Gay Activist: Founding Fathers, Including Washington, Lincoln, Franklin, And Hamilton, Were Gay

In a newly released book, a gay-rights activist contends several Founding Fathers, including George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Alexander Hamilton, had same-sex liaisons during their lifetimes.

79-year-old Larry Kramer, a playwright who is known for combating AIDS and is himself HIV positive, released his book, The American People: Volume 1: Search for My Heart: A Novel, where he makes these assertions. “It’s called a ‘novel’ but that’s just to keep the lawyers away from me,” Kramer said in an interview with CBS News. “I believe everything in the book is true. Everything in there happened.”

Kramer asserted there has been a conspiracy to keep Abraham Lincoln’s gay history out of the record books:

We know that Abraham Lincoln was gay… Why is that not in the history books? Because all history books are written by straight people, and they don’t wanna either admit that, or they wouldn’t know how to recognize what we call “gaydar.”

Kramer is hardly the first to link Lincoln with homosexuality — it has been speculated upon since the 1920s. Along with Lincoln, Kramer believes Washington, Hamilton, seventh president Andrew Jackson, and 14th president Franklin Pierce were gay, too.

“In the case of Washington, he was a big queen, basically,” Kramer said recently on Sirius XM’s Progress.

He decorated everything. He designed all the uniforms, the buttons. The correspondence exists with all the dealers he dealt with in England to make everything. And then there was a man called Baron von Steuben, who was German, who designed all the maneuvers for all the troops of all the great armies in Europe.

And he kept getting thrown out after he made the armies real – like Rockettes. He got kicked out and he came to George. And he and George hit it off like nobody’s business.

“George put him to work right away and they designed all these maneuvers and it was like putting on show,” Kramer added.

The activist also asserted Washington and Hamilton were involved in a relationship. “And there’s no question, that Alex [Alexander Hamilton], really – whether it was a father/son thing — that Alex was very much in love with him. And Alex Hamilton was very handsome. And George was much older,” he said. “And that’s been written about. There was a mutual attraction between them.”

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This California Bike Shop Just Made A Far-Left Turn Into PC Paradise With No-Men ‘WTF Night’

First of all, let’s make clear that “WTF” in this post is a reference not to a commonly understood abbreviation for a three-word vulgarity, but to a different concept that may, in fact, seem vulgar to some: “Women Trans Femme” — those people who self-identify as women, no matter their physiological makeup.

We live in an age when disruptive claims and political narratives about homosexual rights and gender-identity protections mean that stories such as this take on a far more serious import than one might normally assign to them.

So when a small bike shop in what many describe as an ultra-liberal la-la-land promotes “WTF Night” every other Tuesday, it’s an avowed effort to welcome virtually anyone other than men into a “safe space” where they can learn the skills necessary to break up what the shop sees as the “male dominance” in cycling. As The Daily Caller notes about the bi-weekly WTF events at the Davis Bike Collective — a small outfit with close ties to the University of California-Davis where the use of bikes for basic transportation is widespread — the organization’s proudly proclaimed mission is all about “empowerment” of non-male riders.

“Our goal is to empower the female, gender queer folk of Davis and surrounding areas to learn more about bike mechanics and gender relations. WTF is a safe space for women, genderqueer, femmes –  those who are typically marginalized in the bike world,” the collective’s website says.

So, it would seem, the goal of the WTF nights at the collective named Bike Forth is to teach a select group of people how to choose, ride, and maintain two-wheeled equipment, as long as these folks are not, dare we say, endowed with certain distinguishing equipment of their own.

Image Credit: The California Aggie

Image Credit: The California Aggie

A publication called The California Aggie quotes a volunteer at Bike Forth who justifies the WTF events at which men — or those who identify as men — are not welcome. If you don’t identify with the WTF community, well, then you could attend a WTF Night–but you’d be made to feel like an ostracized outsider. You’d presumably be made to experience the very kind of feelings these special events are apparently meant to discourage.

“’At the shop it’s a very supportive community, but some people still feel intimidated about coming to work on their bikes, specifically women and people who identify as women. We want to empower them to work on their bikes, and if that means having a special night where they can come and not feel intimidated then that’s what we want to offer.’”

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A Message To Liberals: Bake Your Own Darn Cake!

Liberals overplay their hand. It’s part of the deficiency. Whether real or perceived, if the pagan left can rationalize a sense of “progress” on some freedom-killing cause du jour, then it’ll push, push, push until it falls flat on its face.

Step aside, America. Give them room.

