Is America Leading On The Paris Climate Treaty? It Shouldn’t.

What an unpalatable irony. The 1783 Treaty of Paris ended the Revolutionary War and created the United States. The 2015 Treaty of Paris could end what’s left of our democratic USA – and complete the “fundamental transformation” that the Obama Administration intends to impose by executive fiat.

Meanwhile, as a prelude to Paris, October 24 marked a full ten years since a category 3-5 hurricane last hit the United States. (Hurricane Wilma in 2005; Sandy hit as a Category 2.) That’s a record dating back at least to 1900. It’s also the first time since 1914 that no hurricanes formed anywhere in the Western Atlantic, Caribbean Sea or Gulf of Mexico through September 22 of any calendar year.

Global temperatures haven’t risen in 18 years and are more out of sync with computer model predictions with every passing year. Seas are rising at barely seven inches a century. Droughts and other “extreme weather events” are less frequent, severe and long-lasting than during the twentieth century. “Vanishing” Arctic and Greenland ice is freezing at historical rates, and growing at a record pace in Antarctica.

But President Obama still insists that dangerous climate change is happening now, and it is a “dereliction of duty” for military officers to deny that climate change “is an immediate risk to our national security.”

Meanwhile, the Washington Post intones: “Republicans’ most potent argument against acting on climate change – that other nations won’t cut emissions, so US efforts are useless – is crumbling. The European Union has had overlapping climate policies in place for years. China, the world’s largest emitter, continues to fill in details about how it will meet the landmark climate targets it announced a year ago. World negotiators are set to convene in Paris in November to bundle commitments from dozens of nations into a single agreement that should set the world on a path toward lower emissions.”

Right. A path toward less plant fertilizing carbon dioxide, to prevent “unprecedented disasters” that aren’t happening (except in SimPlanet computer models), by stabilizing a perpetually changing climate that is driven by powerful natural forces over which humans have no control – under a 2015 Paris treaty that will inflict global governance by unelected activists and bureaucrats, bring lower living standards to billions, and initiate wealth redistribution of at least $100 billion a year to ruling elites in poor countries.

For once, President Obama wants America to play a leadership role, through a war on carbon-based energy that his own EPA admits will reduce hypothetical global warming by an undetectable 0.02 degrees 85 years from now. If we slash our fossil fuel use, he insists, the rest of the world will follow. It’s delusional.

For once, we should lead from behind – instead of with brains in our behinds. A brief recap of what other nations are actually doing underscores how absurd and deceitful the White House, EPA and Post are.

European nations and the European Union have long claimed bragging rights for “leading the world” on “climate stabilization,” by replacing hydrocarbon fuels with renewable energy. Their efforts have done little to persuade poor nations to follow suit – but have sent EU energy prices skyrocketing, cost millions of Euro jobs and made the EU increasingly uncompetitive globally. Now, Europe says it will make an additional 40% emissions reduction by 2030, but only if a new Paris agreement is legally binding on all countries.

However, two months ago, China, India and Russia refused to sign a nonbinding US-sponsored statement calling for greater international cooperation to combat hypothetical warming and climate change. And virtually all developing countries oppose any agreement that calls for binding emission targets or even “obligatory review mechanisms” of their voluntary efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

What they do want is a treaty that guarantees $100 billion per year for climate change “mitigation, adaptation and compensation,” plus modern energy technologies given to them at no cost. And that appears to be only the opening ante. India environment minister Prakash Javadekar recently said “the bill for climate action for the world is not just $100 billion. It is in trillions of dollars per year.” Developed nations are “historically responsible” for climate change, he argues, and must ensure “justice” for developing countries by fully funding the Green Climate Fund. India alone must receive $2.5 trillion!

So far, pledges to the fund total just $700 million – and Prime Minister David Cameron has said Britain would provide a one-time contribution of only $9 million. He has called renewable energy “green crap” and plans to end all “green” subsidies by 2025, to reduce electricity prices that have sent millions of families into energy poverty and caused the loss of thousands of jobs in the UK steelmaking sector.

Germany’s reliance on coal continues to rise; it now generates 44% of its electricity from the black rock – more than any other EU nation. In Poland, Prime Minister Eva Kopacz says nuclear energy is no longer a priority, and her country’s energy security will instead focus increasingly on coal.

But it is in Asia where coal use and CO2 emissions will soar the most – underscoring how completely detached from reality the White House, EPA and Washington Post are.

China now gets some 75% of its electricity from coal. Its coal consumption declined slightly in 2014, as the Middle Kingdom turned slightly to natural gas and solar, for PR and to reduce serious air quality problems. However, it plans to build 363 new coal-fired power plants, with many plants likely outfitted or retrofitted with scrubbers and other equipment to reduce emissions of real, health-impairing pollution.

India will focus on “energy efficiency” and reduce its CO2 “emission intensity” (per unit of growth), but not its overall emissions. It will also boost its reliance on wind and solar power, mostly for remote areas that will not be connected to the subcontinent’s growing electrical grid anytime soon. However, it plans to open a new coal mine every month and double its coal production and use by 2020.

Pakistan is taking a similar path – as are Vietnam, the Philippines and other Southeast Asian nations. Even Japan plans to build 41 new coal-fired units over the next decade. Overall, says the International Energy Agency, Southeast Asia’s energy demand will soar 80% by 2040, and fossil fuels will provide some 80% of the region’s total energy mix by that date.

Africa will pursue a similar route to lifting its people out of poverty. No more solar panels on huts. The continent has abundant oil, coal and natural gas – and it intends to utilize those fuels, while it demands its “fair share” of free technology, “capacity building,” and climate “reparation” money.

During the 2011 UN climate conference in Durban, all nations agreed that the next treaty would have legally binding emission targets and mandatory reviews of emission reduction progress. They also set up the Green Climate Fund wealth redistribution scheme. Now those CO2-reduction pledges are in history’s dustbin, because developing nations believe they have the upper hand in any climate negotiations.

They’re probably right. President Obama told 60 Minutes his definition of leadership is “leading on climate change,” and he desperately wants a legacy beyond his Iran, Iraq, Syria, Russia, Ukraine, Bowe Bergdahl and economic disasters. Moreover, Western nations have created a climate monster and Climate Crisis Industry, which must be appeased with perpetual sacrifices: expensive and unreliable energy, fewer jobs, lower living standards and more dead people. No wonder Asian and African countries expect to get trillions of dollars, free energy technology, and a free pass from any binding commitments.

Voters, consumers, elected officials and courts must wake up and take action. House Speaker Paul Ryan, members of Congress, governors, business leaders and presidential candidates need to learn the facts, communicate forcefully, repudiate destructive energy and climate policies – and let the world know the Senate will reject any Obama treaty that binds the USA to slashing emissions and transferring its wealth.

Above all, they must debunk, defund and demolish the mountains of anti-fossil fuel, anti-job, anti-growth, anti-family regulations that Obama & Co. have imposed – or plan to impose before they leave office – in the name of preventing a climate crisis that exists only in their minds and models.

Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow ( and author of Eco-Imperialism: Green power – Black death.

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Right Before Jindal Announced His Candidacy, Libs Made This Insane Attack On His Past

The Washington Post published an article Tuesday, one day before Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal announced his intention to run for president, in which reporters Annie Gowen and Tyler Bridges explored the Indian-American candidate’s cultural heritage.

With a dateline of Khanpur, India, however, the article begins on a critical note by suggesting Jindal has abandoned his homeland. The authors highlighted the fact that “residents of his father’s village” celebrated Jindal’s 2003 election win after many villagers “spent three days praying at a local temple for his victory.”

Describing the “sunbaked narrow lanes and modest homes ringed by undulating rice paddies,” the article indicated that residents of the Indian village believed Jindal would serve as a “powerful ally in the U.S.”

Instead, the authors pointed out, the Jindal family has not returned to the land of its ancestors since the governor’s grandparents died roughly 20 years ago.

After chronicling the Jindals’ transition from Hindu to Catholicism, the article quoted one professor who concluded there is “not much Indian left in Bobby Jindal.”

Many conservative sites were quick to admonish the Post for harping on such an inconsequential issue.

Chicks on the Right’s Miss CJ summarized the left’s position, writing: “if Bobby Jindal’s gonna become the governor of Louisiana, he sure as heck better be using his office [to] help out his relatives back in India.”

A number of social media users also weighed in, including several who pointed out the perceived double standard by which left-leaning media operate.

“So I’m assuming no one got fired at the @washingtonpost for being so racist towards Bobby Jindal,” one Twitter user wrote.

