…

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are at odds over whether certain emails sent during her time as secretary of state and kept on a private server were in fact classified.

The campaign held a late-afternoon conference call Wednesday praising a report filed by Fox News’ Catherine Herridge. Herridge’s exclusive, published Wednesday, identified the two emails that started the investigation into the former first lady’s actions. Representatives for Clinton contend the emails were not considered classified at the time they were sent. The State Department concurs with the campaign’s point of view.

However, a spokesman for the Office of the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community emphasized to Fox News that the information contained in the email was considered classified when it was sent. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, shares the IG’s concerns. 

“Just because the State Department may not think information is or should be classified, it does not have the authority [to] make that decision if it received the information from another agency,” a Grassley spokesperson said.

Clinton campaign spokesperson Brian Fallon acknowledged the FBI and the campaign have differing opinions on whether or not the emails were classified at the time of their sending.

“We again would like to see the government agencies involved in this process to proceed as quickly as possible in conducting a review of the emails,” Fallon said. “We think it will vindicate all the points we made today on this whole matter.”

Fox News broke down the two emails in dispute:

The first was forwarded by Clinton adviser Huma Abedin and contained classified material from military intelligence sources. The 2011 email forwards a warning about how then-Ambassador Chris Stevens was “considering departure from Benghazi” amid deteriorating conditions in a nearby city. The email was mistakenly released by the State Department in full, and is now considered declassified.

The second was sent by Clinton aide Jake Sullivan and contained classified information as well as sensitive law enforcement information on Benghazi. The partly redacted November 2012 email detailed how Libyan police had arrested “several people” with potential connections to the terror attack.

Both Abedin and Sullivan are now employed by the Clinton presidential campaign.  

h/t: Fox News

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