Obama Just Sidestepped Blame For ISIS Threat And Named A Jaw-Dropping Culprit

At a press conference in Malaysia on Sunday, President Obama accused the media of playing into ISIS’ playbook by fostering a climate of fear.

A reporter asked the president, in light of a new Washington Post/ABC News poll that found 83 percent of Americans believe a terrorist attack involving mass casualties is likely, with 40 saying very likely, are the terrorists winning and should people be afraid? (See video above starting at 37:50.)

Calling ISIS “a bunch of killers with good social media,” the president urged Americans to not be afraid. “But in addition to hunting down terrorists, in addition to effective intelligence, and in addition to missile strikes, and in addition to cutting off financing and all the other things that we’re doing, the most powerful tool we have to fight ISIL is to say that we’re not afraid; to not elevate them; to somehow buy into their fantasy that they’re doing something important,” Obama said.

“And the media needs to help in this. I just want to say — during the course of this week, a very difficult week, it is understandable that this has been a primary focus,” he added. “But one of the things that has to happen is how we report on this has to maintain perspective, and not empower in any way these terrorist organizations or elevate them in ways that make it easier for them to recruit or make them stronger.” 

“Our way of life is stronger. We have more to offer — we represent 99.9 percent of humanity.  And that’s why we should be confident that we’ll win,” the president stated. 

Obama also addressed the Syrian refugee issue saying that he understands why Americans are “concerned” about the possibility of terrorists infiltrating into the United States with the refugees.

“My hope though is, now that we have some time to catch our breath and take a look at this carefully, that people understand that refugees who end up in the United States are the most vetted, scrutinized, thoroughly investigated individuals that ever arrived on American shores,” he said. 

As reported by Western Journalism, New York Rep. Peter King (R), who is a member of the Homeland Security Committee and chairman of its Sub-committee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence, stated, “We cannot vet the refugees from Syria. There are no databases to work against, no government records,” he said. “People talk about ‘thorough vetting.’ There is no vetting as a practical matter.”

The Washington Post/ABC News poll found that, in addition to Americans being concerned about a potential terrorist attack, they have not rallied to the flag in support of the president. “[T]he public’s ratings of Obama on dealing with terrorism have fallen to a record-low 40 percent, with a smaller 35 percent approving of his handling of the Islamic State. Obama’s ratings on terrorism have fallen seven points since January, driven largely by a 20-point drop among political independents and an 11-point drop among moderates,” the Post reported. 

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Ben Carson Slams Hillary And The Media In One Debate Answer

Republican presidential front-runner Ben Carson took an opportunity during Tuesday’s debate to once again address what he considers unfair media scrutiny of his candidacy. Reacting to criticism over perceived autobiographical inconsistencies, the retired neurosurgeon acknowledged that he expected his White House bid to open his past up to investigation.

“I have no problem with being vetted,” he said. “What I do have a problem with is being lied about.”

Carson further lambasted the media’s behavior as evidence of an underlying partisan double standard.

“When I look at somebody like Hillary Clinton,” he said, “who sits there and tells her daughter and a government official that [the Benghazi attack] was a terrorist attack and then tells everyone else it was a video, where I come from, they call that a lie.”

He went on to say Clinton’s behavior is “very different from somebody misinterpreting when I said that I was offered a scholarship to West Point.”

Carson concluded by admonishing journalists who cannot put their personal ideology aside.

“We have to start treating people the same,” he said, “and finding out what people really think and what they’re made of.”

Despite the perceived media attacks, Carson said that “those who know me know that I’m an honest person.”

Who’s Burning Black Churches? Oh.

Here we go again: another liberal narrative burned to a crisp.

Over a two-week period in October, an arsonist targeted seven churches in the St. Louis area — including several in Black Lives Matter protest hotspot Ferguson, Missouri. The Atlantic magazine, invoking the “long history of terrorism against black churches in America,” lamented that the crime spree had been “slow to get the same attention” in the local and national media as another string of church arsons that occurred earlier this summer.

Reminder: Several of those hyped hate crimes against “black churches” had been committed by black suspects; a significant number of the “black churches” were, in fact, white churches; and the complex motives behind the crimes included mental illness, vandalism and concealment of theft.

Reminder: The same hyperventilators who stoked fears about this summer’s church incidents had also stoked hysteria about the 1990’s black church arson “epidemic” that fell apart under scrutiny and ended with USA Today admitting that “analysis of the 64 fires since 1995 shows only four can be conclusively shown to be racially motivated.”

