Middle East Aflame – Palestinians Pushing Israel Into Another War


A Palestinian Hamas terrorist shot an Israeli soldier on Wednesday while he was repairing a border fence near the Gaza Strip. The IDF member was seriously injured and was evacuated to a hospital and his family notified.

Earlier last week, a rocket was fired from Gaza by a global jihadist and landed in an agricultural field. The rocket incident, as well as yesterday’s shooting, sparked air strikes and tank fire from Israeli armed forces. It seems global jihadists in Gaza, as well as Hamas proper, are intent on starting another conflict with Israel. The Palestinians have always wanted to keep the conflict going instead of finding a way to make peace.

The Jerusalem Post reported today, “Hamas media reported that a Hamas field commander, Tayseer Asmairi, was killed by the IDF fire and several people were injured. Hamas warned Israel that it was ‘playing with fire,’ calling the incident ‘a grave escalation.’ The Hamas statement added that ‘The occupation is fully responsible for all of the consequences of the escalation. The resistance has a right to defend itself and its people.’”

The Israeli Defense Minister, speaking at an event said, “’Hamas is responsible, and we demand that it ensures that not even a single rocket is fired from the Gaza Strip. If a rocket is fired, we will respond accordingly….I hope that Hamas is interested in quiet and not escalation. The fact is that Hamas is deterred. This comes up clearly, since this time, too, Hamas arrested those who fired the rocket… the question is how long will this last, and I hope for as long a period as possible.’”

Hamas is currently using the cease fire to no doubt rebuild tunnels and other offensive capabilities that were destroyed by Israeli Defense Forces in the last overt shooting conflict, ending several months ago. Israel has to be cognizant daily for murder raids into Israel through these tunnels as well as rocket attacks and lone wolf terrorism in its cities.

During all of this Middle Eastern turmoil, the Obama administration considers sanctioning our strongest and most loyal ally in the region. This defies all logic and comprehension, unless you are a Hamas supporter. America should be ashamed of our leadership for this position. Have we forgotten what it is like to fight for our freedom and safety? I fear we may soon have to relearn these lessons.


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Is The 4th Great Awakening In American History Underway?

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The 4th Great Awakening in American history is underway. There have been a number of words from recognized prophetic voices published in the past few weeks, and there is a compelling coincidence to their witness. We got the word ourselves when our prayer team made its monthly visit to the California State Capitol July 3. One of our members reported a vision in which the Lord showed him two piles of dry bones on the floor – reminiscent of the famous passage in Ezekiel 37 – and while he watched, the bones rose to form two skeletal bodies, one of them a man and the other a lion. Putting aside the natural skepticism of many of our readers about revelations from God in capitol hearing rooms – or anywhere else – let’s track with the internal logic of the vision. That too is supplied by God, but it is subject to rational critique.

The interpretation came to me instantaneously as the vision was described. The man represented Jesus Himself and the Lion of Judah. Their rise to incarnation was clearly about the promised Awakening, but the caveat is at least as important. Attention was drawn to the skeletal nature of these bodies–that is, to their lack of flesh, skin, hair, and organs. Clearly, the Awakening is in its most fragile infancy. The present outpouring of signs and wonders has been with us for some time; it does not constitute an Awakening by itself. And there is much more at stake here than whether a bunch of charismatic Christians get to raise hands and shout glory to the Lord. The call to the people of God to practice ongoing repentance – re-focus of our attention on God – is even more urgent than it has been the past several years.

There is a dark side to this season that also grows exponentially. Jesus said the last days – whatever their duration – would feature worldwide wars and rumors of wars, and we have armed conflict on the five heavily populated continents. We would see men calling evil good and good evil; look no further than the outpouring of sympathy for Hamas as it shoves women and children in front of its own missile batteries as human shielding. And we would see Christians hated by all for no other reason that that we bear the name of Christ; the legal assaults on American and European Christians in the name of political correctness pale next to the slaughter of the faithful in the Middle East, but the source is the same and the escalation as certain.

Yet most of these so-called revelatory words are steeped in triumphalism. There is no acknowledgement of ongoing need for repentance. There is a childish obsession with the healings and the other goodies that are indeed part and parcel of any move of God in our midst, but which are anything but the whole package. Jesus was quite clear that as history winds down, there is going to be hell to pay as much as heaven to gain; nobody gets a free pass. Any alleged prophet who claims it is all coming up like roses for people of prayer is just as much a false prophet as the people who keep running up and down California claiming the drought is over (despite the reality that reservoirs are less than half full and snowpack almost non-existent.) So what is the reasonable (and at the same time faithful) approach? Just what it has always been.

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The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by WesternJournalism.com.

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OUTRAGE! Wait Till You See How Obama’s ISIS War Strategy Could Deliver A Deadly Blow To Israel


New weapons and valuable intelligence information are being channeled to the notorious terrorist group Hezbollah as part of the Obama administration’s newly launched war on ISIS, according to a shocking report in The New York Times.

The increased aid to Hezbollah is reportedly being provided via the Lebanese Army, which closely coordinates with the terrorist group, according to Mohammad Afif, Hezbollah’s newly appointed head of public relations.

They are sworn enemies who insist they will never work together, but in practice, Hezbollah and the United States are already working — separately — on a common goal: to stop the extremist Islamic State from moving into Lebanon, where Hezbollah is the most powerful military and political player and currently shares with Washington an interest in stability.

There are signs that Hezbollah, which the United States lists as a terrorist organization, may see the fight against the Islamic State as an opportunity to gain legitimacy by making the case that it is standing against terrorism.

But according to critics of this shadowy alliance between the U.S. and Hezbollah, the terror group may also see the fight against ISIS as a chance to strengthen their ability to confront Israel.

Via conservativetribune.com:

The aid and weapons will be given to the Lebanese military, ostensibly to help prevent the Islamic State from moving into Lebanon. But Hezbollah has intertwined themselves within the Lebanese government and military, and will undoubtedly get their hands on this new weaponry provided courtesy of the US taxpayers.

Many people are attempting to rationalize the arming of radical Islamic terrorist groups by saying “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” But in this case, that just isn’t so. The enemy of our enemy is still our enemy.

Only a couple of weeks ago, the Times of Israel reported that an Iran-backed guerilla army of Hezbollah fighters appears to be preparing for a large-scale attack on Israel, which itself is gearing up for a significant conflict only weeks after the cease-fire with Hamas.

The report said Hezbollah has an estimated 100,000 rockets — 10 times as many as were in the Hamas arsenal — and that its 5,000 long-range missiles, located in Beirut and other areas deep inside Lebanon, are capable of carrying large warheads (of up to 1 ton and more), with precision guidance systems, covering all of Israel.

Should these reports of Hezbollah’s increased strength and aggressive intentions prove true, they support the arguments of critics who say that in considering the consequences of any action by the Obama administration, one must look to hidden layers beneath any surface activity.


H/T: conservativetribune.com

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Mr. Obama’s Hesitancy Is To Blame For America’s Misery

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The last place BHO should show his face is at the American Legion national convention, but true to form, he cares little about what is wise, appropriate or advisable.  President Pussyfoot was not satisfied appearing before the hostile audience yesterday.  He had to put his paw in his mouth to make sure he was thoroughly offensive to the assembled veterans, men who have no use for a coward who wasted six years doing nothing about horrendous problems associated with veterans’ healthcare.

Speaking to the Legionnaires, the two-dimensional empty suit actually blamed the rise of ISIS on the U.S., insisting American military intervention in the wake of 9/11 only served to encourage terrorism.

“The answer is not to send in large scale military deployments that over stretch our military, and leave us occupying countries for a long period of time and end up feeding extremism.”

When has a so-called president been so completely callous to the sacrifices of our finest?  When has a man been so utterly ignorant concerning leadership and the importance of carefully chosen words?  As to his idiotic claim, let’s step back and take a look at the record, shall we?

President ‘Capitulate to the Caliphate’ has presided by leading from behind for six years.  In that time, Islamic terrorism has proliferated throughout the 10-40 window.  The ‘Arab Spring’ he helped launch, turned into a series of disasters giving terrorists opportunity to execute murder and mayhem on a scale not seen for centuries, since the invasions of North Africa, Spain, the Middle East, Turkey and Eastern Europe.   Hundreds of thousands have died as a result, and millions have been made refugees, while attacks on the homeland have escalated.

