Trey Gowdy Just Called In A Witness Who May Be Hillary’s Worst Nightmare…

The House Select Committee on Benghazi plans to issue a subpoena to Sidney Blumenthal, who served as an informal adviser to Hillary Clinton during her tenure as secretary of state. Blumenthal, who had business interests in Libya, was employed by the Clinton Foundation at the time.

The New York Times reported Monday that Blumenthal will be subpoenaed for a privately transcribed interview.  Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., the chairman of the Benghazi committee, hopes to ask the former senior adviser to President Bill Clinton about memos he sent the former secretary of state regarding matters in Libya.

This is some of the information included in the memos Blumenthal sent to Clinton:

  • That Libyan rebels were considering hiring security contractors (April 2011)
  • The threat of a terrorist attack in response to the killing of Osama bin Laden (2011-2012)
  • The role of a business partner advising the new Libyan prime minister (January 2012)
  • Warning forwarded to incoming Ambassador Chris Stevens, one of the four killed in the Benghazi terrorist attack (September 2012)
  • Libyan prime minister wants a better relationship with Israel (August 2012)

The Times noted that the intelligence he gathered came from business associates he advised as they were looking to obtain contracts from the new Libyan government, efforts that ultimately were unsuccessful. The publication continues:

The projects — creating floating hospitals to treat Libya’s war wounded and temporary housing for displaced people, and building schools — would have required State Department permits, but foundered before the business partners could seek official approval.

It is not clear whether Mrs. Clinton or the State Department knew of Mr. Blumenthal’s interest in pursuing business in Libya; a State Department spokesman declined to say. Many aspects of Mr. Blumenthal’s involvement in the planned Libyan venture remain unclear. He declined repeated requests to discuss it.

“These latest moves by the Benghazi Committee-issuing a subpoena without first contacting the witness, leaking news of the subpoena before it was served, and not holding any Committee debate or vote-are straight out the partisan playbook of discredited Republican investigations,” Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., the ranking member on the Benghazi panel, said in a statement.

Gowdy told radio host Hugh Hewitt last month he intended to interview Blumenthal. “He is on the list … We are taking the witnesses from the Department of State and CIA whose identities need to be preserved, we’re doing them first, and those are transcribed interviews,” the South Carolina Republican said.

Then we are moving into the people who are more well known, the Susan Rice’s, the Ben Rhodes’, and yes, you can include Sidney Blumenthal.

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ISIS Holds Military Parade After Seizing Ramadi, US-Led Coalition Does Nothing To Stop It

After seizing the strategically important city of Ramadi, 60 miles west of Baghdad, on Monday, the Islamic State held a massive military parade in the western part of Iraq’s largest province of Anbar.

The Gateway Pundit published these photos of the parade, which was held yesterday:


unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)

Where was the U.S.-led coalition, the Pundit wondered.

Other images posted on Twitter showed multimillion dollar minesweepers, donated by the U.S., that have fallen in the hands of the Islamic State:

unnamed (3)

Scenes of jubilation also filled the streets of the northern Iraqi city of Mosul as men and boys loyal to the Islamic State waved flags, honked horns, and stopped traffic to celebrate the weekend’s fall of the western city of Ramadi to the Islamic State.

Mosul was the first large Iraqi city seized by the Islamic State in the spring of 2014, soon after the declaration of the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate in the region. ISIS released a video from its official media arm in Nineveh showing men shouting in praise of ISIS and warning that Baghdad, Karbala, and other Shiite holy cities would be next. “Baqiya,” they shouted, which means, “We’re staying.”

The scene in Ramadi was quite different. Islamic State released a video showing the deserted streets of the city against the backdrop of the Great Mosque, one of the main landmarks in the capital. ISIS fighters were seen hoisting their flag atop buildings and along the main roads.

Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal reported the Islamic State has succeeded in gaining a foothold in Libya.

Islamic State leaders in Syria have sent money, trainers, and fighters to Libya in increasing numbers, raising new concerns for the U.S. that the militant group is gaining traction in its attempts to broaden its reach and expand its influence.