Undaunted, agitators did their best to fan the flames over the latest alleged wave of race-based black church burnings in October. On Twitter, social justice activists resurrected the #WhosBurningBlackChurches hashtag. “Black churches are burning again,” Oklahoma State University professor Lawrence Ware lamented in Counterpunch. The far left propaganda outfit U.S. Uncut concluded unequivocally: “Racists in Ferguson Burn Down 5 Black Churches in 9 Days.”

Except, they didn’t. Again.

Last week, police charged 35-year-old David Lopez Jackson, who is black, with setting two of the fires. “Forensic evidence linked him to the fire on Oct. 18 at Ebenezer Lutheran Church, 1011 Theobald Street,” the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported, and “video of his car near New Life Missionary Baptist Church, 4569 Plover Avenue, links him to the fire there on Oct. 17, police Chief Sam Dotson said.” Jackson is a suspect in the other fires and additional charges are pending.

The arrest follows another black church hate crime spree-gone-bust in my adopted hometown of Colorado Springs. In late June, after a pair of churches received menacing notices (“Black men, be aware, you are the target,” read one), black suspect Vincent Broughton admitted to posting the ugly signs. And yes, Colorado Springs is also the home of the January 2015 NAACP office bombing that wasn’t.

The smoke-blowing never ends.

In Texas last week, a professor who cried “racism” against police officers was exposed as a fraud when dashcam video showed the cops politely asking her to move to the other side of the street while exercising — so she wouldn’t get run over.

In Berkeley, California, this week, high school and University of California students cranked up the protest machine and walked out of classes en masse over dubious “KKK” messages discovered on a school library computer. The texts threatened a “public lynching,” used the n-word, and referenced a hanging in a backyard. Of course, suspicion is warranted: Almost a year ago, Berkeley students similarly exploded after effigies of blacks hung from nooses appeared on the UC campus. It turned out they were hung by a “Bay Area collective of queer black and PoC [People of Color] artists” to raise awareness.

Unrepentant race hustlers go bonkers when advised to approach these alleged hate crimes with caution. Anyone showing an iota of skepticism or journalistic responsibility is branded a bigot or collaborator. If you’re a racial or ethnic minority who expresses doubt or hesitation, you’re a sellout or Uncle Tom/Aunt Tomasina. This is nuts. There’s a long, shameful trail of hate crime hoaxes exploiting racial division in America that can no longer be whitewashed by the media and academia. The real sellouts are the phonies and fraudsters “of color” who must manufacture racism for attention, clicks and career advancement while victims of all backgrounds pick up the pieces.


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Watch: Carson Puts CNN Anchor In Place For Trying To Make Him Look Bad- ‘Pathetic’

Ben Carson called out CNN on Friday for its “vetting” of his background saying the network is spreading a “bunch of lies” and their reporting is “pathetic.”

CNN reporters Scott Glover and Maeve Reston published story on Friday called, “A Tale of Two Carsons,” in which it the two tried to corroborate stories the candidate has told on the campaign trail and in his autobiography, Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story (1990). In the book, Carson wrote about his problems with rage in his early teen years, and how God delivered him from it.

Two incidents he specifically mentioned were when he struck someone in the forehead in middle school with a lock in his hand, and when he tried to stab someone, but fortunately the blade stuck the young man’s belt buckle and did not penetrate. The former neurosurgeon wrote it was the latter incident that cause him to get in a room alone with God for a couple of hours. From that time onward, Carson has stated he did not have another rage episode.

CNN could not locate either of the victims of Carson’s actions, and those they spoke with from his youth did not remember him having a rage problem. “All of the people interviewed expressed surprise about the incidents Carson has described. No one challenged the stories directly. Some of those interviewed expressed skepticism, but noted that they could not know what had happened behind closed doors,” the Glover and Reston reported. 

Carson was not pleased with the story overall. “This is a bunch of lies, that is what it is,” Carson told CNN New Day host Alisyn Camerota on Friday. “This is a bunch of lies attempting to say I’m lying about my history, I think it’s pathetic, and basically what the media does is they try to get you distracted with all this stuff, so you don’t talk about the things that are important.”

“If you choose to believe that I am incapable of these acts, I guess that is kind of compliment to me, which is good,” the candidate added.

“The story is well-documented,” Carson said. “If you choose not to believe it, if it doesn’t fit the narrative that you want, that’s fine. Let’s let the American people decide.”

Camerota pressed the former neurosurgeon charging that his story had changed regarding the stabbing incident. “First, you say that Bob was your close friend, who you almost killed. And then yesterday, you said that actually his name wasn’t Bob,” she said.

“I change names throughout all of the books, even of patients…Unless I have specific permission from them to use their names, that’s an inappropriate thing to do,” Carson responded.

He assured the CNN host, that “he’s a very real person. I talked to him yesterday,” adding, “He was a family member, and you know, I really don’t want to expose him further. I talked to him, he would prefer to stay out of the media, and I think I want to respect that.”

