Media Keeping Americans Uninformed (Part 2: Green Energy Failures)

EPA Green Regulations SC Media Keeping Americans Uninformed (Part 2: Green Energy Failures)

Concerned American citizens who don’t know the facts about how our government uses taxpayer dollars are being misled because the truth is not reported by the media. Before the massive economic stimulus bill passed in 2009, VP Joe Biden insisted “We have to spend more money to keep from going bankrupt.” That was three and a half years ago, and Americans are still paying the bills.

We have a consistently anemic economy and high unemployment as well as increasing energy and healthcare costs. Is the government corrupt, or is it incompetent where handling taxpayer dollars is concerned? That stimulus money was supposed to lead to shovel-ready jobs – immediate economic growth – but as the president himself chuckled, “Shovel ready was not as shovel ready as we expected.”

Just last week, Obama shut down the Jobs Council that apparently was created as a photo op used to dupe the public into believing they were trying to get people back to work and recharge the economy.

In the case of the energy market, the government’s decisions have cost taxpayers billions of dollars. Let’s look at some under-reported facts.

Ten months ago, another Obama-backed solar company in California, Solar Trust for America, declared bankruptcy after receiving $2.1 billion in loan guarantees from the Department of Energy (DOE). According to the Wash­ington Examiner, Energy Secretary Steven Chu boasted the deal was “the largest amount ever offered to a solar project.”

Through the massive economic stimulus, the Obama administra­tion basically funneled money to their Democratic allies; and even with all the evidence of failure, the media protects the administration, disregarding American citizens in the process. It sounds good to ‘invest’ in green energy and the future of America, but government typically rewards companies that are loyal to those who make the policies. Crony Capitalism 101.

Reports have noted that $80 billion was set aside in the 2009 Obama stimulus; and instead of creating desperately-needed jobs, the administration funded politically preferred energy projects. The DOE immediately provided over $35 billion in loans, loan guarantees, and conditional commitments to renewable energy companies before the American public knew what was going on. Sadly, many still don’t know.

Money was poured into companies that had poor track records. More than 36 companies have received money from generous U.S. taxpayers and have either gone bankrupt or are in the process of major cuts and layoffs. One spectacular failure is Brightsource Energy, which used $1.6 billion in taxpayer money.

First Solar received $1.46 billion. Next, Solyndra, a solar manufacturer, received a $535 million loan guarantee from the DOE and went bankrupt. Fisker Automotive, the electric vehicle manufacturer, received a $529 million DOE stimulus loan and has gone through layoffs. Evergreen Solar received $527 million.

Abound Solar received $400 million and has declared bankruptcy. Battery maker A123 received a $249 million stimulus grant from the DOE and has had layoffs. Ener1 received a $118.5 million stimulus grant; now, they are bankrupt. (Ener1 was on the White House list of 100 Projects that are Changing America.)

A few other glaring green energy failures include: Johnson Controls ($299 million), A123 Systems ($279 million), Babcock and Brown ($178 million), LG Chem’s subsidiary Compact Power ($151 million), ECOtality ($126.2 million), and Mascoma Corp. ($100 million). See Heritage Foundation’s extended list.

THIS ISN’T NEWSWORTHY? Even an AP report showed Solyndra hemorrhaging hundreds of millions of dollars years before the Obama administration signed off on the $535 million loan! The California-based company was the first renewable-energy company to receive a loan guarantee under a stimulus-law program to encourage green energy. Obama looked at the “investment” into Solyndra as a model.

At the time, Michigan Republican Fred Upton, chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, warned:

“In this time of record debt, I question whether the govern­ment is qualified to act as a venture capitalist, picking winners and losers in speculative ventures and shelling out billions of taxpayer dollars to keep them afloat.”

Solyndra announced bankruptcy on August 31st, 2011; and in October, the Media Research Center released a study that exposed ABC, CBS, and NBC because they rarely mentioned it. It was just the opposite of their reporting on Enron, an energy company with Republican ties during the Bush administration:

“In just the first two months of 2002, the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts cranked out 198 stories on the Enron debacle, compared to just eight (at the time of this study) on Obama’s Solyndra, which is a 24-to-1 disparity.”

How about investing in the private economy? There is no substantial proof green jobs are going to be successful in the near future. The green energy loan program was supposed to create 65,000 jobs, but reports could claim only 3,545 jobs.

The Obama White House and DOE stuck with Solyndra because its largest financial backer was George Kaiser, a major financial donor to Obama. Accuracy in Media’s Roger Aronoff stated: “This goes against the media narrative that Obama operates on a higher ethical plane than previous scandal plagued politicians.”