The Journal reported that, in recent months, ISIS has solidified its foothold in Libya as it searches for ways to capitalize on its rising popularity among extremist groups around the world.

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Busted: Obama Admin’s Benghazi Lie Exposed By New Discovery He Didn’t Want To Get Out

New documents reveal that the Obama administration knew about weapons being shipped from Libya to Syria during the 2012 attack on the United States consulate in Benghazi. The documents also show that the offensive was pre-planned by terrorists associated with al-Qaeda.

Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch announced Monday that it acquired more than 100 classified documents from the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Defense, which “almost immediately reported that the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi was committed by the al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood-linked “Brigades of the Captive Omar Abdul Rahman” (BCOAR).” Rahman is the Blind Sheikh serving life in prison for his role in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Judicial Watch acquired the documents after filing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against both agencies seeking communications between them and congressional leaders “on matters related to the activities of any agency or department of the U.S. government at the Special Mission Compound and/or classified annex in Benghazi.”

The attack was planned ten or more days prior on approximately 01 September 2012. The intention was to attack the consulate and to kill as many Americans as possible to seek revenge for U.S. killing of Aboyahiye ((ALALIBY)) in Pakistan and in memorial of the 11 September 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center buildings.

More startling is that the documents reveal the Obama administration was aware that weapons were being shipped from the Port of Benghazi to rebel troops in Syria, according to a October 2012 report.

“Weapons from the former Libya military stockpiles were shipped from the port of Benghazi, Libya to the Port of Banias and the Port of Borj Islam, Syria. The weapons shipped during late-August 2012 were Sniper rifles, RPG’s, and 125 mm and 155mm howitzers missiles,” the report said.

During the immediate aftermath of, and following the uncertainty caused by, the downfall of the ((Qaddafi)) regime in October 2011 and up until early September of 2012, weapons from the former Libya military stockpiles located in Benghazi, Libya were shipped from the port of Benghazi, Libya to the ports of Banias and the Port of Borj Islam, Syria.

The Syrian ports were chosen due to the small amount of cargo traffic transiting these two ports. The ships used to transport the weapons were medium-sized and able to hold 10 or less shipping containers of cargo.

As The Gateway Pundit points out, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., accused the Obama administration of running guns to Syrian rebels in January 2013 and asked then-secretary of state Hillary Clinton about such a program at the time, which she denied knowing anything about.

h/t: The Gateway Pundit

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Islamic State Murders 30 Christians, Advances In The Direction Of Israel

Image for representational purposes only.

Islamic State continues to make headlines. On Sunday, the terrorist organization released a new video purportedly showing the gruesome mass killing of a group of thirty Ethiopian Christians in Libya.

The footage that includes the logo of the group’s Al-Furqan media arm is more than 29 minutes long. It begins with a description of Christian churches and then calls the Holy Trinity – the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit – a form of polytheism whose worshipers deserve punishment.

At the end of the video, two groups of men dressed in orange and black are shown being escorted by armed IS members in two different locations. A masked man addresses the camera and gives a warning to viewers.

“Muslim blood that was shed under the hands of your religion is not cheap,” the man says. “We swear to Allah the one, who disgraced you by our hands, you will not have safety even in your dreams until you embrace Islam.”

The video then cuts between the two groups as one group is shot, and the other decapitated with knives.

The video also shows IS members breaking and defacing Catholic and Christian iconography, including crosses on top of churches and pictures and statues of the Virgin Mary. As the crosses fall, IS militants are shown replacing them with the group’s black flag.

At the same time Islamic State released the video, the United Nations reported that at least 90,000 people have fled the advance of IS fighters in Ramadi, Iraq.

“Our top priority is delivering life-saving assistance to people who are fleeing — food, water, and shelter are highest on the list of priorities,” Lise Grande, the deputy special representative of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq, said in a statement.

