Media Mocked Palin For Saying This Line During Her Trump Speech – Just ONE Problem…

Steven R. Covey’s book, The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People, is getting national attention again–from Sarah Palin.

Donald Trump brought Palin out to publicly endorse the front-runner for president. In doing so, Palin said:

He is from the private sector, not a politician. Can I get a ‘Hallelujah?’ Where, in the private sector, you actually have to balance budgets in order to prioritize, to keep the main thing the main thing. And he knows the main thing: a president is to keep us safe economically and militarily. He knows the main thing, and he knows how to lead the charge.

Dave Schilling of The Guardian called Palin’s endorsement “disturbing,” “bizarre” and a “grotesque oration” for Trump. Schilling continued.

Oh, I can just see it now. Once “Make America Great Again” becomes passe, the new Trump campaign slogan will be, “Donald Trump: He Knows the Main Thing … and Knows How to Keep It.” Or better yet, “Donald Trump and the Main Thing” will be the name of a high school ska band in Kingston, New York.

Eddie Scarry of the Washington Examiner may have been the first to point out the mainstream media’s mockery of Palin’s allusion to Covey’s text. Scarry’s article titled “Press mocks Palin speech, misses that she was quoting a book” seemingly says it all.

Covey died in 2012, but not before his highly acclaimed bestseller had sold over 20 million copies, was translated into more than 30 languages, and earned over 1.4 billion dollars for the company named Franklin Covey.

Defining Political Child Abuse: A Tale Of Two Cruz Families

Remember 5-year-old Sophie Cruz?

Groomed for a year by an outfit called the “Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition,” Sophie is the ponytailed poster child for amnesty who was literally propped up in front of the pope during a September visit to Washington, D.C.

Latino activists brazenly bragged about training the first-grader before the visit and crafting a letter in her name pleading with the Catholic pontiff to help her rescue President Obama’s executive illegal immigrant amnesty program DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents), which was halted under federal court order on May.

In The Washington Post, a Harvard University professor praised the kiddie human shield tactics of the amnesty movement after Sophie’s stunt.

“Tactically really, it’s one of those moves that is just brilliant,” Roberto Gonzales, a Harvard University sociologist, told the Post reporter, Janell Ross. Ross marveled at the “power of personal narrative” and noted how the use of a child to deliver a political message had been “deployed to great effect.”

Sophie Cruz’s family now works with, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s multi-million-dollar lobbying group, which just two weeks ago featured the girl in a high-profile ad campaign reading a fear-mongering script on “how her family would be ripped apart” if America got serious about deporting illegal border-crossers, visa overstayers, document fraudsters and criminal alien fugitives.

The Washington Post again provided positive coverage of little Sophie Cruz’s latest foray in politics. The article attacked Republicans who support strict immigration enforcement and included a massive photo of the cute child, supplied by her father, coloring a “pro-immigration” propaganda picture for amnesty.

Now, imagine. Imagine if a conservative political cartoonist had depicted Sophie as an organ grinder monkey on a leash held by her illegal immigrant parents and Mark Zuckerberg. Imagine if a conservative political cartoonist had defended the depiction of Sophie as a chained dancing monkey by commenting that her parents’ use of their daughter in political ads and media students made the child “fair game.” Imagine the front-page, white-hot, and nonstop outrage from Democrats, journalists and the White House that would ensue.

Somehow, The Washington Post’s coverage of 5-year-old Sophie Cruz’s manipulation and exploitation by corporate special interests and amnesty theater production managers escaped the attention of Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post editorial cartoonist Ann Telnaes.

Instead, Telnaes focused her supposed wrath over political child abuse last week on another Cruz family: GOP presidential candidate and U.S. Senator Ted Cruz.
Cruz’s sin? Including his 4-year-old and 7-year-old daughters, Catherine and Caroline, in a light-hearted Christmas video poking fun at his rivals and playing off his “Green Eggs and Ham” moment on the Senate floor in 2013.

In the bizarre world of The Washington Post, employing a 5-year-old to breach Secret Service security for an international headline-grabbing papal photo op and to shill for Facebook’s self-serving immigration expansionist agenda is “brilliant” and humanizing.

