BREAKING: US And Cuba Set To Make Major Announcement That Will Have Massive International Implications

President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry will announce Wednesday that the United States and Cuba have agreed to open embassies in Havana and Washington, multiple outlets reported Tuesday.

The is the latest step by the Obama administration to normalize relations with the communist island nation just 90 miles off the gulf coast of Florida. President Obama first stated his intent to reach out to Cuba in December. Another step was taken in May by the State Department when Cuba was removed from the list of state sponsors of terror.

The Associated Press pointed out what is at stake for the Obama administration politically:

For Obama, ending Washington’s half-century freeze with Cuba is seen as a major element of his foreign policy legacy. He has long touted the value of engagement and argued that the U.S. embargo on the communist island just 90 miles south of Florida was ineffective.

The last time there were diplomatic ties between the two nations was in 1961, when Fidel Castro’s communist party seized power in Cuba, noted BBC News. The news outlet also reported that there were plans to resume ferry and flight services between the two countries.

Already, criticism for the plan is mounting. “There was little doubt that the Obama administration would pursue its goal of opening an embassy in Cuba no matter the sad reality on the ground,” Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla., told The Hill Tuesday. Ros-Lehtinen is a Cuban-American who represents parts of the Miami area.

Opening the American embassy in Cuba will do nothing to help the Cuban people and is just another trivial attempt for President Obama to go legacy shopping.

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WATCH: Gowdy Hammers Hillary Mercilessly As He Destroys Her Benghazi Defense On Nat’l TV

You could call it the Gowdy version of an “f-bomb” — the GOP congressman’s repeated use of the word “false” when describing Hillary Clinton’s defense in the use and content of Benghazi-related emails she sent or received in her official duties as secretary of state. In a weekend appearance on CBS’ Face the Nation, the chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi described Hillary’s excuses and explanations regarding her controversial email practices as “false” (twice), “demonstrably false,” and “patently false.”

Rep. Trey Gowdy of S.C. used the word “false” four different times as he tore into Clinton’s misstatements, deceptions, contrivances, and out-and-out lies about having come clean and turned over to the State Department all her work-related emails. And on the subject of the State Department under the direction of Secretary John Kerry, Gowdy told Face the Nation host John Dickerson that the committee he heads has been frustrated time and time again in trying to get State to release email correspondence between Hillary and her then-aides and associates.

They haven’t given us e-mails for nine of the 10 senior aides that she had. It’s been over a year and we don’t have a single scrap of paper from nine of the 10. So I am happy to [conclude] this investigation just as soon as John Kerry decides that he’s going to give us the documents we’re entitled to.

Gowdy also revealed that he is ready to call Secretary Kerry himself to testify before the committee if the email sidestepping and stonewalling doesn’t stop.

I get that he has other things going on. I get that he’s got a big portfolio. But I want to get this investigation over with, and he is the only thing standing between me and a completed investigation.

By clicking on the video above, you can watch the entire Trey Gowdy segment on Face the Nation in which the Republican representative and former prosecutor holds nothing back in his dogged criticism of Hillary Clinton.

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If Nuke Talks With Iran Fail, This ‘Mind-Boggling’ New Weapon In US Arsenal Is Ready To Punish

Even as the Obama administration enters the final phase of nuclear talks with Iran — hoping to have an agreement by month’s end — the U.S. military is not waiting around to see if those negotiations will succeed in halting Tehran’s nuclear weapons program.

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, continues to come out with a series of defiant statements that chip away at supposedly agreed upon conditions for a comprehensive nuclear deal. And Secretary of State John Kerry — who has been one of the biggest advocates for some sort of accord, the terms of which seem to keep changing with every passing day — has just warned the U.S. is willing to walk away from the negotiating table.

And, assuming that the parties can come to some sort of an agreement, there’s the rather important matter of compliance. Iran has proven over the years that it isn’t particularly trustworthy; it may, of course, agree to put an end to its nuclear weapons program and then continue developing the bomb in heavily fortified underground facilities.

