Right Before Jindal Announced His Candidacy, Libs Made This Insane Attack On His Past

The Washington Post published an article Tuesday, one day before Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal announced his intention to run for president, in which reporters Annie Gowen and Tyler Bridges explored the Indian-American candidate’s cultural heritage.

With a dateline of Khanpur, India, however, the article begins on a critical note by suggesting Jindal has abandoned his homeland. The authors highlighted the fact that “residents of his father’s village” celebrated Jindal’s 2003 election win after many villagers “spent three days praying at a local temple for his victory.”

Describing the “sunbaked narrow lanes and modest homes ringed by undulating rice paddies,” the article indicated that residents of the Indian village believed Jindal would serve as a “powerful ally in the U.S.”

Instead, the authors pointed out, the Jindal family has not returned to the land of its ancestors since the governor’s grandparents died roughly 20 years ago.

After chronicling the Jindals’ transition from Hindu to Catholicism, the article quoted one professor who concluded there is “not much Indian left in Bobby Jindal.”

Many conservative sites were quick to admonish the Post for harping on such an inconsequential issue.

Chicks on the Right’s Miss CJ summarized the left’s position, writing: “if Bobby Jindal’s gonna become the governor of Louisiana, he sure as heck better be using his office [to] help out his relatives back in India.”

A number of social media users also weighed in, including several who pointed out the perceived double standard by which left-leaning media operate.

“So I’m assuming no one got fired at the @washingtonpost for being so racist towards Bobby Jindal,” one Twitter user wrote.

Is Jindal’s connection to his grandparents’ hometown a relevant issue for national media to exploit? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Obama Did It Again! This Time The President’s Rude Habit Draws Sharp Rebukes During India Visit

WCJ images Obama chews

It was only a few months ago, as Western Journalism reported, that President Obama was sharply criticized on social media networks after being caught on camera casually chewing gum at the big international summit in China.

News reports quoted Chinese observers of Obama’s behavior — behavior that they clearly found offensive: “…Chinese Internet users, accustomed to the highly formal standards of their stiff party leadership, quickly characterized the leader of the world’s most powerful nation as an impolite ‘idler,’ or careless ‘rapper.’”

And it was just a few months before that incident that President Obama was taken to task for chewing gum during solemn D-Day ceremonies in France as Queen Elizabeth II was introduced.

But apparently, the president couldn’t care less about how his public gum-chewing is perceived as he travels to foreign lands for formal events important to his hosts.

The Times Of India newspaper characterized as “an ungainly sight” Obama’s habit once more on full display as he sat next to India’s prime minister during the Republic Day Parade.

Screen shot 2015-01-26 at 11.07.05 AM

Twitter users were also quick to comment on the lip-smacking exhibition by the U.S. president.

h/t: The Weekly Standard

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Shocking Experiment: Would You Survive A Heart Attack In India?

Ambulance respond time

Have you ever had a heart attack? How fast was the response to you? Five, maybe 10 minutes? This video shows the response in India.

In India, people do not treasure life like other parts of the world do. This was an “emergency” testing to see how fast it would take this ambulance to get to the patient.

It took the ambulance 13 minutes to get out of his parking spot alone because some careless person parked in front of it! Can you imagine? The footage is astounding! The sheer lack of compassion for another is despicable.

This powerful video shows that it’s not the government’s fault, nor the police’s, but it is the people’s. Their inability to care for another person causes them to be oblivious to the siren as well as the ambulance, and could care less they are impeding.

It’s a blessing to know that our ambulances here are able to get to those who need it because Americans show respect for all emergency vehicles – at least more so than people in India do.

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India Gets It–But America Doesn’t

India is still a third-world country, with half the homes still not having plumbing and a large percentage not having electricity. But even more significant than its dynamic technology sector growing into a world-class destination for contracts and capital is the fact that India has the most intelligent electorate in the world right now.

For the first time in 30 years, India’s voters have given a decisive majority — 336 of 543 seats in the lower house of Parliament — to one party. And it is not the dynastic Congress party of Jawaharlal Nehru (and now Rahul Gandhi) that has dominated Indian politics for the 67 years since independence from Great Britain; it’s the Bharatiya Janata party (BJP) and its Prime Minister-elect, Narendra Modi.

A closer look at what Modi’s platform is and the obstacles he had to overcome will have California Republicans weeping and gnashing their teeth that they didn’t draft Modi to run for Governor of the (once) Golden State. Modi’s agenda is precisely what is needed to rescue California (if not the Untied States) from its self-inflicted disaster.

The Congress party ran on a social welfare platform, promising more goodies, more subsidies, and more government programs for the poor.

The poor rejected it. They want economic growth and expanding opportunity, and lots of it. A 5% growth rate, which would be considered miraculous if it could be achieved anywhere in the West, is not good enough; they want 8% or better. They’ve tasted that in the last decade, and they want more of it. Modi and the BJP declined to play Santa Claus; refrained from stirring the identity politics of religion, region, caste, and ethnicity; restrained their more strident Hindu nationalist wing and tendencies; and instead focused on economic principles and basic good governance. The voters rewarded them for these principles and for their courage in proclaiming and defending them.

