Large Foreign Players Are Starting To Take Sides In Middle Eastern Sunni/Shia Conflict

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Russia has operated a naval facility in Syria for decades, since the early 1970s. Syria is their gateway to the Mediterranean and NATO’s soft underbelly. There is no way Russia will allow Bashar al-Assad to be forced from power. The Russian Federation has been supplying the Shia Syrian dictator for four years now in his battles with the rebels. Now Syria is “welcoming” an increased Russian presence in their country.

The large foreign players are starting to take sides in this Middle Eastern Sunni/Shia conflict that is almost sure to widen over time due to American incompetence and appeasement of Iran.

Zero Hedge reports:

Following Vladimir Putin’s demands for an “immediate cessation of military activities” in Yemen, AFP reports Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s comment during a recent interview that “with complete confidence that we welcome any widening of the Russian presence in the eastern Mediterranean and on Syrian coasts and ports, “including the port of Tartus. Amid the Western-backed opposition National Coalition’s planned boycott of talks, Assad pointedly remarked, “the negotiating parties must be independent and must reflect what the Syrian people want… people would not accept that their future, their fate, or their rules are decided from outside.”

Syria would welcome an increased Russian military presence at its sea ports, President Bashar al-Assad said in an interview with Russian news channels published Friday. As AFP reports,

“I can say with complete confidence that we welcome any widening of the Russian presence in the eastern Mediterranean and on Syrian coasts and ports,” including the port of Tartus, Assad said. “For us, the larger this presence in our neighbourhood, the better it is for stability in this region,” he told journalists.

Pax Americana has held the peace internationally since World War II. Our economic weakness and lack of competent leadership is now coming home to roost. Military weakness is not a way to prevent war; in fact, it usually hastens it. This is a proven historical truth that the Left does not want to accept despite the evidence.

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Islam: Dirty Work At The Crossroads


My first real job out of college was riding trains as a brakeman in the Colorado Rockies. Immediately, one learns as a railroader that a speeding coal train – at a mile-and-a-half long and weighing in at nearly fifty million pounds – doesn’t stop on a dime. It takes a long time and a lot of space to even noticeably slow all that mass down.

Oftentimes when a car or truck straddled our tracks at a crossing over a mile away, the engineer and I would soon become very concerned if the vehicle didn’t move after we began blowing our horns of warning.

I know the horror of splattering through vehicles that broke down or tried to beat the train to a crossing. It is surrealistic, exploding through a big truck’s trailer because it couldn’t move in time to avoid our unforgiving tonnage.

In my years as a brakeman, I saw some pretty serious destruction.

Militant Islam is much like a huge, UNSTOPPABLE train – but its scope of damage is immeasurable, and there is no governing crew on board to impede train movement or issue warnings.

Islam has no home office, and its freelance bombers are undetectable and answer to no one.

The ruling spirit of Islam is the invisible power that drives that huge train of terror, and HE is clever enough not to give any warning to whatever stands in his way. Trying to understand, predict, or reason with such a malevolent spirit is a fool’s errand. Jesus called that dark power a thief, the father of lies and a murderer. Yet many of America’s liberal politicos and their naive constituency are now risking everything we value in order to promote a fawning and obsequious relationship with him.

But be not deceived; there is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ Islam, just as there is no appreciable difference between a good rattlesnake and a dangerous one. As retired Admiral James ‘Ace’ Lyons recently and wisely pointed out: “Islam is Islam … It has no modifiers.” Islamists respectively elect to show their own chosen level of zeal through varying degrees of personal commitment to ‘jihad’ – the holy battle for dominance that all true followers must wage.

Few people remember the ‘crisis of conscience’ that rocketed Osama bin Laden from ‘Joe Average’ muslim to ‘militant’ class … virtually overnight. He attributed his ‘revival’ to merely a closer examination of the quran. And it’s all right there in the book: ‘militant’ Islam is packed into the quran right along with the obfuscating and easier-to-sell ‘nominal’ Islam. A Muslim going ‘militant’ is simply the result of any Islamist wanting to go ‘whole hog’ for Allah.

These terrorist clones are committed to persistently intimidating a fearful world into hating Jews. For the crime of tenacious survival, tiny Israel must be despised, punished, and annihilated for so infuriating Allah and his followers. The barbarous tantrums thrown by the perpetually enraged jihadists coerce the spineless world into sympathizing with their dark vendetta. And now, instead of committing to and encouraging an undaunted international resolve to hamstring and contain these bullying murderers, the most powerful man on earth – OUR PRESIDENT – becomes complicit with them by incrementally moving toward our abandonment of Israel. The added insult to injury is his recent silly charade where he plays ignorant of Islamic terror entirely. He is obviously buying his FRIENDS time while carelessly insulting America’s intelligence.

