Look: Man Spotted Directly Behind Hillary At Rally Wearing Shirt She’ll HATE

Western Journalism reported recently about a hapless college student referred to on social media as #stickerboy, who was able to get into a Hillary Clinton rally last month in Iowa. ‘Stickerboy’ placed two stickers over his face and danced around gleefully, earning temporary fame nonetheless.

As it turns out, at least two men attended another Clinton event, also not necessarily to support the candidate. But it’s not stickers on their faces earning them national attention; it’s the shirts their wearing–and specifically what’s written on them.

According to The Federalist, the men were wearing shirts that read “Settle for Hillary.”

They were also immediately noticed on social media. Jeff Bechdel, chairman of America Rising (a Republican PAC), tweeted: “People behind @HillaryClinton wearing “Settle For Hillary” shirts at her event in Hudson, NH… ouch. #nhpolitics.”

Another person tweeted: “EPIC Troll at Hillary town hall. Still from CNN Clip #SettleForHillary #feelthebern.”

The message coincides with what others are saying about the candidate choices Democrats have.

Ed Krayewski may have said it best when he blogged: “Hillary Clinton is as close to a pre-selected candidate as this cycle’ll see.” He mentioned a long list of candidates who could have run but didn’t, like  Bill Bradley, Al Gore, Joseph Biden, Harry Reid, Jim Webb, Andrew Cuomo, and Jerry Brown.

Even Democratic presidential candidates noticed early on there were few choices for the Democratic nominee. Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley said back in the summer of 2015: “I think it’s a big mistake for us as a party to circle the wagons around the inevitable front-runner.”

Complicating matters, an active investigation of Clinton is underway by the FBI for her handling of classified information. Depending on the outcome of the FBI investigation, settling for Hillary Clinton might not even be an option.

Revealed: Something Huge Was Missing From Hillary’s N.H. Primary Party- It Says A LOT

After the “close” finish in Iowa, New Hampshire was the big test of Hillary Clinton’s power to bring in the voters. Turns out, one might say, she missed the mark — by quite a lot. Amusingly, it appears even Clinton’s own campaign understood New Hampshire wasn’t going to be a great night because the one thing missing from her “victory” party was extremely telling.

As primary night in New Hampshire wound down and supporters for the candidates began to gather at each of their poll-watching parties, those who showed up for Team Hillary began to realize that one thing was missing in the room: a big screen TV.

Usually when one attends a candidate poll-watching party (sometimes called a “victory party” regardless of whether the candidate wins or not), one of the main features of the room is always a giant TV or two in order to watch the numbers roll in and, later, to see the victory or concession speeches.

But two members of the media immediately realized that something was missing at the Clinton party on Tuesday night.

One person joked on Twitter that it shouldn’t surprise anyone if Clinton has no TVs at her rally because “she’s of the radio generation.”

The Vermont senator beat the one-time secretary of state 60 percent to 38 percent.

Polls mostly showed a draw between the two Democrats, though some had Sanders ahead a few points.

h/t: TheBlaze

Look: Shocking Act At Hillary’s N.H. HQ Captured On Camera- It Just Got Worse For Her

One image from Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s New Hampshire headquarters has ignited a firestorm of anger across America for the way the nation’s flag was treated Tuesday.

An image posted on Twitter shortly before noon shows a pile of American flags on the floor by some empty bleachers. The image was posted by the Washington Post with the caption, “With many hours to go, Clinton’s staff has flags ready for their election night party.”

“It looks like the Clinton campaign is ready to take out the trash or do some laundry with Old Glory,” wrote John S. Roberts on Young Conservatives. “Shame.”

“The American flag is never to touch the ground,” Roberts added. “That’s just one of the rules a patriotic American takes to heart. However, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the term ‘patriotic’ don’t exactly go hand-in-hand.”

Tossing these flags in a heap violates not only the dignity many feel should be awarded to the symbol of the nation, but also violates the U.S. Flag Code, which says in part, “The flag should never touch anything beneath it, such as the ground, the floor, water, or merchandise.”

Readers of the Post’s Twitter feed reacted with anger to the image.

“She hates real Americans,” posted Mizzou Mike, who later added, “In the USMC, we knew exactly what the Clinton’s thought of us. Only time Slick Willy came to Camp Lejune we were all disarmed.”

“Worth a thousand words about ‪@HillaryClinton and her campaign,” wrote Mike Honcho.

“Just treating the American flag the way she treats classified emails… ” posted Amber Skoros.

“Glad to see HRC cares so much about the flag that it is just tossed on the ground,” posted Kevin P. Hourihan.

h/t: Breitbart

WATCH: Bill Clinton Just Said Something Jaw-Dropping About Marriage To Hillary, He Might Regret It…

As former President Bill Clinton takes a more prominent role in his wife’s White House bid, he has already been the subject of headlines unrelated directly to the Hillary Clinton campaign. Whether health concerns stemming from his frequently shaky hands or a renewed interest in several the many sexual abuse allegations levied against him, the 42nd president remains a topic of media analysis two decades after his administration was in its heyday.

A couple of comments he has made during campaign stops on his wife’s behalf are now being dissected by news outlets and social media commentators. While the prominent couple’s marriage has long been fodder for critics who say it is more a relationship of political convenience than one based on genuine emotion, Bill Clinton did himself no favors by suggesting at least twice that he sometimes wishes he weren’t married.

“The hotter this election gets,” he said in one speech, “the more I wish I were just a former president and, just for a few months, not the spouse of an ex-one. Because, you know, I have to be careful what I say.”

In another speech, he introduced Hillary Clinton with a similar sentiment.

“Sometimes when I walk on a stage like this,” he said, “I wish we weren’t married. Then I could say what I really think.”

Report: Hillary Is Planning Something Big That Reveals Her Campaign Could Be In HUGE Trouble

Decisions on presidential campaign strategies often change based on the results of the early primaries. The Clinton campaign is currently facing such decisions, according to several people familiar with the situation.

Dissatisfaction with the messaging and digital operations in her presidential campaign has prompted Hillary Clinton to consider changes in her staff and strategy. No decision is expected until the results of Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary, in which she is expected to experience a loss.

Clinton had made plans to wait until the first four primaries to evaluate the necessity of reassessing the staff at her campaign headquarters in Brooklyn.

Stunned by her narrow victory in Iowa and the revelation of polls that show her losing in New Hampshire by 20 percent, Clinton has become more critical of aides and ordered the reassessment to be done sooner.

A Democratic official, who regularly speaks to the Clintons said, “The Clintons are not happy and have been letting us know that. The idea is that we need a more forward-looking message for the primary, but also for the general election too. There’s no sense of panic, but there is an urgency to fix these problems now.”

Shortly after Politico first reported a staff shake-up was in the works, Hillary Clinton sat down with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and denied that she planned to fire anybody. She said a reappraisal of the campaign was only natural as the primaries progressed.

Clinton dismissed the Politico report as “gossip,” saying she had “no idea what they’re talking about or who they are talking to.”