Watch: Libs Just Got SHREDDED By Black Guy Who Gives Dems A Must-See Lesson On Slavery

PJTV’s Alfonzo Rachel has a message for black Americans: don’t let the Democrats keep you on the victimization plantation.

The host of “Zonation” likens the Democratic Party to a restaurant that only serves junk food. He states that the party promises black people that you don’t have to pay for it, because they will make rich, white folk pay. Meanwhile, next door, the Republican Party has its own restaurant serving healthy fare, which does not taste as good–and you have to pay for it with the money you earn.

Democrats, Rachel contends, want to force you to keep eating their junk food, while Republicans give you a choice–“’Eat what you want,’ but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to be conservative about it. By making good choices, you can prolong enjoyment of good health.”

He continues a little further with the culinary theme and then pivots from it to talk about how the Democrats seek to keep black people in a form of slavery: “Being made to feel like a victim for many blacks and being made to feel like the 99 percent, is comfort food for them. They have been conditioned to believe it is important for them to feel like the field negroes.” Democrats, Rachel contends, “want you to feel dependent on the master, and they’re still dependent on you.”

“Now instead of using blacks to farm cotton, they use you to farm votes. And you have been suckered into believing that this off-balanced circle of dependency is Democrats doing something for black folks,” he says.

The late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan 50 years ago put his finger directly on social welfare programs for causing the breakdown of the black family. While working at the Department of Labor in 1965, the New York Democrat co-authored a report finding that welfare programs punish marriage and subsidize single parenting.

The host then echoes John F. Kennedy’s “Ask not what your country can do for you…” inaugural address call, delivered a few years before Moynihan’s report. “The government isn’t supposed to do things for you,” he says. “You are so busy with this entitlement mindset of the government doing something for you, you fail to see that the way out of poverty is by doing for others.

“It’s called service, and the better you are at a service, the better you get paid. But you have been conditioned to see service as slavery. Just the way the Democrats want it,” Rachel claims.

“Democrats want you to believe that you are entitled to other people being deprived of their rights for your comfort,” he states. “Democrats haven’t changed because that is what slavery is all about. Depriving someone else of their rights for the comfort of someone else.”

Rachel offers the example of taxing businesses. The Democrats promise that by taxing rich, white business owners heavily, making them pay their “fair share,” black people will benefit. But in the end, everyone is hurt because the more money businesses have to pay to the government, the less they have to hire people.

The Zonation host also points out that the Democrat Party has a history of treating black people poorly, including fighting to keep the slave market legal in the United States, authoring Jim Crow laws in the south, and founding and populating the ranks of the KKK.

What could be added to Rachel’s lesson is that the Republican Party has a history of standing up for the rights of African Americas. The party was founded to limit the growth of slavery in the 1850s. Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican president, led the nation through the Civil War, which ended slavery in the 1860s. Further, a Republican-controlled Congress passed the post-Civil War Amendments in the 1860s and 70s, which freed the slaves once and for all, guaranteed equal protection under the law, and granted the right to vote to the former slaves.

In more recent times, the Congressional Republicans were instrumental in the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, supporting it in greater percentages than the Democrats: 80% of Republicans in both houses voted in favor of the bill, compared to more than 60% of Democrats.

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Priest Spit On At Gay Parade. His Loving Reaction Surprised Many…





Remember all the talk about how “love wins” and how we have to be tolerant of all the different things? Apparently, that doesn’t count if you’re a Priest walking down the street.


To be fair, we have no proof of this incident. I know Father Jonathan, and he’s an incredibly friendly gentleman. Almost to the point of being annoyingly nice. So this is mere conjecture, but I’ve never known him to sound a false alarm.

Also, to be fair, Fr. Jonathan Morris is on Fox News and expresses opinions with which leftists disagree. If anything, it’s his fault for being out in public where leftists can see him and get triggered by his mere existence. What choice did they have? This is how they do.

Father Jonathan had a choice, and he chose love. Irony much?

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Gay NYTimes OpEd Complains… That ‘Gay Marriage’ Is Legal?!

Liberals are miserable people and will always find something to complain about, and this New York Times OpEd “–Historic Day for Gays, but Twinge of Loss for an Outsider Culture“–is a perfect example. After a lifelong fight about acceptance and being treated like everyone else, now people are lamenting that they are losing what made them different? No, really…

The Supreme Court on Friday expanded same-sex marriage rights across the country, a crowning achievement but also a confounding challenge to a group that has often prided itself on being different. The more victories that accumulate for gay rights, the faster some gay institutions, rituals and markers are fading out. And so just as the gay marriage movement peaks, so does a debate about whether gay identity is dimming, overtaken by its own success.

“What do gay men have in common when they don’t have oppression?” asked Andrew Sullivan, one of the intellectual architects of the marriage movement. “I don’t know the answer to that yet.”

“The thing I miss is the specialness of being gay,” said Lisa Kron, who wrote the book and lyrics for “Fun Home,” a Broadway musical with a showstopping number sung by a young girl captivated by her first glimpse of a butch woman. “Because the traditional paths were closed, there was a consciousness to our lives, a necessary invention to the way we were going to celebrate and mark family and mark connection. That felt magical and beautiful.”

Liberals are beyond self-parody. If they aren’t oppressed and calling you a bigot for oppressing them, they have nothing to talk about.