Republican rival Donald Trump jumped into the fray tweeting on Friday:

Asked if he would be willing to put CNN in touch with the people who were the victims of his rage, Carson said, “Hopefully your story has gotten out there, and if they want to expose themselves, they are perfectly welcome to do it, but I will not be the source of victimizing them.”

Carson and Camerota also had a back-and-forth on whether CNN looked into Barack Obama’s past with the same level of scrutiny. She assured him, they had, calling it “vetting.”

“Give me a break,” the candidate responded. “The so-called vetting that you all did with President Obama doesn’t even come close, doesn’t even come close to what you guys are trying to do in my case, and you’re just going to keep going back, ‘He said this 12 years ago’ — it is just garbage,” Carson said.

A new Gallup poll released on Thursday finds Carson the best liked candidate in the race (Democrat or Republican), with a 21 percent net favorable over unfavorable.

Do you support Dr. Ben Carson? Like the page:

The former neurosurgeon is also considered the most trustworthy candidate by a long shot. A Fox News poll released this week found 60 percent of respondents believe he is honest, with 26 percent believe he is not, giving him a positive 34 percent net honesty score.

“No other candidate comes even close to that. The next closest are Bernie Sanders with a net honesty score of positive 12, John Kasich at positive 11 and Mike Huckabee at positive 10,” according to Fox News. 

Boycotting Truth To Promote Death

Within the last thirty days, more Planned Parenthood videos have been released exposing their callous attitude toward life; an assistant football coach was banned from praying on the field after games, the gender neutral bathroom debate heated up, and Bruce Jenner was named woman of the year by Glamour Magazine.

This is the culture our past silence has cultivated in America.

Even more disturbing is the fact we have a biased media taking sides, particularly regarding the issue of abortion. Katie Yoder of the Media Research Center reports it has been three months and counting since ABC, NBC, and CBS have even mentioned any of the disturbing video footage provided by The Center for Medical Progress.

You read that right: more than three months of media silence as more undercover videos have been released exposing Planned Parenthood’s exploitation of aborted fetal tissue. The last mention by a major network was July 31.

Here are a few of the headlines ABC, NBC and CBS has refused to investigate:

• Planned Parenthood Partner Jokes about Shipping Intact Baby Heads
• Gosnell-Like Horror: Abortion Worker Describes Cutting Open Baby with ‘Beating Heart’
• Planned Parenthood Workers Laugh Over Babies ‘All Mixed Up Together in a Bag’
• VIDEO: Abortion Workers ‘Would Just Take’ Baby Parts from Women – Without Consent!

Most Americans believe our tax dollars should not help fund abortion. Over 80 percent also believe abortion should have at least some lawful restrictions placed on it, and many say what Planned Parenthood is doing is either evil or wrong. According to past studies however, less than five percent of the media is pro-life. This helps explain their willingness to cover-up abortion business practices.

In fact, we’ve seen the media attack those who are attempting to report the truth as well as those working to ban federal funding of the giant abortion provider. Yoder stated:

They’re ignoring these terrible headlines of abortion workers cutting open babies and Planned Parenthood partners joking about shipping intact baby heads.

Many in today’s liberal media forget two important principles of journalism: an obligation to tell the truth and its first loyalty to American citizens. Journalism must also maintain independence from those they cover. It is now quite clear their reporting has been tainted by their support for pro-abortion Democrats and by a worldview that ignores America’s culture of death.

For those who need more proof:

Since the release of the first video on July 14, the broadcast networks have proven hesitant to publicize the story – and when they did, they refused to even utter the word “baby.” Two months after the first video’s release, ABC, NBC and CBS had aired a mere 0.13% of the CMP footage during their news shows – or 1 minute, 13 seconds of more than 16 hours.

The media’s loyalty to big abortion was further revealed when they overwhelmingly reported on Cecil the lion, and on panda cubs at the National Zoo while ignoring the harvesting and selling of human baby body parts.

Even in the horrifying case of Philadelphia abortionist and mass murderer, Kermit Gosnell, and his trial in which witnesses described baby abortion survivors “swimming” in toilets “to get out,” it was only after 56 days, multiple letters from members of the House of Representatives and a public outcry, that all three broadcast networks reported the story.

At the risk of stating the obvious, the media has power to influence people, affect public opinion, and sway elections – and they do. But we are talking about the most basic of issues here, the precious right to life – and the value of every life created in the image of God. We are talking about morality. To cover up sin and to refuse to acknowledge blatant evil is a disservice not only to Christians, but to millions of Americans.

David Fiorazo is the author of The Cost of Our Silence from Aneko Press

The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by WesternJournalism.com.