Watch: Obama Tried To Get Away With This Shocking Lie, But A Terror Expert Just Busted Him

Bolton Khorasan

This is indeed very interesting timing. With President Obama claiming that the rapid rise of ISIS caught America off guard because his intel team failed to identify the threat — essentially saying that ISIS came out of nowhere — one terrorism expert is claiming that a “new” terror group did come out of nowhere…that it’s fictitious…a White House invention.

You may recall that the Obama administration recently raised the specter of an “imminent” attack on the United States by a radical group of Middle East Islamists called Khorasan. You may also recall that when the name “Khorasan” was thrust into the national spotlight a few weeks ago, a lot of people — people including veteran terror experts — scratched their heads, wondering where this organization came from.

Well, if Andrew McCarthy is to be believed, it came from the White House — from their need to create an urgent reason to start a bombing campaign in Syria without seeking authorization from Congress for a significant expansion of military action against the Islamic State.

Writing for National Review, McCarthy said Khorasan is a made-up group designed by the Obama administration “to deceive us.” In part, says McCarthy — a former federal prosecutor who went after terrorists — the deception was necessary to maintain the fiction that Obama’s actions have wiped out al Qaeda.

On the Fox News show “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton said the Khorasan cover story is all part of the Obama administration’s attempt to control the media narrative and downplay the war on terror.

You can see Judge Pirro’s interview with John Bolton by clicking on the video above.


Image Credit: Fox News

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Former US Ambassador Calling For Action: “Work With The Israelis To Strike A Really Strong Blow Against Hamas”

John Bolton

Israel has been engaging in airstrikes against Hamas since the hours after they found the murdered bodies of three kidnapped Israeli teens yesterday.

The State Department gave their ridiculous line that both sides should show restraint, as if Israel had done anything wrong.

Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton wholeheartedly disagrees and counters with “[We should be] working with the Israelis to strike a really strong blow against Hamas.”

“This isn’t a robbery or kidnapping or murder in the course of a civil society; this is war. And Israel should be entitled to respond as if it were war, up to and including if it chooses, destroying Hamas.”

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

Bolton: Olympic Terrorists Could Be Hard To Detect

John Bolton SC Bolton: Olympic Terrorists Could Be Hard to Detect

Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton says he’s concerned about the possibility of terrorists trying “to get their message across” at the Olympics and worries they could be British citizens who might be hard to detect.

Appearing Thursday night on Fox News’ “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren,” Bolton said the arrests Thursday in London of six British Muslims in connection with a suspected terrorist plot, highlighted “a growing concern that British authorities rightly have.”

Authorities said the arrests were not connected to the upcoming summer Olympic games in London beginning July 27.

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Obama-Sponsored UN Treaty Threatens Second Amendment

Doug Book,

In 2006, the United Nations decided it was time to explore “the feasibility, scope and draft parameters for a comprehensive, legally binding instrument establishing common international standards for the import, export and transfer of conventional weapons.”

The Bush administration voted against the creation of this proposed Arms Trade Treaty, believing that such oversight would be more productive on a national level. But on October 30th, 2009, Barack Hussein Obama reversed course, quite possibly turning the sovereignty of the United States, its Constitution and the rights of its gun owning public over to Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the member states.  Many believe this decision to represent a serious threat to the right of the American people to keep and bear arms.

Claiming that the UN treaty would affect only international arms trafficking, Hillary Clinton said, “conventional arms transfers are a crucial national security concern for the United States, and we have always supported effective action to control the international transfer of arms.” But former UN Ambassador John Bolton is not buying that the treaty’s aims are purely international. In an interview with NRA News, Bolton stated, “the administration is trying to act as though this is really just a treaty about international arms trade between nations, but there’s no doubt…that the real agenda here is domestic firearms control.” He continued, “many of the implications of these negotiations are very much in their domestic application.”

Former congressman Bob Barr agrees with Bolton….

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