So… how about that new… non-oppression, oppression huh? Yep…

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WATCH: See What People Say When Asked To Sign A Petition To Do THIS To The American Flag

Author, political activist, and fake-petition-funny-guy Mark Dice has shown us time and again the outrageous things that average, everyday Americans are willing to support. Not long ago, Western Journalism shared a Dice video in which he got a bunch of California beach goers to endorse a supposed plan by President Obama to repeal the entire Bill of Rights. A couple of years back, we showed you another clip where Dice took to the streets to get signatures on his “petition” for Barack Obama to receive immunity from prosecution for all crimes he commits while president — and yep, lots of people gladly signed on.

Now, Dice is at it once again as he asks folks around San Diego to join an effort (fake, though it may be) to have the American flag banned and replaced with a rainbow banner representing a “new world order.” While some refuse to sign the petition, a number of people agree that the proposal to ban the Stars and Stripes is something they can support.

The inspiration for this so-called petition drive, as Dice tells people, is the growing number of calls to ban Confederate flags in the wake of the Charleston church massacre.

As Infowars observes of Dice’s latest man-on-the-street encounters:

In signing the petition, these individuals sided with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who last week called for the American flag to be banned due to its links with racism.

‘I don’t know what the hell the fight is about over the Confederate flag! We need to put the American flag down because we’ve caught as much hell under that as the Confederate flag!’ said Farrakhan.

As Western Journalism reported last week, Rush Limbaugh predicted on his radio show that the American flag would become the next target of leftist ideologues. And as you click above to watch this video from Mark Dice, you will see that — as crazy as the notion sounds — a lot of people would likely go along with the idea to bring down Old Glory.

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The Liberalization Of America And Christianity Continues!!

According to a recent study, ‘Conservatives in the United States have more self-control than liberals.’

The reality is that Liberalism comes so easy to the average person. It’s totally instinctive.

For the most part, liberals tend to think of themselves as more accepting and compassionate. There are even some who suggest that they are the most Christ-like in their ideology. This is incorrect, however. Jesus did not promote religious tolerance and appeasement. Jesus promoted radical change – a complete denial of self. His invitation was completely inclusive; but the final ‘condition’ is one that is impossible for the carnally minded, unregenerate to embrace.

“And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.” – Luke 9:23

There’s the rub.

The liberals will hear none of it. They’ll accept Jesus, but only on their terms. Jesus must be conformed to their image. They don’t want to acknowledge that a complete self-denial is the most essential spiritual consequence of giving yourself over to a higher power. They insist Jesus be incorporated into their way of living.

Left to ourselves, we would rather have our riches above Jesus; or maybe, we have some secret vice that prevents us from coming to a place of total submission. We eventually do the complete opposite. Our needs take precedent, and we reach a point of total rejection. We naturally place our own wants and desires before all else, even before a saving deity.

Liberals tend to fancy themselves as the epitome of rational wisdom. They view themselves as enlightened people. They firmly believe that a complete submission to their methodology will enable a fairly distributed, person-centered, needs-driven standard of living to flourish. Underneath it all, however, is an elitist, radically-motivated power-grab reflective of a greater global political-social agenda.

{Note: Charity, not socialism, was endorsed in the Bible within the body of believers and was secondary to the gospel. The Marxist ideologues of our day are promoting tyranny under the guise of empathy. But what they really seek is totalitarianism}.

The mentality behind the madness is quite primitive, almost infantile.

Whereas conservative principles and foundations must be taught, encouraged, enforced, and experientially reinforced, liberal attitudes and propensities are part of our makeup. All of humanity comes into this world as full-blown liberals from the womb. These liberal traits must be methodically broken down, as we are raised to become God-honoring individuals with respect for authority and a willingness to extend peace and goodwill to our fellow man.

Regardless of the varied perceptions, Conservatism, in its purest form, advocates the need for careful restraint in all areas of life (both for the individual and society as a whole). Meanwhile, Liberalism is often identified as encompassing tolerance and forgiveness.

The conservative sees the value in learning from mistakes and facing natural consequences, while the liberal promotes the need for second chances (i.e. erasing mistakes or altering outcomes). In a worst case scenario, the liberal may resort to radical social upheaval (and even apply deceptive manipulations) to even the playing field and advance a form of equality that relies on resource distribution, emotional justification, personal gratification, short-sighted resolutions, arbitrary absolutions, and self-defeating priorities. Liberalism invites bad choices and provides solutions that merely invite, and often ensure, more bad choices in the future.

Unfortunately, we naturally fight against conservatism – a social-ideological system that requires discipline and self-control. We are spiritually resistant and wholly corruptible. Left to ourselves, thus we will remain. Regardless, when we compromise with a liberal, we compromise our future. Thus, here we are…

We’ve sacrificed the future for the present, and the future is upon us.

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* In a purely religious sense (I’m speaking about Christianity specifically) the word ‘conservative’ implies faithful restraint and clear, concise understanding and obedience to scriptures. Biblical orthodoxy is also implied. However, conservatism is primarily a political (or ideological) label and mustn’t become a distractor from nor a stumbling block to the essence of what it truly means to be Christian (i.e. humility, love, self-sacrifice, patience, integrity, honesty, etc.)

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