Herman Cain Celebrates Encouraging Statistic About Black Conservatives

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Though the black vote has overwhelmingly supported Democrat candidates in recent decades, evidence suggests America’s first black presidency might coincide with a reversal of that trend. Entrepreneur, former presidential candidate, and talk show host Herman Cain published an editorial this week highlighting the result of polling that shows more and more blacks are now embracing conservative values.

More than a quarter of all black respondents indicated they identify as conservative, exactly the same percentage that considers itself liberal. Though this number is smaller than the 35 percent of the overall public currently self-identified as conservative, Cain explained that these results nevertheless suggest a shift in sentiment within the black community.

“The number of black who identify their ideology as conservative is higher than I expected,” he wrote, “but it confirms the testimonial feedback I get from black people who listen to my show, visit my website or attend my speeches.”

He made sure not to negate the importance of conservatives across all racial and ethnic lines while accentuating the positive news he identified in recent Gallup poll results.

According to Cain, these stats “refute the assumption that blacks are so committed to the Democrats and the liberals that they can’t be converted based on the facts when they are given the facts.”

More than four in 10 blacks consider themselves moderate, he reported, a slightly higher percentage than among the general population and evidence that “we have a lot of upside potential as conservatives.”

He cited the need to reach those with conservative values but who do not identify as such “because they are constantly bombarded with liberal messages” including class warfare and government intervention.

Conservatives have the superior message, he concluded, but must optimize their message to reach those outside the fold.

“The challenge for conservatives, whether elected or non-elected” Cain maintained, “is to do a much better job of communicating how conservative principles of lower taxes, smaller government and individual responsibility benefits everyone.”

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What These Hollywood Leftists Just Said In An Appeal About 2016 Should Worry Hillary

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If Hillary Clinton is thinking she’ll collect a lot of Hollywood cash for her 2016 campaign coffers, she may want to think again…and start some serious outreach to left-coast lefties who are already looking beyond the former first lady to another potential female candidate.

As writer Robert Laurie points out on Herman Cain’s website, a whole lot of movie and TV stars and entertainment industry luminaries have signed an open letter to Elizabeth Warren, virtually begging the Massachusetts senator to enter the race for president.

Calling themselves “Artists for Warren,” these 90 celebs put their names to the plea for the ultra-liberal lawmaker to “stand up for working families and take on the Wall Street banks and special interests that broke our economy.”

The open letter with the heading “Run Warren Run” refers time and again to “big corporations,” “corporate interests” and the “big banks” aligned with greedy Wall Street fat cats — pleading for a champion “who stands up for the people.”

Of course, one might find it more than a tad ironic that these Hollywood types — many of whom make many times the average wage of the average American — see fit to slam the system that has made them part of the “wealthiest 1%” they so harshly criticize. It would seem these stars want to bring down the kind of capitalism in which they, themselves, thrive.

Among the more recognizable names attached to this letter appealing to Warren to jump into a race she has avoided are:
– Michael Moore
– Mark Ruffalo
– Susan Sarandon
– Julia Stiles
– Ed Norton
– Olivia Wilde

One should note that those six names out of a list of 90 might suggest that this group does not necessarily represent the best and brightest of the left-coast libs — especially not the ones known to shower Democrats with torrents of money.

Still, this is a clear shot at Hillary Clinton, who, the letter suggests, is aligned with those big, bad “corporate” interests and Wall Street bankers from whom Elizabeth Warren could be a “powerful, tireless champion…to push for real solutions to income inequality.”

As for Warren herself, she continues to say she has no intention of running for president in 2016. Though, in doing so, she has not hesitated to denounce a Hillary Clinton candidacy, as The Atlantic notes: “Warren has characterized Hillary Clinton herself as a conscienceless politician who betrayed her professed principles for campaign donations.”

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Watch: You Won’t Believe What Herman Cain Said About American Voters!

“I’ve heard people say, ‘I don’t vote because I don’t know what’s going on’; and I say, good. Stupid people are ruining America, and I’m glad some of them stay home,” Herman Cain expressed.

Loud and clear, Herman. For those who don’t have a clue about what’s going on, Cain reminds you to just stay home!


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Herman Cain: “Stupid And Gullible People Are Running America!”

Herman Cain said that “Stupid and gullible people are running America” in his keynote speech at the Western Conservative Conference in Phoenix on February 22, 2014.  He gives 3 strategy points to help take our country back.

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

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