How Happy Hillary Must Be, Winning Endorsement From Rapper Who Brags Of Killing Cops

Only a few weeks ago, Hillary Clinton was endorsed in her bid for president by a man who has made a fortune by exploiting women — one of the country’s biggest porn moguls — Larry Flynt. head of the Hustler empire. Western Journalism reported on the coverage by Bloomberg Politics of Flynt’s enthusiastic support for the former secretary of state — backing that Bloomberg reporter John Heilemann noted might actually prove detrimental to the Democrat’s leading 2016 contender for the White House.

“…no small number of Clinton’s ardent fans, and especially those who regard her as a feminist icon, may find it unsettling — or queasy-making — to have a man who has made a vast fortune in the skin trade squarely in her, and their, corner.”

Now, with a fresh string of Clinton endorsements by raunchy rappers, it will be interesting to see if these ready-for-Hillary music stars will help or hurt the Clinton campaign. According to CNN, rapper and actor 50 Cent has become the latest big name in hip-hop to sing Hillary’s praises.

“…the ‘In Da Club’ rapper has left no room for ambiguity, proclaiming that ‘It’s Hillary time’ during an interview with the Daily Beast.

The hip-hop star said that having been the First Lady during Bill Clinton’s presidency, makes it so that ‘Hillary was the president already once.’”

Taking a look at the 50 Cent song “In Da Club” mentioned in the CNN story, you’ll find that the lyrics contain numerous references to getting drunk, getting high, and having rough sex — plus, there are references to knives and guns and gays, not to mention numerous times the word “nigga” is tossed around. Does this kind of song represent the middle class values Hillary Clinton has so frequently said she wants to support in her run for the nation’s highest elected office?

Or what about the values suggested in another song by the Hillary endorser 50 Cent? In the rap called “Officer Down,” the singer makes several references to shooting and killing cops. Here are two examples:

“Huh, we’ll find out when niggaz, let off the rounds
And his partner’s screamin’, officer down”

“Police get in the way, I’ll murder them, I’ll murder dem
A nigga already got three strikes, I’ll murder them”

The booze-drugs-sex-violence rapper 50 Cent isn’t the only music celebrity to say that Hillary is their choice to lead the country. The CNN article notes other rappers in Hillary’s camp, including Waka Flocka Flame, Ja Rule, Snoop Dogg, and A$AP Rocky. Despite the disturbing nature of many of the lyrics in songs by these hip-hop stars, one Democrat strategist quoted in the CNN article thinks the Clinton campaign may well benefit from these celebrity endorsements.

“Getting early endorsements from pop culture figures is always helpful to a campaign to generate interest and enthusiasm,” said Democratic strategist Jamal Simmons, “But Secretary Clinton will still have to close the sale with young voters.”

Contrary to what Simmons suggests, it’s certainly reasonable to assume that not all young voters would find these rappers’ love for Hillary Clinton a reason to think she would make a good president.

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Mysterious Signs Skewering Hillary And Stephanopoulos Are Popping Up Around NYC

Another display of street art taking aim at Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been spotted in New York City recently.

Western Journalism reported last month on a series of posters criticizing the Clinton campaign for suggesting certain adjectives used to describe the candidate should be off limits. Using selections from the list of descriptors one pro-Hillary group wanted banned, the resulting posters bore a sketch of Hillary Clinton surrounded by phrases such as “Don’t Say Polarizing” and “Don’t Say Secretive.”



These signs were spotted near Clinton’s Brooklyn campaign headquarters while the latest display – focusing on reports that ABC personality George Stephanopoulos donated a substantial amount of money to the Clinton Foundation – was hung near the network’s news headquarters in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Similar signs and stickers were also found near the Times Square studio from which Stephanopoulos anchors Good Morning America.

Image Credit: Courtesy

Image Credit: Courtesy

Western Journalism heard from one source who passed along several photos of the graphic with the phrase “Pay Pal” prominently displayed on top and a faux “Donate” button at the bottom.

Image Credit: Courtesy

Image Credit: Courtesy

Image Credit: Courtesy

Image Credit: Courtesy

There is little more information available about the source or intention of these signs; however, this ad hoc campaign is just one of several that have bucked the leftist slant often associated with street art.

In addition to the aforementioned anti-Hillary artwork displayed in New York, Western Journalism also reported that artwork supporting Republican White House hopeful Ted Cruz began showing up throughout San Francisco earlier this year.

Is street art like this a threat to Hillary’s campaign? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Can Hillary Still Be Impeached? The Answer May Surprise You…

Recently, I wrote an open letter to Trey Gowdy​ that invoked quite a bit of ire from loyal Gowdy supporters. If you haven’t read the letter, please do.

In this letter, I point out that Hillary Clinton MUST be held accountable and that Congress needs to stop making political excuses for her criminal behavior. I even offer up the suggestion that Mr. Gowdy and Congress should be looking to Article 2, Section 4 of the Constitution for the solution to the Hillary problem. Many loyal Gowdy commentors didn’t understand this application of impeachment, and I fear that Mr. Gowdy doesn’t either–so let me explain…

Article 2, Section 4: “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, is a civil officer; and because of the numerous documented instances of misconduct while in office, she MUST be impeached.

Some may try to argue that because Hillary resigned, she is no longer eligible for impeachment. That is simply not true, and precedent has been established to the contrary.

William Belknap served as Secretary of War under Ulysses S Grant from October 25, 1869 – March 2, 1876. While Secretary of War, Belknap’s extravagant lifestyle came into question. You see, Belknap only made $8k a year but was known for his extravagant lifestyle and expensive parties. Congress launched an investigation into his finances and found corruption that extended back to 1870.

According to Senate records, in 1870, “Belknap’s luxury-loving first wife assisted a wheeler-dealer named Caleb Marsh by getting her husband to select one of Marsh’s associates to operate the lucrative military trading post at Fort Sill in Indian territory. Marsh’s promise of generous kick-backs prompted Secretary Belknap to make the appointment.  Over the next five years, the associate funneled thousands of dollars to Marsh, who provided Belknap regular quarterly payments totaling over $20,000.”

Some of the accusations against Belknap included indirectly selling weapons to France and accepting illicit kickbacks in exchange for making political appointments. Gun-running, kickbacks, political deals for financial gain…isn’t that exactly what evidence strongly suggests Hillary Clinton is or was involved in?

According to Senate records, “On March 2, 1876, just minutes before the House of Representatives was scheduled to vote on articles of impeachment, Belknap raced to the White House, handed Grant his resignation, and burst into tears.”

Belknap’s resignation did not stop his impeachment. “Later that day, members voted unanimously to send the Senate five articles of impeachment.” What was Congress’ chief accusation against Belknap?  Answer: “criminally disregarding his duty as Secretary of War and basely prostituting his high office to his lust for private gain.” I have never heard a better description of the tenure of Hillary Clinton. Yet what does Congress do today? NOTHING, but make excuses. I missed the Constitutional Amendment that changed the Congressional power exercised in 1876 into the powerless and excuse-ridden Congress of today. By the way, impeaching Hillary would preclude her from holding any future public office, ever.

But Congressional responsibility doesn’t end with Hillary Clinton. According to James Madison, the father of the Constitution, their responsibility to impeach Hillary is not only established but also invokes an even bigger responsibility…to impeach the President, as well.

“It is very possible that an officer, who may not incur the displeasure of the President, may be guilty of actions that ought to forfeit his place.  The power of this may reach him by the means of impeachment, he may be removed even against the will of the President…[the president will be] in a peculiar manner, responsible for their conduct, and subject him to impeachment himself, if he suffers them to perpetrate with impunity high crimes or misdemeanors against the United States, or neglects to superintend their conduct, so as to check their excuses.” (The Writings of James Madison: 1787-1790, James Madison, G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1904)

Congressional hearings USED to actually have consequences. Congress USED to exercise real power. Congressmen USED to know their duty to the Constitution, their obligation to preserve Liberty, and their obligation to control the executive branch. Nothing about the Constitution or the power of Congress has changed since 1876, so what has changed? What has changed is the knowledge and courage of Congressmen!

