Red Faces At RedState

The publication Politico still won’t admit it, but evidence shows that it fabricated a story about Ben Carson and the West Point scholarship he was offered. Politico says it “stands by its reporting” when it changed the headline and content of the story. This is one of the most dishonest cases of media bias we have ever seen.

The Politico headline went from “Ben Carson Admits Fabricating West Point Scholarship,” which was false, to “Carson claimed West Point ‘scholarship’ but never applied,” which is true but not news. Carson never claimed he applied. For Politico, the incident will go down in media history as a classic case of a false report being redone in such a way as to attempt to conceal the falsity of the original piece.

A post at Free Republic called the reporter, Kyle Cheney of Politico, a “graduate cum laude of the Dan Rather school of journalism.” But perhaps some of Politico’s editors were in on the deception. Only an apology followed by a full investigation will determine this.

At the same time, it’s important to go back and see how conservatives at such outlets as RedState were duped.  “Certainly we all got burned by Politico on Friday,” said RedState writer Leon H. Wolf, a reference to the false Politico story about Carson “fabricating” the offer of a scholarship.

But only those people who accept Politico as Gospel got burned. One of them was RedState’s “Dear Leader” Erick Erickson, who thinks he is a mover and shaker in the Republican Party and is planning to create a multimedia empire with himself at its core.

RedState is the conservative media group which hosts the RedState Gathering, a forum that is supposed to determine who is and who is not a legitimate conservative candidate. Next year’s event is in Denver, Colorado.

Erickson, a Fox News contributor, disinvited Donald Trump to this year’s affair because he had said some nasty things about his colleague, Megyn Kelly, of Fox News. He didn’t invite Ben Carson at all.

For Erickson, the Politico story about the scholarship must have seemed like a perfect opportunity to destroy Carson. Lifting directly from the erroneous Politico headline and story, Erickson wrote that the Carson campaign was “admitting” a fabrication. Erickson predicted it was the beginning of the end of the Carson for president campaign.

Linking to the Politico story, he claimed “the media just drew serious blood.”

In the end, Erickson’s blood was all over the floor of RedState. It was a self-inflicted wound.

In much the same way that Politico rewrote the story and changed its headline, Erickson subsequently rewrote his story, putting lines through inaccurate statements he had made in his previous comments.

RedState managing editor Leon H. Wolf admitted as much in a story under the RedState headline, “Politico Outright Lies about Ben Carson.” But RedState had accepted and publicized the lies.

In his clarification, Erickson conceded, “The Politico’s representation of that [the scholarship] is demonstrably false and is not something Carson claimed.” It’s too bad Erickson didn’t read the Politico story before accepting its headline as true. As we noted, the allegation that Carson “fabricated” the offer of a scholarship was not backed up by facts in the story itself.

So why did Erickson swallow the phony story in the first place? Either he didn’t read the story and didn’t understand the facts were not what Politico claimed, or he jumped to conclusions based on what he thought he had read or wanted to be true. The latter means that he was looking for a way to force Carson from the Republican field for president. Either way, Erickson comes out of this looking like a total buffoon. So does his sidekick, Leon H. Wolf.

In fairness, Erickson took the bait like many others. But Erickson is supposed to be more sophisticated than that.

Politico on October 5 had referred to Erickson as the “influential conservative radio host and RedState editor” who was announcing that he was leaving the RedState website by the end of the year to focus on his radio career.

Erickson apparently thinks he’s so great that he’s going to become another Rush Limbaugh. Indeed, he sometimes substitutes for Rush Limbaugh. He has announced that he has a “vision” of “blending radio, the internet, and conservative activism.”

The flattering press clippings must have gotten to him, such as the magazine cover story about “The uncompromising conservatism of Erick Erickson.” It would be nice for his brand of conservatism to include a commitment to reporting the facts.

Erickson seems to think of himself as a major power broker in the Republican Party. But his ambitions are in the gutter as he attempts to recover from his smears of Ben Carson, garnered from a fraudulent story in Politico.

Politico owes Carson an apology, and so does Erickson.

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Watch: Ben Carson Just Destroyed The Media In The Most Hilarious Way Possible

Capitalizing on the critical role social media has played thus far in the 2016 presidential race, Ben Carson’s campaign on Tuesday released a short video that immediately began spreading across Facebook.

In the form of a top ten list, staffers revealed facts about the candidate that “the liberal media” might consider newsworthy. The satirical turn came on the heels of media scrutiny over perceived incongruities in Carson’s autobiography – and hours before he was set to take center stage for the fourth GOP primary debate.

The campaign staff wanted to make sure to stay ahead of any possible “breaking stories” coming out in the news today. You heard it here first folks.

Posted by Dr. Ben Carson on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

“The campaign staff wanted to make sure you stay ahead of any possible ‘breaking stories’ coming out in the news today,” an introduction to the video stated. “You heard it here first folks.”

Among the infractions from Carson’s school days were a propensity to “color outside the lines” and at least one allegation of “passing a note in class.”

Furthermore, his unequivocal refusal to take narcotics, one staffer revealed, “has some worried that he will be unwilling to compromise in Washington.”

The video was seen about 150,000 times within the first hour of its publication, with a clear majority of commenters expressing approval.

