Watch: Ann Coulter Just Took On These Three Liberals Without Even Breaking A Sweat

During a recent appearance on HBO’s Real Time, conservative author Ann Coulter found herself outnumbered – but not outmatched – by a panel of guests who disagreed with her stance on illegal immigration.

Host Bill Maher acknowledged that his show is akin to “the lion’s den” for Ann Coulter, predicting that his other guests – specifically Democrat U.S. Rep Luis Gutierrez and MSNBC host Joy Reid – are “really not going to like what you say.”

Nevertheless, Coulter discussed the issues and solutions she explored in her latest book, Adios, America!, while defending her views against an onslaught of leftist derision.

She set the stage by engaging in a debate with Maher, who suggested there are more illegal Hispanics in America because of their home country’s proximity to the U.S.

“We didn’t used to take people just because they lived in walking distance,” Coulter shot back. “We used to have an immigration policy where we would choose the best in the world.”

She went on to describe pre-1970 immigrants in comparison to those of today, stating that they were “more educated, made more money, were more likely to buy houses – and 30 percent of them went home.”

Pushed to explain how her estimate that 30 million immigrants is more than twice the number registered by the U.S. Census Bureau, Coulter plugged her book – “I’ll be happy to explain but I think it’s easier to read” – before digging into the numbers behind the numbers.

While a sizeable percentage of illegals likely decided not to fill out official census paperwork, Coulter said the data she relied on used more tangible information including “remittances to Mexico, school enrollment [and] housing permits.”

Coulter punctuated her rant with a monologue that included criticism of an increasingly hostile audience.

“Should American immigration policy be used to benefit the people already here,” she asked, “or should it be benefiting Pakistani pushcart operators, illiterate in their own language, never mind ours, who come here, go on welfare, commit terrorism, engage in crimes? Why wouldn’t you look out across the world like a sports team does and try to find the crème de la crème? Not like this audience. We don’t want these people.”

Maher turned to the audience and confirmed: “You gotta give it to her. She ain’t afraid.”

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Revealed: How Obama Is Quietly Implementing Illegal Immigration Plans Despite Court Blocks

President Obama is moving forward with a stealth program to weave illegal immigrants into the fabric of American society.

As Western Journalism has reported, the president’s effort to defer deportation and grant certain citizenship rights to millions of illegal immigrants through executive orders has been temporarily blocked, with a federal appeals court upholding an injunction against Obama’s executive amnesty. Late last month, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit backed the ruling of a Texas judge and slapped the administration with a second major legal setback in Obama’s effort to bypass the Congress and protect as many as 5 million illegals from facing deportation.

Now, in an exclusive report, Fox News says that not only are illegal immigrant women and children continuing to flood across the country’s southern border in large numbers, but those who’ve been apprehended and ordered to appear in court are simply not complying — they’re thumbing their noses at the law and disappearing in huge numbers into the population.

While this isn’t what Obama ultimately wants in terms of amnesty for illegals, it does advance the basic cause of helping those here unlawfully to remain in the country. Critics of the president’s supposed program to prevent this sort of abuse of the system by illegals say the administration’s effort has failed to keep the problem from getting worse; thus, it has succeeded in letting illegal immigrants off the hook and into society.

As the Fox News report by William La Jeunesse notes: “‘That strategy is obviously a complete failure because such a high percentage of these people who were not detained have simply melted into the larger illegal population and have no fear of immigration enforcement,’ said Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies for the Center for Immigration Studies.”

So even as the president’s amnesty plan is working its way through the legal system, Obama appears to be working around the courts with an immigration enforcement operation that lets more and more illegal women and children escape the legal process and integrate into the legal population.

“…’the Border Patrol was right all along, that these people were coming because they knew they would be allowed to stay, that they were not planning to make some kind of plea for humanitarian status such as asylum,’ said Vaughan.”

