Watch: Leon Panetta Reveals Who He Supports For President – MSNBC Host Points Out 1 HUGE Problem

Former Obama Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has just made an official endorsement for the 2016 race for president, and few are surprised by his choice.

Panetta appeared on MSNBC on Thursday and was asked by host Andrea Mitchell, arguably herself a longtime Democrat advocate, who he supports to become commander in chief in a world that is “in crisis everywhere we look.”

He immediately endorsed Hillary Clinton, saying she was “best qualified” to be president.

“My view,” Panetta said earnestly, “is that Hillary Clinton probably has the best credentials in terms of those two areas that I discussed.”

The former defense secretary went on to claim that Hillary “understands” all the troubles the world faces and would be the best choice to “lead” the country, especially in matters of foreign policy.

But the MSNBC host had a very tough question for Panetta, one that made his claims of Hillary’s qualifications seem risible.

“And you support her,” Michell said pointedly, “but all of these problems we’ve just talked about got worse on her watch as well as on your watch. The growth of ISIS, the Syrian civil war, the withdraw from Iraq… so why is she qualified to become commander in chief?”

In the end, Panetta didn’t seem to have an answer for that charge and simply restated his claim that Hillary was best qualified.

Here is the transcript of that conversation:

Andrea Mitchell: We have described, you have described, a world in crisis everywhere we look. Who is best qualified to be commander in chief as we elect a new president?

Leon Panetta: Well, you know, I’ve said the next president of the United States has two principal responsibilities. One is to break the gridlock in this town because I think one of the greatest threats to national security is the dysfunction in Washington. So, the ability to govern, the ability to bring both parties together in order to govern, that is a huge responsibility for the next president.

Secondly, they have to be a world leader–he or she has to be a world leader–uh, that can deal with all these threats that we just discussed. So, it is extremely important that whoever is elected president of the Untied States have the ability to govern, but also have the ability to provide world leadership.

My view is that Hillary Clinton probably has the best credentials in terms of those two areas that I discussed. But clearly, other candidates on the Republican side have to show that they are willing to address those two issues as well.

Mitchell: And you were a Republican when you started out in public life, uh, you even served in the Nixon administration; so, although you have been part of Clinton world and part of the Democratic Party for many, many years. Are you officially endorsing her?

Panetta: I’ve endorsed Hillary Clinton, and I’ve also helped provide advice on defense and foreign policy issues. I know her, I work with her, uh, I think, uh, that what this country needs at a very dangerous time is responsible leadership in the real world, not a fantasy world, but in the real world. And she is somebody who has that experience, uh, and for that reason that’s why I support her.

Mitchell: And you support her, but all of these problems we’ve just talked about got worse on her watch as well as on your watch. The growth of ISIS, the Syrian civil war, the withdraw from Iraq… so why is she qualified to become commander in chief?

Panetta: I think she’s qualified to be commander in chief because she understands the challenges that are there, she understands the world we live in, she understands the complications of it. Of course, you know, uh, look, going back to Republican administrations as well as Democratic administrations, there is a responsibility for both the good things that happen as well as the bad things that happen. But in the end the real question is, does someone have the ability to be able to deal with other world leaders, to be able to represent our national security interests in dealing with those countries and has the credibility to be able to engage in that kind of world. And that is critical at a time when we’re facing the kind of threats we are facing now.

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Black Man On Obama: We’ve Been Betrayed, Sold Out!


A homeless black man, Askari Shabazz, at an Impeach Obama protest in downtown San Diego on October 11, 2014 offers some candid thoughts on how he and many other blacks feel about Obama. He says Obama has been a weak and indecisive leader, especially with regard to the murder of the ambassador in Benghazi. Mr. Shabazz adds that he believes that Obamacare was a waste of time and that Obama is carrying out a socialist takeover of America.

Here is an article about Askari Shbazz.

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

Video: Benghazi Victim’s Mom: Obama, Hillary, And Biden “All Lied To Me”

Pat Smith, the mother of Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith (who died in the September 11, 2012, attack on an American consulate in Benghazi), appeared before a congressional committee on Thursday investigating the government’s response to that attack.

She insisted that she was repeatedly lied to by President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, National Security Advisor Susan Rice, and former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, who all immediately blamed the attack on the spontaneous demonstrations arising in response to a YouTube video.

