Hillary Just Vowed To Never Utter These 2 Words During Her Campaign- And It Says A LOT

Hillary Clinton promised on Tuesday to refrain from using the phrase “illegal immigrant” during the rest of her campaign, saying she employed a “poor choice of words” at a previous campaign event.

Jose Antonia Vargas, an immigration activist, asked the former secretary of state during a Telemundo Facebook chat if she would commit to his “#wordsmatter” pledge regarding the issue.

“On behalf of the organization I founded, Define American, and the 11.7 million undocumented immigrants in this country — including myself — I am asking all the presidential candidates to recognize that #wordsmatter by committing to not using the term ‘illegal’ when referencing the undocumented population,” Vargas wrote on Facebook.

Vargas and others seeking a recognized status by the government for those who moved into the United States illegally prefer the term on “undocumented immigrants.”

Clinton responded to Vargas’ question on Facebook writing, “Yes, I will. That was a poor choice of words. As I’ve said throughout this campaign, the people at the heart of this issue are children, parents, families, DREAMers. They have names, and hopes and dreams that deserve to be respected.”

“I’ve talked about undocumented immigrants hundreds of times and fought for years for comprehensive immigration reform,” Clinton added. “And I will continue to do so.”

“We are a country built by immigrants and our diversity makes us stronger as a nation – it’s something to be proud of, celebrate, and defend,” she concluded.

At a town hall in New Hampshire earlier this month, Clinton was asked about securing the border to stop the flow of illegal immigrants.

“Look, I voted numerous times when I was a senator to spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in. And I do think you have to control your borders,” Clinton said.

Ted Cruz argued during the Republican presidential debate earlier this month that the United States has the right and the responsibility to uphold its immigration laws.

“I will say for those of us who believe people ought to come to this country legally and we should enforce the law, we’re tired of being told it is anti-immigrant, it’s offensive!” Cruz said.

“I am the son of an immigrant who came legally from Cuba to seek the American dream and we can embrace legal immigration, while believing in the rule of law,” he said.

“And I would note, try going illegally to another country. Try going to China or Japan. Try going to Mexico. See what they do. Every sovereign nation secure its borders and it is not compassionate to say we are not going to enforce the law and we are going to drive down wages for millions of hardworking Americans.”  

H.S. Cheer Captain Says 1 Sentence About Immigration, Instantly Gets Kicked Off Team

A high school cheerleading captain lost her spot on the squad after she sent out a tweet about immigration.

Caley Godino, a student at Revere High School in Massachusetts, was required to watch the presidential debates as part of her homework for a civics class. Her teacher tweeted about the low voter turnout in the community’s mayoral election earlier this month.

The teenager replied to the tweet, “When only 10 percent of Revere votes for mayor cause the other 90 percent isn’t legal.” Caley told Fox25 that her tweet was not meant as a racial comment, and that she was merely following the lead of Donald Trump, whose views resonate with her.

According to Boston.com, the 2010 census found Revere has a 27 percent immigrant population (double the 1990 figure), with the largest numbers coming from Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Other students complained about Caley’s tweet, and the school stepped in, kicking her off the cheerleading squad for the rest of the season.

Revere Superintendent Dianne Kelly says the school believes in freedom of speech, but insensitive language is unacceptable. “If you’re going to stand up and say something that other people will find offensive- than you need to be prepared to deal with the ramifications of that,” Kelly said.

Caley’s mother told Fox25 that she does not believe her daughter’s punishment was appropriate.

Kelly responded that Caley was disciplined for more than just the tweet, but due to student privacy law, she could not reveal additional information. “I would just say that, not everything you read is a full story of what’s happening,” she said.

The school is reportedly bringing together a group of teachers and students to create a curriculum about diversity and acceptance.

Do you think Caley’s punishment fit the “crime”? Please share your thoughts below. 

While Obama Does Nothing, These Vets Are Taking A HUGE Step Against Illegal Immigration

They fight for the ideals of America while wearing their nation’s uniform–and they’re still at it.

The Arizona Border Recon, military veterans, augmented by concerned citizens, patrol the border between the United States and Mexico. What they have seen should be a warning to the policymakers in Washington.

Last Monday, five Pakistanis and one Afghan were arrested by the U.S. Border Patrol trying to cross into the country illegally. That’s nothing new, said Tim Foley, the field operations director for Arizona Border Recon. Department of Homeland Security records show an average of one Pakistani a day arrested for coming into America illegally, with more than one per week from Afghanistan, Syria or Iraq.

“There’s Palestinians, Afghans, Syrians trying to get in. We are trying to stop everything and anything from coming across,” said Foley.

The debris illegal immigrants leave behind says a lot about who they are, Foley said.

“Korans, prayer rugs,” he said. “Right up the road here one of the ranch hands had a Muslim with a prayer rug over his shoulder and chest length beard cut square walk up to him and ask for water.”

The Arizona Border Recon, whose members have been patrolling for five years, stage week-long patrols every few months to help plug the leakiest sections of the border and steer illegal immigrants into areas that are more heavily patrolled.