Is Jindal’s connection to his grandparents’ hometown a relevant issue for national media to exploit? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Obama Did It Again! This Time The President’s Rude Habit Draws Sharp Rebukes During India Visit

WCJ images Obama chews

It was only a few months ago, as Western Journalism reported, that President Obama was sharply criticized on social media networks after being caught on camera casually chewing gum at the big international summit in China.

News reports quoted Chinese observers of Obama’s behavior — behavior that they clearly found offensive: “…Chinese Internet users, accustomed to the highly formal standards of their stiff party leadership, quickly characterized the leader of the world’s most powerful nation as an impolite ‘idler,’ or careless ‘rapper.’”

And it was just a few months before that incident that President Obama was taken to task for chewing gum during solemn D-Day ceremonies in France as Queen Elizabeth II was introduced.

But apparently, the president couldn’t care less about how his public gum-chewing is perceived as he travels to foreign lands for formal events important to his hosts.

The Times Of India newspaper characterized as “an ungainly sight” Obama’s habit once more on full display as he sat next to India’s prime minister during the Republic Day Parade.

Screen shot 2015-01-26 at 11.07.05 AM

Twitter users were also quick to comment on the lip-smacking exhibition by the U.S. president.

h/t: The Weekly Standard

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Shocking Experiment: Would You Survive A Heart Attack In India?

Ambulance respond time

Have you ever had a heart attack? How fast was the response to you? Five, maybe 10 minutes? This video shows the response in India.

In India, people do not treasure life like other parts of the world do. This was an “emergency” testing to see how fast it would take this ambulance to get to the patient.

It took the ambulance 13 minutes to get out of his parking spot alone because some careless person parked in front of it! Can you imagine? The footage is astounding! The sheer lack of compassion for another is despicable.

This powerful video shows that it’s not the government’s fault, nor the police’s, but it is the people’s. Their inability to care for another person causes them to be oblivious to the siren as well as the ambulance, and could care less they are impeding.

It’s a blessing to know that our ambulances here are able to get to those who need it because Americans show respect for all emergency vehicles – at least more so than people in India do.

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India Gets It–But America Doesn’t

India is still a third-world country, with half the homes still not having plumbing and a large percentage not having electricity. But even more significant than its dynamic technology sector growing into a world-class destination for contracts and capital is the fact that India has the most intelligent electorate in the world right now.

For the first time in 30 years, India’s voters have given a decisive majority — 336 of 543 seats in the lower house of Parliament — to one party. And it is not the dynastic Congress party of Jawaharlal Nehru (and now Rahul Gandhi) that has dominated Indian politics for the 67 years since independence from Great Britain; it’s the Bharatiya Janata party (BJP) and its Prime Minister-elect, Narendra Modi.

A closer look at what Modi’s platform is and the obstacles he had to overcome will have California Republicans weeping and gnashing their teeth that they didn’t draft Modi to run for Governor of the (once) Golden State. Modi’s agenda is precisely what is needed to rescue California (if not the Untied States) from its self-inflicted disaster.

The Congress party ran on a social welfare platform, promising more goodies, more subsidies, and more government programs for the poor.

The poor rejected it. They want economic growth and expanding opportunity, and lots of it. A 5% growth rate, which would be considered miraculous if it could be achieved anywhere in the West, is not good enough; they want 8% or better. They’ve tasted that in the last decade, and they want more of it. Modi and the BJP declined to play Santa Claus; refrained from stirring the identity politics of religion, region, caste, and ethnicity; restrained their more strident Hindu nationalist wing and tendencies; and instead focused on economic principles and basic good governance. The voters rewarded them for these principles and for their courage in proclaiming and defending them.

American Republicans might learn a thing or two about how an effective modern campaign is run, as the BJP left the Congress party in the dark ages with savvy use of technology and social media. Just because people don’t have electricity in their homes doesn’t mean they don’t have iPhones, Facebook, and Twitter. Modi even appeared as a holograph at events where he was unable to be physically present.

Manmohan Singh, prime minister of India for the past 10 years, Finance Minister from 1991-96, and Leader of the opposition party from 1998-2004, has been a potent pro-free market voice and force in India’s rise over the past 20 years to the status of international technology powerhouse. But his party, as too often happens with parties that get too cozy with unchallenged power for too long, has been rocked with corruption scandals in recent years. Apparatchiks have been feathering their own nests while the roads and bridges crumble (sound familiar?) The voters have had enough and want a party that can credibly promise a cleaner and more accountable regime–and modern highways and ports too.

Someone wake me when California voters demand the same.

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The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom