Mark Levin Says John Boehner Is ‘Playacting’ On Immigration

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On Wednesday, syndicated radio talk-show host Mark Levin slammed House Speaker John Boehner for engaging in “playacting” with regards to immigration and national security.

“This is actually not about the issue of immigration. This is about the president acting lawlessly,” Boehner said at a press conference Tuesday on Capitol Hill. “Listen, our goal here is to fund the Department of Homeland Security.” This clearly did not sit well with Levin the following day:

“Don’t buy all this phony talk of, ‘Oh, we’re gonna take on Obama, because what he’s doing is unconstitutional, this unconstitutional amnesty.’ This is round one. This is playacting.”

Levin stressed again, “This is playacting.”

“Because Boehner out of the other side of his mouth said that they’re going to fund the Department of Homeland Security. Would you fund it in a clean bill? ‘Oh sure!’ What that means is fund it lock stock and barrel.

“Problem is the various elements of our immigration enforcement and immigration generally is in that department. Used to be in the Justice Department but now it’s there. Boehner has no intention of ‘shutting down the government’ over this. None.”

“He has no intention of playing out the power of the purse over Article I – Congress’s power to the end. None,” Levin continued. “And Obama knows it.”

The syndicated talk show host also asserted “passing a bill to secure the border” does not necessarily secure the border, referencing a National Review article published by Peter Kirsanow on Wednesday.

Kirsanow writes, “The Secure Fence Act of 2006 mandated the construction of 670 miles of double-layered fencing along the 1,930-mile border with Mexico.”

The Department of Homeland Security claims that 352 miles of pedestrian fencing has been erected. But Representative Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., notes that only 40 miles of that is double-layered, as required.

Levin said, “Gee, I would think this is a perfect stimulus program for our infrastructure. Wouldn’t you?”

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House Votes To Roll Back Obama’s Immigration Order

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According to breaking reports Wednesday, the U.S. House of Representatives narrowly passed a resolution overturning Barack Obama’s executive action granting deferred deportation for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who arrived in the country as children.

The amendment was included in a larger bill aimed at funding the Department of Homeland Security through the remainder of the year.

Prior to the vote, House Speaker John Boehner explained that his party’s opposition to the executive action on immigration is not based on partisan disagreements–but a desire to uphold the Constitution.

“We do not take this action lightly,” he said, “but simply there is no alternative. It’s not a dispute between the parties or even between the branches of our government. This executive overreach is an affront to the rule of law and to the Constitution itself.”

The bill is now set to be presented for a Senate vote, where supporters will face an uphill battle for passage.

Even with a majority in the new session, the 54 Senate Republicans would need the help of at least six Democrats to pass the bill.

Republican Rep. Charlie Dent said he is confident members of the other chamber are “not going to pass this bill.”

Some reports indicate senators might take out the immigration amendment and return the funding bill to the House for approval ahead of next month’s deadline.

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WATCH: The Speaker, The Bartender, The Devil And Ebola – A Crazy Country Club Plot Uncovered

Boehner plot

An Ohio man who believed John Boehner to be the devil deserving of death because he is “mean” and “responsible for the Ebola virus” has been indicted by a federal grand jury for trying to poison the House Speaker.

According to USA Today, Michael Hoyt of Deer Park, Ohio called police back in October, 2014, claiming that he wanted to kill Boehner by poisoning his drinks at a country club where Hoyt bartended for the Republican lawmaker.

Local authorities, the FBI and Capitol Police began an investigation that resulted in the indictment against Hoyt.

“Hoyt has imagined and believes John Boehner is the devil, and Hoyt believes he is Jesus Christ,” Chistopher Desrosiers, a special agent with the Capitol Police, said in the court documents.

“Hoyt also believes Boehner is responsible for the Ebola virus.”

Cincinnati TV station WCPO broadcast a report on the bizarre plot and the man allegedly behind it. You can watch the report by clicking on the video above.

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Today’s Speaker Vote A Losing Situation For America

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“Today is tomorrow; there are no more tomorrows.” I learned that expression in the Marine Corps many years ago. It reminded us that some days bring us to decisive points in history. In terms of the future of the Republican Party, “Today is tomorrow”; and what a small band of men and women do this morning will determine whether we as a nation can continue to have a true two-Party political system or not.

The stage for this crucial moment in history has been set by the fecklessness of current Speaker John Boehner and his cohorts in leadership positions. Over the past six years, to the great consternation of rank-and-file Republicans, they have moved closer and closer to the Democrat Party’s positions. Not even the historic victory delivering total control of Congress to Republicans has changed the minds and hearts of the Republican leadership.

On the contrary, they have brazenly lied to conservatives and mocked them both behind their back and to their face. Boehner has forced this showdown on us; now we can only watch and pray that God will protect America one more time.

Today’s vote for Speaker can bring us one of three possible outcomes. Only one will signal the continuation of America’s two-Party system of government; the other two will bring either immediate death to the Republican Party or a slow strangulation of the once powerful alternative to socialism.

In the best case, somehow a conservative will be elected Speaker; and the Republican Party will become the true representative of the American people in Washington.

In the second scenario, John Boehner is re-elected; and by outward appearances, nothing will change. Nevertheless, things will change because the support of the rank-and-file will begin a slow and steady decline that will culminate in the death of the Republican Party. While this will not be immediately recognizable, it will manifest in a stunning drop in turnout in 2016.

The final possible result of today’s vote is by far the worst of the three. If John Boehner’s lust for power so blinds him that he will do “anything” to keep it, he could appeal to Nancy Pelosi for Democrat votes to win re-election. Doing that would plunge America into a destructive form of European coalition government. It would deliver Chairmanships to Democrats and would immediately end the Republican Party as a factor in our government.

For America, the Republican Party, and us, today is tomorrow; there are no more tomorrows.


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Watch: John Boehner Might Want To Switch Parties After What This Repub Just Said About Him

Louie Gohmert

After the $1.1 trillion CROmnibus bill passed the House Thursday, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) slammed Republican leadership for not negotiating with the conservative members of his base.

Appearing alongside Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ) on Fox News Channel’s Hannity Thursday, Gohmert told the host,

“Some of us had gone to our leadership and said, ‘Look, we can do this very easily. Let’s do it together with conservatives. That’s the bulk of our conference. Don’t make them take a wrong vote. Let’s fund everything for two months.’

“‘Let us have a vote on defunding Obama’s amnesty and we’ll even agree that the Senate can take it out if they take the hard vote to do that and let it go from there to the President. We were willing to work with them, to compromise.’”

Both Salmon and Gohmert voted no on the measure.

The Texas Congressman continued,

“And not one word, as you know. The calls went to the White House. When in a time that the Speaker needed votes, he turned to somebody that he really identifies with – the President and liberal Democrats — and got them to help him pass this vote.”

When Hannity asked whether or not this would affect Boehner’s chances of retaining the Speaker’s gavel in January, Gohmert said, “I think he ought to be able to pick up some Democratic votes for Speaker this time.”

“He can have Denis McDonough or the President come over and get Democrats to get the votes to carry him across the finish line to Speaker. I think they would help him.”

The Senate is expected to take up the bill late Friday.


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