Boycotting The Bullies

Boycotting the products of a commercial bully that bullies its employees is a time honored way of bringing pressure when power is unavailable to victims. Consumers boycotted grocery stores that refused to recognize the United Farm Workers in the 1960’s. Divestment of invested funds is another way to apply pressure like the many US concerns divested from South Africa over Apartheid. Sanctions are a form of government regulatory actions, like the sanctions against Iran. Sanctions did not work for Britain in the 18th Century but they did pave the way for the American Revolution. Regardless of form, the idea is these pressures are applied to bullies as a means to get them to stop bullying.

What does it mean when the bullies are doing the boycotting?

According to the American Center for Law and Justice, since 2005 the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement has been a “coordinated form of invidious discrimination (based on race, ethnicity, nationality, and religion)…aimed at delegitimizing and vilifying Israel across the globe.”

This movement claims to speak for marginalized people in the so-called “occupied territories” of Palestine. In reality, any movement that operates globally can hardly be considered oppressed; this one is heavily funded and supported by the nations dedicated since 1947 to eradicating Israel.

The ACLJ documents multiple University of California campuses in which the student government has voted to divest from Israeli interests while students celebrate with shouts of “Allahu Akbar,” shouting down and harassing Jewish students. When the so-called victims are suppressing the free speech of the so-called bullies it looks a lot like men calling evil good and good evil.

In other words, when are victims not really victims? When they are the ones doing the bullying.

The Divestment movement represents people who fire rockets into Israeli civilian areas on a regular basis while kidnapping and murdering Israeli children. The Israelis warn civilians to leave the intended target areas. They provide much of the water and all the electricity to their enemies, as well as materials for building homes that Hamas uses to build attack tunnels.

The people calling for boycott, divestment, and sanctions are clearly the bullies. This is especially true when that organization represents hundreds of millions of oil rich militants dedicated to the destruction of less than ten million people trying to survive their first century in a millennium as an independent nation.

These bullies cobbled together an 8-2 vote in the UN Security Council to recognize Palestine as a state even though it fails the internationally accepted criteria for nationhood. Only Australia and the US voted no, with enough cowardly nations such as Britain choosing to abstain. These bullies also convinced the Roman Catholic Church to recognize their claims, despite their history of murder and turning the Temple site in Jerusalem into a slum when it was under their control prior to 1967. They have the US State Department condemning Israel for building settlements on its own land and the UN subsidizing their operations. Make no mistake; they are the bullies.

But the bullies themselves – and their student sympathizers – are not the real problem here. The real villains in this twisted excuse for reality are lukewarm Christians, in America and elsewhere. These are ones Jesus says He will “spew from His mouth”. While these self-proclaimed Christians will not speak up, He gave His life on the Cross for the ones who openly hate Him and His people.

The lukewarm are the pastors who refuse to address volatile issues for fear of losing members. They are the lay people who send e-mails to their friends who stand up for Israel telling them there is nothing to be done for Israel – as it is so far away – exhorting them to focus instead on helping single moms and teenagers with questions about God. The truth is our Lord Yeshua Hamashiach – Jesus Messiah – exhorts us to care for the helpless without neglecting the weightier matters, beginning with His firstborn. We cannot provide lasting benefit to anyone without sharing God’s great love for His first-loved.

The lukewarm are Christians who buy into replacement theology – the notion that God abandoned the Jews. A review of Romans 9:11 will quickly put the kibosh to this perverted doctrine. A fresh look at Zechariah 10:14 will remind readers of how the Lord’s worldwide blessing is filtered through Israel. And a prayerful look at Zechariah 8:23 – ten men grabbing hold of one Jew to be escorted into the Presence – reveals seeking a privilege rather than making a pronouncement. This is good news because the lukewarm need not remain in that condition. Repentance is a clear and present opportunity and only good will come of it.

In the meantime, if we are going to boycott, let’s target the real bullies.

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Here’s Iran’s Belligerent Reaction To Congressional Support For Obama’s Nuke Deal

On the day Obama clinched enough Congressional support to sustain a veto of a bill that aims to kill his controversial nuclear deal with the Mullahs in Tehran, Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan warned that Iran would not allow the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to visit every site and facility in the country that it wishes, Fars News reported.

“Iran does not plan to issue permission for the IAEA to inspect every site,” Dehqan said in an interview with Al-Mayadeen News. He claimed that granting such permissions are a violation of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) rules and that the inspections are not common practice for the IAEA.

The Obama administration has always boasted that the inspections regime in the nuclear deal is one of the most stringent in world history and originally also claimed inspectors would be able to execute inspections anytime and anywhere. That proved to be untrue. In reality, Iran has made clear from the beginning of the negotiations it would ban inspections from military sites; and a special regime has been agreed upon that would delay IAEA inspections of suspected sites for at least 24 days.

In July, shortly after the announcement of the agreement, Dehqan said Iran would not allow any foreigner to inspect a military site because that would be equal to spying on Iran’s missile program and its defensive capabilities.

“Missile-related issues have never been on agenda of the nuclear talks and the Islamic system will resolutely implement its programs in this field,” the Iranian DM said at the time.

Meanwhile, tensions between Iran and Israel are on the rise.

On Tuesday, Israeli TV Channel 10 opened its prime-time news show with the revelation that Iran was boosting its air defenses around nuclear sites–and especially the Busher nuclear reactor.

The Channel’s Iran expert, Tzvi Yechezkieli, said that the Iranian activities are related to the developments in the U.S., where chances that Congress will scuttle the nuclear deal are diminishing rapidly.

Iran is nervous Israel will decide to act alone and will soon launch an assault on the Iranian nuclear program, Yechezkieli said.

Today, the top commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps in the Tehran province, Brigade General Mohsen Kazzemeini, told Basiji (volunteers) units (that started a massive drill in the area of the Iranian capital) that Iran would “continue enhancing its preparedness until it overthrows Israel and liberates Palestine.”

“We will continue defending not just our own country, but also all the oppressed people of the world, especially those countries that are standing on the forefront of confrontation with the Zionists,” Kazzemeini said.

Yesterday, Channel 10 in Israel also aired an interview with General Mohammad Ali Jafari, the head of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard, who accused the United States of wanting to infiltrate Iran by all sorts of methods and new instruments. Jafari said the U.S. is still the “Great Satan,” regardless of the nuclear agreement.

Also on Tuesday, Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi, the head of Iran’s powerful Experts Assembly which oversees the nation’s supreme leader and institutions, issued a similar statement.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran considers the U.S. its number one enemy. If you try to discover the root of the sedition that is happening around us today, you will identify U.S. as its main supporter,” Yazdi said.

The reports about the belligerent anti-US and anti-Israel statements by Iranian leaders were followed by a Payyand report today about the reappearance of anti-US graffiti on the walls of the American embassy in Tehran.

The regime-controlled news site reported that accounts about the disappearance of the “Death to America” graffiti had been premature and that the anti-US graffiti is back on the walls.

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Watch: Americans Just Flocked To The Streets Of NYC To Send Obama A BOLD Message He’ll Hate

Thousand of protesters gathered outside the offices of Democrat Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in New York City on Tuesday urging her to withdrawal her support for the Iranian nuclear deal.

Protesters held signs asking “What part of death to America, death to Israel do you not understand?”

The Blaze reports one protester yelled: “Impeach Obama now! Obama released $150 billion to the Iranian terrorist Nazi regime which is building nuclear gas chambers! How dare he!” 

“He’s anti-Semite,” echoed another, “because he is trying to destroy the state of Israel.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., former U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman from Connecticut and former CIA Director James Woolsey were some of the speakers at the rally. 

Lieberman called the deal “the worst agreement that’s been negotiated diplomatically in [the history of] the United States of America.”

According to the International Business Times, the rally was supported by Stand With Us, the Zionist Organization of America and several other pro-Israel and Christian groups, as well as military veterans who had served in the Middle East. Many protesters expressed their support for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been an outspoken critic of the agreement.

Among the aspects of the deal that make it a “stunning, historic mistake” according to Netanyahu are:

  1. It lifts economic sanctions against the rogue regime, allowing hundreds of billions of dollars to flow into Iran.
  2. It keeps Iran’s nuclear infrastructure in place.
  3. It gives Iran 24 days to respond to any inspection of facilities by the U.N.

As reported by Western Journalism, despite fierce opposition at home and abroad, Congress will likely fail to block the Iran nuclear deal. Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md. recently became the crucial 34th vote that denies opponents the numbers needed to block the deal.

Although Republicans are lined up solidly against the proposed agreement, only two Democratic senators came out publicly against the deal — Chuck Schumer of New York and Robert Menendez of New Jersey.

A vote on the agreement is expected before Sept. 17.

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Israeli Archaeologists Make Stunning Discovery In City Of David In Jerusalem

The Israel Antiques Authority issued a press release today that said archaeologists had made a stunning discovery during excavations in the City of David, the ancient city of Jerusalem.

A two thousand year-old structure that probably served as a podium was uncovered, along the stepped street that was used by Pilgrims to walk from Shiloah (Siloam) Pool – where they used to purify themselves with a ritual bath – to the Second Temple which stood on top of the Temple Mount.

The impressive pyramid-shaped staircase is surprisingly well-preserved and consists of large ashlar stones. The structure was uncovered during an archaeological excavation that is currently being conducted by the Israel Antiquities Authority.

The street and the structure were uncovered above the 2,000 year old drainage channel in the City of David that was discovered a number of years ago. The channel used to carry rain water out of the city.

The street and the staircase were constructed sometime in the fourth decade of the first century CE, and was one of the largest construction projects in Jerusalem during the Second Temple period. “Dozens of whole pottery vessels, stone vessels and glassware were found at the foot of the pyramid-shaped staircase,” the Antiquities Authority announced.

Archaeologists Nahshon Szanton and Dr. Joe Uziel, who direct of the excavation on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority, said the following about the find:

The structure exposed is unique. To date such a structure has yet to be found along the stepped street in the numerous excavations that have taken place in Jerusalem and to the best of our knowledge outside of it. For this reason, its exact use remains enigmatic. The structure is built along the street in a place that is clearly visible from afar by passers-by making their way to the Temple.

We believe the structure was a kind of monumental podium that attracted the public’s attention when walking on the city’s main street. It would be very interesting to know what was said there 2,000 years ago. Were messages announced here on behalf of the government? Perhaps news or gossip, or admonitions and street preaching – unfortunately we do not know.

Bliss and Dickie, two British archaeologists who discovered a small portion of this structure about 100 years ago, mistakenly thought these were steps that led into a house that was destroyed. They would certainly be excited if they could come back today and see it completely revealed.

The podium could be the so-called “Stone of Claims” that was mentioned in the Talmud (Bava Metzia 28:B). This “stone” was used to proclaim the loss of an article or to announce the finding of an article. The person who found an article stood on the podium near the Temple and proclaimed the finding, and the one who lost the article had to submit identification marks. This is still common practice in orthodox Jewish communities today, albeit in a different fashion. Local papers contain free ads where one can announce the loss of an object or report the finding of a particular item.

The directors of the excavation will present their findings and the different interpretations regarding the nature of the discovery of the podium to the public during the 16th Annual Conference of the City of David Studies of Ancient Jerusalem, which will be hold on Thursday, September 3rd.

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SURVEY: Israel One Of The Best Places For Family Life And Romance In The World

A new survey done by the expat networking service InterNations shows that Israel is one of the best places in the world to raise a family.

Israel came in fourth place after Austria, Finland and Sweden, but before other developed countries such as the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland and the United States, which didn’t even make it into the top twenty.

Expats from all over the world ranked the quality, costs and availability of childcare and education in their host countries.

Israel came in third place in the category of “Family Well-Being” after Australia and Austria. The United States came in 16th place in this category.

The Jewish State ranked fourth in the “Availability of Childcare and Education” category. The U.S. came in 12th place.

The United States scored very low in the category of “Cost of Childcare and Education,” ranking 37th out of 41 countries, while Israel came in 13th place.

The only other Middle Eastern country that made it into the top twenty in regard to the quality of family life was Bahrain, which ranked 19th in the survey.

Saudi Arabia – one of the richest countries in the world – came in last place (41) in the Family Life Index, with 16 percent of the expat families dissatisfied with the terms of children’s well-being.

Saudi Arabia has the company of other Middle Eastern countries in the overall “Family Life” category. Turkey came in 39th place, Qatar ranked 38th, and Oman came in 37th.

Kuwait came in last place in the category of “Top Expat Destinations.” Ecuador ranked first in this category.

Israel also came in fourth place in the category of “Top Places for Expat Romance” after Ecuador, Costa Rica and Malta. No Western country made it into the top ten in the romance category.

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