Watch: Obama’s Old Pastor Just Said Something Stunning About Israel-Palestine Situation That Could Explain A Lot

President Obama’s bombastic former Chicago pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, sparked controversy once again by making what many felt was an outrageous claim about Jesus at the “Million Man March” held in Washington, D.C., over the past weekend.

Though he is a Christian pastor of Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ, Wright opened his remarks giving the traditional Muslim salutation, “salaam alaikum.” Wright then went on to make a case for “Palestinian justice.”

Refusing to mention the Israelis, Wright labeled the Palestinians the “original people,” despite the fact that there is no historical basis for such a nationality and that there has never been any such nation as “Palestine.”

Wright then made what many felt was his most outrageous statement of the day.

“Please remember,” Wright said. “Jesus was a Palestinian.”

Wright went on to claim that the “Palestinians” are facing a group of people who are using religion as a weapon to kill them. Again, without mentioning the Israelis directly, Wright said, “their god told them they could have somebody else’s country,” and then added it is “one of the most egregious injustices in the 20th and 21st centuries.”

Wright then insisted that the rioters in Ferguson, Missouri, and young protesters “in Palestine” are working for the same cause and should unite. Wright exclaimed that the Palestinian cause and the Black Lives Matter cause were one and the same.

None of this is new ground for the reverend. Jeremiah Wright has a long, long history of anti-American, racist, and anti-Semitic rhetoric so virulent that back when Barack Obama was first running for president, he had to disavow Wright–despite that he sat in Wright’s church listening to his radical sermons for 20 years.

Despite his disavowal of Wright, though, Obama had in the past publicly praised the reverend. Back in an interview conducted in 1995, Obama called Wright “the best of what a black church has to offer.”

Also, in 2007, Obama is on video claiming he was very close to Wright. This statement contradicts his later disavowal where Obama claimed that he was never close to the reverend Wright.

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Here is a compilation of Democrats and liberals engaged in downright racist behavior. You may recognize more than a few of these people.

Warning: contains some racially insensitive language.

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School Teaches White Voters Are Racist


Opponents of the federal Common Core standards being implemented in schools across the U.S. have made significant hay out of numerous reports that many of its lesson plans promote leftist propaganda. Apparently, those responsible for compiling the supplemental coursework are intent on proving that point.

One of the latest outrageous items included in the curriculum is a book filled with the same race-based talking points common among the most rabid leftists on MSNBC.

A school in Dupo, Ill. has added the book, a biography of Barack Obama, to its fourth grade syllabus. Included in the material is the blatant accusation that white voters are inherently racist.

Despite the fact that Obama won both of his elections only with a great many white votes, Jane Sutcliffe’s book claims “white voters would never vote for a black president.”

Furthermore, the biased book claims that “angry voices” were responsible for raising concerns about Obama’s qualifications – including his allegiance to the unhinged theology of Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

While many Americans were upset that a man running for president supported an ideology that denigrated this nation, it had nothing to do with his race and everything to do with a desire to protect our common culture for future generations.

A group advocating against U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan exposed the unbelievably partisan rhetoric being taught to young children. According to the Facebook page for “Moms Against Duncan,” those in the Illinois school were required to answer questions about the book for a grade.

The group is asking concerned parents to stand up against Common Core and Duncan, who recently made the false claim that most of the criticism of this curriculum plan comes from “white suburban moms.”

Everything this administration does is tinged with racial overtones. The left relies on such allegations to avoid dealing with actual issues.

By exposing students to the same type of indoctrination, the spirit of honest debate on which our nation was founded will be even further eroded.

–B. Christopher Agee

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