MLK: Homosexuality A ‘Problem’ With A ‘Solution’

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This past week, America honored both the life and noble work of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., a Bible-believing Christian minister who did more to advance the cause of race-based civil rights than perhaps any other person in recent history.

Regrettably – and as they do each year – the same flock of opportunist “LGBT”-activist vultures quickly swooped in, picking the live flesh from MLK’s character-based “dream” to advance their own behavior-based nightmare.

In what amounts to a sort of soft racism, this mostly white, left-wing faction has, over the years, disingenuously and ignobly hitched its little pink wagon to a civil rights movement that, by contrast, is built upon the genuine and noble precepts of racial equality and humanitarian justice.

What was MLK’s position on the homosexual lifestyle and so-called “gay rights”? While he said little in public on the issue, what he did say made his viewpoint abundantly clear. Unlike the “LGBT” lobby, I’ll let Dr. King speak for himself.

In 1958, while writing an advice column for Ebony Magazine, Dr. King responded to a young “gay” man looking for guidance. To avoid being accused of “cherry-picking,” here is the exchange in its entirety:

Question: My problem is different from the ones most people have. I am a boy, but I feel about boys the way I ought to feel about girls. I don’t want my parents to know about me. What can I do? Is there any place where I can go for help?

Answer: Your problem is not at all an uncommon one. However, it does require careful attention. The type of feeling that you have toward boys is probably not an innate tendency, but something that has been culturally acquired. Your reasons for adopting this habit have now been consciously suppressed or unconsciously repressed. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with this problem by getting back to some of the experiences and circumstances that led to the habit. In order to do this I would suggest that you see a good psychiatrist who can assist you in bringing to the forefront of conscience all of those experiences and circumstances that led to the habit. You are already on the right road toward a solution, since you honestly recognize the problem and have a desire to solve it.

No amount of leftist spin can muddy Dr. King’s lucid position on the homosexual lifestyle. He recognized it as a “culturally acquired” “problem” in need of a “solution” – a “habit” stemming from a series of negative “experiences and circumstances.”

Although homosexual activists desperately cling to the fact that, after his death, Dr. King’s wife, Coretta Scott King, did voice some level of support for the homosexualist political agenda, the undeniable reality remains that, based upon his own words, Dr. King supported neither homosexual conduct nor “LGBT” political activism.

Indeed, it strains credulity to suggest that MLK would have thrown his weight behind a political movement hell-bent on justifying sexual appetites and behaviors that he properly identified as “a problem” demanding a “a solution” – a “type of feeling” that requires “careful attention” – up to and including “see[ing] a good psychiatrist.”

No, MLK was a Christian minister who both embraced and articulated the biblical “love the sinner, hate the sin” model on homosexuality. Every Christian should follow his lead. After all, it is the lead set by Christ Himself.

Gary Glenn is a candidate for the Michigan State House. He is also president of the pro-family group AFA Michigan. Of Dr. King’s public position on homosexuality, Glenn recently noted a glaring – if not utterly twisted – irony: “If homosexual activists had been holding awards ceremonies back in 1958,” wrote Glenn, “they would have labeled Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. a bigot for his published views on homosexual attraction.

“And under today’s Orwellian ‘hate crimes’ laws in Britain and other countries of Europe,” he concluded, “Dr. King would have faced criminal investigation, or worse, for publicly expressing those views.”

Indeed, were he still alive today, and when judged against today’s empty, politically correct standards, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – quite literally the “King” of civil rights – would be perpetually smeared as a “bigot,” “hater” and “homophobe” by the ever-”tolerant” left.

The polls are unequivocal. The vast majority of African-Americans resent the left’s comparison of sexual sin to the color of their skin. They understandably find such dishonest parallels both repugnant and highly offensive.

And well they should.

The left has hijacked MLK’s dream. For decades now, this pleasure-based, sex-centric political movement – delineated by deviant sexual appetites and behaviors – has ridden his coattails. They’ve dared to equate demands for celebration of bad behavior to Christian notions of racial equality. They’ve perverted the genuine civil rights movement to fit their own disingenuous designs.

It’s disgusting, and it needs to stop.

Dr. Alveda King is the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. She agrees. Alveda has picked up her like-minded uncle’s civil rights mantle, dedicating her life, primarily, to achieving equality for pre-born children.

Still, in the years since his death, Alveda has poignantly articulated how, arguably, based upon his published position on homosexuality, Dr. King might feel about “LGBT” activists’ misappropriation of his Christian legacy for their counter-Christian purposes.

“To equate homosexuality with race is to give a death sentence to civil rights,” said Alveda in 1997. “No one is enslaving homosexuals … or making them sit in the back of the bus.”

In 1998 at the University of North Carolina, she said, “Homosexuality cannot be elevated to the civil rights issue. The civil rights movement was born from the Bible. God hates homosexuality.”

