Issa Refutes Gruber’s Testimony That Insurance Costs Have Decreased


Representative Darrell Issa (R-CA), chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, had his chance to question the architect of Obamacare, Jonathan Gruber, who embarrassed the Obama administration with his inflammatory comments about “the stupidity of the American voter.”

ISSA: The night before last I was at the Kennedy Center Honors where they honored Tom Hanks, famously Forrest Gump, the ultimate in successful stupid man. Are you stupid?

GRUBER: I don’t think so, no.

ISSA: Does M.I.T. employ stupid people?

GRUBER: Not to my knowledge.

ISSA: OK, so you’re a smart man who said some, as the ranking member said, some really stupid things. And you said the same, is that correct?

GRUBER: I…the comments I made were really inexcusable.

Rep. Issa asked the former healthcare law advisor about the cost-shifting aspects of the Affordable Care Act in which one person would get a reduction in their insurance rate while someone else would have to pay more to off-set that person’s decrease.

Gruber explained that the ACA set up insurance exchanges that pooled risks for the healthy and less-healthy which, on average, resulted in lower health insurance costs. Issa immediately corrected the M.I.T. economics professor, saying that total costs did not decrease, but actually increased.

ISSA: I’m a taxpayer, Mr. Gruber. Trust me, people are not paying less; people like me are paying more for those, because taxes are, in fact, a cost that’s paid. Total costs did not go down. Cost shifting occurred in your model, isn’t that true?

GRUBER: The amount that individuals have to pay for health insurance, on average, fell in my model.

ISSA: Well, but it didn’t fall in reality.

Issa questioned why the American public should believe the accuracy of his model if deception, by Gruber’s own statements, was part of the process. He suggested that the Committee and the next Congress conduct an independent audit of Gruber’s insurance model.


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Dying Mother’s Wish Granted When Her Nurse Takes In Her Son

Tricia Somers

Tricia Somers, a single mother of 8-year-old Wesley, was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer and was left wondering who was going to care for her son when she passed.

That answer came to her on her last day in Pinnacle Health’s Community General in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Somers asked her nurse, Tricia Seaman (oddly enough sharing her first name), if she would take care of her son after she passed, according to ABC News.

Seaman, who has a family of four and was actually looking to adopt as well, said she didn’t know what to say at first:

“I didn’t know what to say in that moment. I told her I was flattered enough [that she] asked me. I said to her, ‘Why don’t you take a little time with this.’ …I was trying to be very diplomatic, everything in me was saying “Yes, I’l do it.’”

Somers said she couldn’t have felt better with her decision:

“She came in [Seaman] and I just felt this overwhelming feeling of comfort. It was strange. I never had that feeling before and I thought she is going to take care of me. She is the one.”

Somers soon began her chemotherapy, and it left her so weak that she could barely walk, let alone take her son to school. This was when Seaman decided that it was time to not only take Wesley into their home, but Somers as well.

“At one point I said, ‘I can’t be your nurse anymore. I’m your family now,’” Seaman said. “I talked to her and said I want you to come [home]. She kind of fell apart and cried. She said, ‘I’d love to.’”

Seaman said she and her husband have signed the paperwork to become Wesley’s guardians when Somers passes away. But this summer, the family, with Somers and Wesley too, were able to go on a vacation together.

“We just want Trish to live life to the fullest and …we love her and love Wesley,” Seaman said. “He’s a very smart little boy. We want to see him get an education and be successful and know that he’s not alone. He has a family. He’s not going to be all by himself.”

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What These Doctors Just Told Obama Could Make Him Sick…


Remember when the American Medical Association (AMA) — the nation’s largest physicians group — was rah-rah, gung-ho for ObamaCare? Remember how the AMA claimed the Affordable Care Act would, you know, make quality healthcare more affordable for more people? And that it would benefit doctors by helping to remedy how they’re reimbursed by Medicare?

Well, that was then…and this is now. That was theoretical “group think”…and this is the actual opinion of individual health care providers.

Now, by close to a 2-1 margin, America’s physicians say loud and clear that they are unhappy with ObamaCare — so unhappy, in fact, that “46% of doctors give President Obama’s healthcare law a “D” or an “F.”

The Washington Examiner shares details of the new survey taken by the Physicians Foundation:

…just 25 percent of those surveyed gave the law an “A” or a “B.”

The findings come from a survey that was emailed to “virtually every physician in the United States with an email address on record with the American Medical Association” this March through June as the law’s major provisions were taking effect, and received more than 20,000 responses from doctors.

One disgusted doctor responding to the survey said that ObamaCare is a prescription for failure:

“The system is broken and I am out of here as soon as I can. I am tired of being used, abused and lied to. Has anyone here woken up to the fact that we are always the last ones to be considered in the equation of change?”

On a related note, a new survey by Pew Research finds that health care remains a topic of critical concern among voters heading into the November midterms. And the negatives still outweigh the positives for the president’s signature health care law.

