Ridiculous Obama Apology Leads to Foreign Lawsuit and Shakedown

Ben Johnson, FloydReports.com

Barack Obama’s coterminous policies of apologetic weakness abroad and guilt-riddled self-loathing at home have just made the United States the victim of a baseless lawsuit filed by a foreign government — one that seems destined to further drain the wallets of the shrinking number of Americans still working.

For decades, the Left has claimed that if America atoned for our past sins, the “international community” would in turn respect us and treat us kindly. More realistic analysts warned the world would interpret this as weakness and pounce like tigers on a wounded hyena. Obama’s international apology has just proven us right. On October 1, Obama apologized to Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom for medical experiments conducted in the 1940s and approved by both governments. To be sure no nation missed the spectacle, Obama had the moment immortalized in a PR photo.  Hillary Clinton, Kathleen Sebelius, and then-White House spokesman Robert Gibbs beat their breasts and begged pardon. This author was the only conservative who reported on it at the time, forecasting Guatemalans would demand reparations and that the money “will probably be forthcoming.”

The Associated Press reported yesterday, “Attorneys representing potentially thousands of Guatemalans who were affected by U.S. syphilis experiments decades ago said Tuesday they will sue top federal health officials unless a system is created out of court to settle claims by the victims or their survivors.”

What do you think inspired these foreigners to demand your tax dollars? “The administration’s apologetic tone led the Guatemalans’ attorneys to seek the unusual out-of-court settlement before a lawsuit is filed,” according to the AP….

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