The Media’s “Experts” Always Err in Obama’s Favor

Kevin “Coach” Collins,

In 1954 a genius with a sharp eye for talent advised a young Elvis Presley, “You ain’t goin’ nowhere, Son. You ought to go back to drivin’ a truck.”

Everyday we are bombarded with news of shocked “experts” having to once again admit they were wrong. In most cases this hapless bunch of Charlie Browns isn’t any more expert than the man who dismissed Presley. So we don’t lose sight of their embarrassing claptrap, here are a few “expert” predictions we have been insulted with recently.

In spite of “expert” sentiment to the contrary, America’s manufacturing sector has slowed “more than expected” and in fact has fallen to September 2009 levels. The geniuses at the Institute of Supply Management (ISM) didn’t just miss this one their expectation was barely in the same area code. The ISM expected its growth index would fall 2.7, not the actual 6.9 points it tumbled.

The 38,000 new private sector jobs added in May provide another example of surprised “experts” having to stammer out an explanation of how they could be so wrong.

In May private sector companies in the U.S. added fewer workers than forecast by….

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