But taping a viral parody Web ad with your kids telling Seussian Hillary Clinton email server jokes is practically an international human rights crime.
Telnaes indulged her Cruz Derangement Syndrome not just by attacking Cruz, but by serving up a crude depiction of his young, half-Hispanic daughters as animated monkeys. She bitterly warned on Twitter that since “Ted Cruz has put his children in a political ad — don’t start screaming when editorial cartoonists draw them as well.”

Disingenuous jerkette.

Politicians in both parties put their children in political ads and policy debates all the time. Over the years, the Obamas’ daughters have made strategic campaign cameos for their parents during both of their dad’s presidential election drives, the Obamacare debate, and their mom’s East Wing anti-obesity initiative.

The Clintons did the same with their daughter. Now, at every available campaign Kodak moment, those geriatric masters of Democratic political stagecraft are currently welded to their baby granddaughter like toddlers tethered to a binkie dipped in Pixy Stix.

Imagine the storm of protest that would have rained down on any prominent conservative political cartoonist who caricatured Sasha, Malia, Chelsea or Charlotte as circus animals performing for their parents for maximum electoral gain.

Democrats surround themselves daily with human Snuggie blankets of other people’s babies, toddlers, tweens and teens to push gun control, endless expansions of government health care programs and entitlements, and abdication of our borders and immigration laws. But instead of decrying this blatant political child abuse, “progressives” attack the critics of these debate-stifling tactics for … hating on children!

When the media’s selective civility police argue that children should be “off-limits” in politics, what they really mean is that prop-a-palooza should only be allowed when the children promote politically correct causes and left-wing politicians.

The Washington Post deleted the cartoon that maliciously turned two innocent daughters of a Republican candidate into dancing monkeys — but not before revealing itself to be run and staffed by drooling moral infants in soiled, double-standards diapers.

Michelle Malkin is author of the new book “Who Built That: Awe-Inspiring Stories of American Tinkerpreneurs.” Her email address is


ISIS Just Used Trump In Recruitment Video – He FIRED Back With 9-Word Bomb

As the media obsesses over Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump being featured in a terrorist group’s recruitment video, Trump cut to the core of the issue.

“I have to say what I have to say,” said Trump, noting that it was not until he called for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration to the United States that national and world leaders began examining the problem seriously.

Appearing on Face the Nation on Sunday, Trump was questioned by host John Dickerson over a video released by an ISIS associated terrorist organization, Al Shabaab, that makes reference to Trump’s comments. Trump stood his ground.

“Look, there is a problem,” Trump replied. “I bring it up. Other people have called me. And they say, ‘You have guts to bring it up, because, frankly, it’s true.’ But nobody wants to get involved.”

Trump said his words have been a catalyst.

“Now people are getting involved. People that are on different persuasions than me right now, John, are saying, you know, maybe Trump isn’t wrong. We want to examine it. There’s a lot of bad stuff going on,” he said.

“I’m watching the news tonight, actually, CBS, and so many of the elements — you look at Germany, you look at Brussels, you look all over the world. They’re shutting down cities that never had a problem before. They’re shutting down countries that never had a problem before,” he said.

“You look at Paris, what happened. You look at California, what happened. John, maybe it’s not politically correct. There’s a big problem out there. And we have to solve the problem,” he said.

When pressed by Dickerson about a terrorist group using him in a recruitment video, Trump shifted perspectives on Dickerson.

“They use other people, too. What am I going to do? I have to say what I have to say. And you know what I have to say? There’s a problem. We have to find out what is the problem and we have to solve that problem,” he said.

Asked whether the West was on a collision course with radical Islam, Trump replied, “I think that radical Islam may be on a collision course with us.”

“It is a very, very deep-seated hatred that’s going on,” Trump explained. “I mean, you have a hatred, like people, where they’re willing to give their lives, they’re willing to walk in — I have to tell you, it is so big. It is the biggest thing there is right now. When I watch President Obama say global warming is our biggest problem, it’s just so sad to watch. And he doesn’t want to use the words “radical Islam”. He doesn’t want to use anything having to do with “radical” and “Islam”. So, until he’s willing to admit the problem — how can you not at least talk about the problem?”