Overall, opinions of the Affordable Care Act have changed little over the past year. Currently, 44% approve of the law, while 52% disapprove.

This result, of course, will greatly disappoint Democrats, who have long banked on the fact that once people started directly experiencing the supposed benefits of the Affordable Care Act, they would come to like it.

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What Kind Of Health Care System Do You Want, America?


Reforming health care is a signature issue with the current administration, but even the most ardent proponents of Obamacare would be reluctant to call it a success. Notwithstanding the well-publicized problems of the countless billions of dollars spent on this program, precious little has gone into actual patient care. But really, what should we expect from a system designed by soulless bureaucrats such as “bioethicist” Ezekiel Emanuel and Donald Berwick, former Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services?

Emanuel infamously suggested that doctors take the Hippocratic Oath too seriously, while Berwick intoned that the federal government must step in between doctors and their patients to curb and redistribute the use of medical resources. To be sure, both of these medico-ghouls are in favor of a single-payer government-controlled system. One wonders if they know who founded government-controlled health care. None other than Adolf Hitler. You could look it up.

Of course, what we do have at the moment is not health care at all. Rather, it is disease care. Inasmuch as there is not enough money in the world to support a disease care system, you would think that the government would be doing all it can to improve public health and encourage prevention. But, you would be wrong. In fact, many preventive programs are having the exact opposite effect.

It was known as early as the mid-1960s that the lipid/cholesterol theory of coronary heart disease was total bunk. Yet, we are still being pummeled with precisely the wrong advice in the advocacy of a low fat/high carb diet. There is no doubt that this course has almost single–handedly caused the current epidemic of obesity and diabetes. And, it has done virtually nothing to lower the incidence of coronary heart disease. Applicable drug sales, however, have skyrocketed. Notably, anti-cholesterol and glycemic control meds have been fraught with serious side effects.

A similar tale can be told of the absurd official recommendations on a low salt diet.

Assuming that all this is not the deliberate result of some star-chamber conspiracy, what went wrong? Chalk it up to egos, massive intertwining bureaucracies, zero accountability, and huge amounts of money. I trust that the ego and monetary components are self-evident.

As to intertwining bureaucracies, consider the effect of USDA grain subsidies on the official dietary recommendations, and the resulting disaster of high carb diets. If the Feds really were concerned with health care, wouldn’t they put some subsidies on fruits and vegetables?

As to zero accountability, consider the hundreds of millions of dollars pharmaceutical companies must spend to get a drug through FDA approval; and then consider how many of these approved drugs are taken off the market only a few years later. Why are there never any consequences for the FDA, but only gigantic lawsuits against Big Pharma? Isn’t the FDA supposed to be the certification agency of all that is safe and effective? Why is it always held harmless? If your own doctor did something a fraction as calamitous, he would be sued for malpractice.

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We Must MAKE The GOP Stand And Fight Against Obama And His Diseased Illegal Invaders

Photo credit: Michael Fleshman (Flickr)

While it is satisfying to watch Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency come apart, it has made him a dangerous enemy who will strike without warning. He is being exposed as a fraud, and the pressure of being found out is driving him to be increasingly reckless and dangerous. He’s quickly morphing into something resembling a wounded animal.

His latest assault on us, his American enemies, involves erasing our Southern border to allow tens of thousands of unaccompanied illegal alien children and gang members to walk in, sit down, and start demanding whatever they think they are entitled to get.

We’re hearing rumors that Obama is about to use an executive order to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens so they can vote Marxist/Democrat in November. This will preserve Obama’s power and put enough stress on the healthcare system to stampede Americans into his single-payer scheme.

As serious as this attack on our liberties will be, amnesty will also bring death and infirmity to our midst. Illegal aliens bring deadly diseases. In California, a state soaked with illegals, there’s a Whooping cough epidemic.

The number of cases of this contagious disease, which is deadly to American babies, is moving toward a 60 year high. Is there any doubt this disease has been brought to us by illegal aliens by a president who hates America? Is there a new TB epidemic? The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has identified ten countries that are bringing Tuberculosis, a disease we’ve already beaten, back to our shores.

Obama’s illegal invaders are already coughing their way through our schools, hospitals, and public transportation centers–and more will come. Treating a TB patient costs between $250,000 and $1 million, meaning amnesty and dumping millions of illegals on our healthcare system will be devastating.

The festering diseases filling the slums of the poorest parts of Mexico and Central and South America will hitch a ride to our neighborhoods; and given the cowardly Republican reaction thus far, we don’t have any say in the matter. Aside from TB, illegal aliens are bringing hepatitis, dengue fever, LEPROSY, and the very insidious Chagas–which steadily destroys its victim’s heart and internal organs.

Obama’s amnesty will bring death to us from diseases we have already virtually eliminated, but will now be forced to use vital resources to combat all over again.

Demand that your Republican representative stands up and fight.

Obama and his Marxist Democrats have put us in a very serious situation. They won’t stop hacking away at us unless we make them stop.

Photo credit: Michael Fleshman (Flickr)

The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom