Antichrist Turkey Preparing ‘Peace’ Deal With Israel

Editor’s note: The following is a video made from an article by Bible and prophecy expert Walid Shoebat, who for years has contended that the antichrist from the biblical book of Revelation would come from Turkey.

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70 Years After Holocaust, Half Of Israeli Population Thinks It Can Happen Again

Today, Israel commemorates 70 years since the end of the Holocaust.

At 10.00 AM, the entire country came to a standstill during the sounding of the annual memorial siren. People driving on the roads got out of their cars and stood still for two minutes.

During a ceremony at Yad Vashem’s Warsaw Ghetto Square, wreaths were laid by President Ruben Rivlin, Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, and other senior political and military figures. After that, a ceremonial reading of the names of the Holocaust victims took place in the Hall of Remembrance.

Yesterday, during the opening ceremony at Yad Vashem, Netanyahu gave a speech in which he compared Iran’s violent and expansionist aspirations in the Middle East to the Nazi campaign to conquer Europe during World War II.

World powers are “comatose” and “delusional” in the face of today’s Nazis, Iran, he charged.

“The main lesson of the Second World War, for democracies, is that they cannot turn a blind eye to tyrannical regimes,” Netanyahu said.

He also referred to the Prophet Isaiah, who once said: “For, behold, darkness shall cover the earth and gross darkness the peoples.”

He then continued, saying:

The determination and lessons that were acquired through blood seventy years ago are now dissipating, and the darkness and fog of denying reality are taking their place. The bad deal that is being made with Iran demonstrates that the historic lesson has not been internalized. The West is yielding in the face of Iran’s aggressive actions. Instead of demanding a significant dismantling of the nuclear program in Iran – a country that clearly states its plans to exterminate six million Jews here and elsewhere, to eradicate many countries and many regimes – the superpowers back down. They are leaving Iran with its nuclear capabilities intact, and even allowing it to expand them later on, regardless of Iran’s actions in the Middle East and around the world.

Netanyahu told the audience that he had met with Holocaust survivor Abraham Niederhoffer, who came to Israel from Romania in 1969.

He had beseeched Netanyahu, “Prime Minister, it is your duty to prevent another Holocaust.” And Netanyahu responded: “That is exactly how I see my responsibility. That is exactly how I see my responsibility.”

A study published this week showed that almost half of the Israeli population thinks another Holocaust is possible.

When asked if they think the Holocaust could happen again, 46 percent of Israelis said yes — up five percent from last year

A Bar-Ilan University study that was published this week showed that Holocaust survivors and their adult children are more anxious about the Iranian nuclear threat than their counterparts who are not second-generation survivors. A hundred and six people participated in the study; 63 of them were born after World War II ended, and their parents lived under the Nazi-regime or a pro-Nazi-regime.

On Wednesday, another alarming report about the situation of world Jewry was released. The Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry published its Annual Report on Anti-Semitism for 2014 during a press conference at Tel Aviv University. It appeared that 2014 had been one of the worst years since the end of WW2.

“Troubling and alarming reports have been coming in from many countries, especially from Western-Europe and North America, hundreds and sometimes more than a thousand Anti-Semitic manifestations and incidents of various types per country. The tendencies that are characterized during this difficult year, in which violent, verbal and visual expressions of Anti-Semitism grew, also continued during the beginning of 2015, with increasing murderous attacks as well as other attacks”, said a spokesman for the Kantor Center.

During 2014, the Kantor Center registered 766 violent Anti-Semitic acts that were carried out with or without weapons and by arson, vandalism, or direct threats against Jewish people and Jewish institutions. These 766 incidents mark a rise of 38% compared to 2013, when 554 violent incidents were recorded. As a result, 2014 is regarded as the second worst year of the last decade, coming next after 2009.

“The categorization of violent incidents reflects a very troubling situation,” said the spokesman.

