Uh-Oh: What Was Just Discovered Utterly Annihilates One Of Hillary’s Key Claims

The State Department confirmed on Thursday that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did not turn over all her work-related emails, as she has claimed.

This revelation came following the release of 179 pages of emails on Monday by the Select Committee on Benghazi. Among those emails were 120 pages of emails produced by Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthal in response to the committee’s request.

“The officials said Julia Frifield, the assistant secretary of state for legislative affairs, confirmed that nine emails and parts of six others that the committee made public Monday couldn’t be located in the department’s records,” according to the Associated Press.

When asked about the discrepancy, Nick Merrill, a Clinton campaign spokesman, did not answer the question, saying the former Secretary “has turned over 55,000 pages of materials to the State Department, including all emails in her possession from Mr. Blumenthal.”

“The revelation these messages were not originally produced to the State Department by Clinton is significant and troubling,” committee chairman Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., said in a statement. “This has implications far beyond Libya, Benghazi and our committee’s work. This conclusively shows her email arrangement with herself, which was then vetted by her own lawyers, has resulted in an incomplete public record.”

Gowdy added that the news “raises serious questions about her decision to erase her personal server — especially before it could be analyzed by an independent, neutral third party arbiter.”

When Clinton addressed the issue of the use of her personal email at a press conference at the U.N. in March, she said emphatically: “I provided all my emails that could possibly be work-related, which totaled roughly 55,000 printed pages.”

She further explained that her team of lawyers “went through a thorough process to identify all my work-related emails, and deliver them to the State Department. At the end, I chose to keep my private, personal emails….”

The Daily Caller reports:

The revelation is not the first time Clinton has been found to have made false statements about her emails. When it was revealed that she received the intelligence reports from Blumenthal, Clinton downplayed the news saying that the correspondence was “unsolicited.”

Yet a close look at the emails Blumenthal turned over last week showed that Clinton actively encouraged Blumenthal to send more intelligence reports. In one exchange with Blumenthal, Clinton asked for “additional info” on a Libya-related issue. In another she asked Blumenthal to send along “any other info.”

In yet another, she wrote: “Thanks for keeping this stuff coming!”

Still, other emails turned over to the Select Committee on Benghazi call into question Clinton’s statement during her U.N. press conference that “I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. There is no classified material.” The presidential candidate reiterated: “I’m certainly well-aware of the classification requirements and did not send classified material.”

Fox News reports that an email chain between Clinton and high level State Department officials concerning negotiations enforcing a no-fly zone in Libya between Turkey, France, Great Britain, and the United States took place.

“I think the information in the email is clearly classified. If I were engaged in the negotiation on that subject reporting back to Washington, my reporting cable would be classified,”  former UN Ambassador and Fox News contributor John Bolton said after reading the un-redacted emails.

“They’re dealing with the possible U.S. military operation, sensitive negotiations among NATO partners, talking about U.S. objectives and political arrangements and possible objections to the deal from key partners so all of these at secretary of state level is extraordinarily sensitive,” he added.

The New York Times reports: “’I would assume that more than 50 percent of what the secretary of state dealt with was classified,’ said [a] former [senior State Department] official, who would speak only on the condition of anonymity because he did not want to seem ungracious to Mrs. Clinton. ‘Was every single email of the secretary of state completely unclassified? Maybe, but it’s hard to imagine.’”

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WATCH: Hillary Backer Chris Matthews Jabs Fellow MSNBCer Ed Schultz For ‘Jumping Up And Down’ For Bernie Sanders

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, who is an ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, jabbed his colleague Ed Schultz for “jumping up and down” for Bernie Sanders, who is challenging Hillary for the Democratic Party nomination:

Bernie got a big crowd out there in Denver. Ed Schultz was jumping up and down about it tonight.

Matthews was discussing a new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll that showed Clinton with a commanding 75%-15% lead over Sanders when he made his comment.

Sanders has surprised observers by attracting large crowds on the campaign trail with his left-wing populism and rants against the one-percent, leading Schultz to remark that he is “on a roll” and that the Clinton campaign should be worried.

Schultz’s support of Sanders should come as no surprise, as he has had the Vermont senator on his program numerous times. In addition, Schultz is one of the most left-wing hosts on MSNBC, and that’s saying a lot.

Watch Matthews’ comments and Schlutz’s reply:


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Hillary Clinton’s ‘Stars And Bars’ Problem

When it comes to the confederate flag, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has smugly added that she “has always” been in favor of taking it down in South Carolina.

Yet as first lady of Arkansas, we heard not a peep of concern about the prominent rebel “stars and bars” symbolism of that southern state’s official flag that flew on her official residence grounds in Little Rock while husband Bill was governor.

And here’s a good question for Hillary today: if she “has always” favored taking down South Carolina’s relic of the Civil War, what about all the same rebel symbolism embodied in her own Arkansas flag that flew on her own official residence lawn? Shouldn’t it also be banned, for the same reasons as in South Carolina, to combat divisiveness?

There is no question that the Arkansas state flag is intended, by its symbols, to “commemorate the Confederate States of America.” In fact, then-Gov. Bill Clinton signed a law in 1987 that says so, designating a special star on the flag for that exact purpose.

Hillary Clinton may have objections to Confederate sympathies in state flags still flying in South Carolina or Mississippi, but what makes Arkansas an exception–and why has she never had anything to say about it?

Hillary, should the state flag of Arkansas, which can be seen as just as offensive to African Americans and other minorities who have been subject to racism as the Confederate battle flag of South Carolina, also be banned? Voters need to know.

