Revealed: The Dying Wish Of This Top Dem’s Child Could Keep Hillary Out Of The White House

Just two days ago, The Washington Post — generally not a newspaper to hyperventilate about matters of national politics involving high-profile Democrats — ran a story with the surprising headline: “In Bernie Sanders, an unlikely — but real — threat to Hillary Clinton.” Say what? The Post writers believe that the 73-year-old senator from Vermont, a self-declared socialist, has a shot at spoiling Hillary’s bid for her party’s presidential nomination?

Apparently, the Post thinks the Sanders campaign has enough “oomph” to give the presumptive front-runner a real run for her money…even though the far-left lawmaker has relatively little — money, that is.

Sanders’s emerging strength has exposed continued misgivings among the party’s progressive base about Clinton, whose team is treading carefully in its public statements.

Now, as The Wall Street Journal notes, there could be another “threat” to the Clinton campaign just over the horizon — a threat that would, presumably, be much more serious that the non-performing campaigns of announced candidates Martin O’Malley and Lincoln Chafee. The Journal reports that at least two members of Vice President Joe Biden’s family, including his late son Beau Biden, have urged him to seek the nomination.

“Before his death last month [of brain cancer], elder son Beau Biden encouraged his father to get into the race, people familiar with the matter said. And Hunter Biden told a friend in recent weeks he, too, would like to see the vice president wage one more campaign for the White House,” reports The Wall Street Journal.

Now 72 years old, Biden has waged two previous bids to become the country’s top elected official. Though he failed in both attempts, Biden is now seen as, potentially, a more formidable candidate. Ironically, it could be the tragic death of his 46-year-old son, Beau, that makes the vice president a more sympathetic figure in the eyes of the American public.

A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll earlier this month showed that Americans’ image of Mr. Biden is growing more positive. A total of 40% saw him in a favorable light, versus 31% who had a negative view of him. In November 2014, Mr. Biden’s favorability rating stood at 35%, compared with 38% who viewed him unfavorably.

There is a draft-Biden committee now working to convince the vice president that he should challenge Hillary Clinton for the party’s top electoral spot in 2016. The article in the Journal points out that the group has not received Biden’s formal endorsement–nor has it gotten the vice president to show up at any events promoting his possible candidacy.

A life-size cutout of the vice president—dubbed ‘Cardboard Joe’—is ever-present at the group’s events and has proved to be a draw in lieu of an actual candidate. Supporters can buy ‘I’m ridin’ with Biden’ merchandise to back the cause.

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The White House Just Changed Their Profile Picture To THIS Following SCOTUS Ruling

In light of the historic Supreme Court decision affirming gay marriage, many institutions used social media Friday to take a victory lap.

Not surprisingly, President Obama, Vice President Biden, The White House, and the Democratic Party all took to various social media platforms to celebrate Friday’s 5-4 decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, showing off the rainbow colors and offering statements of support:

06262015_The White House _Facebook

Several companies also showed their support on Twitter, including telecommunications giant AT&T and Starbucks:

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream renamed their Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor to “I Dough, I Dough” at their walk-in shops.

Even sports teams got in on the action:

06262015_San Francisco Giants_Facebook

Facebook/San Francisco Giants

06252015_US Soccer_Facebook

Facebook/US Soccer

h/t: Young Cons

Are you disgusted by this flaunting, or are they entitled to do so? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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WATCH: The Latest Joe Biden ‘Creepy’ Pic That Sends These Fox News Ladies Into Orbit

“Joe, stop being a creep.” That was the advice one of the women on the Fox News show Outnumbered offered the vice president in reaction to a tweet sent out by his office on Equal Pay Day.