So, in the event the U.S. military needs to take action to stop Tehran’s nuke ambitions, one of the world’s largest non-nuclear bombs is reportedly being put through its final paces in the New Mexican desert. Some 20 feet long and weighing in at 15 tons, this Massive Ordnance Penetrator, or MOP, could be the powerful punisher that lets Iran know America means business.

As Politico reveals in a lengthy investigative piece on the MOP, this highly advanced weapon is a formidable big brother to the so-called “bunker buster” weapons the U.S. has used in Middle Eastern conflicts to penetrate and destroy underground targets.

Of the recent tests, Politico writes: “When dropped from an altitude likely above 20,000 feet, the bomb would have approached supersonic speed before striking a mock target in the desert, smashing through rock and burrowing deep into the ground before its 6,000 pounds of high explosives detonated with devastating force.”

The Politico piece quotes a former Pentagon official who has seen video of the tests at New Mexico’s White Sands Missile Range: “It boggles the mind.” That video has not been made public, but a photo of one iteration of the weapon — officially known as BLU-109 — has been released by its maker, Boeing.

Image Credit: Boeing

Image Credit: Boeing

According to sources in the Air Force, as reported by Business Insider, the only aircraft currently capable of carrying the 15-ton MOP and dropping the GPS-guided bomb on its target is the B-2 stealth bomber, the key component of the nation’s long-range strike arsenal.

Image Credit: Wiki Commons

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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Iran Just Slapped Obama In The Face With A Nuclear Move That Ruins His Entire Plan

So much for President Obama’s heralded “framework” for a negotiated nuclear deal with Iran. Only six weeks after Obama strode confidently into the Rose Garden to announce to the world what he called “a good deal” resulting from “many months of tough, principled diplomacy,” Iran has essentially blown up the president’s plan to keep the Islamic regime from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

Despite Obama’s self-congratulatory rhetoric last month praising the framework that included the assertion that “Iran has also agreed to the most robust and intrusive inspections and transparency regime ever negotiated for any nuclear program in history,” the Muslim nation’s supreme leader has just firmly and flatly rejected that provision.

Fox News reports on the move by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei that basically cuts the legs out from under Obama’s shaky stick-figure of a deal to prevent Iran’s development of a nuke that could threaten Israel, Saudi Arabia, or even the United States itself.

“Iran’s supreme leader vowed Wednesday he will not allow international inspection of Iran’s military sites or access to Iranian scientists under any nuclear agreement with world powers,” reports Fox News.

This determined defiance by the most powerful man in Iran not only runs counter to what Obama announced in April; it also contradicts a fact sheet on the supposed accord presented by the State Department. Secretary of State John Kerry is, of course, one of the chief negotiators who have now launched yet another round of talks in Vienna aimed a reaching a final deal. With this wrench hurled into the works by Ayatollah Khamenei, the shape and substance of such a deal now appears to be very much in doubt.

The Fox News report quoted Khamenei as saying: “‘The impudent and brazen enemy expects that we allow them talk to our scientists and researchers about a fundamental local achievement but no such permission will be allowed…. No inspection of any military site or interview with nuclear scientists will be allowed.’”

Verification of Iran’s compliance with the requirements imposed by any negotiated nuclear deal has been a key sticking point for critics of the Obama administration who claim that the regime cannot be trusted. As Katie Pavlich observes in an article on Townhall:

Khamenei said today weapons inspectors will not be allowed to monitor or visit nuclear facilities to verify nuclear energy is being pursued for peaceful purposes. Further, Iranian nuclear scientists will not be available for interviews, or what he calls “foreign interrogation.”

Given the stunning disconnect between what President Obama told America and the world in his prepared statement on April 2nd, and the latest proclamation of “no inspections” by Iran’s supreme leader, it would seem reasonable to assume that one (or more) of the following is true:

1. In his Rose Garden victory dance, Obama was projecting what he wanted to believe in order to score political points,
2. Obama didn’t know what was really agreed to in the so-called “framework” for what he praised as “a good deal,”
3. The president’s naiveté about the true nature of the enemy was on full display, and/or
4. Obama lied.