Obama And Kerry: The Fools From The Hill

Obama Kerry Foreign Policy Tip of Spear Egypt SC Obama and Kerry: The Fools From the Hill

In the past few weeks, Obama and his Secretary of State, John Kerry, have been determined to commit an act of war against the Syrian Government for the alleged use of Saran Nerve gas against its own people. Naturally, the pair ignored reports that it might have actually been the rebels who used the chemical agent. In a buffoonish attempt to act tough, Kerry told the British press that “President Bashar al-Assad has one week to hand over his entire stock of chemical weapons to avoid a military attack.” He didn’t think the Russians or the Syrians would take his verbal diarrhea seriously. He later went on to accuse the al-Assad regime of deploying chemical weapons without any proof.

Risk Aversion
Obama doesn’t have the guts to take a risk. He talks tough, but his actions say otherwise, playing golf or cards while missions are in progress. Leon Panetta gave the kill order on Osama bin Laden.  And Barack was nowhere to be found during the Benghazi murders. Given the record of cowardice from this Kenyan Muslim, it’s no surprise that he punted on a decision to attack Syria by deferring the matter to Congress. Besides, the American public wasn’t buying his attempt to wave the flag. He saw his chance to aid the al-Qaeda lead rebels sinking faster than Alex Rodriguez’s reputation. Obama has lost the support of his base of low information voters regarding Syria.

Say what you will about Vladimir Putin, but he isn’t stupid. Taking advantage of Kerry’s daft pronouncement, Putin and Assad agreed to the idea of handing over chemical weapons to an international body on the condition the Obama regime will not attack Syria. Kerry and Obama were surprised by the offer and, like the buffoonish politicians they are, took credit for the offer to make themselves look like political geniuses. Of course, he’ll never admit it; but Obama was bailed out of a mess of his own making by the Russian President.

The Fools
And now, thinking they have the upper hand, Obama and Kerry are making demands over their guffaw regarding Syria. Instead of making progress, the former sailor is doing his best to scuttle the talks. No wonder Charlie Rose is questioning the President’s credibility on Foreign Policy. Common sense should have told these fools to be a little more agreeable to the man who pulled their elitist butts form a political disaster. Like typical fools from the Hill, they are too full of themselves to understand that they are embarrassing the American people on the world stage.

The only adult in this kabuki theater is Vladimir Putin. Obama and Kerry are the bloviating fools who would make Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne look like Rhodes Scholars.

Video: Valerie Jarrett’s Stand Down Order

According to the Conservative Report and as reported on by Rush Limbaugh, when Obama disappeared for eight hours during the September 11, 2012 attack on the Benghazi consulate, Valerie Jarrett took charge and may actually have given the stand down order.

We know that an email was sent at 6:07 p.m. Washington time to the White House Situation Room stating that the al-Qaeda-linked group Ansar al-Sharia was taking credit for the attack.

Shortly after this Ansar al-Sharia email came in, and some time before the CIA Annex came under attack, the stand down order was given. It is presumed that Valerie Jarrett gave the stand down order in order to protect Obama from a Jimmy Carter-like military debacle in the event the rescue effort turned out to be a failure.

Keep in mind that a stand down order can only be authorized by the President of the United States. Neither the Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, or the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey (also present in the White House Situation Room), were authorized to give this stand down order.

As revealed in Congressional testimony by Gregory Hicks (the State Department’s deputy chief of mission in Libya), a stand down order was definitely given, exemplified by the debacle involving Lt. Colonel Gibson, who remains hidden by the Obama administration to this day.

Special Operations Command Africa commander Lt. Colonel Gibson put together a rescue team; but as they were about to board a C-130 from Tripoli to Benghazi,  Gibson got a phone call from AFRICOM headquarters demanding that his team stand down.

Additionally, fighter jet groups based in Europe and on aircraft carriers, along with thousands of soldiers and special forces in nearby bases in Europe, were never dispatched. It appears a blanket stand down order was given to the entire European and Africa commands.

If Obama disappeared for eight hours and let an unelected, unqualified underling—Valerie Jarrett—give the stand down order and let Americans get slaughtered, that is treason. Or if Obama himself gave the stand down order, that is also treason.

Either way, treason was committed; and impeachment of Barack Obama must begin immediately.