And in 2012, Alveda publicly chastised the NAACP for abandoning its founders and constituents, saying, “Neither my great-grandfather, an NAACP founder, my grandfather Dr. Martin Luther King Sr., an NAACP leader, my father, Rev. A. D. Williams King, nor my uncle Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. embraced the homosexual agenda that the current NAACP is attempting to label as a civil rights agenda. …”

Indeed, it is high time that all supporters, from all races, of the historical civil rights movement stand together and demand that “progressive” propagandists stop misusing and abusing the language of genuine civil rights to propagate self-interested moral wrongs.

It’s time for the left to begin honoring the true beliefs, work, life, and legacy of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.


Matt Barber (@jmattbarber on Twitter) is an author, columnist, cultural analyst and an attorney concentrating in constitutional law. Having retired as an undefeated heavyweight professional boxer, Matt has taken his fight from the ring to the culture war.

Pop Star Defends Pro-Duck Dynasty Tweet


There are few musical acts more popular among the coveted teenage market than boy band One Direction. That soaring fame, however, did not preclude one member from spending the weekend defending an innocuous social media post.

Singer Liam Payne took to Twitter Saturday in an effort to show his support for A&E’s hit reality program “Duck Dynasty.” Of course, given the recent outrage over cast member Phil Robertson’s biblical view of homosexuality, leftists consider any fan of the show to be an intolerant bigot by association.

Payne’s tweet was directed toward cast member Willie Robertson and merely expressed his appreciation of the Robertson family’s “business prosperities” and “family values.”

Still, the utterly inoffensive message was blown entirely out of proportion by those driven by a radical homosexual agenda. One of the band’s biggest fans – and an Internet star in his own right – posted a response claiming Payne’s tweet “literally changes everything…”

Such hyperbole is common among radical leftists. Outspokenly gay blogger Perez Hilton was among many who claimed the tweet showed support for homophobia, while others predicted the message would cost One Direction to lose fans.


Unlike many who choose to simply absorb – or ignore – such absurd rhetoric, Payne decided to defend himself in a series of subsequent tweets. The sometimes profanity-laced responses included his assertion that merely enjoying a television program does not mean he endorses everything its cast and crew believe.



Furthermore, he chastised the “lazy” journalists who took one comment out of context in an attempt to portray him as a villain.

Just as with the original scandal involving Robertson, though, it seems Payne had plenty of public support behind him. While not reported by mainstream news sources, the original tweet – along with his follow-up responses – received tens of thousands of retweets.

Willie Robertson was among those who expressed appreciation for the kind sentiment, congratulating Payne on his success and urging him to “Stay strong in this nutty world.”

Political correctness has so transformed this nation that merely watching a television program can earn someone the hate of intellectually dishonest leftists everywhere. Fortunately, this 20-year-old superstar is mature enough to see the absurdity in such generalizations and is not afraid to speak out against them.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Homosexual Lobby On The Attack Again

gay pride flag 3 SC

Having suffered a major setback when Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” got his job back, the gay lobby is now going for a softer target—a pro-family activist in Ohio whose book, Maybe He’s Not Gay, undercuts their recruitment efforts among kids.

Author Linda Harvey, who runs a pro-family ministry called Mission America, seems to have emerged as more of a target than Phil Robertson.

Robertson was suspended—then reinstated—from the show after making comments critical of homosexuality, some of them based on biology and the facts of life, and others on Bible passages.

The Maybe He’s Not Gay book “seeks to tell kids the truth about homosexual behavior,” Harvey says. It explains in a conversational tone why no one is born homosexual, the health risks associated with the lifestyle, and factors that may lead to same sex attractions.

Harvey asserts that the homosexual movement is revolutionary and designed to overturn traditional cultural values. “It’s a revolution, both inside the minds and hearts of today’s youth—and in our culture,” her book says.

In response, the pro-homosexual Huffington Post attacked the book as “potentially dangerous” because it suggests children don’t have to engage in dangerous homosexual conduct, and that parents can influence how their children turn out. The publication also claimed that Amazon had “pulled” the book in response to homosexual criticism.

But Harvey tells Accuracy in Media she asked the publisher to pull her book from Amazon because it “had attracted the usual ‘gay’ mob with ad hominem attacks and even numerous review[er]s that admitted they had not read the book.” She said, “They just wanted to attack the idea of a book for kids, and me personally.”

She adds, “So once the book has been out for a while, we may put it back up on Amazon and hope to get actual reviews of thoughtful people who have read the book.”

However, in the meantime, her book is available on her own website.

Last June, Harvey spoke at a press conference in front of the Washington, D.C. headquarters of the Human Rights Campaign, the leading gay rights lobby, to protest the organization’s inordinate influence on the public policy debate. “Their goal is nothing less than total suppression of all opposing viewpoints,” she said.

Her book argues, “At school, in the media, in books, kids are being urged to consider whether or not they are homosexual at younger and younger ages.”

She says the “You could grow up to be gay” message is being given to children even in elementary school, “creating a lot of emotional upheaval for many” and leading some to come to the false conclusion that they are homosexual.

It’s being done “to satisfy the goals of adults who want to change society through kids,” Harvey says. “Get people to accept homosexuality at a young age, and a small group of people can revolutionize the world. Trouble is, kids aren’t getting the whole story and the facts. In my opinion, they are being set up.”