Ar Ramadi is a city east of Bagdad. The report on Islamic State advances close to the Iraqi capital contradicts a recent Pentagon announcement about the progress being made by coalition forces.

U.S. Colonel Steve Warren told reporters last Monday that the group had been pushed out of 25-30 percent – around 5-6,000 square miles – of the Iraqi land under their control. However, a simple look at a map released by the US Department of Defense shows that this is simply not true.


Michael Knights of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy said that the percentage figure was “nonsense” because much of the territory mentioned is unpopulated. “They don’t control empty stretches of Anbar desert where they have no forces, where no-one does.”

The Islamic State offensive in Ramadi could be a prelude of an assault on Bagdad. On Wednesday, it seized several villages close to the provincial capital of Ramadi after launching a series of dawn assaults.

Islamic State fighters have been pushing towards Ramadi since Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi launched a major offensive to drive them out of the majority Sunni province of Anbar last week. Government efforts were intended to build on the victory in Tikrit; but IS forces have now pushed to within three miles of Ramadi, according to various reports.


In Syria, Islamic State has advanced in the direction of the capital Damascus. The Assad regime, Hezbollah, and Iranian forces suffered setbacks last week after Islamic State took over the Palestinian refugee camp Yarmuk. Almost all of the 120,000 Palestinians who lived in the camp before the war have now fled.

There were conflicting reports about a supposed withdrawal of Islamic State from Yarmouk; but the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based monitoring group, said on Thursday that clashes were still ongoing. The Observatory reported that 80 percent of Yarmouk was under the combined control of Islamic State and Al Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al Nusra. Palestinian factions accuse al-Nusra of colluding with Islamic State. The attack on Yarmuk began on April 1st  after the group quietly build its presence through clandestine networks and its Sunni supporters in the area.

Elsewhere in southern Syria, Islamic State and al-Nusra are trying to take over territory held by regime forces and the Western-backed Southern Front. On April 1st, Al-Nusra took over the Nasib border crossing from Assad’s army. This was the last regime-controlled border crossing between Syria and Jordan.

The events in southern Syria could signal a new phase in the Syrian war. The era where Islamic State was a safe distance from the area in Syria closest to Israel seems to be over.

The renewed cooperation between al-Nusra and Islamic State furthermore indicates that they have realized that the escalating Sunni-Shiite war demands they overcome their differences if they want to become a central power in the Middle East.

Islamic State is very well organized; and although it is driven by religious fanaticism, it has clear goals and is coldly calculating how to achieve them.

As Western Journalism reported last month, the organization is trying to destabilize Egypt and Jordan.The Islamic State affiliate Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis is at war with the Egyptian army in the Sinai Peninsula and has set up camp adjacent to Israel’s southern border.

Today, Stratfor reported that Hamas is clamping down on Islamic State offshoot Wilayat Gaza (Province Gaza).

Wilayat Gaza has made several statements and has claimed responsibility for numerous attacks since late 2014. The group claimed responsibility for an attack on the French Cultural Center in Gaza City in October 2014. The following month, the group issued a statement demanding that women abide by Sharia rules of dress. In December, the group issued a statement threatening to kill a number of writers and poets in Gaza if they did not stop “insulting Islam”, Stratfor reported.

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Exposed: Obama’s, Muslim Brotherhood’s Orchestration Of Arab Spring, Benghazi


In 2008, Dalia Mogahed, a former member of Obama’s Advisory Council of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, co-authored a report titled ”Changing Course, A New Direction for U.S. Relations with the Muslim World” for the Leadership Group on U.S.-Muslim Engagement. She, along with other group members (Secretary of State Madeline Albright, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf–of World Trade Center Mosque notoriety–and Muslim Public Affairs Council’s Ahmed Younis), sought to foster “engagement and cooperation” with “political Islam” and, specifically, with the Muslim Brotherhood. They wrote:

“The U.S. must also consider when and how to talk with political movements that have substantial public support and have renounced violence, but are outlawed or restricted by authoritarian governments allied to the U.S. The Muslim Brotherhood parties in Egypt and Jordan are arguably in this category. In general, the Leadership Group supports engagement with groups that have clearly demonstrated a commitment to nonviolent participation in politics.”