Regarding the ongoing legal challenge to the president’s executive amnesty orders, Politico reports that the next hearing before the Court of Appeals is scheduled to take place in a few weeks.

The 5th Circuit has announced that a three-judge panel will hear arguments in New Orleans on July 10 on the merits of the current appeal: whether U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hanen’s preliminary injunction should be upheld or lifted.

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Shocking Statistic: Mexico Deports More Illegals Than The US Does

As the United States’ borders have become weaker in recent years, the southernmost Mexican border has become more fortified than our border along Mexico. In fact, the border along the southern portion of Mexico is so much stronger than ours that Mexico is now beating the U.S. at deporting people from the borders.

Mexico deported 92,889 Central American individuals between October 2014 and April 2015. That is the number of “other than Mexican” illegals that Mexico sent back to their homelands. The U.S. only detained 70,226 “other than Mexican” illegals trying to get across our borders. These numbers are a stark contrast to what they were a year ago. From October 2013 to April 2014, the U.S. detained 159,103 “other than Mexican” individuals, while Mexico only detained 49,893 Central American illegals.

The big switch came about because the U.S. asked Mexico to be actively involved in stopping unaccompanied minors from Central America from coming illegally into the U.S. Out of that request came a new Mexican task force. Mexico’s New Southern Border program is working well in several major ways. It sent 5,000 federal police to its southernmost border and checked borders at the highways coming into Mexico from Central America.

Why has the Mexican government been more successful than the U.S. at deporting in the first place?

Mexico has had more success at deportation due in part to its very stringent immigration laws. In fact, Mexico considers entering the country illegally a felony. The idea of languishing in a Mexican prison is enough to convince most illegals to avoid being caught there. In fact, most Central American people trying to flee their homeland are not looking to stay in Mexico. They are just trying to pass through to the United States.

Mexico also has greater success at deportation than the U.S. due to how fast the turnover is for illegal persons in their country. The process for anyone caught crossing the border into Mexico is rather speedy and with no lengthy red tape. People are held long enough to confirm their identity, and then they are promptly sent back to their country of origin. In the U.S., when a person is detained for crossing our borders illegally, he/she waits indefinitely for the proper paperwork to deport them; or, if one should claim asylum, it could take years for him or her to either be granted or denied asylum to the states. However, illegals are permitted to stay in the U.S. while they wait to be seen by an immigration judge.

In 2014, there were 449,000 pending asylum cases in the U.S. Mexico had 1,525. Out of that number, Mexico granted 247.

Mexico is pushing for the U.S. to loosen existing laws regarding Mexicans crossing the borders into our country. In the meantime, it apparently has no intentions of loosening their laws about illegal aliens crossing its borders.

Do you think that Mexico should loosen their immigration laws? Share your comments with us below.

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Exposed: Donald Trump’s Circus Act

Poor Jeb.

He’s Donald Trump’s first Republican victim, but he won’t be his last.

On Monday, Bush officially declared he was a Republican candidate for president, something everyone knew was coming.

Jeb gave a serious, by-the-book announcement speech, explaining his many qualifications, making his claim that he’s a true conservative and promising to make America great again.

It was boringly Bush, and maybe a little too moderate for hardline conservatives. But it was mature and dignified. Presidential even.

The mainstream media gave Jeb token coverage for about a day. Some were especially impressed by his fluency in Spanish.

But then on Tuesday, the one-man, one-ring, Donald Trump circus rolled into Republican town.

The Donald wasted no time proving to everyone why he should not be president. He also proved why he’s going to spell trouble for the GOP primary process.

Winging it without a written speech or a Teleprompter, Trump mangled lots of facts about the economy, attacked Republicans Jeb and Marco Rubio, offended the Mexican nation, and admitted proudly that he was absurdly rich and ready to spend millions electing himself.

Entertaining and scary at the same time, Trump was a speeding political train wreck before he got a chance to leave the station.

He said horrible and untrue things about illegal Mexican immigrants, saying they were mostly criminals and murderers while admitting only “some of them may be good people.”