The “revolutionary” aspect is apparent in that Harry Hay, a member of the Communist Party USA and supporter of the North American Man-Boy Love Association, founded the homosexual movement in the U.S.

“As a mother,” Harvey writes, “I especially want children to gain understanding about critical issues at the right time. To withhold information from young people, or worse, be intentionally deceptive, is a profound betrayal when adults ought to have the best interests of children at heart.”

In terms of those adults, the gay lobby, which is heavily funded by Hollywood and the media, reacted with dismay and outrage to Phil Robertson being reinstated on the “Duck Dynasty” show, which is carried by the A&E cable channel.

The reinstatement occurred because hundreds of thousands—perhaps millions—demanded it. Visitors to one site— —had a free, personalized, camouflage postcard with the message, “You Can’t Camouflage Anti-Christian Bigotry. Reinstate Phil!” sent to A&E.

Robertson’s company, Duck Commander, a maker of duck calls and other products, declared “Fan Appreciation Month” in response to the outpouring of support.


This commentary originally appeared at and is reprinted here with permission. 

Supreme Court Saves Marriage In Utah…For Now

Photo credit: terrellaftermath

The Supreme Court intervened Monday in an ongoing battle between Mormons and gay activists in Utah.

In the weeks since a recent U.S. District Court judge ruled the state’s ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional, the state has pushed to fight the decision. With about two in three Utahans belonging to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, this debate has been largely influenced by the faith’s values.

Nearly 1,000 same-sex couples have been married since the Dec. 20 ruling. Monday’s decision, however, will temporarily halt any pending homosexual nuptials.

The ruling resulted from an emergency appeal filed by the state with Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who in turn sought the opinion of the entire court. Instead of issuing a decision, the high court handed down an order to curtail any further gay marriages until the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver, Colo. is able to hear the case.

Despite moving to prohibit such unions through a state constitutional amendment nearly 10 years ago, leftists continue to demand the socially conservative state be forced to recognize and condone the perversion of traditional marriage. These activists will state their case alongside same-sex marriage opponents in the appeals process.

Though the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees states the right to decide for themselves how to handle countless issues, today’s political left wants to see a homogenous America that reflects only their ideology. It is not enough that a large number of states are voluntarily moving to recognize gay marriage; these activists want to force the remaining states to join them.

This is not only a bastardization of our founding principles; it is an affront to religious adherents who want to keep Utah’s distinctly conservative influence.

While America’s high court is allowing for a potential reversal of the circuit court ruling, there is little indication an appeals court will uphold Utah’s ban. As is the norm among leftists, those who cannot be persuaded to follow their lead will be forced to do so through legislative and judicial action.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Evander Holyfield: Gay Lifestyle “Ain’t Normal”

Photo credit: cliff1066™ (Creative Commons)

If boxing champion Evander Holyfield thought having his ear bitten off by Mike Tyson would be the fiercest attack he would receive during his career, he underestimated the vitriolic potential of the homosexual lobby.

In much the same way they overreacted to “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson’s biblical comments about the sexual orientation, activists responded to statements Holyfield made recently on “Celebrity Big Brother” with demands that he be kicked off the program.

In a recent episode of United Kingdom’s version of the show, the former heavyweight champ shared his opinion that homosexuals can be reformed, describing such a sexual proclivity as a “handicap.”

Holyfield, a self-professed Christian, merely expressed a view held by millions of fellow believers, explaining those living in a lifestyle many consider sinful can change – just as with those struggling with any sin. Furthermore, his comments came only as part of a private discussion with housemate Luisa Zissman, who declared it “normal” to explore one’s sexuality.

Holyfield contended individuals have a choice in the matter, comparing homosexuality to any malady in need of attention.

“If you were born and your leg were turned this way,” he explained, “what would you do? You go to the doctor and get it fixed back, right?”

Though he was reprimanded on the show and network CBB issued a statement rebuking the comments, no official reports indicate Holyfield will be removed from the program. Obviously, his ideological opponents want to see a harsher punishment.

Social media network Twitter has been teeming with calls to evict the star athlete from the Big Brother house, expressing the common leftist definition of free speech. Too many on the far left are tolerant of only those statements that reaffirm their own worldview.

#EvanderHolyfield is still in the big brother house..WHYYYY?? He is a homophobic and should be removed. retweet to get him out #cbb @bbuk RT

— Ryan Ruckledge (@ryruckledge) January 6, 2014


Even one Daily Mail television critic shared his take of the controversy:

Just catching up on #cbb Can’t believe Evander Holyfield didn’t get kicked out for saying being gay is a choice. C5 bottled it big time.

— Ian Hyland (@HylandIan) January 5, 2014


Of course, there are always plenty of rational users who see the hypocrisy of such outrage.

Right so it would be ok if a muslim person said what #EvanderHolyfield did but because a christian has said it, it’s the end of the world

— Kimberley (@xKimLythallx) January 6, 2014


Since its inception, “Big Brother” has been defined as a medium through which viewers can watch individuals of various backgrounds survive alongside one another. As the rules of political correctness have grown exponentially more absurd, even the unrefined genre of reality television is no longer safe.


Photo credit: cliff1066™ (Creative Commons)