Franklin Graham Just Dared Say What Almost No One Else Would About Muslim Immigration

In a recent podcast interview, evangelist Franklin Graham stood by his previous assertion that America should curtail immigration by Muslims.

“Every Muslim that comes into this country has the potential to be radicalized,” he wrote earlier this year, “— and they do their killing to honor their religion and Muhammad.”

He reiterated that belief this week, affirming that his position is justified.

“I don’t care,” he said, “because what I said was true. I’m thinking of my children, my grandchildren. I’m thinking of Americans who live everyday lives, who don’t understand.”

Graham went on to cite a survey that found one in four practitioners of Islam in the U.S. support suicide bombings, explaining that allowing more Muslims into the nation would only exacerbate an already brewing threat. He also said that, instead of Obama’s plan to allow thousands of Syrian Muslims to seek refuge in America, we should be welcoming the Christians and other minorities “being persecuted by Islam” in that nation.

He concluded that “the potential for some of these people to turn on this nation for our kindness and our gratitude and commit murder” will exist as long as the Muslim community is allowed to flourish and grow in the U.S.

Beyond small, local acts of violence, Graham warned that “it could be a large event that could take the lives of many people.”
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Watch: Marine Hears About ISIS’ New Threat, Pulls Car Over And Delivers PERFECT Response

Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer has a message for ISIS after regarding the group’s purported claim to have “trained soldiers” in 15 states waiting to be activated: bring it, if they are foolish enough to do so.

Meyer responded to ISIS in a video, which he posted to his Facebook page, which has gone viral, garnering nearly a million views in a little over 24 hours.

“Well I have a warning to you ISIS, we have trained soldiers in all 50 states that are ‘trained,’ they’re armed,” Meyer says. “We have also disgruntled veterans in all 50 states that are armed and trained.”

He adds that U.S. soldiers have been “kicking your ass for the last 14 years on your own turf and have been waiting for the opportunity for you to come over and try to bring your beliefs to the greatest country on the face of the earth.”

Beyond just veterans, “around 90 percent of Americans own weapons,” the former Marine points out, and he believes that “95 percent of Americans…would stand up for this country and would fight for it with every moral fiber of their being.”

He also notes that: “There are over 270 million guns in America. That is why we live in the greatest country on the face of the planet. Do you understand that? And it’s not going to change any time soon,” regardless of ISIS’s “Islamic, radical, bulls–t beliefs.”

Meyer, 27, was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions in fighting in Afghanistan in 2009. He is the second-youngest living Medal of Honor recipient, according to the Washington Times.

h/t: The Political Insider

Fatah Terrorists Murder Israeli Couple In Front Of Their Children And Say It Was A Necessary Act

On Thursday evening, an hour after Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu delivered his speech at the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York proposing to start peace negotiations with the Palestinian Authority, Fatah terrorists committed one of the most horrific terrorist acts in Israel in years.

Rabbi Eitam Henkin and his wife Naama were travelling home with their four young children when their car was shot at by terrorists of the Abdal Qader al-Hussaini Brigades, the armed wing of PA President Abbas’ Fatah movement.

The Henkins, both in their thirties, were attacked in a drive-by shooting while travelling on the road between Itamar and Alon Moreh, two Jewish villages in Samaria.

Naama Henkin was killed instantly by a bullet in her chest but her husband succeeded in stopping the car in the middle of the road to open the door for his children, who he ordered to flee the scene. He died shortly thereafter. Investigators believe that the father’s last act before he died saved the lives of his children.

The four terrified children aged 9, 7, 4 and four months witnessed how the terrorists returned to the car to check if the passengers were really dead. The children were taken to the Itamar intersection where they were examined by paramedics who arrived at the scene.

The Abdal Qader al-Hussaini Brigades took responsibility for the murders and said that it was a ‘necessary act’. They realased a statement of al-Hussaini Brigades:

With Allah’s help and in keeping with our people’s right to struggle to recover our usurped homeland and our duty to sacred jihad, our forces on Thursday night carried out a necessary action in which they fired on a car of occupying settlers outside the Itamar settlement, built on Palestinian lands south of Nablus, firing directly on the car, killing a settler and wounding his wife according to enemy media, and the group returned to the safety of the camps.

We warn the enemy against carrying out any action against innocent civilians, wherever they are, because our troops will respond with similar attacks, and we will consider their actions to be war crimes.

Long live the unity of our people and our struggle to regain our dignity and homeland.

Hamas praised the murders by the ‘brave resistance’ and called the attack ‘heroic’. The Popular Resistance Committees also blessed the murderers and said it was a ‘natural reaction’ to ‘Israeli crimes’.

“Senior Fatah official Mahmoud Al-Aloul, who is a member of the Fatah Central Committee, was revealed by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) as having announcing responsibility on Facebook for the murder of Rabbi Eitam and Naama Henkin outside Itamar in Samaria,” Arutz Sheva in Israel reported.

The Abdal Qader al-Hussaini Brigades of Fatah is affiliated to Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shiite terror organization that is fully backed by Iran. The armed wing of Fatah receives weapons and training from Hezbollah and has been involved in rocket attacks on Israel during last year’s war with Hamas in Gaza.

In August, a spokesman for the al-Husseini Brigades told the Lebanese Al-Akhbar that Iran plays a direct role in funding, training and arming his terrorist organization.

“There is always contact between the Palestinian resistance and Hezbollah and Iran,” he said. “This is no longer a secret.”

“These contacts take different forms, such as training, preparation, equipment, logistical support and developing the resistance and its weapons,” Arutz Sheva reported.