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Trump then reminded Dickinson of the way his proposal changed the global conversation.

“One of the things I have done is, I brought the problem out. The world is talking about what I have said. And now big parts of the world are saying, ‘Trump is really right at least identifying what’s going on.’ And we have to solve it. But you’re not going to solve the problem unless you identify it,” he said.

h/t: The Daily Caller

LOOK What Libs Did As Soon As They Heard A Muslim Burned Down Mosque On Christmas

After a mosque in Houston was attacked on Christmas Day, the left and its media supporters began to wind up for a series of reports calling the incident a “racist” attack and a “hate crime.” But only a day passed before the story took a major turn and the facts had liberals running to hide.

As we reported earlier, a Houston man has been charged with arson in the Dec. 25 fire at a mosque where he claims to have prayed five times a day for five years.

Gary Nathaniel Moore, 37, was arrested on Wednesday as the alleged perpetrator of the crime, which caused significant damage to the mosque.

He was arrested based on surveillance video taken on the day of the attack.

But in the days before the announcement of Moore’s arrest, some in the media began posting alarmist stories about “hate crimes” and attacks on Muslims.

Liberal also initially jumped onto the story as an obvious case of a hate crime. But then, when the suspect was revealed, Salon mysteriously scrubbed its alarmist story.

The Houston Chronicle also tried to make the story about anything but what it was really about. As reported, Leah Binkovitz “inserted Donald Trump and Ben Carson into her front-page story December 29 headlined ‘Houston Muslims worry about backlash.’”

Far from a “backlash” by someone who hates Islam, it turned out to be a Muslim mad at the leaders of his mosque.

Joining the several media outlets backtracking or even scrubbing stories, the Council on American-Islamic Relations also initially began reporting on the story in the hopes of chronicling a hate crime in order to push its agenda. But once the suspect was made public, the story suddenly dropped off CAIR’s radar screen.

Of course, while members of the media are fanning the flames of a “backlash,” the FBI is reporting that there really isn’t much by way of anti-Muslim attacks here in the U.S. The FBI’s hate crime statistics for 2013 show that only 13.7 percent of hate crimes were perpetrated against Muslims.

On the other hand, 60.3 percent of these crimes were committed against Jews. So, according to the FBI, “hate crimes” against Muslims are far and few between in the U.S.A., especially when compared to attacks on Jews.

Watch: Bernie Sanders Just Said 2 Words About Donald Trump That Many People Probably Didn’t See Coming

Bernie Sanders, the self-professed socialist Senator from Vermont, may not be the first person you would ask for an honest assessment of Donald Trump and CNN likely did not expect him to be. But what Sanders said on the air about Trump just might amaze you.

Sanders, a contender in the Democrat Party primary, was on with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Christmas eve and when the topic of conversation turned to GOP front runner Donald Trump. The senator shocked Cuomo by saying that Trump was “very smart.”

It was in reply to the CNN host’s question of why he thought Trump was doing so well that Sanders delivered his very interesting assessment.

“Well, Chris, you’re gong to have to ask the media precisely why,” Sanders replied. “I mean, Trump is a smart guy, he’s a media guy. I mean he ran–he did a TV show.”

Sanders then noted that all the so-called controversies swirling around Trump keeps him foremost and up front in the news during every news cycle.

“I think it has to do with the fact that Trump is very smart,” Sanders added. “He knows that media is not so interested in the serious issues facing this country. They love, you know, bombastic remarks, they love silly remarks. If he says that somebody is sweating, my God, that is a major story. And all that silly business, the personal attacks, that kind of works.”

“So, I think this is more of an indictment of the media, actually, than it is of Trump,” the Senator concluded.

CNN seems to have taken a different lesson from the Senator’s remarks. CNN’s YouTube page shows that instead of reporting that Sanders said Trump was a smart man, they titled their video “Sanders: Trump makes ‘silly’ comments for attention.”