Feminist Fabricator Lena Dunham Rides Again

In Hollywood, anything is possible — if you’re a privileged femme fraudster with cover-up pals in all the right (or rather, left) places.

Last week, upper-crust Manhattanite actress Lena Dunham dropped in at the Beverly Hills home of billionaire mogul Ron Burkle, who was co-hosting an event with Hanoi Jane Fonda, organized by the Rape Foundation, to honor her longtime friend and HBO “Girls” show producer, Judd Apatow.

Apatow’s a strident liberal who tweets a lot about women and rape, so naturally Dunham and the Rape Foundation lionized him for his brave advocacy for women and against rape. “He’s a tireless advocate for women,” Dunham gushed. “We know he refuses to follow the pack in silence,” she told the pack of entertainment left-wingers as they remained mum about Dunham’s spectacular self-unawareness.

And then lyin’ Lena set about her real task: extolling and remartyring herself.

“When I decided to write about my experience with sexual assault, Judd was one of the first people I shared my essay with.”

I, my, I, ay-ay-ay.

“His notes were kind and considerate and made the work infinitely stronger when the story was met with backlash,” Dunham shared.

Fascinating. Too bad she won’t share Apatow’s specific contributions to “strengthening” her phony-baloney story. The collaborative fiction-writing process must be protected.

“I can safely say I would not have emerged from the darkness of that period without the constant check-ins, sweet jokes, and unwaveringly loving presence of Judd,” she added. “But he was more than a friend; he was a consistent reminder to me of something his work has always represented — which is that it’s never wrong to speak the truth.”

What is the “darkness” she speaks of — and what could she and her obsequious friends possible know about speaking the “truth?”

From People.com to Variety to Glamour magazine, Dunham’s enablers in the entertainment press have failed to report the full context of her “sexual assault” story and the purported “backlash” against her for capitalizing on her claimed status as a rape victim.

Let me remind you, since the sycophants in Tinseltown media won’t: Dunham is a freaky-deaky fabulist and creepy Hollywood sexual deviant. After signing a hefty $3.5 million book deal with Random House, the hipster creator of HBO’s “Girls” and her publisher were forced late last year to walk back bogus allegations about a “rape” attack by an “Oberlin College Republican” named “Barry” that she neglected to disclose for nearly a decade — until she needed to generate book publicity.

Please note: “Oberlin College Republicans” are as rare as Axolotls. Dunham insists that naming her conjured assailant “Barry” was sheer coincidence. But the harm done to the only Republican named Barry who attended the school at the same time as Dunham was quite real. He was forced off social media, his privacy was invaded, and he had his name dragged through feminist spittle-flecked mud.

When John Nolte of conservative website Breitbart investigated, he discovered that Dunham’s description didn’t match up with the real Barry. “In the end, Breitbart News could not find a Republican named Barry who attended Oberlin during Dunham’s time there who came anywhere close to matching her description of him,” Nolte reported. “In fact, we could not find anyone who remembered any Oberlin Republican who matched Dunham’s colorful description.”

Wham: “Under scrutiny, Dunham’s rape story didn’t just fall apart; it evaporated into pixie dust and blew away.”

Humiliated and facing a litigation nightmare, Random House paid the falsely accused college Republican’s legal fees after his lawyer complained. Stung and exposed, Dunham carped about conservative journalists who refused to cover up the real truth. She nursed her self-inflicted wounds by publishing a self-pitying diatribe on liberal website Buzzfeed and posted a prominent Twitter selfie with runny mascara mimicking two black eyes.

Let me also remind you that Dunham’s best-selling memoir also contained disturbing accounts of her forcing her younger sister to kiss her, masturbating in bed next to her, joking about acting like a “sexual predator,” and examining her genitals. When bona fide sexual abuse victims started expressing their disgust with Dunham’s cavalier attitude, she naturally blamed “conservative white men.”

Dunham also viciously attacked conservatives after critics questioned her soft-porn photo shoot with skeevy fashion photographer and accused serial sexual harasser Terry Richardson.
Blame the messenger. Wallow in self-pity. Collect awards. Repeat.

Delusional “progressive” do-gooders pretend to care about rape victims while indulging a perverted smear merchant who does nothing but disgrace the truth and undermine real rape victims. Hollyweird rides again.

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Things Just Went Very Wrong For Radical Feminist Lena Dunham

The controversial star of the HBO series Girls has become an icon in some leftist circles despite admitting to acts such as molesting her adolescent sister and falsely accusing an acquaintance of rape.