Especially in culturally diverse and deeply blue states like California, perplexed voters will need to understand from Hillary Clinton why the South Carolina flag must come down but the Arkansas flag’s Confederate roots draw no comment from her.

California voters are the most unlikely in the nation to understand Hillary’s silence and see honor in the distinction between the “southern valor” that “stars and bars” supporters urge their flags represent in contrast to the general negative perception of slavery and racism more commonly associated with the rebel flag.

These voters are becoming the most diverse ethnic conglomeration in the nation, and include Latinos who now compromise the largest ethnic group in the state at 39 percent, non-Hispanic whites at about 38 percent, and Asians, with over 14 percent of the population. There are two times more Latinos and Asians in California by percentage than in the entire United States. About 7 percent of Californians are black. Overwhelmingly, Californians’ “voting cues” gleaned by the entire state, let alone the 60 percent of the state who represent minority groups who have experienced racism, are simply not connected to some sort of sympathy to the rebel cause when they see a Confederate flag.

In view of the tragedy in Charleston, it is now inescapable that Hillary’s opponents will raise her failure to object and indeed passively embrace the Confederate symbolism in Arkansas as an issue in the campaign. Even deeply blue California, with the most electoral votes in the nation, and its voters, are hardly going to accept a voting cue that the Confederate flag is bad for South Carolina but good for Arkansas just because Hillary Clinton has nothing to say about it.

James V. Lacy, a frequent guest of Fox Business News Channel’s “Varney & Company,” is author of “Taxifornia” which is available at Amazon.com.

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Watch: American Sniper Widow Says The 2 Perfect Words About A Hillary Presidency

Taya Kyle was a guest on the Fox News Channel program Outnumbered today. The widow of “American Sniper” Chris Kyle, Taya had a lot of things to chime in on during the discussion. The three hot topics during the show were Hillary Clinton, the Confederate flag, and Kyle’s new book.

The panel discussed the Clinton campaign and the possibility that Clinton is trying to lower expectations before the Democratic primaries in order to persuade potential voters to select her as the Democrats’ candidate for the White House.

Kyle said that Clinton has been a master manipulator for a long time. She admitted the fact that Clinton was included in conversations regarding the upcoming primary was frustrating because of “her [Clinton’s] lack of morality, because of her lack of concern and compassion…God forbid if she got elected.”

There has been an ongoing debate over whether or not the Confederate flag should still be allowed to fly over the Statehouse in South Carolina. Some feel it is not politically correct to have a Confederate flag hanging given that a massacre that took the lives of nine black people occurred last week in the same state.

Kyle felt that taking the flag down would send a strong message, but would not solve the problem at the core of racially-fueled tragedies such as the Charleston shooting. She said: “racism is alive and well in some areas and taking down the flag isn’t going to stop it.”

The panel gave Kyle accolades for her book. It tells the other, more personal part of her story as the wife of Chris Kyle.

Kyle said that the movie American Sniper made it seem like she was always crying in her marriage. She said nothing could be further from the truth, concluding that “most of our life we were laughing. The relationship was good.”

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GOP Candidates Quickly Return Tainted Donations… What About Hillary?

What do Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Hillary Clinton all have in common? Tainted political contributions.

What do they not have in common? A moral compass when it comes to those contributions.

The suspect in last week’s horrific attack in Charleston, SC, wrote a manifesto on his website which named the Council of Conservative Citizens as his source for first learning of what he termed “brutal black-on-white murders.” This knowledge is believed to have contributed to the twisted worldview which led to his brutal rampage.

Hillary Clinton donations

The leader of the Council of Conservative Citizens is a man by the name of Eric Holt III. Mr. Holt is thought to be a white supremacist and has contributed to the campaigns of both Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, among others.

When Cruz’s and Paul’s campaigns learned of Mr. Holt’s connections to the Charleston shooter, they acted swiftly and decisevely in returning the supremacist’s donations.

“Senator Cruz believes that there is no place for racism in society,” a statement from Cruz’s campaign reads. “Upon learning about Mr. Holt’s background and his contributions to the campaign, he immediately instructed that all of those donations be returned.”

Rand Paul’s campaign is also reported to have received contributions amounting to $2,250 from Mr. Holt. RandPAC is donating all of the monies it has received from Mr. Holt to the Mother Emanuel Hope Fund to assist the victims’ families.

This is important, you guys. Two GOP candidates find out they’ve received contributions from a man indirectly related to a horrific crime, and immediately return or redistribute those funds.

Let’s compare that to the Democratic frontrunner, Hillary Clinton, shall we? As the New York Times pointed out, the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation has accepted tens of millions of dollars in donations from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Algeria, and Brunei — all of which the State Department has faulted over their records on sex discrimination and other human-rights issues.

Hillary Clinton saudi arabia moneyYou know… countries where women are regularly abused, honor killings are frequent, and gays are hung… Hillary’s accepted millions of dollars from those countries.

When is Hillary going to return that money? Anybody?

Tonight, the media will tell you (repeatedly) that Dylan Roof, the alleged Charleston shooter, was inspired by a man who’s donated thousands to both Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. But don’t expect them to mention the millions Hillary’s taken from countries where women are second class, expendable citizens.

Because that, my friends, would be responsible journalism… and it’s what’s incredibly needed in America today. Our hat’s off to the campaigns of Senators Cruz and Paul. We hope Hillary Clinton will someday follow their examples.

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