Uncovered: The Untold Story Of Garland, Texas, And Media Tolerance of Gender Violence

Two separate but related events held at the Independent School District’s Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas, evidence media coverage that selectively expresses tolerance of sexism, gender violence, and hate crimes.

The Center first hosted on January 17th Sound Vision Foundation’s Stand with the Prophet, which it stated was more than an event. It was “a movement to defend the Prophet Muhammad, his person, and his message,” directly responding to the murder of 16 people, mostly Charlie Hedbo satirists, in Paris.

The Center next hosted on May 3 the American Freedom Defense Initiative’s (AFDI) Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest, which paid tribute to Charlie Hedbo satirists. It also responded to Sound Vision’s event, which in coordination with the Council on Islamic Relations (CAIR) was part of a greater effort advocating Shari’a compliance thoughout American laws.

The Dallas Morning News, and many news organizations, described AFDI’s May 3 contest as “anti-Islam.” However, I can’t recall news organizations labeling Charlie Hedbo “anti-Islam.”

Despite Charlie Hedbo’s and AFDI’s efforts to expose Shari’a law, reporters and public figures criticized and blamed AFDI and its founder, Pamela Geller, for the Islamic gunmen’s acts. I can’t recall these same news organizations and public figures blaming Charlie Hedbo satirists for their own murders.

Coverage of the January 17th event focused on “Islamaphobic” protestors “picketing an Islamic conference.” Yet most reporters never mentioned the speakers who have publicly affirmed “killing as an essential element of Islam” and have known ties to terrorism.

To be “anti-Islam” and “anti-Shari’a” is to reject submission to Allah and the legislation outlined in the Qur’an. There is nothing bigoted, racist, or personal in rejecting a political ideology that opposes the U.S. Constitution. Even the European Court on Human Rights has ruled more than once that Sharia law is “incompatible with the fundamental principles of democracy.”

By labeling people “anti-Islam” are reporters supporting Islamic ideology, Shari’a law, which legalizes wife-abuse, child marriage, FGM, and honor killings, and Jew-hatred?

This type of reporting also promotes a culture that normalizes gender violence, which ranges from sexism to blaming the victim for her abuser’s crime. For example, instead of reporting on Shari’a law in Irving, Texas, Dallas Morning News reporter Alvi Selk asked its mayor, Beth Van Duyne, bizarre and sexist questions about her child custody arrangements and her boyfriend, and how she “balances work life, family life, and life in general.” I can’t recall any reporter in my lifetime asking a male politician how he “balances” fatherhood and life and public duties, or to disclose his child custody terms. Attempting to shame women, not men, is only one of many stigmas with which women in public positions must deal.

If women’s rights were an issue, reporters might cover abuse of women and girls permitted by Shari’a. The Times of London first exposed and helped bring to justice a pedophile ring hidden by city officials and police for 16 years. News organizations also played a helpful role in Scandinavian and Western European countries grappling with near-bankrupted budgets largely due to welfare and crime costs associated with Shari’a compliant communities.

Reporters could also write about good news occurring worldwide. Christians are outpouring love towards Muslims from Chapel Hill to Upsalla, bringing healing to the voiceless and oppressed.

Instead, by blaming Geller, a Jewish woman, for the failed hate crimes committed by Islamic gunmen on May 3, the media only reinforces well-known stigmas associated with “Battered Wife Syndrome.” Blaming the victim for the offender’s crime and making excuses for the offender hurts vulnerable women and girls who, unlike Geller, have no resources or voice to defend themselves.

I asked questions after the January 17th Culwell Center event to feminists and human rights groups, which still remain unanswered.

Are there any other feminists and human rights advocates like Geller who are demanding that women and girls in America be protected from Shari’a law? Why is there silence about Shari’a, which legalizes:

  • Fathers killing their daughters or forcing them into child marriage,
  • Imams marrying girls – even for one hour– to men, which American criminal laws define as sex trafficking, prostitution, and pedophilia,
  • Husbands beating and raping their wives,
  • A woman’s legal right to equate to only half of a man’s legal right,
  • Discrimination, punishment, and death based on sexual and religious orientation?