Again, drawing from the text of his now-discredited Rose Garden speech: “International inspectors will have unprecedented access not only to Iranian nuclear facilities, but to the entire supply chain that supports Iran’s nuclear program — from uranium mills that provide the raw materials, to the centrifuge production and storage facilities that support the program.”

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Hypocrite John Kerry Own Millions In Oil And Gas Stocks

Is there anything, anything at all that is genuine about John Kerry?

When it comes to Kerry, it’s hard to decide which is more revolting: his hypocrisy or the notion that he believes he is fooling us. From his days as a “scruffy” vet just trying to get someone to surrender in Vietnam, to his gigolo marriages, to his hypocritical claims to be a practicing Catholic, Lurch rings as true as a wooden bell.

The duplicitous qualities that make him so offensive are excellent traits for membership in Barack Obama’s cabinet. As Secretary of State, Kerry has a perfect record of selling out America’s interests. Kowtowing to our enemies has become his trade mark.

Lurch will say whatever Barack tells him to say. He will stand in a room and deny global warming is a hoax and actually describe “climate change” as a “national defense issue” on par with ISIS and nuclear proliferation in the Middle East. This is perhaps his most appalling lie and the best example of his duplicity.

In March, while warning of the dangers of climate change and whining that only a switch from fossil fuel to solar energy, “wind, and other “clean energy” could save the day, the two-faced (both making him look more like Secretariat than a Secretary of State) Kerry neglected to mention that he holds investments worth millions in at least FIFTY “oil and gas related companies.”

Public records that have been carefully researched by Ron Arnold of The Heartland Institute show that Kerry has been substantially invested in fossil fuel and natural gas companies for at least ten years; and he has not stopped pumping his money into this industry over the years.

These facts underscore some very alarming realities about how our dysfunctional government works. Clearly, no one made an issue of his built-in conflicts of interest when he was being confirmed by his pals in the Uniparty Senate. Moreover, that an outspoken “enemy” of fossil fuels would own such a substantial amount of stock in the very industry he has vilified for more than twenty five years speaks volumes about his level of comfort at never being called out on his hypocrisy by an equally duplicitous media.

Here are some of the highlights of Mr. Arnold’s excellent report on the two-faced John Kerry’s portfolio:

Kerry owned 365 securities totaling $232,674,572 to $322,785,148, including contentious stock in ExxonMobil and a Canadian firm with ties to the Keystone XL pipeline, Cenovus Energy Inc., as posted on Open, website of the Center for Responsive Politics. Office holder assets and liabilities are reported only in value ranges rather than exact amounts, so precise net worth can’t be ascertained and is counted from the lower number.

Office of Government Ethics lawyers immediately vetted Kerry’s family wealth and his spouse’s Heinz ketchup fortune and determined that the new cabinet post required that the couple divest 140 different securities across three different trusts and that the new Secretary recuse himself from decisions with any ethical implications – but there was a catch.

On January 8, 2013, John Kerry signed an agreement letter to the government to relinquish specified assets within 90 days of taking the oath of office. He agreed to have his trustees segregate forbidden stocks, mostly large holdings of a single stock, into a custodial account and sell them off so questions could not come up. He also agreed to diversify and downsize his investments so that even the fossil fuel stocks qualified as “non-conflicting assets.” Kerry pledged to take no action as Secretary of State that would affect his financial interests “unless I first obtain a written waiver, pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 208(b)(l), or qualify for a regulatory exemption, pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 208(b)(2).”

Much like his SF 180, we are still waiting for him to obtain this waiver.

Sadly, we will hear nothing about this matter because our government is run by a Uniparty whose only interest is gaining and maintaining power to be shared between its Republican and Democrat wings.

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