The Epidemic of Birth Tourism

Joe Guzzardi,

A pregnant woman’s journey from a remote village in China to an American birthing center is geographically long and arduous. But skilled middlemen well-schooled in the loopholes of U.S. immigration policy can make her travels much easier. The woman’s mission, to deliver an American-born child with all the privileges associated with citizenship status, is a priceless commodity that makes whatever risks she may take worthwhile.

Wherever people who yearn to migrate to American may reside, eager “consultants” will, for a fee, provide the necessary training to increase their chances of success. Traditionally, these intermediaries have thrived through newspaper advertisements, leaflets distributed in public places and word of mouth. More recently, they offer their services—sometimes above board and quasi-legitimate but often unscrupulous and with criminal intent—over the Internet….

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Obama Brings Dangerous Mexican Trucks to Your Highways

Kevin “Coach” Collins

Not content with soaring unemployment numbers and destroying our banking, housing, health care, auto making, and oil drilling industries (to name just a few) Barack Obama has just handed Mexico virtual control of the American trucking industry.

One of Obama’s most useful idiots, putative Republican U.S. Secretary Transportation Ray LaHood, traveled to Mexico City to sign the “agreement” far from our gaze as he made certain America’s humiliation was complete.

By ratifying a so-called “pilot” program to allow Mexican junk wagons disguised as long haul trucks onto the highways we pay for, Obama has handed his pal Felipe Calderón another way to sneak undocumented fraudulent Democrat voters all over our nation.

Unless a lawsuit brought by the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) is successful, within weeks Mexican trucks, many of which are American fleet castoffs, will be found in every corner of our country.

Mexican Commercial Drivers Licenses (CDL) the essential document for all truckers do exist, but they are just as easily purchased on Mexican streets as any other phony document. Drug testing of Mexican drivers will be done by….

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Obama Imports Illegal Voters with Communicable Diseases

Kevin “Coach” Collins

Obama’s latest backdoor ICE amnesty will bring death to some innocent Americans; bank on that. By ordering ICE agents to virtually stop deporting illegal aliens Obama is importing fraudulent voters with serious diseases. He has deliberately placed us all in danger and said, “The American middle class can go to Hell.”

Over the years, Democratic presidents have betrayed America to various degrees. A feckless John Kennedy double crossed CIA efforts to overthrow Castro; Carter gave away the Panama Canal and Clinton sold the Chinese secret missile technology. Now Barack Obama may have topped these dubious “achievements” by stepping up his war on the Middle Class and threatening our very lives in his lust for power.

Not content to tax us into numbing poverty and hopelessness, Obama is throwing our borders open to bring in fraudulent new Democrat voters without regard for the fact they are bringing deadly diseases with them. The consistent evidence is that, many of these illegal aliens are carriers of virulent diseases.

Diseases Sneaking in with These Illegals

Whooping Cough a disease associated with third world sanitation failures is being found in growing numbers in locations where illegals congregate and live. Smithtown Long Island is such a place. Without reporting the high level of illegals in the area, a media report told of “dozens” of….

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Video: Go Ahead, Put Alligators in the Rio Grande, Says Congressman

Another Republican Governor Does Something About Illegals

Joe Guzzardi,

Last month, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley signed legislation (HB 56) that requires the use of E-Verify by all state employers. The law also gives Alabama some of the country’s strongest illegal-immigration enforcement tools.

Over the last decade, illegal immigration has increased in Alabama by 325 percent.

In a statement that underlines how over-immigration hurts American workers State Senator Scott Beason, a HB 56 cosponsor, said, “This is a jobs bill. We have a problem with an illegal workforce that displaces Alabama workers. We need to put those people back to work. That’s the No.1 priority.”

Another supporter, Republican state Rep. John Merrill said he didn’t hesitate to back the legislation because it is “good for Alabama” and will reduce illegal immigration into the state while “providing equal opportunities for all because who want to come to Alabama legally.” HB 56 requires all businesses, public and private, to begin using E-Verify effective April 1, 2012. Businesses that do not comply face suspension of their license and loss of employee expensing for state income tax purposes.

Other features of HB 56 will create misdemeanors for hiring day-laborers when Americans are available, failing to carry an alien registration card, producing fake ID and aiding and abetting illegal immigrants. It also will ban illegal aliens from attending state universities and colleges as well as prohibit sanctuary city policies.

In an effort to determine what the exact costs are of education for illegal alien children….

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