Lena Dunham’s antics, however, have also led to some harsh social media criticism. It is for this reason, she recently confirmed, that she has officially left Twitter.

“I really appreciate that anybody follows me at all,” she explained when announcing her decision, “and so I didn’t want to cut off my relationship to it completely, but it really, truly wasn’t a safe space for me.”

Instead of posting directly to the platform, she said she will use a surrogate to post tweets on her behalf.

Reaction by other Twitter users was mixed, but largely consisted of ridicule and apathy.

In addition to her breakup with Twitter, Dunham confirmed the television series that made her a household name will be ending after its next full season.

As Breitbart’s John Nolte opined, even her recent interview with Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton could not undo the damage Dunham has done to her own reputation – and Hollywood marketability.

“Naturally,” he wrote, “Dunham is being allowed to pretend the cancellation is her choice, you know, because with no other career prospects, what Dunham really wants to do is run an obscure website where the self-proclaimed sexual abuse activist doesn’t ask Hillary Clinton about her decades of rape denial but rather about a black man’s penis.”

Will you miss Lena Dunham’s tweets? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Sesame Street Is Brought To You By A Grant From HBO And The Letters F And U (And Taxpayers Like You)

(That sound you hear is my late father, Philip Weinberg, turning over in his grave.)

My father, among other things, founded the public television station in Peoria, Illinois, with very little public money because he believed in 1971 that programs like Sesame Street and the Electric Company from the Children’s Television Workshop were important–and they should be freely available for free on free over the air television. Largely because things funded by the government should be free to its owners.

Granted, that was before the birth of HBO, ESPN or even CNN.

Back in those days, cable TV companies had vice presidents in charge of telling lies to city councils and other vice presidents in charge of telling the same city councils that the first guy lied.

And, over the years, one of the few bright spots in educational and children’s television were those aforementioned programs. They probably did more to prepare kids to learn than any combination of all day kindergarten and operation Head Start for a lot less money. And, ironically, they still do.

Now, I’m not Bernie Sanders. And, neither was my father.

And you can legitimately question whether or not we need public television in our brave new 500 channel world. I give my father’s former associates heartburn every time I write a column like this.

But, our problem here is that Sesame Street was designed to reach kids who might otherwise not be ready for school on the same schedule as their more affluent friends. In short, we’re talking about poor kids. And, in this economy, that is a lot of kids. You can sugarcoat it all you want, but we didn’t pay good public dollars to develop a new and innovative way to get kids ready for the classroom that actually worked so that only those kids whose parents could afford it would get first shot at it.

It was not HBO; it was Television.

You can get your television on a TV or on a smartphone or on a tablet or on a computer; but however you get it, it is still television.

We, the taxpayers, paid millions of dollars to help what used to be called the Children’s Television Workshop develop Sesame Street both directly and indirectly. Against the better judgment of many taxpayers, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting subsidized much of the infrastructure which put Sesame Street on the air and made it popular. And, finally, the people behind the Children’s Television Workshop played the tax exempt organization provisions of our tax code like a Stradivarius. Much better than the Tea Party.

As the Cookie Monster might have said, “me don’t want to pay no taxes when I’m working on Sesame Street.”

The fact is that Sesame Workshop, as it is now called, has executives making nearly seven figure salaries; and its cushy deal with HBO is built on the backs of the taxpayers who funded the original development of the program.

A much fairer version of this deal would be for HBO to donate the money to the Sesame Workshop, allow those shows to air for free on PBS stations and THEN put them on the network which advertises that it’s not television. (This program is brought to you by a grant from the letters H, B and O)

This deal is crony capitalism at its absolute worst, and for a conservative like me to have to call foul as opposed to Barack Obama—who you’d think would be concerned about poor kids being sent to the back of the bus—is an outrage. Can you see the irony here?

It’s not the biggest outrage which has happened in government even during the last week.

And nobody in the TV biz—either commercial or allegedly non commercial—wants to make Time Warner mad at them.

So the taxpayers and poor kids everywhere will probably get screwed.

However, I can’t help but think that my Dad would have said that this program was brought to you by the letters F and U. Next time I’m in Peoria, I’ll go on down to Springdale Cemetery and ask him.

The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by WesternJournalism.com.

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Watch: Ann Coulter Just Took On These Three Liberals Without Even Breaking A Sweat

During a recent appearance on HBO’s Real Time, conservative author Ann Coulter found herself outnumbered – but not outmatched – by a panel of guests who disagreed with her stance on illegal immigration.

Host Bill Maher acknowledged that his show is akin to “the lion’s den” for Ann Coulter, predicting that his other guests – specifically Democrat U.S. Rep Luis Gutierrez and MSNBC host Joy Reid – are “really not going to like what you say.”

Nevertheless, Coulter discussed the issues and solutions she explored in her latest book, Adios, America!, while defending her views against an onslaught of leftist derision.

She set the stage by engaging in a debate with Maher, who suggested there are more illegal Hispanics in America because of their home country’s proximity to the U.S.

“We didn’t used to take people just because they lived in walking distance,” Coulter shot back. “We used to have an immigration policy where we would choose the best in the world.”

She went on to describe pre-1970 immigrants in comparison to those of today, stating that they were “more educated, made more money, were more likely to buy houses – and 30 percent of them went home.”

Pushed to explain how her estimate that 30 million immigrants is more than twice the number registered by the U.S. Census Bureau, Coulter plugged her book – “I’ll be happy to explain but I think it’s easier to read” – before digging into the numbers behind the numbers.

While a sizeable percentage of illegals likely decided not to fill out official census paperwork, Coulter said the data she relied on used more tangible information including “remittances to Mexico, school enrollment [and] housing permits.”

Coulter punctuated her rant with a monologue that included criticism of an increasingly hostile audience.

“Should American immigration policy be used to benefit the people already here,” she asked, “or should it be benefiting Pakistani pushcart operators, illiterate in their own language, never mind ours, who come here, go on welfare, commit terrorism, engage in crimes? Why wouldn’t you look out across the world like a sports team does and try to find the crème de la crème? Not like this audience. We don’t want these people.”

Maher turned to the audience and confirmed: “You gotta give it to her. She ain’t afraid.”

Is illegal immigration an imminent problem for America? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Bill Maher Insults WWII Veterans, Needs To Shut Up Permanently

Bill Maher Bill Maher Insults WWII Veterans, Needs to Shut Up Permanently

On the heels of the government shutdown comes another lunatic liberal rant from TV’s most obnoxious personality by the name of Bill Maher. On his HBO show ‘Real Time’, Maher outdid his own offensiveness when he dissed American Veterans by saying, “They’re the greatest generation; nobody said they were the brightest generation.” Bill Maher’s history and humor are both sorely lacking in their knowledge and aptness. If not for America’s intervention in WWII and the same Veterans who inadvertently saved Maher’s sorry behind – the ones he disparaged on HBO — Maher would probably have been put away for his strange sense of humor, which would not have appealed to Hitler at all. His short stature would have caused problems as well. If not for the sacrifices of America’s fighting force, Bill Maher’s insults under the garb of jokes would be collecting years of torture in some forgotten camps.

Americans are now rightly appalled at this blatant display of disrespect for its Veterans! Bill Maher may have been miffed that once again, he was ignored and denied any Emmys (where he has been nominated 32 times in the past 17 years, but has never won.) Maher has competed in nine different categories over the years, missing the gold as writer, performer and producer for Real Time With Bill Maher, Politically Incorrect With Bill Maher, and his standup specials. Obviously, the people who vote at the Emmys do not think he is either funny or entertaining enough. Maher’s humor (if it can be called that) does not excite laughter at all; in fact, it stinks and stings!

Bill Maher has made it a habit to denigrate anyone who is NOT a political liberal like him and has consistently displayed special vengeance for conservatives (and conservative women) as well. The Veterans who were the brunt of Bill Maher’s ‘jokes’ were denied entry to WWII Memorial in Washington. Maher was additionally appalled that they had the temerity to take photographs with Michele Bachmann, a Republican. According to Maher, Republicans were responsible for the shutdown and that Veterans should have shown more sense than taking pictures with them! Perhaps dissing the Veterans was going to soothe Maher’s evil soul.

This left liberal lunatic does not get it that he is not a likable personality on TV. Worse are his below the belt jabs at people he dislikes, most of whom happen to be conservatives, armed forces, veterans, Christians, and all who do not adhere to Obama-like-foolishness. It’s time HBO re-think its contract with Bill Maher. HBO is a commercial venture; and if its numbers fall too low, or enough viewers pull out in protest, or sponsorship of Maher’s despicable humor declines significantly, that would be enough to teach this dirty-mouthed moron a few lessons in humor and political incorrectness.

Photo credit: DonkeyHotey (Creative Commons)