“We have the war on drugs and the war on terror and it seems that they are combining right here on the border,” said Foley. “We’re not a militia, we’re not a three percent group, we do not advocate overthrowing the government…we are an extra set of eyes and ears for Border Patrol.”

Foley said the veterans are not against immigrants, but against law-breakers.

“If you want a better life then go through the front door,” Foley said. “Do it the right way. Don’t come sneaking underneath in through the back door through the window because that makes you suspect.”

Arizona Border Recon’s work does not go unnoticed.

“There are giants among us. Men and women of true grit that put themselves before those that would seek to do our country harm, like a shield wall. Much like the reluctant anti-heroes in the pages of a Louis L’Amour saga, they do so at great sacrifice to their personal lives,” wrote Jason Van Tatenhove, Media Director and Associate Editor for Oath Keepers.

h/t: KVOA

Watch: ‘The View’ Host Just Slammed Repubs’ Refugee Response By Saying 1 Shocking Line About Christians

The discourse from the left is becoming increasingly vitriolic as the national conversation about the Syrian refugees coming to America heats up.

Now, Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg from ABC’s “The View” have entered the conversation, and what they have been saying about Christians is sure to spark controversy.

Many Republicans, such as Ted Cruz, have been arguing that Christian refugees from Syria need to be included more in the ranks of people coming from Syria.

In fact, 97.5 percent of refugees coming from Syria to the U.S. are Muslims.

In conversations about Islam and Christianity, liberals often like to cite the Crusades as an example of Christian evil but that is usually as far as they go. The Crusades were fought many hundreds of years ago attempting to take land in and near the Holy Land which had already been captured by the Muslims in their jihads.

However, Behar and Goldberg weren’t content with the usual reference to the Crusades and decided to go much further.

Behar started it, by saying that Timothy McVeigh was a Christian. McVeigh infamously took part in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

Much more controversially, Whoopi Goldberg then chimed in by saying that, “There are a lot of monster Christians. Hitler was a Christian.”

While Adolf Hitler did use Christian rhetoric while gaining power in Germany, his version of “Christianity” was a far cry from what is normally considered Christianity.

After he took power in Germany, Hitler set up a Reich Church, in which there was essentially no god but Hitler.

Notably, the Bible and pictures of saints were removed from church altars and replaced with copies of Mein Kampf.  The cross was removed from churches and replaced with the swastika.

Ray Comfort, the author of Hitler, God, and The Bible, has said that Hitler “hated the Bible,” adding that Hitler did however have about 100,000 copies of his own “bible” printed.

In Hitler’s “bible,” all Jewish words such as hallelujah were removed. He also replaced the Ten Commandments with 12 of his own, including “keep the blood pure and your honor holy” and “honor your Fuhrer and Master.”

Comfort said:  “Adolf Hitler was the nastiest, most hate-filled, almost wickedest man in history and to say that he was a Christian is to be tremendously ignorant, or to be disingenuous.”

What do you think of Whoopi Goldberg saying that “there are a lot of monster Christians” and then saying that “Hitler was a Christian?”

Watch: 65-Yr-Old Woman Loads Groceries In Wal-Mart Parking Lot – Then The Unthinkable Happens

Georgia police are looking for a murder suspect who ran over a 65-year old widow as he was making his getaway Tuesday from a purse-snatching in a Wal-Mart parking lot.

According to WXIA, TV11 in Atlanta, the incident took place about 8 p.m. in Covington, Georgia, when the victim, Marsha Penn Johnson, was leaving the store and a man snatched her purse and knocked her down, then got in his car and ran over Johnson several times before fleeing.

Witnesses attempted to block his exit but he still made off with the purse, leaving Johnson to die in the parking lot, the station reported.

Johnson, who had recently retired, was getting by on her own since her husband’s death several months ago, WXIA reported. Police Who Care, Crimestoppers and Wal-Mart are offering a $10,000 reward to anyone who can help locate the killer and his accomplice.

The suspects are a large Hispanic male and a female passenger traveling in a 1990s model Honda Accord. If it is determined that the attacker is an illegal immigrant, the incident will most certainly draw attention and serve to add fuel to the fire in the latest controversy surrounding illegals and sanctuary cities that protect them.

According to the Daily Signal, Georgia is a “Haven for Violent Illegal Immigrants.”

U.S. Sen. David Perdue, R-Ga, issued a statement to the Daily Signal regarding the growing number of illegal aliens in his state.

“This is a disturbing trend that has to stop…The reality is violent illegal immigrants are repeatedly entering our country and posing a dangerous risk to our families and communities. Too many victims have unjustly suffered the consequences of President Obama’s lawless executive amnesty and lack of action to address this illegal immigration crisis.”

Georgia deports more illegals than every other state that isn’t a border state. In 2013, Georgia deported over 7,000 illegals, half of whom had been deported before, and over 1,000 were convicted felons, the Daily Signal reported.

When will the U.S. take action, close the borders, build a wall, and outlaw sanctuary cities?