Liberal Outlets Slam Trump And His Supporters After His NH Victory – Trump Returns Fire

Video Transcript:

It didn’t take long for liberal publications to attack Donald Trump for his NH victory. Joe Klein from Time Magazine had issues with Trump supporters.

JOE KLEIN: It’s a real victory for him but I think that we in our business have to be completely honest about this. If you vote for Trump, it means you’re not paying attention. These are low-information voters. They are a real threat to this country, they’re a real threat to our standing in the world…

Charlie Rose tried to argue that Klein shouldn’t criticize voters just because he doesn’t like who they vote for, but was cut off.

KLEIN: I’m sorry, I just – I think their anger is self-indulgent and I think this really – it’s a disaster for the Republican Party. It’s a disaster for the country. Things aren’t so bad here. You know, it’s time that we put this thing into a little bit of perspective. This is a guy who doesn’t know anything except to say evil things about other people.

Two liberal papers also taunted Trump and his supporters.

ANNA KOOIMAN: Some other liberal outlets attacking you this morning. The Huffington Post has a headline out. Also the New York Daily News: “Dawn Of The Brain Dead.” They have you pictured as an evil clown like the Joker and it says, “Clown comes back to life with N.H. win as mindless zombies turn out in droves.” Are headlines like this direct insults to your supporters too?

DONALD TRUMP: Well the owner of the New York Daily News – which is a totally failing paper, in fact I think it’s out of business. It’s going to be closing soon, I’m pretty sure. The owner is a guy named Mort Zuckerman who’s got a total inferiority complex and he has for years. And he’s just one of these guys, I mean, you know, they do that. He’s jealous as hell because he would’ve loved to have done it himself and just one of those things. Look, it’s another paper that’s going down the tubes. They used my name, they put – they do the clown thing, every week I’m on with a clown picture. Maybe it sells, maybe it doesn’t sell but the paper is going bad so what can I tell you.

Watch: Larry The Cable Guy Just Destroyed The Lib Media In Epic Rant You’ll Never Forget

More than a decade after the Blue Collar Comedy Tour made his comedic character a household name, stand-up comic Daniel Whitney is far more recognizable appearing in a cutoff shirt as his alter ego, Larry the Cable Guy.

In a recent interview with Gavin McInnis, however, Whitney spoke as himself to address an issue he feels has corroded race relations in the U.S.

There has been an attempt to condemn the values on which he and many other Americans stand, Whitney asserted, by unfairly characterizing a large segment of the nation as bigoted.

“They’ve drawn up this picture of how they want us to be,” he said, alleging that “they go insane” when confronted with evidence opposing their prejudice.

“They cannot handle it,” the comedian concluded.

Though some of his fellow Americans continue to believe he is racist and intolerant because of his societal status or beliefs, Whitney said he is always willing to prove his detractors wrong. “And it frustrates them to no end,” he said.

He went on to assert “they get irritated” with the reality their preconceived notions are incorrect.

“They are so flabbergasted,” Whitney charged, “and it’s because what they think we are, we aren’t.”

While his rant earned praise from fans and like-minded Americans, even some people with no stake in the conversation sided with Whitney.

“I’m not American or liberal/conservative,” one YouTube viewer wrote in reaction to the interview, “but it has always struck me that the things American liberals say about so-called rednecks is some of the most vile s–t I’ve seen online on message boards etc, and it seems to be completely acceptable to say it. Yet somehow completely fabricated ‘micro-aggressions’ against minorities are worth firing people over?”

Liberal Mainstream Media Takes A Shellacking From Ted Cruz

Video Transcript:

With the Iowa primary just a week away, Ted Cruz came out hard against the mainstream media.

HOWARD KURTZ: When you bash the media – and you’ve been treated unfairly at times, portrayed as someone who scares little children – isn’t it in your interest to do that? Your base loves that. They don’t like the mainstream media.

CRUZ: There’s a reason they don’t like the mainstream media – because they’re partisan liberal democrats.

KURTZ: Every single journalist?

CRUZ: Almost without exception.

KURTZ: Almost without exception?

