ALERT: Joe Biden’s Son Caught In Ashley Madison Hack … Says It’s Not Him

An email address belonging to Hunter Biden (pictured above, left), the son of Vice President Joe Biden, was used to create an account on Ashley Madison, a website designed to facilitate infidelity. The news comes as the elder Biden is considering a bid for the White House.

The account was registered to “Robert Biden,” Breitbart News reported. Biden’s full name is “Robert Hunter Biden.” While the vice president’s son acknowledged the email address was his, he denied registering the account.

“I am certain that the account in question is not mine,” Biden told the publication. “This account was clearly set up by someone else without my knowledge and I first learned about the account in question from the media. In fact, I no longer use the email address linked to this account as I became aware that this email account may have been compromised.”

This is, unfortunately, not the first time that someone has used my name and identity to try to discredit me. From my understanding through press accounts, it is very easy to set up an account without someone’s knowledge as there is no requirement that an email address be verified and I am certain that is what happened in this case.

Biden joined the board of the Ukraine-based Burisma Holdings in 2014, at the height of tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Breitbart details how the Delawarean’s story might be valid:

Representatives for Hunter Biden told Breitbart News on background that he was the victim of concerted efforts by international enemies to get at his personal information. Biden’s Twitter account was hacked and his email account may also have been hacked. The representatives stopped short of confirming that the Russians were behind these smear efforts, and wouldn’t confirm exactly who did it.

The ‘Robert Biden’ Ashley Madison account was validated with a credit card payment in June 2014 in the amount of $280.

The date of birth used to launch the account was also the correct day and month, but 10 years younger than Hunter Biden. Hunter was born on Feb. 4, 1970, but the Ashley Madison account in question has a date of birth listed at Feb. 4, 1980.

A group calling themselves “The Impact Team” leaked more than 33 million accounts from Ashley Madison’s database last week, according to the latter’s Canadian parent company, Avid Life Media. They are offering $500,000 Canadian for any information related to the hackers.

Biden is a close adviser to his father, who will be making a decision on a presidential bid in the weeks ahead.

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Joe Biden Just Made This HUGE Move That Will Have Hillary Shaking In Her Boots

Vice President Joe Biden has yet to formally dip his foot in the waters of 2016 presidential race, but the momentum caused by the depth and breadth of meetings to explore a possible candidacy is building a solid foundation upon which to run.

“I think he is doing the prudent thing, which is to look at it and lay down some groundwork should he run,” George Tsunis, a Long Island developer and longtime supporter who raised more than $750,000 for the Obama-Biden ticket in 2012, told the New York times. Tsunis said Biden is aware that he will help him if he enters the race.

The Draft Biden effort this week is circulating a memo to party leaders, asking them to keep an open mind about a possible Biden candidacy.

“Our ask for you today is not financial: we are asking you to keep an open mind and consider a Biden candidacy. Our country, the Democratic Party, and yes, the Vice President deserves nothing less. The more you consider it, the more sense it makes,” says Josh Alcorn, a senior adviser to the group, in the two-page memo titled, “The Case for Joe Biden.”

Although Biden has made no official statements on the 2016 race, he and his supporters are swiftly pulling together pieces that could coalesce into a campaign.

On Monday, as Western Journalism reported, President Obama’s spokesman made the strongest statements to date that could be interpreted as supporting Biden over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

But that’s not all.

Top bundlers for both Obama-Biden campaigns will huddle after Labor Day, CNN reported.

“The network is starting to reach out,” one major Obama fundraiser told the Washington Post. “I’m getting calls from people saying, ‘We’re waiting for him to announce.’ People are nervous and weary of the Hillary sideshow, of the emails.”

Later Monday, Biden met with former White House communications director Anita Dunn and lawyer Bob Bauer, both trusted advisers to Obama. The meetings are part of what CNN reported as a widening net of consultations with key Democratic leaders, strategists and fundraisers.

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WATCH: Glenn Beck Holds Nothing Back When Asked If He’d Support Trump For President

Conservative icon Glenn Beck gave a definitive answer as to whether he would support Donald Trump if he locked up the Republican presidential nomination.

In an exchange with Sean Hannity last week, Beck said he was “trying to understand how conservatives can look at Donald Trump’s record, which he himself identifies more as a Democrat than as a conservative or Republican, and say ‘that’s our guy.’” Added Beck: “His record is horrendous when it comes to conservative principles.” 

 Appearing on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon Monday, Lemon asked Beck, “If Donald Trump is the nominee, will you support him?”

“No. I’m not a Republican,” Beck immediately replied. “I don’t care what happens to the Republican Party. I am a constitutionalist.”

Trump leads a RealClearPolitics average of polls among GOP presidential candidates with 22 percent, leading his closest contender, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who finished with 10.7 percent.

Lemon and Beck also discussed the possibility of Vice President Joe Biden entering the Democratic presidential primary as an alternative to Hillary Clinton. “Joe Biden has a long track record in politics, he’s great on foreign policy, he’s a says-it-like-it-is guy,” Lemon contended, drawing instant dissent from Beck. 

