WATCH Joe Biden Say Something That Led Him To Explain Six Times That He Was Just Joking

Biden at Harvard


As much as Barack Obama seems to care less and less about the constitutional consequences of what he does, Joe Biden continues to show that he really doesn’t care about the cultural consequences of what he says.

The vice president is, without a doubt, inclined to shoot from the hip…at least that’s the general location from which he shoots off his mouth. For some it’s a disturbing sign of a deteriorating political culture. For others, it’s a refreshing expression of an everyman kind of candor.

Before we get to Biden’s latest instance of “Joe being Joe,” let’s revisit some of his more recent gaffes, courtesy of a piece on

Speaking at the Democratic Women’s Leadership Forum, Vice President Joe Biden on Friday praised former Sen. Bob Packwood, who resigned in 1995 after 19 women accused him of sexual harassment and assault.

On Wednesday, he called lenders of bad loans to people serving in the military “Shylocks,” a derogatory name for Jews, earning him a rebuke form the Anti-Defamation League.

Also, this week, Biden referred to the First Prime Minister of Singapore as “the Wisest Man in the Orient,” an antiquated word deemed offensive by many Asians.

And at an event in Iowa, Biden seemed to leave the door open for ground troops in Iraq to fight the militant group ISIS, a day after President Barack Obama specifically rejected such an option.

Add to that list of Joe Biden’s more memorable moments what he just said during a presentation at the prestigious Institute of Politics at Harvard University. This Biden-ism was something for which the vice president felt the need to tells the students six times that he was only joking.

You can watch the brief video above.


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Obama May Want To Stop Letting Biden Speak In Public After Yet Another Offensive Blunder

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Vice President Joe Biden made it clear that he is frustrated with today’s crop of Republican legislators during an appearance at the Democrat National Committee’s Women’s Leadership Forum Friday. The longtime senator, who in his current capacity serves as the chamber’s president, admitted that he has worked with a few admirable GOP colleagues along the way.

The current Republican leadership, he lamented, seems disinterested in helping downtrodden women and the middle class, suggesting the party needs an influx of “guys like [Sen.] Mac Mathias and [Sen. Bob] Packwood” among others.

The latter example, of course, was unceremoniously relieved of his position nearly two decades ago amid rampant allegations of sexual misconduct. The fact that Biden cited Packwood — especially in front of a room packed with women — as one of the good Republicans led to widespread social media criticism.

Making matters worse was the fact that his remarks came on the heels of two other prominent gaffes. As Western Journalism reported, Biden was criticized by many in the Jewish community for using the term ‘Shylock,’ which is regarded by many to be offensive.

He followed that up with an outdated reference to Asia as “the Orient,” which is deemed by many to be an insensitive descriptor.

Culminating with his praise of Packwood, Biden’s detractors found plenty of ammunition with which to mock him.

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This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

Six Of The Best Social Blunders In American Politics


Chances are if a politician is speaking, he or she is trying to string words together that are likely to strike a chord with whatever audience happens to be at hand.

Do politicians ever believe the words they’re saying? Probably. It must happen from time to time.

While a lot of the words that come out politicians’ mouths are unimaginative (if you recall, President Obama’s original campaign slogan was “Yes We Can”), others can be downright stupefying.

There are moments of unintended greatness where politicians say something that’s either incredibly misguided or incredibly stupid, totally by accident. These gaffes are what some politicos live for. Let’s take a look at six of the best gaffes in recent memory:

1. “Chuck, stand up, let the people see you.”

Anyone who knows anything about Joe Biden knows that he is a man who is all too prone to sticking his foot in his mouth. In 2008, then-vice presidential candidate Biden was at a campaign stop in St. Louis when he tried to get the audience to recognize the work of state Senator Chuck Graham (D-Columbia). Biden asked Graham to stand up in order to be recognized by those in attendance. The problem? Graham, a paraplegic, is confined to a wheelchair. The vice president quickly corrected his remark, telling the people to stand up for Chuck instead. They did.

2. “We bomb Russia in five minutes.”

Everyone has to test out a microphone before going forward with a live speech. President Ronald Reagan learned that the hard way. Prior to giving a weekly radio address in 1984, Reagan joked about outlawing Russia before saying that the U.S. was going to commence bombing it within five minutes. While the press corps and staffers in attendance found the The Gipper’s off-the-cuff remarks quite funny, the same could not be said about Reagan’s political foes and other Americans, who thought the comment was insensitive and made in poor taste.