The murder of the Henkin couple has led to outrage amongst the Jewish population in Israel. Nationwide people took the streets to express their anger over the heinous murder of a father and mother in front of their children and to express solidarity with the Henkin family.

Welcome to Wealthy Middle Eastern Thug Privilege

You’ve heard endlessly about “white privilege” from the professional social justice warrior gripers. But rarely does that crusading crowd — or their spiritual leaders in the White House — acknowledge the brutal impact of wealthy Middle Eastern thug privilege in America.

I’m looking especially at you, Barack, Michelle and Valerie Jarrett (who hosted Black Lives Matter activists at 1600 Pennsylvania last week).

The latest case of WMET privilege involves a well-connected Saudi prince arrested on Wednesday after allegedly sexually assaulting a woman at his $40 million Beverly Hills rental mansion.

Witnesses reported seeing a bloodied woman screaming for help as she scrambled over an 8-foot wall surrounding the property. LAPD officers charged 28-year-old Majed Abdulaziz al-Saud with sodomy, battery and false imprisonment.

Celebrate diversity!

(No word, by the way, on whether or how this accused brute is related to Saudi princess Buniah al-Saud, who pleaded no contest in 2002 to charges of beating her Indonesian maid in Florida. She was fined a measly $1,000 and let loose.)

So, where is al-Saud now? Long gone, no doubt. His royal benefactors forked over $300,000 to bail out the privileged jetsetter. Neighbors say the estate has been evacuated. Al-Saud has an October 19 court date.

But don’t expect him to show any more respect for our laws than another fellow wealthy Middle Eastern thug who has recently gone on the lam. Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Thani of Qatar, owner of a Ferrari caught racing illegally through another Beverly Hills enclave, is nowhere to be found. A driver believed to be either Al Thani or one of his drag-racing opponents bragged to a witness that he had diplomatic immunity and could get away with murder, and then spat “F**k America” before disappearing.

Meanwhile, three other women have stepped forward to file a civil complaint against al-Saud alleging “extreme,” “outrageous” and “despicable” behavior by the prince at the sprawling compound. The workers say they were “deprived of their freedom of movement by use of physical barriers, force, threats of force, menace, fraud, deceit and unreasonable duress.”

Feckless Foggy Bottom bureaucrats at Obama’s State Department, as usual, have no comment on either case. But hey, check out all those White House tweets protesting the “war on women”!

Does Washington apathy about the Saudi sex slave trade on American soil sound familiar? It should. In 2013, I reported on two Filipina women who escaped a Saudi diplomatic compound in Virginia after suffering abuse. They were taken into protective custody by Department of Homeland Security personnel. The gated complex is owned by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Armed Forces Office, whose personnel reportedly enjoy full diplomatic immunity.

DHS refused to respond to my follow-up inquiries about the case. The status of the alleged assailant remains unknown. This spring, Walden Bello, chairman of the Overseas Workers Affairs Committee in the Philippine House of Representatives, revealed that one of the abused workers “was sent back to Jeddah to take care of the mother” of the alleged attacker.

Let’s hope the worker hasn’t run into Meshael Alayban, wife of Abdulrahman bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, who is allegedly back in her home country after wiggling out of felony human trafficking charges in Orange County, Calif., two years ago. A Kenyan maid escaped from Alayban’s compound and told police that Alayban confiscated her passport, refused to abide by an employment contract and forbade the worker from returning to her home country — where she had an ailing 7-year-old daughter.

LAPD officers discovered four other domestic workers from the Philippines at Alayban’s estate who pleaded to be freed from Saudi bondage. But after handing over a cool $5 million in bail, Alayban’s lawyers had the charges dropped.

You’ll note that most of these cases of oppression and subjugation involve rich and powerful assailants “of color” exploiting poor victims “of color.” Don’t their lives matter, too? Apparently not.

Both Democratic and Republican administrations have looked the other way. Once again, political correctness and diplomatic fecklessness in the coddling of our Muslim “allies” trump progressive” American rhetoric about women’s rights and social justice.

Middle East oil money talks. Sex slave-trafficking, maid-abusing, sodomy-terrorizing defendants walk.


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Watch: Scary Message From Muslim Cleric About Muslim Refugees In Europe and US

Sheikh Muhammed Ayed is a Muslim cleric from the Al-Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

As Western Journalism reported previously, this mosque has become a bulwark of Islamism over the years, and is now dominated by the Islamic State, Hizb Ut Tahrir and Hamas.

Sheikh Ayed gave a sermon last week, making the case for an Islamic Caliphate in Europe and the United States after the invasion of hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees.

The Muslims “will trample Europe with their feet,” Ayed said. “We will give them (Europeans) fertility and will breed children with them because we will conquer their countries,” the Sheikh fumed.

“Whether you like it or not, oh Germans, oh Americans, oh French, oh Italians and all those like you. Take the refugees! We will soon collect them in the name of the coming Caliphate”.


In a related development, Secretary of State John Kerry said on Sunday that the U.S. will let in 100,000 refugees by 2017, most of them Syrians.

Senator Chuck Grassley reacted to the news by pointing out that the Islamic State and other terrorist organizations “have made it abundantly clear that they will use the refugee crisis to try to enter the United States. Now the Obama administration wants to bring in an additional 10,000 Syrians without a concrete and foolproof plan to ensure that terrorists won’t be able to enter the country.”

Other lawmakers of the congressional judiciary committees said, “the administration has essentially given the American people a ‘trust me.’ That isn’t good enough,” AP reported.