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Poll: 60% of Tea Party, Nearly Half of GOP Support Impeaching Obama

Ben Johnson,

A new poll reported in an unlikely source shows a broad majority of Tea Party members and roughly half of all Republicans support impeaching Barack Obama. More than 1,000 registered voters were asked, “Would you support or oppose the impeachment of President Obama?” Among those who describe themselves as Tea Party members, a full 60 percent support impeachment. An additional 16 percent are unsure.

Among Republicans, 48 percent support impeachment and 22 percent are unsure.

A Democratic Poll on a Left-Wing Website

Public Policy Polling, which is described as “an American Democratic Party-affiliated polling firm based in Raleigh,” conducted the survey from March 4-6. Its results appeared on the left-wing website the Daily Kos.


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Obama: Impeach and Convict Now!

Larry Klayman,

During the Clinton presidency, after just a few years of mounting scandal, including the Chinagate affair – where the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics, “Bill and Hill,” illegally laundered millions of dollars in contributions to their legal-defense fund and the president’s re-election campaign coffers – Howard Phillips of The Conservative Caucus and I rounded up a group of other conservatives, the so-called “great right-wing conspiracy,” and asked then-Rep. Bob Barr, a Republican from Georgia, to introduce articles of impeachment. Bob heeded the call and dutifully did so. It was clear at the time that the nation was on the verge of a crisis – as the president and first lady had subverted the Constitution in a number of ways (documented in my book Whores)…

While I firmly believe that Obama, Hillary Clinton, and many Democrats around them have been, as in Chinagate more than a decade earlier, bribed by foreign regimes – such as the radical Islamic regime in Iran – I cannot prove it at this time. However, from what has already occurred, the offenses of the “mullah in chief” are “already” so compelling as to warrant immediate impeachment and conviction for his high crimes and misdemeanors, before the United States is totally destroyed by him…

Here is just a partial list of the most impeachable and convictable of President Obama’s offenses:

First, there is his recent refusal to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, which allows states that do not perform gay marriages to refuse to honor homosexual marriages performed in other states. To disobey a law enacted by Congress amounts to a subversion of our Constitution.

Second, there is Obama’s treasonous act of sanctioning a complaint, filed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton before the U.N. Human Rights Commission, against the state of Arizona for its enacting of S.B. 1070, the anti-illegal immigration legislation the president also attacked in federal court. This is the same Human Rights Commission that has had as members a variety of terrorist states, such as Libya and Cuba.

Third, there is Obama’s visceral hatred and subversion of the state of Israel, whose national security interests are so closely tied to our own. His recent invitation to the Muslim Brotherhood, the granddaddy of terrorist groups bent on destroying the Jewish state, to join the new Egyptian government not only amounts to a dagger in the side of Israeli security, but American security as well….