That observance marks the supposed extra time women have to work each year to earn as much as their male counterparts made in the previous year. Earlier this week, on April 14th, the following tweet was sent out on Biden’s official Twitter feed:

Image Credit: Twitter/Vice President Biden

Image Credit: Twitter/Vice President Biden

The photo was taken in 2013, when Biden went into the women’s locker room at the University of Delaware to celebrate a big team win in the NCAA tournament. The five folks on Outnumbered found the pic more than a little bizarre, as it reminded them of previous Biden photos that have generated a lot of controversy, including the following picture of the vice president with the wife of Defense Secretary Ash Carter.

Image Credit: The Daily Caller

Image Credit: The Daily Caller

You can watch the “creepy Biden” segment from Outnumbered by clicking on the video above.

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Joe Biden Hasn’t Ruled Out Battling Hillary For Democrat Nomination

While many conservative pundits make little effort to dial back pointed criticism of Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, numerous reports indicate that support is waning even among heavy hitters within her party.

A phenomenon dubbed “Hillary Fatigue” is sweeping the political sphere, according to sources such as the Washington Examiner, leading some to speculate that another Democrat might walk away with the party’s 2016 nomination.

Results from a USA Today/Suffolk University poll released this week indicate that an overwhelming majority – 80 percent – believe it is either “very important” or “somewhat important” for Clinton to face a serious primary challenger. A full 55 percent fell into the former category.

One potential primary rival is Vice President Joe Biden, who informed reporters this week that he has not ruled out a White House bid.

“I haven’t made up my mind on that,” he said. “I have plenty of time to do that, in my view.”

In the meantime, he insisted that his priority remains assisting Barack Obama in implementing the administration’s second term agenda.

“If I am wrong, I’m dead wrong,” he continued, “but there’s a lot the president and I care about that has to get done in the next two, three months and when you run for president, you’ve got to run for president. And I’m not ready to do that, if I am ever going to be ready to do that.”

He went on to sarcastically announce his running mate, Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio.

The potential downside for Biden, should he decide to throw his hat in the ring, can be found in the results of the aforementioned poll. Though he has yet to announce his intention to run, he still attracted support from less than a quarter of one percent of those asked to pick their favorite potential candidate.

Do you think Joe Biden would be an effective challenger in the Democrat primary? Sound off in the comments section below.

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Top 5 Reasons To Ditch Liberal Starbucks For Dunkin’!

SBuxVsDunkin Link

Courtesy of 

In case you live under a rock and missed the big news this week… Starbucks has decided to start a #RaceTogether campaign (translation: baristas will be “engaging” you in a discussion about race relations in the United States.) In the morning. Before you’ve had your caffeine. They think this is a good idea.

If you need an alternate, we’re suggesting Dunkin Donuts. Here’s why:

1.  #RaceTogether! Did you read that first paragraph above? We’re all for having a national conversation about race, but the 30 seconds I want to spend getting my morning caffeine rush is not the right time–and the 19 year old college-dropout barista is not the right person.

DropoutBarista Meme


2.  Joe Biden once tried to talk about race as it relates to coffee. And that went, well, very badly. Choose Dunkin…because America’s got to find a way to apologize for crazy Uncle Joe, somehow.



3.  Dunkin has a happy symbol on their cups and napkins and stuff. Just a couple of harmless letter D’s. Sesame Street-esque, almost. Starbucks has a symbol of… Starbucks, a double-tailed siren from greek mythology. Siren, as in a sea-creature who would allure sailors to their deaths. Yup, that’s a goddess of death on your cup ‘o joe.



4.  Starbucks is a very, very liberal and anti-Christian company. Support traditional marriage? You’re not welcome by the death goddess. Don’t take our word for it, though.  To quote the CEO, Howard Schultz, “You can sell your shares in Starbucks and buy shares in another company.” In a nutshell, Starbucks would rather you evil Christians NOT buy their coffee!



5.  Your wallet. Hey, if you want to pay $50 for breakfast, go ahead. But Dunkin is cheaper and, quite frankly, way more delicious than that no-foam double shot 10 pumps vanilla white venti mocha decaf soy latte with an extra shot and cream at 120 degrees. (Plus, we’re pretty sure just saying those words makes you a racist. Just sayin.)


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