Yet Trump surely hit some nerves when he said we’ve become a country of losers because our leaders are a bunch of losers who can’t get it right in Iraq, Iran, Washington, or anywhere else.

And who’s going to argue with the Donald when he says the Chinese are winning every trade deal we make with them? Or that we’re stuck with crumbling Third World airports like LAX and LaGuardia.

It was Trump in all his self-powered glory.

The media began bashing and mocking him immediately, mainly by merely repeating some of the dumb or outlandish things he blurted.

Trump is not the Ross Perot of 2016. Perot was a serious businessman who wanted to fix the economy and balance the federal budget.

Trump is a vanity candidate. He’s also the wild-and-crazy GOP guy the liberal media have been praying for.

Jon Stewart — whose progressive shtick on the “Daily Show” usually reflects the worst ideas and values of the Democrat faithful — thanked the heavens for Trump’s decision to run.

The Donald is a gift that will keep Hollywood’s comedy sector supplied with a steady stream of material guaranteed to get laughs and always reflect poorly on Republicans.

Another thing. When Trump’s on the stage, he becomes the center of attention and sucks the air out of the room with his wild and crazy personality.

Trump might actually possess some right answers for dealing with the legacy of problems the Obama gang will leave behind.

But he will not be able to get anything done because to fix things in government, you have to know how to work with other people.

Trump doesn’t. He’s a solo act, an ego in chief, an order-giving business exec. He isn’t used to negotiating or working with others.

Everyone knows Trump can’t win. He knows it too. He’s a dangerous distraction and a stain on the GOP brand, but conservatives stuck with him.

For him, the 2016 GOP primary is just another TV reality show. But this time, it’s a show with real consequences, domestically and internationally.

He’ll create lots of late-night laughs. He might even force substantive candidates to address important subjects they’d prefer to dodge, like immigration reform.

But as long as Trump’s in the race, he can only hurt the Republican cause, whether it’s by making the party’s primary process look like a clown convention or bumping someone smart and fiery like Carly Fiorina off the TV debate stage.

The Donald and his multi-billions have crashed the GOP’s exclusive 2016 party for now. But in the long run, he’ll be the joker who’ll be trumped.

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Marine Just Demolished Jeb Bush In This Open Letter Every Politician Should Read

Despite broad support among the party’s establishment players, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is having a difficult time appealing to conservatives thus far in his 2016 presidential bid. Concerns over his stance on issues like immigration have made supporting Bush a tough sell among many in the GOP’s right wing.

Among the latest to share his distrust of the candidate was Marine and conservative writer Mike Shepard. In an open letter to Bush published this week on DC Gazette, Shepard offered an explanation for his bold statement: “I will not cast my vote for Jeb Bush anymore [sic] than I would cast one for Bill or Hillary.”

He went on to cite Bush’s speech announcing his candidacy, noting that he found much of the politician’s rhetoric unbelievable – especially the portion during which Bush promised to be an advocate for members of the U.S. military.

“The most important thing anyone can do for our troops,” Shepard wrote, “is protect this country which protects their kids. You are not only a supporter of illegal amnesty, but believe our border should remain open.”

If he is as serious about protecting all Americans as he is about safeguarding his own family, Shepard continued, Bush should support steps similar to those he uses to secure his home.

“I would be willing to bet,” he wrote, “your house is secure each night your family goes to sleep. If you truly care about others then you should do everything to protect them.”

Shepard went on to invoke 9/11, noting that dangerous actors continue to enter the U.S. undetected by crossing a porous southern border.

“If you think having an open border is safe,” he concluded, “then you are not a president we need. I wish you the very best and pray for everyone which includes you. I hope and pray you find other ways to live your life without destroying ours. God bless you and please send my love to your brother and dad. No offense, but you could learn a thing or two from those two men.”

Is Jeb Bush trustworthy? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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