3. “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job.”

If Hurricane Katrina never happened, chances are not that many people would know who Michael DeWayne Brown is. Appointed the director of FEMA under President George W. Bush, Brown was in charge of helping restore normalcy to New Orleans and the rest of Louisiana following the unprecedented 2005 storm. Nearly 10 years later, that city is still not the same ­­– a testament to the chaos that unfolded after Katrina hit. Still, shortly after the storm came and left, Bush famously complimented Brown in a quote that will live on forever.

4. “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

Yes: an educated man who ascended the ranks to be elected to represent his congressional district uttered those asinine words. U.S. Rep. Todd Akin (R) was actually running for a Missouri senate seat against Claire McCaskill (D) when he said those words on television in 2012. At the time, Akin actually served on the House Science Committee. The worst part about this whole situation? Nearly 40 percent of Missourians still voted for Akin.

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Watch: Obama Will Be Furious With Joe Biden After What He Just Said


Vice President Joe Biden made a speech on Wednesday before a Generation Progress event where he told the students that the 2008 slogan “hope and change” never happened.

Look folks, this is within our power to change. Everybody says because we tried in ‘08 and it didn’t happen, it’s not possible. Wrong. We’ve gone through these periods before. We’ve gone through these periods. Nick-Pack, the Christian Coalition, I can name a bunch just in my career. But folks, this is totally within our power. Change. Change for the better is absolutely possible and I believe it’s close to inevitable, if you’re the drivers of it.

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Poor Hillary And Joe…NOT!

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It is Election Season once again, and the Democrats are in a world of hurt. How do I know? I haven’t heard this many Limo Liberals pleading poverty since the last Charlie Rangel garage sale. Poor Hillary and Bill were “flat-out broke” after leaving the White House? My heart aches with empathy for those two, as I picture all those late nights having to choose between a caviar-of-the-month membership and a private elocution tutor for little Chelsea. And then there’s our poor Vice President. Jumping Joe doesn’t have a savings account? Oh, the humanity! I’ll bet that he had trouble filling out the application form at the bank. It’s hard to remember all of those letters and words, not to mention what order they’re supposed to go in. But I guess he doesn’t really need his own checking account since he can steal from yours via the re distributive fiscal policies he supports.

Like clockwork, whenever Democrats veer into unfavorable polling territory, they fall back to one of their bread-and-butter plays: class warfare. Americans are again reminded that Republicans are the party of rich, white men (see Exhibit A: the Koch Bros.) who are actively seeking to subsidize the 1% at the expense of the 99%. Of course, anyone who has a couple of brain cells to rub together recognizes the inaccuracy of this characterization. Not only are there rich and poor citizens in both parties, but 6 of the top 10 “heavy hitters” of political donations over the past 25 years have given almost exclusively to Democratic candidates.

This subject could be a never-ending well of body slams, to be used in campaign ads and televised debates by Republicans for decades to come. It could clearly demonstrate how out of touch the Democratic Party is by showing how they mislead Americans daily with protestations of being everyday folks while living in the lap of luxury. It could hamstring the platform of modern leftism by hammering home the inherent disconnect between wealthy liars and their Marxist ideology. With the number of vocal Limousine Liberals in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and Wall Street combined, the GOP could make a LOT of hay with the American voter on this issue for a very long time. Simply mentioning that 8 of the 10 richest congressional districts in America are represented by Democrats would summarily deflate any and all re-distributive rhetoric from leftist loudmouths.

But, the maddening thing is that the professional bed-wetters leading the Republican Party in Washington won’t touch this slam dunk with a 25-foot pole. Why? Likely for the same reason they have surrendered in the fight to repeal Obamacare: they won’t fight against their own interests. Boehner & Co. can’t fight to repeal Obamacare because they want to get their chance behind the wheel. Similarly, they won’t call out the professional leeches across the aisle because they want to continue lining their pockets with our money as they’ve been doing for years. They don’t want to call attention to the fact that they have abandoned their conservative pretensions to run unabashedly to the gangrenous bosom of crony capitalism. The sad truth is that they are ideologically closer to Elizabeth Warren and Henry Waxman than they are to you and me.

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The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

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