If the President of the United States has direct power over his agents, is directly accountable for their actions, and can be impeached himself for failing to govern proper Constitutional control over his agents, shouldn’t Congress also be held accountable for their failure to govern proper Constitutional control over the executive branch? Isn’t it time We The People start requiring real Constitutional proficiency, instead of simply accepting the flowery speeches and rhetoric as chief political qualification?

 “No people will tamely surrender their Liberties, nor can any be easily subdued, when knowledge is diffused and virtue is preserved. On the Contrary, when People are universally ignorant, and debauched in their Manners, they will sink under their own weight without the Aid of foreign Invaders.”–Samuel Adams

The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

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Watch: He Blames Fox News For Hillary Woes, Then Megyn Kelly Takes Him To Truth School

Bill Burton is currently a hotshot political consultant for a big PR firm that, according to its website, specializes in promoting abortion rights, same-sex marriage, and anti-gun activism. But, you may remember, Burton used to be one of the front men for President Obama’s progressive agenda — he was White House deputy press secretary under Robert Gibbs for a couple of years.

Keeping his hand in the game of trying to spin winning stories for Democrat politicians, Burton recently appeared on The Kelly File with an astonishing claim about the cause of Hillary Clinton’s woes. He told Megyn Kelly that the blame for the “cloud of corruption” that hangs over Hillary’s head can be laid at the feet of, you guessed it, Fox News.

Despite the many reports critical of the former secretary of state in the liberal media — with The New York Times often in the lead — Burton took what turned out to be a weak, off-target shot at Fox News and conservative politicians.

As coverage on BizPac Review of the Burton-Kelly exchange noted:

Former White House deputy press secretary Bill Burton appeared on “The Kelly File” mainly to defend the Democrat frontrunner for 2016 from another “phony scandal” — charges she used bad intelligence on Libya from her friend Sidney Blumenthal, a man the Obama administration wouldn’t allow Clinton to hire at the State Department, who had business interests in Libya.

Then the former Obama flack and staunch Dem defender went on to make the Fox News-bashing claim for which Kelly took him to school. You can watch how Megyn delivered the tough truth lesson by clicking on the video above.

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Hate Executive Amnesty? Hillary Just Took Advantage Of It Big Time

Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has faced her share of hurdles – many self-created – since announcing her intention to obtain her party’s nomination. Among the comments to garner criticism recently was her promise to ramp up Barack Obama’s program of giving illegal aliens an expedited path toward American citizenship.

Of course, this position stands in diametrical opposition to her own view in 2003, at which time she described herself as “adamantly against illegal immigrants.”

Her new rhetoric, however, appears to be more than just lip service to the nation’s growing illegal population. Reports indicate the Clinton campaign recently hired Lorella Praeli – an illegal alien allowed to stay in America under the controversial DREAM Act – as part of its Latino outreach effort.

The Dream Action Coalition, operated by illegal immigrants benefiting from provisions implemented under the Obama administration, offered its support of the Clinton campaign’s new hire.

“We congratulate Lorella for her new position,” the group said in a recent statement, “as she has unquestionably demonstrated an ability to get the job done and commitment to the Dreamer and immigrant community.”

The organization did have a word of warning for Hillary Clinton, though.

“Nevertheless,” the statement continued, “we urge the Hilary [sic] campaign to allow her to continue the fight for our community she will be representing and not just a spokesperson for campaign rhetoric.”

While the staff addition likely resonated with illegals interested in jumping to the front of the citizenship line, Americans were less enthusiastic.

“I guess being Hillary’s Latino outreach director is a job Americans won’t do,” quipped one Twitter user.

Is it appropriate for the Hillary campaign to hire illegal aliens? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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