Religious liberty is non-negotiable. Freedom of conscience is the bedrock of American society. Today’s anti-Christian lynch mob, which angrily imagines that some newfangled “gay right” to not be offended trumps the First Amendment, is not only on the wrong side of the U.S. Constitution; it’s on the wrong side of history.

It’s also on the wrong side of public opinion.

Bloomberg reporter Dave Weigel gets it. That is, he gets it to the extent that any mainstream media-type can get anything. Weigel is a liberal. Despite this affliction, he recently admitted that Religious Freedom Restoration Acts like the one signed into law by Bill Clinton in 1993 and those introduced in Indiana, Arkansas, and dozens of other states are, media propaganda notwithstanding, popular with the American people.

In his April 1 Bloomberg article, headlined “Democrats Turn Against Religious Freedom Laws. Voters Don’t Agree With Them,” Weigel laments that, “in panic about the backlash over the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, Democrats are settling in as the party that opposes religious liberty laws.”

“[I]t’s now expected for Democrats to denounce RFRAs, just as large corporations are denouncing them,” he continues. “In doing so, all of the critics are on the wrong side of public polling. According to a March edition of the Marist poll, 54 percent of Americans agreed with ‘allowing First Amendment religious liberty protection or exemptions for faith-based organizations and individuals even when it conflicts with government laws.’ By a 2-point margin, 47-45, even a plurality of Democratic voters agreed with that.

“The margins were even larger in opposition to laws that proposed ‘penalties or fines for individuals who refuse to provide wedding-related services to same-sex couples even if their refusal is based on their religious beliefs,” adds Weigel. “[A]ccording to Marist, Americans oppose penalties on businesses … by a 65-31 margin. The margin among Democrats: 62-34 against.”

It remains unclear whether Weigel intended to draw a distinction between Americans and Democrats, but the anti-Christian penalties and fines to which he refers – the very ones Americans reject by a 2-to-1 margin – are even now being levied by left-wing “human rights” Star Chambers with increasing frequency and intensity against Christian bakers, florists, innkeepers, caterers, photographers, and a litany of other small-business owners from coast to coast. This, not because these Christian individuals won’t “serve gays” (they will and do without hesitation), but, rather, because they politely decline to spend their time and talent contributing to, and thereby endorsing the message behind, specific events that run counter to biblical principles and otherwise infringe their deeply-held religious convictions.

You know, the First Amendment.

It’s the Constitution, stupid.

Even so, I say keep it up. With each overt instance of anti-Christian bigotry, discrimination, and persecution, public sympathy and support for religious liberty mounts. It also undercuts the withering LGBT-whatchits’ “We’re-all-a-bunch-of-victims!” blather. In fact, there is evidence suggesting that this systematic anti-Christian hostility is souring the public on “gay marriage” altogether.

Still, if there’s one thing the non-fascist majority hates more than freedom trampling, it’s blatant hypocrisy. “The dispute is illustrated in Colorado, where a Christian baker, Jack Phillips, is defending himself in court for declining to bake a cake for a same-sex ceremony,” reports WND.

“And at the same time, Colorado’s Civil Rights Commission ruled that ‘cake artists’ at Azucar Bakery, Gateaux and Le Bakery Sensual were perfectly justified in refusing to bake cakes that ‘violated their conscience.’”

In an apparent (and successful) effort to prove a point, a clever Christian activist sued these pro-”gay” bakers for refusing to create, at his request, Bible-shaped cakes with scriptural references to homosexual sin. What’s good for the Christian goose is evidently not good for the “gay” gander. It’s the textbook double standard. It’s the near-exact scenario in reverse with a wholly opposite outcome. In one case, the government discriminates against the Christian by forcing him, under penalty of law, to violate his right of conscience–while, at the very same time, it allows the “gay” baker to freely exercise his own.

It’s called viewpoint discrimination.

And it’s illegal.

To be clear, I think the commission got it right the second time. Whether “gay” or straight, pagan or Christian, nobody should be forced, against his or her will, to create unique works of art that endorse a message or event that he or she finds repugnant. That sort of thing happens in Communist Russia, not in America.

Yet here we are.

Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Legal Counsel Jeremy Tedesco agrees: “We commend the commission for reaching the right conclusion that these cake artists should not be forced to violate their conscience, but clearly the commission should have done the same for Jack Phillips. The commission found that these three cake artists have the freedom to decline creating unique cake creations because the artists found the requests offensive, but all Americans should be alarmed that the same commission determined that Jack doesn’t have that same freedom. Like the other bakers, Jack happily serves all people but declines to use his artistic talents to create cakes that violate his conscience. The commission’s inconsistent rulings mean that the owners of these three cake shops may run them according to their beliefs, while Jack cannot. He risks losing his life-long business altogether if he continues to run it consistent with his faith. Such blatant religious discrimination has no place in our society.”