So, one might logically conclude, Mr. Obama, that the hallmarks of your policies—- double talk, projecting weakness, surrender and retreat—- might have a little to do with ‘feeding extremism.’

From 2001 through 2008, when adults with vision and guts were in charge, Islamic extremism was in full retreat, and the homeland was secured.  Logically, one might conclude part of the success had to do with ‘military deployments’ and temporary occupations of land in order to destroy and defeat the bad guys.

But, I’m sure propeller heads from Harvard know better than successful people who achieve real results.

As to the rise of ISIS, Mr. Hesitant, you alone are more responsible for its rise than anyone.

  • You alone encouraged our enemies by promising retreat from Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • You alone insisted on complete withdrawal, providing our enemies with dates certain so they could plan accordingly.
  • You alone ignored your military and intelligence advisors and neglected the business of leaving a residual force.
  • You alone dithered while Syria descended into catastrophe, making room for the mushrooming of terrorism.
  • You alone ignored the growing threat of ISIS doing nothing as the evil spread throughout southern Syria and northern Iraq.
  • You alone funded Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood and others, destroying Libya, turning it into a terrorist training camp.
  • You alone destroyed any chance of peace in the Middle East by cheering Muslim aggressors and denigrating Israel at every turn.
  • You alone ruined relations with allies while providing aid and comfort to our enemies.
  • And now you alone stand before the American people and try blaming Bush once again, showing clearly you are not one-tenth the man he is.

The majority of citizens in this country hold you in the same esteem as the members of the American Legion, Mr. Obama.  As a human being and a president you are an epic failure: your only contribution, misery.  In a just country mindful of the rule of law, you would be charged with treason and removed from office.   But we no longer live in a country where public officials respect the rule of law.  You’ve seen to that too, by leading the mob, here at home, and abroad.

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Awesome: These 200 Hollywood Stars Just Made A Bold Statement That Will Drive Liberals Crazy

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RoidRanger / Shutterstock.com

Nearly 200 Hollywood elite and executives have rallied together in support of Israel. Signing their names on a statement denouncing Hamas, they posted their declaration on the Creative Community for Peace website.

Among the actors championing this statement are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Dave Feldman, and Sarah Silverman. The complete list can be seen below, via Creative Community for Peace:

Hollywood for Israel

Their statement explains their grief regarding the tragic loss of life in the deadly fight between Israel and Palestine as well as their hope for peace to eventually make it’s way to Gaza.

“While we stand firm in our commitment to peace and justice, we must also stand firm against ideologies of hatred and genocide which are reflected in Hamas’ charter, Article 7 of which reads, ‘There is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!’ The son of a Hamas founder has also commented about the true nature of Hamas.

“Hamas cannot be allowed to rain rockets on Israeli cities, nor can it be allowed to hold its own people hostage. Hospitals are for healing, not for hiding weapons. Schools are for learning, not for launching missiles. Children are our hope, not our human shields.

“We join together in support of the democratic values we all cherish and in the hope that the healing and transformative power of the arts can be used to build bridges of peace.”

While these stars may not be on the same political page nor share the same thoughts on how to best “build bridges of peace,” there are many others in Hollywood who still support Hamas, the terrorist organization that uses its citizens as human shields and launches rockets to afflict their unoffending neighbors. It’s encouraging to see these pro-Israel stars form an alliance in defense of Israel, the only free society in the Middle East, as IJReview points out.

The Creative Community for Peace was launched by David Renzer, former chairman of Universal music publishing and now the head of a music publishing company, Spirit Music Group.

Via talent representative David Lonner on Deadline:

“When you talk to artists like Javier Bardem and Pedro Almodovar, you have to think, ‘Where do you think your movies are being watched in the Middle East?’ They can’t be watched anywhere else but in Israel. When you are on the ground, you realize that you are in a very free and progressive society, and it’s a region where people can’t pay to see the product that we’re making other than in Israel.”

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