Environmentalists Now Wanting To Make Drinking Water Out Of This

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As the years-long drought plaguing much of California drags on, experts are warning something extraordinary must be done to ensure residents have access to potable water. One technique many begrudgingly believe could work involves turning waste water into drinking water.

The controversial recycling program has already been used in especially arid locations around the world – including in Namibia and even in two Texas cities – with some success; however, Californians are bristling at the concept. For more than two decades, residents have voiced their opposition to what critics have dubbed “toilet-to-tap” water.

One activist who opposes the program nonetheless acknowledges that his state is in such a dire position, it may be the only remedy available.

“You know, toilet to tap might be the only answer at this point,” Donald Schultz told the Los Angeles Times. “I don’t support it, but we’re running out of options. In fact, we may have already run out of options.”

Others are more enthusiastic with their support of the program, including Association of California Water Agencies Executive Director Tim Quinn.

He called the water flushed down California’s toilets “probably the single largest source of water supply” for the state in coming decades, lamenting the fact that it is currently being “discharged into the ocean and lost forever.”

The three-step purification process turns waste water into a product proponents assert is safe for human consumption. While the Times reported that many advocates of the system say opposition is based in “the so-called yuck factor” associated with repurposing waste water, critics also point out the untested effects that trace levels of medication, hormones and other material might have on those who ingest them.

While some experts are proclaiming this procedure as California’s only hope in surviving the current drought, Western Journalism previously reported author James V. Lacy’s take on the crisis. He blamed environmentalists for opposing dam construction and other efforts to store water while advocating the misallocation of water that is available in projects such as one that he said used more than 5 billion gallons of water to transport 24 trout to another body of water.

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Chris Pratt Openly Mocks Politically Correct, Fake-Outrage Culture…

Good ol’ Chris Pratt. After seeing how easily outraged everyone was with the Avengers (cough::Jeremy Renner::cough) over comments made at various points of their press junket, Pratt decided to preemptively apologize. Boss.

Assuming that he’ll say something to offend liberal, social justice warriors, he took to Facebook to make amends…

Screenshot 2015-05-23 09.57.18

Pratt seems like a good guy. He’s openly Christian, which is a rarity in Hollywood. He also had a well-publicized Super Bowl bet with Captain America.

This shows he also has both a sense of humor and a low tolerance for the SJW outrage culture. I’m really starting to like this guy… no homo.

NOTE: Steven pre-emptively apologizes to both homosexuals and non-homosexuals offended by his “no homo” comment as seen in the previous paragraph.

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WATCH: Is ‘Thug’ Really The New ‘N Word’? People React…

Time to put your learning hats on, because we’re going to take you through the modern Social Justice Warrior (#SJW for short) dictionary. Thug is the new “N” word, “riot” is inherently racist, and “terrorism” doesn’t actually mean… terrorism.

Yes, this is actually what people on the left believe. They protest over it, in fact. But what about average, everyday people on the street? (Not even necessarily Liberals or Conservatives. Just normal, every day people.) Do they buy into this crap? The answers may surprise you.

Don’t miss this week’s full episode of #LouderWithCrowder to hear us expand on the topic even more.

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‘Mother Of All Retractions': Falsified ‘Gay Marriage’ Study Just Put Lib News In The Doghouse

Several major media outlets were forced to retract stories after a study concerning Americans’ views on same-sex marriage was shown to be a fraud.

Donald Green, a political science professor at Columbia University, and Michael LaCour, a graduate student at UCLA, published a study in the Science journal late last year entitled When Contact Changes Minds: An Experiment on Transmission of Support for Gay Equality.

The premise of the study was that voters’ views on same-sex marriage could be changed rapidly with the use of canvassers going door-to-door.

The problem was that all the data was fabricated. The fraud was discovered by two UC Berkley graduate students, David Broockman and Josh Kalla, who sought to do an extension of the study.

Two red flags soon popped up as they began their work: 1) the response rates that the supposed canvassers received was much higher than in other studies; and, 2) the answers the canvassers supposedly received were too consistent.

When the two tried to launch a pilot study based off the original study’s findings, their concerns were further validated.

As reported by Vox, under the title The Biggest Political Science Study of Last Year Was a Complete Fraud:

Thinking that maybe LaCour and Green’s survey firm was just unusually good, Broockman and Kalla contacted it and asked to speak to the staffer said to be responsible. The firm said it had never heard of the project, never had an employee by that name, and didn’t even have the capabilities to carry out a study along the lines of the one LaCour and Green described.

The two also contacted Green and enlisted the additional help of a Yale professor, but ended up finding even more irregularities in the study.

When Green contacted his co-author LaCour’s adviser at UCLA in order to obtain the raw data, he learned that none existed.

Green has since asked the Science journal to retract the article. LaCour, who was to become an assistant professor at Princeton, no longer lists the position on his website.

In addition to Vox, the following news outlets have updated their stories to notify their readers that the study was a fraud: The New York Times, the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, and the Wall Street Journal. You can read their retractions here.

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Store Owner Closes Shop, But Not Before Sending THIS Message To ‘Obamaville’

A Kansas furniture store owner who is closing down his business has chosen a rather colorful way to express his gratitude for the community.

Bob Fyfe, owner of Payless Furniture in Lawrence, Kan., put a red truck outside of his establishment earlier this month with a sign reading, “Lawrence: Commie & Candy A** Capitol of Kansas.” Below it in larger text reads: “Goodbye Obamaville” with a hammer and sickle inside of the ‘O’ in “Obamaville.”

Right Wing News

Right Wing News

Douglas County, where Lawrence is located, voted overwhelmingly for President Obama in 2012, even though Kansas swung decisively for Mitt Romney. Lawrence is also home to the University of Kansas.

The Daily Mail pointed out there was additional signage on the truck, including one that said “Restore Freedom. Reject Marxism. Even Retards Want To Be Free.”

“There’s things that you can’t say that are really harmless words. They’re just words,” Fyfe told Fox affiliate WDAF. “They don’t call it Snobville for nothing. You get a lot of kids here from Johnson County, you know rich kids.”

The Kansas City affiliate noted that the truck caused many people to stop by and take photos, some in support and others in protest. “I don’t want people to be stopping and putting this kind of thing on Facebook and blowing it up to be a big thing,” said protester Adam Dorssom. “Pay no mind to worthless bigots.”

Feelings between people like Dorssom and Fyfe appear to be mutual. “It’s just a bummer being around these people, and I want to be around people that are freer, and they love their country, and they believe in work,” Fyfe said.

h/t: Right Wing News

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