WATCH: Gowdy Hammers Hillary Mercilessly As He Destroys Her Benghazi Defense On Nat’l TV

You could call it the Gowdy version of an “f-bomb” — the GOP congressman’s repeated use of the word “false” when describing Hillary Clinton’s defense in the use and content of Benghazi-related emails she sent or received in her official duties as secretary of state. In a weekend appearance on CBS’ Face the Nation, the chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi described Hillary’s excuses and explanations regarding her controversial email practices as “false” (twice), “demonstrably false,” and “patently false.”

Rep. Trey Gowdy of S.C. used the word “false” four different times as he tore into Clinton’s misstatements, deceptions, contrivances, and out-and-out lies about having come clean and turned over to the State Department all her work-related emails. And on the subject of the State Department under the direction of Secretary John Kerry, Gowdy told Face the Nation host John Dickerson that the committee he heads has been frustrated time and time again in trying to get State to release email correspondence between Hillary and her then-aides and associates.

They haven’t given us e-mails for nine of the 10 senior aides that she had. It’s been over a year and we don’t have a single scrap of paper from nine of the 10. So I am happy to [conclude] this investigation just as soon as John Kerry decides that he’s going to give us the documents we’re entitled to.

Gowdy also revealed that he is ready to call Secretary Kerry himself to testify before the committee if the email sidestepping and stonewalling doesn’t stop.

I get that he has other things going on. I get that he’s got a big portfolio. But I want to get this investigation over with, and he is the only thing standing between me and a completed investigation.

By clicking on the video above, you can watch the entire Trey Gowdy segment on Face the Nation in which the Republican representative and former prosecutor holds nothing back in his dogged criticism of Hillary Clinton.

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OUTRAGE: What Obama’s DHS Has Deliberately Done That Could Endanger You And Your Family

Imagine if the police department in your city or town decided to release back onto the streets all sorts of potentially dangerous jail inmates awaiting trial — men and women known to be criminals who’ve committed acts of violence. No doubt, there would be a justifiable uproar as you and other crime-conscious folks let the lax authorities know just what you felt about their actions that could certainly jeopardize public safety.

Well, that what-if scenario is similar to the just-revealed moves actually made in 2014 by Obama’s Department of Homeland Security — the release from custody of illegal immigrants described as “Threat Level 1″ criminals. The Washington Times reports that the House Judiciary Committee has obtained documents showing that Homeland Security officials chose to set free thousands of non-citizens with criminal records indicating they could be a serious threat to innocent, law-abiding Americans.

Some of those released were the worst of the worst — more than 3,700 “Threat Level 1” criminals, who are deemed the top priority for deportation, were still released out into the community even as they waited for their immigration cases to be heard.

Homeland Security officials have implied their hands are tied by court rulings in many cases, but the numbers, obtained by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, showed 57 percent of the criminals released were by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s own choice, and they could have been kept instead.

A spokesman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) told the Times that even Threat Level 1 criminal aliens are not always held until their deportation hearings can determine what to do with them. But the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Virginia GOP Rep. Bob Goodlatte, isn’t buying ICE’s excuse for putting back onto the streets known criminal aliens who could disappear into, and prey upon, unsuspecting and vulnerable communities across the country.

“’Put aside the spin, and the fact is that over 17,000 of the criminal aliens released last year were released due to ICE discretion, representing 57 percent of the releases,’ said Mr. Goodlatte. ‘The Obama administration’s lax enforcement policies are reckless and needlessly endanger our communities.’”

As Western Journalism reported in late March of this year, ICE has been sharply criticized before for its policy of releasing criminal aliens awaiting deportation proceedings. As writer Randy DeSoto noted: “Judicial Watch obtained documents proving that, to date, the Obama administration has released 165,950 illegal aliens with criminal convictions back into the population.”

This latest revelation about ICE’s “discretionary” release of dangerous illegals will likely rekindle the debate over whether the Obama administration is serious about rounding up and preventing Threat Level 1 criminal aliens from presenting a very real danger to the American people.

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House GOP Just Put Big Bite Behind Gowdy’s Bark Over State Dept Foot-Drag On Benghazi

Chairman Trey Gowdy and Republican members of his House committee investigating the Benghazi attacks have long complained that Obama’s State Department has been dragging its feet in responding to a number of subpoenas demanding documents related to the deadly assault in 2012. The committee has been loudly complaining that officials at State have stalled and offered all sorts of excuses for not turning over the requested material, especially Hillary Clinton’s official emails when she was secretary of state.

Now, in a move sure to encourage conservatives and anger liberals, House Republicans are, in a sense, putting their money where their mouth has been. Politico reports that the fed-up GOP lawmakers are “using their most obvious weapon to hold State’s feet to the fire: the power of the purse.”

“House Republicans are threatening to withhold a large chunk of State Department funding until officials speed up their responses to document requests, including House demands for documents pertaining to the Benghazi investigation and probe of Hillary Clinton’s emails.”

And the lower-chamber lawmakers are not talking small change with their threat to put a hefty hurt on the State Department’s 2016 budget.

The House Appropriations Committee’s proposed 2016 spending bill for the State Department and foreign operations withholds 15 percent of the departments “operational funds until requirements related to proper management of Freedom of Information Act and electronic communications are met,” according to a panel release.

Pushing back against the House move to substantially reduce funding for the department, officials at State claim that any reduction in their budget would only serve to slow down even further the process of reviewing and releasing Benghazi-related documents — especially the emails to and from Clinton and her associates — that Gowdy and his colleagues have been demanding.

