The Betrayal Papers Part III: The Extensive Muslim Brotherhood Network In America

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What do Common Core, “comprehensive” immigration reform, and IRS targeting of conservatives groups have in common? They are just a few of many examples of Muslim Brotherhood-connected policy initiatives affecting the lives of Americans every day. Under Obama, many new domestic policies, as well as many scandals, can be traced back to, in varying degrees, the Muslim Brotherhood.

To understand why America no longer feels like America – why it seems that the government has its favorites while others are targeted and even persecuted – it is important to understand two strong influences on the Muslim Brotherhood. The first is historical: the Nazi Party of Hitler’s Germany. The second is more contemporary: the strategy developed by Al Qaeda’s strategic mastermind, Abu Musab al-Suri.

Consider just one subject area mentioned in the full report–illegal immigration–which can be read here: Betrayal Papers Part 3.


Over the past several years, the U.S. military has been purged of hundreds of high-ranking officers. Many of these dedicated life-long military leaders were dismissed for trivial “offenses.” Simultaneously, Christianity, Christians, and the Bible are being purged from the U.S. military. Christian chaplains are being reprimanded for sharing their faith. Indeed, the Pentagon has gone so far as to state that sharing the Gospel could result in court martials for anyone in the military. The Family Research Council has listed recent actions taken against Christians in the military and released a video detailing the “Clear and Present Danger” Christians in the military face.

Anti-Police Protests: In conjunction with the militarization of DHS, the Obama Administration and Eric Holder’s “Justice” Department have targeted state and local law enforcement. Their anti-police agenda culminated last summer with orchestrated riots in Ferguson, Missouri, and violent protests in New York City. Among the most prominent groups involved in these protests was ANSWER, a pro-Palestinian group that had on its original steering committee the Muslim Students Association.

And—the NYC cop killer Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley had publicly stated on his Facebook page that he was a former Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) (Muslim Brotherhood) employee. At the time of the killing, ISNA’s president was Mohamed Magid, an advisor to Obama, DHS, and the National Security Council.

Read more about spying and wiretapping, George Soros, the militarization of Homeland Security, and the plan to destroy America’s economy.

Taken alone, none of these events would be of much concern in a country of more than 300 million people. Even the general feeling of depression and oppression by government could be overlooked as a result of global economic conditions, seen as “outside the control” of even the President of the United States.

But when seen together through the lens of the Muslim Brotherhood’s carefully constructed plan, it becomes quite clear that America is being destroyed from within. Attacks on cops, illegal immigration policies, IRS persecution of American citizens, the infiltration, and propaganda being taught to children through Common Core school curricula all originate from the genesis of the Muslim Brotherhood.

American citizens have an opportunity and dire responsibility to reverse this course by demanding the Constitution be enforced, that terrorists be deported, and that the protection of citizens comes first before any and all policies.


The Betrayal Papers is a collaborative effort by the Coalition of Concerned Citizens, which includes: Andrea Shea King, Dr. Ashraf Ramelah, Benjamin Smith, Bethany Blankley, Brent Parrish, Charles Ortel, Chris Nethery, Denise Simon, Dick Manasseri, Gary Kubiak, Gates of Vienna, IQ al Rassooli, Jeff Bayard, Leslie Burt, Marcus Kohan, Mary Fanning, General Paul E. Vallely, Regina Thomson, Scott Smith, Terresa Monroe-Hamilton, Colonel Thomas Snodgrass, Trevor Loudon, Wallace Bruschweiler, and William Palumbo.

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U.S. Teaching Legal/Illegal Immigrants To Unionize

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The United States has signed agreements with Mexico, the Philippines, and Ecuador to instruct immigrant workers–legal or illegal–about their right to join a union.

Furthermore, the Washington Examiner reports that last month, the United States’ National Labor Relations Board instituted a new policy that will facilitate illegal immigrants obtaining visas:

…if their status impedes [them] from pursuing a labor violation case against a business. The policy gives illegal immigrants living in the U.S. a strong incentive to engage in labor activism, because doing so will make employers reluctant to fire them and potentially get them a visa, and therefore legal status, if they are fired.

The National Labor Relations Board is the enforcement agency created from the National Labor Relations Act, which was passed in 1935 during the administration of President Franklin Roosevelt. The central purpose of the act was to guarantee the right to collective bargaining.

The NLRB’s chief counsel, Richard Griffin, testified before Congress last week that one of the main purposes of the series of bilateral “memorandums of understanding” between the United States, Mexico, Ecuador, and the Philippines is “…to strengthen collaborative efforts to provide foreign business owners doing business in the United States, as well as workers from those countries, with education, guidance and access to information regarding their rights and responsibilities under our statute.”

The Examiner found it strange that, if a primary purpose of these agreements is to help educate foreign business owners about workers’ rights in the United States, why the agreements were with only three countries whose nationals employ relatively few Americans–while two of the three (Mexico and the Philippines) supply a large number of immigrants to the workforce.

One result of these new agreements, according to the Examiner, is: “An employer who fires an illegal immigrant worker — which is required under federal immigration law — can be sanctioned by the board if it decides the worker’s union activism was the real reason for the dismissal.”