American Republicans might learn a thing or two about how an effective modern campaign is run, as the BJP left the Congress party in the dark ages with savvy use of technology and social media. Just because people don’t have electricity in their homes doesn’t mean they don’t have iPhones, Facebook, and Twitter. Modi even appeared as a holograph at events where he was unable to be physically present.

Manmohan Singh, prime minister of India for the past 10 years, Finance Minister from 1991-96, and Leader of the opposition party from 1998-2004, has been a potent pro-free market voice and force in India’s rise over the past 20 years to the status of international technology powerhouse. But his party, as too often happens with parties that get too cozy with unchallenged power for too long, has been rocked with corruption scandals in recent years. Apparatchiks have been feathering their own nests while the roads and bridges crumble (sound familiar?) The voters have had enough and want a party that can credibly promise a cleaner and more accountable regime–and modern highways and ports too.

Someone wake me when California voters demand the same.

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Feminist Agenda Versus The True Fight For Women’s Rights

War on Women SC Feminist Agenda Versus the True Fight for Women’s Rights

On a cold winter night, a public bus sped through the dark streets of New Delhi, India.  Curiously, the bus passed through several checkpoints without stopping at any of them including those guarded by the police.  Unknown to the outsiders, a grave crime was taking place on the bus.  Six men used iron bars to attack and furiously beat a young man senseless.  The same six men then proceeded to beat the man’s 23-year-old female friend and gang raped her mercilessly.

Far from being a tale of fiction, the events actually took place on the night of Sunday, December 16, 2012.  After ruthlessly beating the young couple and raping the young woman, the perpetrators threw their naked, half-dead bodies on the cold streets of New Delhi.  The woman suffered multiple injuries that required several surgeries and she now remains in critical condition fighting for her life.

The crime led to a backlash from the public and protestors swarmed the streets to demand justice for the young woman.  In response, the police used tear gas, batons, and water cannons in an effort to disperse the crowd away from the government buildings, injuring several people in the process.  Women were a good majority of those injured during the protest but police continued the onslaught in hopes of controlling the protest.  Only after days of protest, the government of India finally decided to become involved in the case.

The young woman needs prayers and support to make it through the horrific trauma she must be suffering now, but her trials are only just beginning.  If she recovers, she must consider what awaits her in the wake of this tragedy.

In India, family and friends could easily ostracize a rape victim.  The odds of her getting any justice are remote.  Consider, for example, there are approximately 40,000 rape cases in India that remain unresolved as of today.  Women in India remain at the mercy of laws that hardly give them any protection.  For example, the current laws have no provisions to protect women from sexual harassment at work.  Even today, India’s Marriage Act does not make provisions for women to have equal property rights.  Whether the government of India actually carries out its promises of dishing out justice in favor of the victim of the New Delhi rape case is something only time will show, but the incident gives one pause to reflect on the plight of women in America.

The contrast between the circumstances of women in India and America are incredible.  To be sure, tragedies occur in the United States as well but the portrayal of women’s issues in America needs reconsideration.  Modern feminists who screamed about the “War on Women” during the 2012 national election have much to learn about women’s rights.  The liberators who threw such tantrums against the “inhumanity” of unavailable free birth control from the government must consider how fortunate they are to live in a nation that allows them the freedom to voice their opinions.  Imagine what would become of them if they lived in a country that afforded them no protection against brutal attacks as the one experienced by the woman in New Delhi.

What makes the situation worse for a rape victim in India compared to one in America is the disinterest expressed by the Indian government to have laws in place which help women in their everyday struggles.  In comparison, the laws of the United States actively protect women’s rights and provide them with opportunities to advance in life.  In the United States, even the poorest girl has the opportunity to attend college, start a business, become a politician, practice law or medicine, and join the military.  In short, women in America have a chance to make a difference in the world.  The poor women in India are fortunate if they can find their next meal.

Yet, in their quest to fight for women’s rights, feminists in America have destroyed the essence of what it means to be a woman.  Today, feminists hold dedicated wives and mothers in contempt but young women demanding free birth control earn a top spot on the cover of Time magazine.  In their rush to gain “equality” for women, these feminists have destroyed the American family.  For those claiming to preach that women such as Abigail Adams, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Sojourner Truth were all feminists, rest assured they were dedicated wives and mothers before they became activists.  Even as activists, they did not pursue their own ambitions at the expense of their families.

The best lesson for Americans must include improving things in America for everyone.  Yes, this includes men, women, and children.  Emasculating men and alienating children in hopes of gaining greater “freedom” for women only hurts everyone involved.  By ignoring the family, feminists have done a disservice to women and actually devalued the role of women in America.  The only thing they have accomplished is to shift their attention from the family to the government.  Unfortunately, forfeiting their liberties to the government has helped make America a nation where the rights of people become secondary to the might of the government.  For what else is government dependence if not servitude?  Is this then the “freedom” these feminists seek?  What freedom is there when the government controls all things, even as it claims to provide for women’s rights?

The feminists in America should be aware that by infringing upon the rights of all people, they have helped create an atmosphere where no one’s rights remain intact, least of all those of women.  The unfortunate tragedy of the young woman in New Delhi should alert every woman in America that the true fight for women’s rights lays further away from our shores.  Perhaps, if we can remove the attention from our makeshift “women’s issues” in America for a moment, we just might be able to help those women who truly need the support.

Photo Credit: naralprochoiceamerica (Creative Commons)

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