By ignoring these facts and blaming Geller, the media enables and permits—even ensures—that hate crimes will increasingly occur and victims’ voices remain silent.

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Watch: Liberal Host Goes Full-On Racist Interviewing Ted Cruz

On Saturday, Fausta’s Blog posted an interview from Bloomberg TV that slipped under the radar in the last few weeks, wherein ‘ got uncomfortably weird and painfully white while interviewing Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz. Here is Digitas‘ clip of the segment:

It is a comic tragedy unto itself. Fausta, in the dangerous state of “outraged while Puerto Rican,” had a terrific rant that ended, appropriately, with “bésame el culo.” (“Kiss my …”)

The absurdity of the situation is outweighed only by how disgusting it is.

It is arguably fair to ask Cruz if he has identified himself as Hispanic on any official paperwork in his life, although it’s a bit silly. It’s not 1/32nd of a father; it’s his actual father who is from Cuba. But the rest is just downright insulting…demanding his favorite food, his favorite singer. You claim your family is Hispanic? Well, prove it!

But just when you think you’ve hit peak stupid, Halperin manages to accelerate to Mucho, insisting that Cruz say something in Spanish. You can’t make this up. Mark Halperin demanded Ted Cruz say something in Spanish, like a child being called to the carpet for telling fibs. Not so fast, Senor Cruz–if that is your REAL nombre.

Imagine for a moment asking Harry Reid to quote the Book of Mormon, or Elizabeth Warren to roll a peace pipe. Or how about a “serious journalist” asking half-white Barack Obama to prove his first black President bona fides. What would they ask him, one wonders?

But it goes to show what the liberal media means when they talk about identity. As with gender, it’s not really about how you were born, or who you were born to, or even where you come from. It’s whether or not you meet the minimum group-think standard for your chosen demographic accoutrement.

So for them, Warren is native American because that’s how she feels. And Ted Cruz can’t be Hispanic because, duh: Repubican!

Ay dios mio!

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How The Liberal Media Work With Jihadists

It’s strange that the liberals in the media who always complain about Joe McCarthy once having a list of communists in government are so quick to cite the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of so-called right-wing extremists or “haters.”

With the help of the media, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is setting people up for terrorist attacks inside the United States. Pamela Geller is the latest on the list of the SPLC that has now been targeted for death by the jihadists. ISIS says “…we will send all our Lions to achieve her slaughter.”

ISIS is angry that Geller, an opponent of jihad, has defended the First Amendment right of free speech against Islamic Sharia law.

In response, ISIS tried to massacre people at Geller’s Muhammad cartoon contest in Texas on Sunday. Two terrorists were killed and an unarmed security guard protecting the event was shot in the leg.

It’s an open secret that ISIS can get locations for its targets from the SPLC website. That’s how homosexual militant Floyd Corkins discovered the location of the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C., and showed up at its headquarters, opening fire on a security guard. He had hoped to conduct a massacre of FRC staff.

Indeed, Corkins told the FBI after the shooting that he intended to “kill as many as possible” and smear the 15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches he was carrying in the victims’ faces. Chick-fil-A had been in the news because its CEO had defended traditional marriage.

As we noted in a previous column, “The SPLC targets its critics by name…labeling them ‘hate groups’ and running photographs of officers and employees so they can more easily be identified.”

The SPLC sends its “intelligence reports” around the country, listing people and groups by name with their locations. This puts the leaders of these groups and their families at risk of terrorist attack.

Rather than express disgust with this tactic, the media regard the SPLC as somehow a credible source of information.

This brings a human face to the slogan, “if it bleeds, it leads,” and makes the media complicit in the planned jihad on American soil and its victims.

The SPLC exercises what journalist James Simpson calls “partisan tolerance,” which means conservatives and Christians must be demonized and destroyed. On the other hand, anyone on the left is acceptable. That’s why the SPLC hailed the “educational” work of Weather Underground terrorist bomber Bill Ayers.

As the leading spear-carrier in the cultural Marxist war on America, the SPLC is one of the most despicable groups on the political scene these days, and yet it is accepted by the media as somehow authoritative and respectable.

No matter how many times the group is exposed for sloppy research and money-making scams, it is still considered a source of legitimate information by some in the media.

That’s why its apparent role in the targeting for death of Pamela Geller has to be highlighted and exposed. News organizations are helping terrorist groups by giving the SPLC unwarranted sympathy and publicity.

ISIS has figured out that all it has to do in order to identify their critics is go to the SPLC website and search its “hate map” and various “lists” of so-called extremists. The SPLC makes it easy for terrorists to wage jihad on American soil.

Yet, for a time, the Obama/Holder Justice Department and its FBI openly collaborated with the SPLC. For example, Judicial Watch discovered that SPLC head Morris Dees had appeared as the featured speaker at a “Diversity Training Event” on July 31, 2012, at the Department of Justice. The FBI has even listed the SPLC as a credible source of information on “hate crimes.”

The SPLC tends to focus its critical attention on opponents of radical Islam and critics of the homosexual agenda.

The media’s reliance on this organization was disclosed publicly by the hapless Bob Schieffer on a recent “Face the Nation” episode when he interviewed Tony Perkins of the FRC and began by noting, “You and your group have been so strong in coming out…against gay marriage that the Southern Poverty Law Center has branded the Family Research Council an anti-gay hate group. We have been inundated by people who say we should not even let you appear because they, in their view, quote, ‘You don’t speak for Christians.’ Do you think you have taken this too far?”

This comment proves that Schieffer has lost it as a newsman. Did he even bother to investigate the SPLC? Was he aware of the terrorist attack on the FRC offices inspired by the SPLC?

Simply because the homosexuals inundated the CBS switchboard, Schieffer felt compelled to take their objections seriously. This is not the usual way journalism is done. But it’s the way liberals in the media operate. Their ignorance is astounding.

Geller understands what is happening and frames the issue this way: “Truth is the new hate speech.”

The media need to educate themselves quickly about how they are playing into the hands of not only the SPLC but the terrorists who are targeting enemies on American soil.

This assumes, of course, that the media do not want to inspire more violence in America.

Typically, the liberal media describe the SPLC as a “civil rights organization.”

For those in the media who want to avoid violence and report the facts, for a change, Jim Simpson’s recent talk on “cultural Marxism” is required viewing.

In a report, Simpson defines partisan tolerance as expressing “partisan hatred for everything non-leftist,” noting that it “seeks to actively muzzle the views of the majority.” This lies behind the labeling of conservatives and Christians as extremists or “haters.”

He notes that the concept of partisan tolerance is associated with cultural Marxist Herbert Marcuse and is based on “an extreme arrogance that assumes they are infallible in their utopian fantasies, and have the right to impose their will on us no matter what we think.” The notion that all positions incompatible with leftist designs can and must be suppressed is at “the heart” of their worldview, Simpson points out.

He adds, “The idea was further developed in Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, especially rule 13: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Alinsky popularized the tactic, but Marcuse invented the concept.”

In the ISIS message targeting Geller for death, the group said, “The next six months will be interesting…May Allah send his peace and blessings upon our prophet Muhammad and all those who follow until the last Day.”

It’s time for the media to stop encouraging the bloodshed.

This article originally appeared at AIM.org and is reprinted here with permission.

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Critics Say AP Headline Blames Organizer For Terror Attack At Mohammad Cartoon Contest

After an event in Garland, Texas, was cut short by a terrorist attack, its organizer has faced criticism that she provoked the violent reaction by two Islamic extremists. Though many pundits – particularly on the left – have suggested Pamela Geller acted inappropriately by organizing the Mohammad-themed cartoon contest, some outlets have been accused of actually blaming her for the subsequent attack.

In particular, a headline posted by the Associated Press has faced social media backlash since its publication Thursday.


The post soon attracted comments from upset readers who generally shared one of two concerns. First, many felt the article’s title failed to explain that the two men who died in the attack were the terror suspects believed to have orchestrated it.

“Those two deaths were jihadist terrorists,” one Twitter user wrote. “You make it sound like it’s a bad thing.”

Secondly, some saw the AP’s statement as a tacit suggestion that Geller is to blame for attracting the violent response.

“Are you saying that their deaths are her fault?” one commenter asked.

Several individuals simply concluded that the headline was wrong on many levels.

One user called it “shameless” and “deceptive,” while another nominated it for the distinction of “most misleading headline ever[.]”

The controversial post sparked a trending Twitter hashtag, #APHeadlines, through which many users envisioned how the news organization might handle other stories.

A few memorable posts include:




A subsequent attempt to clarify the offending tweet was roundly described as inadequate.

Did the Associated Press publish a misleading headline? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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You Can’t Be Both ‘Black’ And ‘Mayor’, Ms. Blake

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Blake (under normal circumstances, you are only allowed one last name in this publication) went on a predictably friendly CBS Morning News last week, where she apologized for calling a bunch of rioting thugs, thugs, defended her record of handling the crisis as mayor, and generally spewed leftist bullcrap in an attempt to explain away days of riots.

Here’s what “journalists” Charlie Rose, Nora O’Donnell, and Gale King DIDN’T ask her:

Madam Mayor: Did you really say that you gave space for people who wanted to destroy the city to do that?

Madam Mayor: What is the out-of-wedlock birth rate in the black community in Baltimore?

Madam Mayor: Would a whole lot of black fathers who appear to be missing in action have made a difference?

Madam Mayor: Why is it that most of our urban distress zones are currently run by and have been run for the last 50 years by Democrats?

Surely those would have all been journalistically reasonable questions.

Here’s an example of an answer that Madam Mayor was allowed to give without challenge:

If it were just about Freddie Gray, on the day that his mother begged the city, his family begged the city for peace so that she could mourn, you wouldn’t have seen what you saw on Monday. It’s about larger issues and those are those issues that we’re working on.

Mayor Blake is trying to be both “black” and Mayor, and you cannot do that–any more than you can be “black” and President.

When you are elected to an office and assume command responsibility, you cannot see that responsibility through the lens of being black, Hispanic, Jewish, Christian, or any other modifier. Your responsibility as the Mayor, Governor, or President comes first–and the rest comes after.

You cannot modify your responsibility to match your ideology or upbringing. If people need to be arrested, you need to have them arrested. You can’t tell the cops to “stand down” when rioters are burning down a CVS drug store. If bad cops need to be fired, you need to fire them. You cannot allow people to riot because you are black and fancy yourself to be one of them.

Like it or not, when you get elected to an executive position, in the parlance of the 60’s, you become “the man”; and you need to worry about fixing the problems, not making people adore you.

The rest of the week brought fairly quick charges against the six cops involved in the arrest of Freddie Grey and predictable wailing from the left that what’s needed here is more money for the inner city to “break the cycle” of poverty and no education.

Check and see how much money has been spent by liberal local Democrat administrations in the last 50 years in Baltimore. I’d be willing to bet you could buy the entire population a $50,000 house with what has been pissed away in Baltimore on “anti-poverty” programs. The government—at any level—cannot eradicate poverty. Only people who no longer wish to be poor can get out of poverty. You cannot shower someone who doesn’t care with money and get a positive result.

Now, all of that said, I’m also going to bet that the Freddie Grey arrest was wrong, that the cops deserved—for the most part—the charges which were leveled, and that what happened in Baltimore is not happening in a vacuum.

If you treat people like animals, they will almost always exceed your expectations.

I saw a black guy who is now a writer (but used to be a banger) tell a TV network that he had never had a positive interaction with the Baltimore police. Never a “hi, how are you?” but always a “what the F are you doing on this corner?”

What would your reaction to that crap be?

Mine would be to elect a new Sheriff. Of course, that’s just me……

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