Furthermore, and lest we forget, it was the same Christianity secularists now seek to silence that largely led, some time ago, to the abolition of both slavery and indentured servitude.

Why the comeback?

Whereas no “gay” baker in America should be made to slave away for another human being in creation of a product or service that he finds repugnant, neither should a Christian baker be forced to labor in kind.

In short: Bake your own darn cake.

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Obama Admin Says Catholic School Discriminated By Firing Gay Band Director

Obama IRS

The Obama administration’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) found that a Georgia Catholic prep school discriminated against a homosexual band director by firing him.

Mount de Sales Academy terminated the contract of its band director, Flint Dollar, in May 2014, after he posted on Facebook that he would be marrying his partner in July of that year. In making its decision, the school indicated allowing the director to continue in his role would run contrary to its mission of providing “high quality education based in teachings of the Catholic Church.” Catholic doctrine supports the traditional view of marriage as being between a man and a woman.

Dollar stated that the school has known for months about his plans, and his firing came as a complete surprise. The EEOC ruled in a determination letter, dated January 30, 2015, that the school had discriminated against Dollar in violation of Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

The act specifically states that people cannot be discriminated against based on their “race, color, religion, sex or national origin.” It contains no language regarding “sexual orientation” or “gender identity,” though supporters have tried unsuccessfully to add those categories to the Civil Rights Act in the past.

Dollar’s attorney told the GA Voice, “Typically, Title VII doesn’t protect against sexual orientation discrimination, but what it does protect against is gender discrimination, which is when you don’t adhere to traditional gender stereotypes.”

LifeSite reports that the EEOC has stretched the law’s plain language to find discrimination when someone fails “to act and appear according to expectations defined by gender.” Therefore, by this reasoning, Dollar was being discriminated against based on his sex, which is a protected class.

The EEOC will attempt to settle the case between Dollar and Mount de Sales; but if no agreement can be reached, Dollar’s attorney has indicated he will file a lawsuit against the school.

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OUTRAGE: You Won’t Believe What Leftists Teach Our Armed Forces About Causes Of ‘Sexism’

Images Credit: Wiki Commons/The Daily Caller

When you learn what the Defense Department has been drilling into our fighting forces about the ills of American society and culture, you might well wonder which country our brave men and women in uniform are fighting for.

Just last week, Western Journalism told you about and Army training session on diversity where some 400 soldiers were lectured about the harm that “white privilege” does to race relations.

After loud complaints over parts of the program that included such material as “race privilege gives whites little reason to pay a lot of attention to African Americans or to how white privilege affects them,” the Army said inclusion of that subject matter was a “mistake.” The brass called it an unauthorized addition to the Equal Opportunity briefing at Fort Gordon, Ga.

But now The Daily Caller has found even more evidence that the Defense Department is trying to influence the armed forces in ways that many would consider outrageous, if not borderline treasonous.

According to a presentation prepared by a group called the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI), reveals The Daily Caller investigation, an approved course on sexism points the finger of blame directly at three “cherished texts” — the Bible, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

Image Credit: The Daily Caller/DEOMI

Image Credit: The Daily Caller/DEOMI

According to the course, the Bible has “quotes” which can be interpreted as sexist by readers.

The Declaration of Independence is also an historical cause of sexism, as the document refers only to ”all men” — not “men and women.”

And the Constitution, the Pentagon argues, is an historical source of sexism because “slaves and women were not included until later in history.”

Apparently, once the nature of the sexism course was brought to light, the Defense Department decided it would be a good idea to remove the controversial materials from public view, at least temporarily.

“But following TheDC’s request for comment, the sexism course — as well as two other courses listed on DEOMI’s website, entitled ‘Prejudice & Discrimination’ and ‘Racism’ — were taken offline.

“’This course is currently offline and under revision,’ a notice says under all three courses.”

On its website, the institute responsible for developing and teaching courses such as the one on sexism, racism and prejudice describes its mission: “To enhance mission readiness from development through delivery of world-class human relations education, training, and innovate solutions for our customers.”

Among the organization’s “2015 Special Observance Themes” that it promotes — in addition to “Black History Month,” “Women’s History Month,” Holocaust Remembrance Day,” and the like — is “LGBT Pride Month,” celebrated throughout June by presidential proclamation.

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