Watch: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protester Confronts Hillary At Fundraiser, Then Things Get Interesting…

Hillary Clinton held a $500 a plate private fund raiser Wednesday night in Charleston, S.C. The function was held in a private home and included approximately 100 guests.

There were several speakers at the event, speaking on Clinton’s civil rights record as well as the issue of racism in the country.

Also in attendance were Black Lives Matters activists, Ashley Williams and an associate.

After Clinton began her speech, Williams was seen holding a banner, referring to, what she perceived, as inconsistencies in Clinton’s record.

Williams was confronted by Clinton, at which point Williams requested an apology from Clinton for the support that she gave to the criminal justice reforms implemented by former President Clinton.

Williams claimed these reforms were responsible for the increase in the arrests of African-Americans.

The Secret Service quickly handled the interruption and removed Williams and her associate.

According to Williams, her main concerns are the three-strike program, abolishing rehabilitation programs for drug abusers and prison construction.

In an interview with Huffington Post, Williams said, “I wanted to bring her to confront her own words. We did this because we wanted to make sure that black people are paying attention to her record, and we want to know what Hillary we are getting.”

This is not the first time Clinton has had an event disrupted by protesters from the Black Lives Matters group. During an event in Atlanta, in October of last year, protesters were singing hymns and chanting, “Black lives matter.”

In an effort to ease the tensions, Clinton said, “Yes they do, and I’m going to talk a lot about that in a minute.”

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Something Was Just Revealed About Melania Trump And Hillary Clinton That Has People Talking

Past campaign contributions are becoming an issue for the Trump campaign. In the past, Donald Trump has been chastised for donating to both Democrats and Republicans. This time his wife Melania Trump is in the hot seat. According to Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings, she made a $2,000 contribution in 2006 to the then Senator, Hillary Clinton.

In addition to the Clinton contribution, Melania Trump donated $28,500 to the Republican National Convention. She also donated to John McCain, who ran for president as a Republican in 2008.

The Republican frontrunner’s wife is known for largely remaining out of the public eye. She has rarely been seen making campaign appearances, with her recent interview this past week with Mika Brzezinski on the Morning Joe being one of the very few she has done. Her calm and reclusive demeanor contrasts that of her husband who is known for his flair for the dramatic.

On Wednesday’s interview, Melania Trump discussed her marriage and her husband’s presidential aspirations. “It’s amazing what’s going on, and we’re having fun,” she said. While Melania has admitted to not always agreeing with her husband, she stood firm in her defense of him.

In response to the criticism that Donald has received for his remarks on Muslims, Mexicans and women she responded, “We’re prepared for that. We know people will judge him and call him names. They don’t give him enough credit.” Adding, “What he said is it would be temporary, and it is not for all the Muslims. He wants to protect America.”

When asked about how she felt about his treatment of women she denied the claims he is sexist. “Women are treated equal. He treats women equal. It’s not woman or man, you are human,” she said.

Donald Trump himself openly admits to donating to both Democrats and Republicans alike. His relationship with the Clinton’s has been called into question at previous GOP presidential debates, as he has donated approximately a quarter of a million dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

However, Trump insists that their is nothing wrong with his bipartisan donations. “Again, I was a businessman, and it was my obligation to get along with everybody, including the Clintons, including Democrats and liberals and Republicans and conservatives.”

He went on to assert that it was his responsibility to get a long with everybody as a successful entrepreneur, seemingly claiming that donating a substantial amount of money is a useful method.

Many citizens and politicians alike have taken umbrage with the Trump’s donating to Democrats. Since he is running for the Republican nomination, many of his adversaries have accused him of being a liberal in disguise. Regardless of what they are, it would appear the Trump family stand united together in their beliefs and actions.

BREAKING: Dem Leader Harry Reid Just Made His 2016 Presidential Endorsement

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid announced his endorsement of Hillary Clinton for president Wednesday.

In an exclusive interview with CNN, the Nevada senator said, “I think the middle class would be better served by Hillary,” adding, “I also think she’s the woman to be the first president of the United States that’s a female.” 

Reid’s nod of approval comes following her Saturday victory in his home state, where she defeated Democrat rival Sen. Bernie Sanders 53 percent to 47 percent. Clinton is also looking strong against Sanders going into the South Carolina primary this Saturday, where the Real Clear Politics average of recent polls has her running 24 points ahead of her socialist contender.

The minority leader called Sanders prior to announcing his endorsement of Clinton. “It was a really wonderful call,” said Reid, adding that Sanders was “so magnanimous, so kind and courteous.”

Reid heaped also high praise on Clinton. “I think that my work with her over the years has been something that I have looked upon with awe. She was the first lady. She started the trend toward looking to do something about health care. She understood the issue well, she was at the front on the health care during that administration,” he said.

The Nevadan would not predict if, or when, Clinton might secure the nomination. “I don’t know about that, you know I had some meetings today and I think the race is moving along very quickly so we’ll have to see, we’ll have to see what happens next month,” he said.