“The number of attacks on Jews and their property and institutions with weapons has more than doubled in comparison to 2013, in addition to 101 cases of violent cases without weapons. Cases of arson have more than tripled in comparison to the previous year (2013), and 412 incidents of vandalism were recorded. More than 306 people were targets of attacks, an increase of more than 66% in comparison to 2013. 114 attacks on synagogues marked an increase of 70%. As many as 57 community centers and schools; 118 Jewish cemeteries and memorial sites, as well as 171 private properties were targeted,” he added.

As a result of the shocking rise in Anti-Semitic violence, immigration to Israel increased 40% last year, according to the Kantor Center.

In Israel, much media attention went to the fate of the 189,000 Holocaust survivors still alive in the country. The Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel reported on Monday that the financial situation of many of these survivors is untenable. A staggering 45,000 of the survivors live below the poverty line, defined by the government as a monthly income of about $870.
Thirty percent of the survivors have forgone buying food products over the last year, compared with 19 percent the previous year. In addition, 25 percent have forgone medical treatment; and 39 percent said they cannot live in dignity with what they have – both figures up between seven and eight percentage points from the previous year.

One year ago, the Israel government approved a plan to increase the funding allocated to the Holocaust survivors by NIS 1 billion. This week, the High Court of Justice ordered the incoming government to speed up the program and to find a way by October 15 to provide financial aid to survivors who still lack state support.

The lack of state support does not mean that poor Holocaust survivors are starving. In Israel, many charities care for the needy.

The Jewish Agency, for example, has special shelters for needy Holocaust survivors. More than 6,000 Holocaust survivors live in Amigour’s sheltered housing facilities, making up more than 80% of the heavily subsidized facilities’ 7,500 elderly residents.

Each facility has a professional staff team dedicated to addressing the residents’ physical and psychological needs and ensuring that they can live their lives in safety and dignity. To counter the critical shortage of nursing facilities in Israel, Amigour recently built four new nursing homes in Kiryat Yam, providing 24-hour care and intensive treatment programs. Amigour also serves Holocaust survivors in less tangible but equally important ways, providing a wide variety of social and cultural services that combat the loneliness and enhance the quality of life of its residents.

Many Holocaust survivors in Israel are extraordinary personalities who stand out for their optimism and their contribution to Israeli society. One of them is Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, who was Chief Rabbi of Israel and was one of the youngest survivors of the Buchenwald death camp. He was eight at the time of his liberation. His entire family was murdered by the Nazis, with the exception of his brothers, Naphtali and Joshua. Naphtali would later become a diplomat and an advisor to Israeli Prime Ministers.

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Why Obama Hid Information On Illegal Shipments Of Missile Parts To Iran

On Monday, The Jerusalem Post published an important op-ed titled Unmasking the real Obama Doctrine. The article was written by David Parsons, the director of media and public relations of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem.

In the article, Parsons enumerated Obama’s blunders in the Middle East and explored what is driving the president and where Obama is trying to steer the course of world affairs:

Obama’s regional score card is one of unmatched ineptitude. His withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan were predictably premature, risking all the American capital and blood invested there. Libya was liberated from a ruthless dictator only to descend into tribal and jihadi chaos. He has overlooked every anti-Western antic of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey, while bullying Israel and berating Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at every turn.

In Egypt, he threw loyal ally president Hosni Mubarak under the bus in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood, and then cut off aid to Cairo when the masses demanded the overthrow of his successor, Mohamed Morsi.

The Saudis watched in shock and are looking for support elsewhere. In Syria, he has dithered between toppling President Bashar Assad for using chemical agents against his own people and preserving his regime as a bulwark against the brutalities of Islamic State (IS). He boasted of Yemen as a model for fighting terror only to see it overrun by a radical proxy militia of Iran. And he has bent over backwards to placate Tehran in pursuit of an elusive deal that is most assuredly setting off a nuclear arms race in a Middle East already in flames.

In short, Obama has alienated allies and coddled enemies all the while chasing some goal that has yet to be clearly identified.

Parsons then analyzed Obama’s motivation for appeasing the ayatollahs, while estranging and even endangering traditional American allies in the region:

My own take is that Obama is indeed motivated in part by a leftist worldview but also by a religious outlook that is best described as Chrislam. This is an emerging theological viewpoint which sees both Christianity and Islam as equal paths to God and equally valid sources of moral precepts, and Obama has developed his own unique brand of it.

“I consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear,” Obama said in 2009.


So not just a policy but a presidential duty to defend Islam! And in carrying out this new duty, Obama not only has repeatedly defended Islam as a morally equal faith but also has used those occasions to point out flaws in Christianity. And while past Christian generations did err in brandishing the sword in the Crusades and in using the New Testament to try to justify the enslavement of black Africans, this president has gone so far as to actually question the moral integrity of certain Christian scriptures. In doing so, he has crossed a line that no Christian should countenance.

Obama’s inclination to shield Islam from criticism runs so deep, he even feels compelled to pronounce who is a Muslim and who is not.

Parsons then arrived at the heart of Obama’s real agenda:

I would submit that Obama’s enduring cultural identity with Islam and concern for its perception and welfare has motivated him even to hope for the healing of its deepest rift – the centuries-old bitter schism between Sunni and Shi’ite Islam.

This would mean that Obama saw his rise to the Oval Office as a unique opportunity to try to set into motion a process which would lead to a repair of the historic breach between Sunni and Shi’ite Islam, largely as a means to stabilize the notoriously volatile Middle East.

His chosen Sunni partner for this venture was the Muslim Brotherhood and his Shi’ite partner was none other than Iran. If successful, the two sides would have mutually defined their respective spheres of influence and worked toward a more peaceful regional configuration. It is just that events have overtaken him, Obama’s strategy is in shambles, and he has been taking a lot of his frustrations out on Israel, and especially Benjamin Netanyahu.

Parsons also cited Yehuda Avner – adviser of four Israeli prime ministers – who offered up a valuable insight into Obama, straight out of one of his biographies.

In one chapter, Obama recalls his days as a community organizer in south Chicago and his tactics for resolving violent flare-ups on the streets. He first sought to identify the worst thug among the various gang leaders and go to him first in a bid to bring him over to the good side. You threaten him a little, you massage his ego, you offer him something, and you slowly restore calm, all the while ignoring the other parties involved.

This insight alone goes a long way towards explaining Obama’s six years of careful engagement with Iran and his benign neglect of those regional allies most threatened by Tehran’s renegade nuclear program.

It also explains why Obama hid crucial information on shipments of components for long-range missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads to Iran by North Korea during the current negotiations with Iran.

U.S. officials, who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon on condition of anonymity, said more than two shipments of missile parts have been monitored by the U.S. going from North Korea to Iran since last September.

President Obama was given details of the shipments in his daily intelligence briefings, but the officials say the information was hidden from the UN by the White House so that it would not take action on the sanctions violations.

A wave of experts came out with criticism against the administration for hiding the missile part transfer from the UN.

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton said the shipments violated UN sanctions on Iran, as well as those imposed on North Korea back in 2009. “If the violation was suppressed within the U.S. government, it would be only too typical of decades of practice,” Bolton said. “Sadly, it would also foreshadow how hard it would be to get honest reports made public once Iran starts violating any deal.”

Former CIA analyst Fred Fleitz shared his assessment, saying, “while it may seem outrageous that the Obama administration would look the other way on missile shipments from North Korea to Iran during the Iran nuclear talks, it doesn’t surprise me at all.”

“Iran’s ballistic missile program has been deliberately left out of the talks even though these missiles are being developed as nuclear weapon delivery systems,” noted Fleitz. “Since the administration has overlooked this long list of belligerent and illegal Iranian behavior during the Iran talks, it’s no surprise it ignored missile shipments to Iran from North Korea.”