The Politico piece notes: “The emails, which are confidential to the Benghazi panel, have been released in waves. Gowdy received 4,000 pages of new documents from the State Department in April but is still waiting on emails from a set of Clinton allies including Cheryl Mills, Jake Sullivan, Huma Abedin, Susan Rice and Patrick Kennedy.”

In another development related to the Benghazi investigation, the results of a new CNN poll released today are not good news for Hillary Clinton. The poll finds 58% of respondents are dissatisfied with the way the former secretary of state and current presidential contender handled the attack in Benghazi in 2012 that claimed the lives of four Americans.

As for the public’s sense of whether the House Benghazi probe is being conducted properly, the CNN survey found: “A narrow majority feel the Republican-led congressional hearings on the attack have been handled appropriately, just 41% say the GOP has gone too far with them.”

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Trouble For Obama: Dozens Of Congressional Dems Turning Against His Big Power Grab

Democrats in the House and Senate are aligning with Republicans in an attempt to build a legislative dam against sweeping new water rules being imposed by Obama’s EPA — rules that critics claim could sink business and destroy private property rights. As The Hill reports, “Dozens of congressional Democrats are joining Republicans to back legislation blocking the Obama administration’s new rule to redefine its jurisdiction over the nation’s waterways.”

On Wednesday, Western Journalism told you about the controversial new Environmental Protection Agency mandate that some consider more of a power grab than an effort to keep America’s waterways clean and healthy. Technically, the new rule is couched as an extension of the Clean Water Act of 1972, thus allowing EPA regulators and bureaucrats to significantly broaden their reach and authority without working through Congress.

This move comes after two separate Supreme Court rulings prohibiting the EPA and the Corps of Engineers’ previous attempts to expand on the Clean Water Act — a move that, if fully implemented, Heritage Foundation Agricultural Policy Research Fellow Daren Bakst argues would be “devastating to property rights.”

Despite congressional attempts to push back against the EPA-led action, the regulation was made final on Wednesday. The article in The Hill notes that the stated purpose of the rule is to “clarify that small streams, wetlands, headwaters and tributaries are covered by the Clean Water Act and the rules that go along with it.”

But Capitol Hill opponents of the EPA’s aggressive action are not giving up the fight. “Three moderate Democrats in the Senate and 24 in the House have joined the GOP in opposition, but leave them far from the two-thirds majorities they would need for a veto-proof vote to overturn the rule.”

It comes as no surprise that a spokesman for the Obama administration has attacked Republicans opponents of the rule; but in his slam against adversaries to the EPA action, the Obama mouthpiece also took a brutal swing at Democrats fighting the measure.

The Hill coverage of the controversy includes this incendiary bit of administration rhetoric: “’The only people with reason to oppose the rule are polluters who want to threaten our clean water,’ said Brian Deese, Obama’s top environmental adviser.”

One of the Senate Democrats — threatening “polluters” — fighting to undo the EPA waterways rule through legislative action is West Virginia’s Joe Manchin, a frequent critic of Obama’s environmental initiatives.

…Manchin accused the EPA of “once again dangerously overreaching its boundaries by expanding the definition of water sources it can regulate.”

He said the rule “will certainly have a significant impact on West Virginia’s economy, hindering businesses, manufacturing and energy production.”

Among the most vocal critics of the rule are farmers and ranchers who claim the EPA action would mandate a costly permitting process for, and ultimately federal control over, everyday agricultural tasks like digging ditches and spraying fertilizer.

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Americans Support Ban On Late-Term Abortions By A Large Margin

As the House of Representatives prepares to vote on a ban on late-term abortions Wednesday, recent polling shows the American people support such a measure. The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (H.R. 36) would ban abortions after 20 weeks into the pregnancy.

A Marist poll conducted in January found that 84 percent of Americans want significant restrictions on abortion. This statistic included 7-in-10 who consider themselves “pro-choice.”

Image Credit: Marist Poll - Knights of Columbus

Image Credit: Marist Poll – Knights of Columbus

A Huffington Post poll taken in 2013 garnered similar results, finding that Americans oppose abortion after 20 weeks, 59 to 30 percent.

Additionally, the Marist poll found that Americans, by a margin of over 20 percent, consider abortion to be “morally wrong” (60 to 38 percent). Furthermore, nearly two-thirds of respondents believe the abortion rate is higher than it should be in the United States.

Image Credit: Marist Poll - Knights of Columbus

Image Credit: Marist Poll – Knights of Columbus

Despite their views about the morality of abortion, respondents to the poll were evenly divided between identifying themselves as “pro-life” (45 percent) or “pro-choice” (47 percent).

The poll also found that most Americans–84 percent–think laws “can exist which protect, both, the health and well-being of a woman and the rights of the unborn.”

The House originally planned to vote on the Pain-Capable Act in January to coincide with the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Instead, today’s vote will fall on the second anniversary of the conviction of the infamous Dr. Kermit Gosnell. Gosnell is the Philadelphia abortionist who was found guilty on multiple counts of murdering babies who had survived late-term abortions.

House leaders pulled the Pain-Capable Act in January when several members expressed concern that the legislation only permitted a rape exception to the ban on late-term abortions if the victim reported the rape to the police within 48 hours of its occurrence.

House Republican women, led by Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Wash., stepped in to craft a compromise that takes into account the emotional toll rape has on women. The Pain-Capable Act now requires physicians to ensure women have access to counseling or medical care 48 hours prior to any decision to undergo an abortion.

“I would have voted for the bill with no exceptions. I’m a no-exceptions person. But there were legitimate concerns,” said Rep. Diane Black, R-Tenn., who is a registered nurse. With the changed provision, “We recognize that if a woman has a violent act such as rape, we need to be compassionate.”


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