“Nothing like a good preemptive strike,” one Facebook user wrote. “Love your sense of humor in the midst of all this nonsense.”

A few critics – including one self-avowed Carson supporter – viewed the video as overkill.

“You don’t have to defend yourself so adamantly,” a commenter suggested. “It becomes a little off-putting for you to continue to do so.”

Is Ben Carson a victim of media bias? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

RNC Chair Reince Priebus Sees Mainstream Media Attack GOP, Fawn Over Dems

Video Transcript:

With the media hellbent on tainting Ben Carson’s life story, the RNC Chair, Reince Priebus, is calling out the double standard.

Priebus: This is a totally crazy obsession over incredible detail from 30 and 40 years ago…The fact is, you know, we kind of wish the media would be just as obsessed or half obsessed with Hillary Clinton’s lies of many years and real relevant things…

Lauer: Well, except that Dr. Carson…

Priebus:…like people who have died in Benghazi and emails and everything else.

A defensive Matt Lauer tried to suggest the media questions both sides equally, but Priebus wasn’t having it.

Yeah, but the difference is that the media is actually, you know – they do have an actual vendetta or at least an agenda against some of these candidates. In regard to Hillary Clinton, the media sort of, yeah, the cover it, but they cover it with a laugh and a wink and a nod…It’s a tone of, “This is silly, let’s move on.”

Whereas with the Republicans it’s, “Hey, can you believe that, you know, 40 years ago this happened or that, hey, you know, this credit card over here.” I mean, those are things that might be interesting for, you know, a question, but not an obsession.

Does the mainstream media have a vendetta? Do they equally vet both sides? Share and comment below.

Legal Scholar Steps Forward With Bombshell That Demolishes Attacks On Carson

A story published in Politico on November 6th claimed that Ben Carson’s campaign admitted to Carson fabricating a story that he was offered a West Point “scholarship.” The story has since been altered to reflect the fact that Carson’s campaign vehemently denied such an admission.

Carson hit back against the allegations in the Politico story written by Kyle Cheney, saying on ABC’s This Week: “You look at the political hit job this week. I mean- even some of you guys in the media called him out on that. It’s pretty bad.”

Now, a law school professor, Seth Barrett Tillman, has stepped forward to defend Carson. Writing a column that originally appeared on the New Reform Club, Tillman tells the story of how he was unofficially offered a place at West Point.

Tillman writes that he took the PSAT during tenth grade and that he invited colleges to send him their literature.

He then writes how he was contacted by West Point and invited to a conference for high school students interested in attending West Point.

Tillman went to the conference, where he was pulled aside by a major. Tillman wrote:

I was told that if I apply, I would get in. It was as simple as that. I had very good standardized scores and very good grades. When the major told me that I would get in if I applied, I believed him. I was told that West Point would find a Senator or Representative to nominate me, or I would come in with a number of students the academy could choose itself.

However, Tillman told the major that, after attending the conference, he had decided that West Point would not be for him. Tillman said that I was “sure to fail his programme” having “observed what the academy expected of its students athletically and otherwise.”

Tillman concludes that, by any “fair-minded description,” it was an “offer to attend West Point.” He then writes: “Surely, many, many other people received similar offers. I expect that large list also includes Ben Carson.”

Do you support Dr. Ben Carson? Like the page:

What do you think of the law professor’s story? Is Carson’s story that he was given an offer to attend West Point a true one?

The Mainstream Media Just Got Totally Exposed- It’s Much Worse Than You Thought…

The longstanding question of liberal media bias was brought into the limelight again with the recent Republican debate sponsored by CNBC.

Many of the complaints about the debate centered on John Harwood, a reporter for CNBC and the New York Times who moderated the debate. Harwood has in the past authored pieces about how Republicans are bad for the economy.

In the debate, Harwood asked Donald Trump if he was running a “comic book version of a presidential campaign.”

Republican National Committee chairman Reince Preibus decided to suspend future debates with NBC, following the mass complaints about the debate.

Now, a recently released study by Lars Willnat and David Weaver, professors of journalism at Indiana University, could help bolster claims by conservatives that the media has a liberal bias.

According to the study, self-professed Democratic journalists outnumber self-professed Republican journalists by a whopping 4 to 1 ratio. 28 percent of journalists label themselves as Democrats, while only 7 percent call themselves Republicans. The vast majority of the remainder identify as independents.

Washington correspondents dominate the national political coverage, so their numbers are even more important. According to Tim Groseclose, the author of Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind, more than 90 percent of DC journalists vote Democratic.

The media is not the only culture center conservatives have complained about repeatedly. They have also complained about liberal bias in academia and Hollywood.

A 2007 survey by sociologists Neil Gross and Solon Simmons found that 80 percent of psychology professors at elite and non-elite universities identified as Democrats.

According to the non-partisan political analytics firm Crowdpac, the news media, academia, and the entertainment industry are greatly skewed toward the left. The bias was measured using campaign contributions from people in those respective industries.

A 2014 Gallup poll found Americans’ trust in the media had returned to the previous all time low of 40%. According to the poll, 44% of Americans think the media is “too liberal.”

What do you think about the new study showing that Democrats outnumber Republicans by a 4 to 1 margin in journalism?