But what else are we to expect from our executive leader who, himself, long ago informed us of his deepest affection for the religion that hates America, Jews, and Christians? Recently, America received a perfectly reasonable request from our little ally, Israel, to NOT aid the most childishly volatile, ‘Jew-hatingest’ people of them all (Iran) in their acquiring of long range atomic missiles. Our chief leader’s response was to simply insult and ignore the statesman who voiced that plea as well as the perfect logic that he’d presented for the benefit of all people – Israel, America, and EVERYONE!

Meanwhile, Americans – in all political correctness – are generally ignoring the irreparable debacle of what Islam is doing to the rest of the world. Muslims are on the move and making no excuses for the WORLD DOMINATING manifesto which their ‘prophet’ has fully detailed in his book. And, again, with the aid of Islam’s most powerful ally in America, OUR OWN PRESIDENT, we have been fed (and it seems most of us have swallowed) the lie of Islam’s alleged peaceful purity.

As you may recall, the last ‘Muslim Day’ gathering (only days after the 9/11 anniversary) in New York City had been billed like a St. Patty’s Day festivity. Featured among the parade’s ‘floats’ were black-hooded thugs carrying mock AK-47s, caged women in white hijabs, and a life-size, woman-like doll hanging from a makeshift gallows–and a huge map of the Middle East with the Nation of Israel … missing! Certainly not your average church function.

Despite the deceptively patriotic and upstanding flavor of the event’s flyers, none of the black-hooded Hamas fighters were in the streets doing figure eights on mini-bikes. Instead, it was ‘in your face’ HATRED and a sobering portrayal of the real islam. And, still, Barack Obama wants us to embrace the antics of his pet cult just as we might a bunch of frolicking Episcopalians.

While calling everyone else ‘racists,’ our president himself appears to be just another unapologetic anti-Semite. And, to repeat more of Admiral Lyons’ cautioning wisdom, “Islam is just a political movement masquerading as a religion.” How true.

An already limping, Obama-damaged nation should now rightfully ask: “Whose pocket is our president in, and how and when did they get to him?!”

The big train of Islam is presently headed at breakneck speed toward the crossing, where a busted-down America now sits. Our car’s driver (with his door nearly all the way open for his upcoming exit) is busy keeping all the trapped family inside, lulled and distracted.

Currently, there are lots of qualified voices, nationally and abroad, frantically trying to rouse our attention to the collusion of the man who has parked us here and the hellbent, rapidly approaching holocaust. Very few seem to be listening.

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Watch: Mayor Kicks Sharia Law To The Curb With A Tough Message


Last week, the city of Irving, Texas, supported a bill pending in the state House that would ensure that state laws would trump all foreign laws. Muslims in the community saw this as an obstruction of a newly established Sharia court, however.

The city council voted five to four Thursday on a resolution affirming H.B. 562 which states in part:

A contract provision involving the marriage relationship providing that the forum to resolve a dispute arising under the contract is located outside the states and territories of the United States is void if the foreign law that would be applied to dispute in that forum would, as applied, violate a fundamental right guaranteed by the United States Constitution or the Constitution of this state.

An Islamic court using Sharia law was established in nearby Dallas earlier this year, Breitbart reported in January. One of its “judges” said that taking part in the court is “voluntary.” One who observes the Muslim faith cannot obtain a divorce, or “Talaq,” without the approval of the Islamic court.

“[W]hile participation in the tribunal is voluntary, a married couple cannot be considered divorced by the Islamic community unless it is granted by the tribunal,” Dr. Taher El-badawi, one of the judges, explained to Breitbart.

“The courts of the United States of America are costly and consist of ineffective lawyers. Discontent with the legal system leads many Muslims in America to postpone justice in this world and opt for an audience on the Day of Judgment,” per the description on the Islamic Tribunal’s website:

It is with this issue that Muslims here in America are obligated to find a way to solve conflicts and disputes according to the principles of Islamic Law and its legal heritage of fairness and justice in a manner that is reasonable and cost effective.  These proceedings must be conducted in accordance with the law of the land; local, state and federal within the United States.

Through effective mediation and arbitration, decisions can be made that are stipulated in the Shari’ah and adhering to the binding, ethical and legal code that exists within this country with the final approval of the relevant courts and judges. Islamic Tribunal or IT is established exactly for this purpose.

“This bill does not reference Sharia, Islam or even religion. It has nothing to do with preventing any tribunal,” Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne said at the meeting. Van Duyne has been a vocal proponent of the bill. “Why anyone would feel this is hatred or bigotry is absolutely beyond me.”

In a Facebook post ahead of the vote, Van Duyne made her point clear. “[T]he fundamental principles that formed our nation, protect our rights and guarantee liberties unmatched anywhere must not be sacrificed as our nation embraces other cultures. Reaffirming that our courts will consider matters based on AMERICAN laws and statutes is, therefore, necessary,”

Over 500 people came to debate the bill ahead of the vote, including many in the Muslim community who raised objections. “[The bill] fuels anti-Islamic hysteria,” Zia Sheikh, imam at the Islamic Center of Irving told the Dallas Morning News. “Her whole point was to rile up her supporters…The problem is we become the whipping boys.”