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Pro-Amnesty Rep. Luis Gutiérrez Ran Off Stage By Concerned Patriots

USC Patriots Booing Rep. Gutierrez

Congressman Luis Gutiérrez, D-Ill., an advocate for Obama’s blanket amnesty, was speaking at a Spanish-only USC event on Saturday when a small crowd began to drown out the larger crowd’s chatter with boos and chants of “U-S-A.”

The emphatic crowd opposed the Spanish-only platform and was visibly outraged by Gutiérrez. The Illinois congressman chose to take no verbal questions from the audience and would only respond to written questions after they had been approved.

Luis Gutierrez


Headphones were offered to English-speaking attendees for translations as the entire speech was delivered in Spanish.

After Gutiérrez finished speaking, he promptly fled the stage.

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5th Circuit Court Of Appeals Grants Expedited Review Of Executive Immigration Stay

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Conservatives cheered when Federal Judge Andrew Hanen stayed the Obama administration’s illegal action to issue work permits to millions of immigrants here illegally. This Texas judge has been one of the few people in positions of power in this country willing to stand up to the corruption and criminal behavior from this White House and administration.

However, today, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in the United States agreed to hear an expedited review of the stay that was put in place. The hearing will not delve into the merits of the ruling that blocked the president’s illegal actions, although it will examine the stay itself and make a decision on allowing it to go forward–or not.

Politico reports:

A federal appeals court announced Tuesday that it will hold an unusual oral argument session next month on the question of whether to stay a judge’s order blocking President Barack Obama from carrying out new immigration executive actions he put forward last year.

The 5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals said it will hold two hours of oral argument in New Orleans on April 17. The session is aimed not at the legal merits of the ruling U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hanen issued last month, but on whether to grant the federal government’s motion to put that order on hold while the appeal of his decision goes forward.

Legal experts described as extraordinary the appeals court’s decision to hold a public session focusing on a stay.

“That’s extremely rare,” said University of Richmond Law Professor Carl Tobias. “Those are almost always addressed just on the papers and very quickly….I guess they just see this as such a huge issue between states and administration they’re giving it full-dress treatment.”

The one positive thing to come from this announcement is that this appeals court is one of the most conservative circuits in the country and is heavily populated with judges appointed by Republican administrations. Although there is the possibility that the stay could be lifted and the illegal amnesty allowed to proceed while the appeal on the ruling runs its course, the alternative is that a ruling in conservatives’ favor could put this issue to bed until it reaches the Supreme Court.

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Obama Admin Releases 166,000 Criminal Illegal Aliens

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Judicial Watch obtained documents proving that, to date, the Obama administration has released 165,950 illegal aliens with criminal convictions back into the population. The watchdog organization released 76 pages of Homeland Security documents on Friday, retrieved through FOIA request, showing that many of the criminals were found guilty of violent crimes, including homicide, sexual assault, kidnapping, and aggravated assault.

According to a report published by the Center for Immigration Services in May 2014, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) freed 36,007 convicted criminal aliens who had nearly 88,000 convictions, including 193 homicide convictions, 426 sexual assault convictions, and 303 kidnapping convictions in the year 2013 alone.

Immediately following the release of the CIS report, former Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Congressman Lamar Smith, R-Texas, issued a statement terming the action “the worst prison break in American history.” He added that “President Obama’s lax immigration policies have put the lives of Americans at risk.”

The documents obtained by Judicial Watch include an email from House Homeland Security Subcommittee Counsel Valerie Baldwin to the Executive Associate Director of ICE Thomas Homan last May expressing the subcommittee’s frustration over ICE’s stonewalling of information concerning the criminal alien release policies:

At the ICE hearing and throughout the data call on ICE’s budget request, we’ve requested data on the make-up of the non-detained ATD [Alternatives to Detention] docket, specifically as it relates to violent crimes. I’m wondering why the Washington Times and Washington Post have more information on the ATD population than the Chairman and the other members of the subcommittee. Please respond with an answer today.

Western Journalism reported on a high profile ICE nationwide sweep for criminal illegal aliens (called “Operation Cross Check”) which occurred in the first week of March, 2015. ICE touted that it had rounded up over 2,000 criminal illegal aliens who “will be processed administratively for removal from the United States.” According to an ICE press release, the agency had gone after:

Priority 1 targets [which] include threats to national security, criminal street gang members, convicted felons, and aggravated felons. Priority 2 targets [which] have convictions for three or more misdemeanors or convictions for significant misdemeanors, including DUIs.

The documents obtained by Judicial Watch call into question the seriousness of ICE’s efforts in executing its own stated priorities. Judicial Watch’s president, Tom Fitton, said:

It’s appalling that we’ve had to sue in federal court to get key information about the Obama administration’s release of 165,950 convicted criminal aliens. These documents show the Obama administration is lying when it says that its ‘enforcement priorities’ include deporting illegal aliens who have committed heinous crimes…Where do the innocent victims of the illegal alien criminals this president’s appointees have set free go for justice?

h/t: Breitbart

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