In June 2009, Obama addressed Muslims worldwide from Cairo’s Al-Azhar University, with prominent Muslim Brotherhood members sitting in the front row. Obama vowed:

[The] partnership between America and Islam must be based on what Islam is, not what it isn’t.  And I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”

Obama’s Administration began to transform American foreign policy by embracing political Islam and redefining “terror,” which set the stage for creating the Arab Spring. Although the Arab Spring began in December 2010 in Tunisia, the initial focus was Benghazi, Libya.

Despite repeated U.S. military warnings and recommendations to keep Muammar Qadhafi in power, Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton overthrew Qadhafi’s regime, leaving a power vacuum for al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood to fill.

Qadhafi’s weapons were first smuggled to Syrian rebels, which later factioned into what is now ISIS (and potentially reached even Boko Haram).

The mystery surrounding Benghazi can be largely dispelled in a few short paragraphs.

First, the February 17 Martyrs Brigade (aka Ansar al-Sharia, a jihad militia) was hired to guard the compound by the American government.

Second, according to CNN’s Jake Tapper, dozens of CIA operatives were allegedly on the ground during the attack; and the Obama administration went to “great lengths” to obscure their activities. Many speculate Ambassador Stevens was a CIA asset in the State Department.

Third, only hours before the attack on September 11, 2012, Stevens met with a Turkish ambassador at the compound. Turkey was a transshipment point for many Libyan weapons that were later smuggled to jihadists worldwide.

Fourth, Morsi’s Egyptian government (Muslim Brotherhood-controlled) was also involved with the compound’s attack. In fact, some of the terrorists were recorded on video pleading: “Don’t shoot! Dr. Morsi sent us!”

These facts beg the question: If Ambassador Stevens was actually overseeing a gun-running operation to Islamic/jihadist/Muslim Brotherhood militias, why then would the same people kill him, as the American public was repeatedly told?

One theoretical answer endorsed by retired Four Star Admiral James Lyons suggests that Ambassador Stevens was to be traded for the Blind Sheikh, Omar Abdel-Rahman, a man who had embodied Islamic terrorism to the world for generations and who Morsi wanted released from prison.

However, this plan went spectacularly wrong, resulting in a botched cover-up that succeeded primarily because of the news industry’s negligence in investigating the facts.

In an alarming breach of protocol and sworn duty, Obama Special Advisor Valerie Jarrett ordered the U.S. military to “stand down,” effectively ordering American citizens to be left to fend for themselves against a well-armed jihadist militia.

Next came the now infamous Susan Rice national media blitz, throughout which she delivered identical talking points to numerous news outlets blaming the Benghazi attack on an obscure and poorly produced movie. The talking points she and others later recited were detailed in an email Ben Rhodes, Obama’s 2009 Cairo speechwriter, sent to a list of people–including a George Washington University MSA member copied on the email.

Unsurprisingly, George Soros also was linked to Benghazi. The Obama-appointed lead investigator for the attack was Ambassador Thomas Pickering, who had ties to CAIR–a well-known Muslim Brotherhood organization in the United States. At the time of the investigation, Pickering was Soros’ International Crisis Group co-chair (and still remains a trustee).

Since the Arab Spring, political unrest, violence, and militia rule continue to plague Libya. Its economic infrastructure has nearly deteriorated, and the rule of law remains non-existent there. According to Open Doors USA, Libya is ranked #13 out of the top 50 countries where Christians are most persecuted.

The Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi asserted that Obama “switched sides in the War on Terror.”

However, many others assert Obama’s plan to destroy America from within was intentionally planned before he was ever elected to office. Obama was always a Muslim who understood, believed in, and supported political Islam. Over time, this reality became apparent through his claim to “stand with [Muslims] should the political winds shift in an ugly direction” and his declaration to the United Nations that “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

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