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Last week, the city of Irving, Texas, supported a bill pending in the state House that would ensure that state law… in Polls on LockerDome



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Prominent Islam Critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Islam Is ‘Not A Religion Of Peace’

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

For months, the mainstream media has been downplaying the influence of Islam in the radical Islamic terrorist attacks the world has seen, with ISIS tearing a bloody swath through the Middle East. President Obama seeks to distance the religion of Islam from the violent extremism because “ISIS are desperate for legitimacy.”

One woman set out to change all of that.

Author and founder of the AHA Foundation, Ayaan Hirsi Ali joined Martha Raddatz on ABC’s This Week and talked about reforming Islam, arguing that it is “not a religion of peace.”

A former Muslim herself having experienced genital mutilation and narrowly escaping an arranged marriage, Hirsi Ali argues that more Muslims, especially the group of peaceful Muslims – who she calls “Mecca Muslims” – should be open to a reform of the religion.

Raddatz questioned Hirsi Ali’s leadership in a potential reformation because she is “no longer a believer anymore.”

Hirsi Ali argued that true change wouldn’t come from the clerics of the religion. It would instead come from the heretics, such as herself.

“Day in, day out, in the name of Islam, people are killed and most victims are Muslims,” Hirsi Ali said in response to Raddatz questioning if her words would incite people to be ‘anti-Muslim.’ “It is now time to look at and reform the religion of Islam so that we get to a place where we have peace.”

h/t: Mediate

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Has The Professed Church In America Become The Greatest Asset To The Enemies Of God?

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“The church leaders in America today are responsible for more damage within than any foreign enemy could have inflicted from without.” –Bradlee Dean

Just this week, my wife, my four young boys, and I have been touring the east coast going through Washington D.C, North Carolina, South Carolina, and finally ending up in Virginia. We’ve been speaking at high schools, colleges, and churches. We’ve been reaching out to our posterity, who have been subjected to everything and protected from nothing, in an answer to our prayers for The Lord to “send us.” (Isaiah 6:8; Psalm 2:8)

After speaking to our last high school in South Carolina, we were invited to a pastoral conference for lunch. The guest speaker was there talking about his missions over in the Middle East. He was sharing his first-hand experience with the people that Muslims were coming to Christ in droves. He went on to tell the church leaders at this meeting that they were to be bold in Christ (John 7:27), and that there was a huge opportunity for Americans concerning the Muslims as they come into this country (which I am not advocating). He said that instead of looking at what is going on with the Muslims as a danger, church leaders needed to look at it as an opportunity to win them to Christ. He was right on, and I agreed wholeheartedly with him.

Without a second thought, I could not overlook the fact that he was speaking to the same church leaders, along with the parents in this country, who, for the most part, could care less for their own children in the public school system. The church leaders, if you want to call them that, in this country have proven to be the greatest advocates of those who war against God and His people (Micah 3:5; Jeremiah 23). Furthermore, they have even given their own congregants and children over to be illegally indoctrinated by a godless state.

Often, when engaging high school assemblies, we will find up to five churches camped around one school. The students are trying to reconcile the love that is being preached (John 5:42) to them from the pulpits with their parents’ throwing them into a cesspool of illegal indoctrination.

The hypocrites have now become the greatest advocates to the radical sodomites, the murdering abortionists, and the atheists placing students in the crosshairs of everything that they can possibly be subjected to.

These are the same church leaders who have refused to speak out against the slow, incremental infiltration of the Muslims’ indoctrination.

Instead of these church leaders preaching out against the sins of the people, “repentance toward God and of faith in our Lord Jesus Christ (Acts 20:21),” they have taught the people to accept an unholy alliance with those whom God abhors. They teach the fear of men and consequence rather than the fear of God (Job 28:28).

By the looks of the church leaders in America today, one can only see why the enemy has become so emboldened. To tell these church leaders to lay the axe to the root of the tree (Luke 3:9) would be unthinkable due to the fact that they are a bunch of spiritual weaklings. They would simply reply that the axe is too heavy (Hebrews 4:12).

These whores, hirelings, and effeminates are not the ones who will get the job done. They are a reproach and an embarrassment to God’s Church.

Instead of them standing up and fighting off the wolves, we find that they are the ones responsible for opening up the gates to the wolves (John 10:10).

I praise God that there are still some faithful among men (Psalm 12:1).  The preacher I referenced above was laying down his life in the Middle East to win the Muslims to Christ, and then coming to America to encourage church leaders to do the “stuff” as we say in the ministry.

Yet, with 20 years of ministry experience, I can tell you that preaching to the choir (the church leaders) is preaching to a choir that just does not know how to sing.

The Black Robe Regiment

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