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Survey: China, Sweden Least Religious Countries In The World

According to a recent survey, China is the least religious country on earth, while Sweden is the least religious country in the Western World. Nations in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region are among the most religious.

A survey of 63,898 people in 65 countries was conducted by Gallup International and the WI Network of Market Research between September-December 2014 and released this week.

They simply asked “Irrespective of whether you attend a place of worship or not would you say you are: a. a religious person, b. not a religious person, c. a convinced atheist, d. do not know/no response.”

The Washington Post

The Washington Post

61 percent of Chinese said they were convinced atheists, making the communist nation the least religious on earth according to the data. 78 percent in Sweden identified as not religious or are convinced atheists.

The Nordic country officially cut ties with the Church of Sweden, an Evangelical Lutheran denomination, 15 years ago. Its government even predicts a drop in church membership on its website.

Sixty-six percent of the Swedish population are members of the Church of Sweden. It is only since 2000 that Swedes don’t automatically become a member at birth and record numbers of Swedes have left the church in recent years.

A continued decline in membership is predicted as young Swedes fail to take the place of older members. Surveys also indicate that only eight per cent of Swedes attend any religious services regularly.

Thailand is the most religious country in the world at 94 percent. Armenia, Georgia, and Morocco are next at 93 percent.

65 percent of Israel’s population said they were not religious or are convinced atheists, while only 30 percent said they were religious. This is compared to 70 percent of Russians who considered themselves religious, 56 percent of Americans, and 30 percent of residents of the United Kingdom.

Overall, 63 percent of the world population considers themselves religious.

h/t: The Washington Post

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Here’s The Once-In-A-Lifetime Photo Linking Two Fearless Fighters Against Murderous Ideologies

Brigitte Gabriel is a fighter. She’s also a journalist, author, and activist who has been fighting tirelessly against the threat presented by radical Islam. As Western Journalism has reported, Gabriel has long warned of the terrorism carried out by Muslim extremists, including the bloodthirsty militants of Hamas who, she claims, use Palestinian citizens as human shields in their attacks on Israel.

She also founded the organization ACT For America, whose website describes its mission as “the nation’s largest non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots organization devoted to promoting national security and defeating terrorism.”

Now 50 years old, Brigitte Gabriel often tells of her early life in Lebanon, where she was born the first child of a Maronite Christian couple. “She recalls that during the Lebanese Civil War, Islamic militants launched an assault on a Lebanese military base near her family’s house and destroyed her home. Gabriel, who was ten years old at the time, was injured by shrapnel in the attack.”

For years, Gabriel traveled throughout the United States as well as overseas, sounding the alarm about the perils posed by radical Islamists intent on converting or killing Christians in the drive to create a Muslim caliphate. She often appears on TV and radio countering the claims of apologists who content that Islam is a “religion of peace.”

On her Facebook page, Gabriel has noted, “The most persecuted and victimized people in the world today are Christians in the Middle East. The perpetrators of the widespread destruction of that region’s Christian community? Islamists.”


Facebook/Brigitte Gabriel

Only hours ago, on Facebook, Brigitte Gabriel posted a remarkable picture that she says was taken during a trip “down under.” It’s a one-in-a-lifetime photo that shows the cross-generational bonds between two people who have fought against the unspeakable brutality of those who would kill them and destroy their people.

The share text that Brigitte posted on Facebook to accompany the photos reads:

While I was in Australia last month I had the honor of meeting a 92-year-old Holocaust survivor from the Auschwitz concentration camp. He showed me the numbers tattooed on his arms and I showed him the scar from the shrapnel that nearly killed me that night in Marjayoun when my home was bombed.

Generations apart, our enemies had the same goal of implementing their ideologies and killing those who did not subscribe to the same beliefs. This Holocaust Memorial Day, I say NEVER AGAIN. Won’t you stand with me?


Facebook/Brigitte Gabriel


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