CRUZ: Almost without exception! But any Republican who’s running should not be confused and think that the mainstream media are our friends. They are partisans. They wake up everyday fighting for liberal, political agendas. The New York Times wants Hillary Clinton to be the next president. Everyday – from now to election day – they are going to push stories advancing that. Now that’s the reality, that’s the world we live in. The answer is not to whine and complain about it. The answer is to do what Reagan did – go over the head of the media. Go straight to the American people. That’s what we’re working to do. That’s why we’re building and running a grassroots campaign to go around the media gatekeepers.

On Monday, CNN proved Cruz’s point.

CAROL COSTELLO: Well just going back to Ted Cruz’s likability for just a second. If Ted Cruz is so unliked by members of Congress, how as president will he be able to get anything done?

KEN CUCCINELLI: Well I don’t think Obama is all that well liked by the same people in the Republican Party that say they don’t like Ted Cruz.

COSTELLO: You have to negotiate to do that.

CUCCINELLI: No you don’t! Obama hasn’t negotiated with the Republican leadership…

COSTELLO: So Ted Cruz is for executive orders?

CUCCINELLI: No, no, oh my gosh no. The first thing he’ll do is undo a lot of those unconstitutional executive orders.

COSTELLO: So Ted Cruz will have the ability somehow to tell Congress what to do – even though no one gets along with him – and he’s not for executive orders of any kind – except for rescinding those that President Obama has implemented.

CUCCINELLI: Alright, look. What a left-wing media you are! Come on now! That is total generalization and you really pollute the discussion with things like that.

Despite All The Attacks, Trump Just Achieved Something Incredible He’s Never Done Before

On Monday, Donald Trump unleashed a firestorm of controversy after calling for the temporary ban of Muslims entering the United States, for an undetermined amount of time to ensure that the refugees and American Muslim citizens attempting to reenter the United States pose no terrorist threat to the U.S.

The backlash came from Republicans, Democrats, and even the White House, who declared that Donald Trump was disqualified for the office of the President of the United States. ABC News’ Nightline called the backlash a “bipartisan pile-on” and reported that the New York Daily News equated Trump to Adolph Hitler.

The shock value of Trump’s comments found Trump explaining his comments to news media all week. Speaking in an exclusive interview with Barbara Walters, Trump defended his proposed temporary ban on Muslims entering the U.S. Walters asked Trump, “Do you regret your ban on Muslims which some people think is un-American? Trump promptly replied, “Not at all. We have to do the right thing. Somebody in this country has to say what’s right. I have great respect and love. I have people that I have great tremendous relationships with. They’re Muslim. And Barbara, they agree with me 100 percent.”

The latest poll numbers are reflecting how much the American people agree with Trump. Leading by the largest margin yet, according to Brietbart’s examination of Real Clear Politics’ analysis of the polls, Trump is leading with over 30 percent of the voters polled, and almost 15 percent above his nearest rival, Ted Cruz. It appears from the latest poll that the bipartisan push back has had no affect on those who are planning to vote for Trump, if anything, his latest comments on temporarily banning Muslims from entering the country appear to have helped him.

Look: The Media Just Went To A Sickening New Extreme To Destroy Donald Trump

Bill Bramhall is an editorial cartoonist at the New York Daily News who’s cartoons and caricatures are nationally celebrated. Bramhall’s recent cartoon of Donald Trump, however, is drawing national attention to the mainstream media’s perceptions of Donald Trump and they’re less than complimentary.

On Monday, The New York Daily News’ editorial piece on Donald Trump titled, “Donald Trump: A National Disgrace” featured Bramhall’s depiction of Trump. The title changes when the website’s page is opened and another title is present which reads, “Donald Trump: Shame of a Nation.”

Bramhall’s cartoon depicts Trump as an ISIS-like sword wielding terrorist. Trump is holding the severed head of Lady Liberty in his hand. The headless body of Lady Liberty is lying beneath his feet as Trump’s comb-over hairdo is waiving in the wind. Below the cartoon, the caption reads:

Donald Trump is the underbelly of the First Amendment. His call on Monday — while running for the presidency — to bar all Muslims from entering the United States, including citizens living abroad, was a searing humiliation for a country uniquely founded on the highest principles of fairness, human dignity and the free exercise of religion. A creature of ego, overweening ambition, barstool intellect and vision that extends no further than the mirror, Trump, the inquisitor, made a lie of America’s exceptionalism. Never could he take the oath of office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution without committing perjury.

Western Journalism reported that Trump called the plan temporary, necessary, and that a very serious problem exists with security in the United States.