As for Donald Trump’s decisive victory in his state on Tuesday night, Reid said, “The party of Lincoln has become the party of Trump. And that says it all.”

As reported by Western Journalism, Reid had kind words to say about Trump last month noting the GOP candidate held some fundraisers for him in the past. “Look we’ve gotten along fine, that was before he was running for president,” he said. “With that bunch of people running, I am kind of pulling for him.”

Later he clarified to the press, “All you folks should understand that I was just trying to be funny with Donald Trump, and obviously wasn’t too funny.”

Perhaps after receiving some negative feedback from those in his party, Reid took to the senate floor a short time later to state that “Donald Trump has proven over and over again that he is a hateful demagogue, who would do immeasurable damage to our country, if elected.” 

Watch: Clinton Spox Claims Judge’s Decision Is Right-Wing Conspiracy, Then CNN Drops A Truth Bomb

Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager sought to dismiss a federal judge’s ruling on Tuesday saying it is par for the course for the “right wing,” but then CNN’s Jake Tapper challenged him with one important fact about the judge who decided the issue.

As reported by Western Journalism, a federal judge granted Judicial Watch’s request for discovery into whether Hillary Clinton and the State Department deliberately thwarted the government watchdog’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests over a six-year time period.

U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan stated in a hearing on Tuesday, “How on earth can the court conclude there is not at minimum a reasonable suspicion of bad faith,” regarding the State Dept.’s handling of FOIA requests regarding Clinton and her aides. 

He further ruled that Judicial Watch will be permitted to get testimony from several Clinton aides under oath who set up or knew about the former secretary of state’s private email server. According to Reuters, those aides may include Clinton’s former chief of staff at State Cheryl Mills, former deputy chief of staff Huma Abedin, and former under secretary for management Patrick Kennedy.

Sullivan hinted from the bench that he may order the State Dept. to issue a subpoena to Clinton and Abedin that would force them to hand over all their emails from Clinton’s server.

CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook about the judge’s ruling on Tuesday. “Jake we all know that the right wing sees Hillary Clinton as the Democrats best chance to hold on to the White House and continue to build on the progress that Pres. Obama has made,” Mook replied. “That’s why this right-wing group filed this lawsuit. Of course they’re trying to subpoena people. Of course, they’re trying to get this into the news.”

“This judge was appointed by Bill Clinton, I believe,” Tapper interjected. Sullivan was appointed by Clinton to the Washington, D.C. federal district court in 1994.  

“It’s the judge’s decision to make,” Mook haltingly responded. “My point is this was promulgated by a right-wing group.” The campaign manager then quickly pivoted off the subject to saying Hillary Clinton would be focused on issues voters cared about like healthcare and college tuition. 

The candidate herself also dismissed the ruling that night during a townhall on CNN stating, “I know there are are challengers about what the State Department did or did not do – that will all be worked out,” she said tonight at a CNN town hall. “It’s just not something that is going to have a lasting effect. And I am not at all worried about it.”

Judicial Watch’s President Tom Fitton characterized Sullivan’s ruling as “a major victory for the public’s right to know the truth about Hillary Clinton’s email system.” He added, “While Mrs. Clinton’s testimony may not be required initially, it may happen that her testimony is necessary for the court to resolve the legal issues about her unprecedented email practices.”

Clinton’s use of a private, unsecured email server is currently being investigated by the FBI for possible breaches of federal law. To date over 1700 emails have been found from the server which contained classified information.

Breaking: Federal Judge Just Gave Hillary Some Of The Worst News – She’s Going To HATE It

A federal judge granted Judicial Watch’s request for discovery into whether Hillary Clinton and the State Department deliberately thwarted the government watchdog’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests over a six-year time period.

The order by U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan came as part of a FOIA lawsuit brought by Judicial Watch to obtain information about the controversial employment status of Clinton aide Huma Abedin, who served simultaneously as deputy chief of staff to Clinton at the State Department, and as an employee of the Clinton Foundation.

Judge Sullivan made his ruling over objections by the State Department, according to a press release from Judicial Watch. The judge is also considering whether to order the department to subpoena all emails on the email system.

“Judge Sullivan’s ruling granting Judicial Watch’s request for discovery is a major victory for the public’s right to know the truth about Hillary Clinton’s email system,” said Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton. “The court-ordered discovery will help determine why the State Department and Mrs. Clinton, even despite receiving numerous FOIA requests, kept the record system secret for years.”

“Sullivan set an April 15 deadline for parties to litigate a detailed investigative plan — subject to court approval — that would reach well beyond the limited and carefully worded explanations of the use of the private server that department and Clinton officials have given,” the Washington Post reported.

“There has been a constant drip, drip, drip of declarations. When does it stop?,” the judge said, according to the Post. “This case is about the public’s right to know.”

Sullivan also said the State Department’s handling of the email controversy has created at least a “reasonable suspicion” the public’s access to documents under FOIA has been undermined.