“You cannot tell me he wouldn’t be the laughing stock of the world,” Beck said. “Joe Biden? That’s a joke. And all of us know, that’s a joke.”

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WOW! Obama Spokesman Just Revealed The President’s ‘Smartest Decision’ Pick For His Successor

Vice President Joe Biden’s “secret” lunch with Sen. Elizabeth Warren over the weekend stirred all sorts of speculation about a Biden-Warren ticket for 2016, as Western Journalism reported on Monday. Biden’s private discussion with the U.S. senator from Massachusetts — considered by many to be the progressive darling of the far-left of the Democrat Party — supposedly centered on issues important in the current political scene.

But looking at the big picture of Democrat politics in light of Hillary Clinton’s faltering campaign, one cannot overlook the fact that the Biden-Warren get-together came just about the time the Wall Street Journal reported that the vice president is “leaning toward” a 2016 bid for the White House. Biden has reportedly told friends that if he does run for president, he will serve only one term, making an early announcement of his vice-presidential running-mate a logical possibility.

One also cannot overlook the carefully chosen words of White House spokesman Josh Earnest in his daily briefing for reporters on Monday. Noting that President Obama and Vice President Biden had lunched together earlier that day, Earnest didn’t go so far as to say what a senior Democrat told CNN — that Biden had received Obama’s “blessing” to run for the Oval Office. Earnest did, however, all but declare the president’s preference for Biden over Obama’s former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton.

Answering questions from ABC News’ Jon Karl, Earnest said, “The president has indicated his view that the decision that he made, I guess seven years ago now, to add Joe Biden to the ticket as his running mate was the smartest decision he’d ever made in politics.”

Again, while that’s not a direct endorsement of a Joe Biden candidacy in 2016, from the words and demeanor of Obama’s official spokesman it would be reasonable to say that Hillary Clinton would not be Barack Obama’s first choice to carry his banner forward.

“I think you could make the case,” said the White House spokesman, “that there is probably no one in American politics today who has a better understanding of exactly what is required to mount a successful national presidential campaign.” He wasn’t talking about Hillary.

By clicking on the video above, you can watch the very telling segment of the briefing in which Josh Earnest offered high praise from his boss about Biden’s “aptitude for the top job.”

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This Secret Meeting Just Held In D.C. Could Prove To Be A HUGE Turning Point For 2016

The intrigue and speculation has just been pumped up regarding the Democrats’ 2016 picture and how it may be totally reshaped in the coming weeks. Vice President Joe Biden reportedly took time out of his vacation at his Delaware home to travel to Washington for a secret, unannounced meeting with Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. The two are said to have met over lunch on Saturday at the Naval Observatory, the vice president’s official residence, where they discussed a wide range of issues impacting the 2016 race.

And with Hillary Clinton appearing to sink deeper into the Emailgate scandal with each passing day, the Biden-Warren rendezvous in D.C. is fueling all sorts of chatter about the real purpose of the get-together. Newsmax notes that “political pundits are abuzz with the possibility of a Joe Biden-Elizabeth Warren 2016 ticket.”

While the 72-year-old Biden has been considering whether to toss his hat into the ring for a third presidential run, he hasn’t yet made up his mind — or at least he hasn’t let it be known whether he’ll jump into the race. The Newsmax report on the secret meeting between the VP and the senator says that Biden “has told friends that if he does run for president, he will serve only one term, making an early announcement of his vice-presidential running-mate a strong possibility.”

The Wall Street Journal over the weekend reported that Biden is “leaning toward” a 2016 bid for the White House. The article referred to the Biden-Warren meeting as a significant indicator of the vice president’s frame of mind. “A surprise weekend trip to Washington to meet with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.), a darling of the party’s liberal wing, represented a pivot from potential to likely candidate, one Biden supporter said.”

As Western Journalism reported late last week, a new Quinnipiac University poll of three swing states showed that Biden fared as well as or better than Clinton in head-to-head matchups with top GOP presidential candidates, even though the vice president isn’t officially in the running. The survey also showed that voters in each of the key states of Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania found Biden to be more trustworthy than Clinton.

Another curious turn of events over the weekend is adding fuel to the fire of speculation about what Elizabeth Warren might be thinking. In an interview with Boston TV station WBZ, the far-left senator, who has repeatedly said she would not be a candidate for president in 2016, said she would not commit to a campaign to retain her U.S. senate seat. Warren’s re-election bid would come in 2018.

In its report on the interview, Politico notes that the outspoken liberal critic of Wall Street and big banks also “once again pointedly declined to endorse Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton”:

“I don’t think anyone has been anointed,” she said in response to a question on whether it was a mistake for Democrats to “anoint” Clinton as the nominee.

Asked whether she thinks she missed her moment by not running, Warren was blunt: “No.”

“Not at all?”


The inside-the-beltway chatter about a possible Biden-Warren 2016 ticket also drew attention from writer John Fund who authored a piece just published by National Review. The title of the article: “Democrats Look at Plan B: Biden as a One-Term President, with Warren as His VP.”

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