An entire month after Solyndra declared bankruptcy, a Pew survey found 43% of Americans “had never even heard of the scandal.” As for MSNBC, their primetime lineup went months without even acknowledging Solyndra.

Will this administration relent on its agenda? Just three months ago, Obama told an audience in Wisconsin that they’d continue to gamble with taxpayer dollars on green energy projects, confessing that “some of the businesses we encourage” with government loans “will fail” like Solyndra.

Bankruptcies and failures won’t diminish the Obama administration’s drive to keep spending our money as long as the media refuses to hold them accountable.


In Part 1 of this series on media malpractice, we noted the lack of truthful reporting on abortion, and an overall abuse of power.

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Brits Warn America of Obama’s Green Tyranny

Sharon Sebastian,

Obama’s duplicity is renowned. Obama’s long-hyped “shovel ready jobs” to rebuild America’s infrastructure turned out to be a joke that elicited an on-camera chuckle from Obama. Obama’s latest ploy is to play “nice Boehner vs. bad Republicans,” as if John Boehner is a doofus. After publicly sweet talking Speaker Boehner for “doing his best,” he derides Boehner’s Republican caucus for adhering to the will of a 76 percent majority of Americans who do not want the debt ceiling raised. Obama ignores voters’ demands for major spending cuts – especially on bloated agencies like the EPA, DOE, and endless other government bureaucracies with costly overlapping functions. Obama talks “jobs” while implementing socialist policies that undercut job creation and damage people of all ages and colors. Obama prefers to call taxes “revenue.” He condescends, hoping Americans “don’t get” that in order to stimulate job growth, incentives through less taxes must be given to job creators. With all of his save America talk, Obama is quietly and quickly implementing policies that are catastrophic to this nation.

In a stealth move to bypass Congress, President Obama is resurrecting his Cap-and-Trade “green” agenda through harsh EPA regulations and fines that will be budget-busting for homes and businesses. Keenly aware of this egregious power grab and political corruption, presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is calling for the dissolution of the EPA.

Heed the British warning.

An ocean apart, Obama is hoping that the “green” devastation being faced by the British will escape notice. As Barack Obama makes claims of a better life and future for Americans, his administration is surreptitiously mounting mountains of regulations via executive order and the EPA that will kill jobs, crush the economy and impose fines on families failing to comply. As Obama presses hard-and-fast for his socialist, global-warming “green” initiatives to be forced on Americans, the Brits are bailing. Their economy is being savaged by their “politically correct” green policies based on fraudulent science. Brits are already making the choice between food or fuel as U.K. families face “fuel poverty.” The Brits are now speaking out and rebelling….

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Environmentalists’ New Plan: Abolish Normal Cars by 2017

Robert Werner,

ACT! for America recently sent out a “Special Action Alert” requesting support for a Rep. John Shimkus [R, IL-19] sponsored bill, H.R. 1687 - Open Fuel Standardization Act. The bill promises “to ensure that new vehicles enable fuel competition so as to reduce the strategic importance of oil to the United States.” According to ACT! for America, the bill is “one common sense approach to energy independence!” Reading the actual bill, however, may lead you to a different conclusion.

Washington, it seems, has determined that our energy problems are because the auto manufacturers simply aren’t giving us the right choices to make when we peruse their dealership lots. Rep. Shimkus, along with co-sponsors Rep. Roscoe Bartlett [R, MD-6], Rep. Howard Berman [D, CA-28], Rep. Eliot Engel [D, NY-17], Rep. Steve Israel [D, NY-2], Rep. David Loebsack [D, IA-2], and Rep. Collin Peterson [D, MN-7] sprang into action and crafted a bill that only Cass Sunstein could appreciate. H.R. 1687 would mandate that 50% of all new cars and light duty trucks produced by 2014 be engineered to run on some type of alternative fuel.

By 2016, the percentage of new alternative fuel vehicles increases to 80%; finally topping out at 95% in 2017. Step aside, Free Market, Big Government coming through! If only “We The People” weren’t so obtuse. Unwilling to do the right thing; passing over Chevy Volts in favor of Ford F-Series Pickups and Honda Accords….

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Who’s Buying Barry? Obama’s Swimming in Dubious Campaign Contributions

Susan Stamper Brown,

President Obama had a busy week. After helping to eliminate the world’s number one terrorist, Obama switched gears to focus on raising a record $1 billion in campaign contributions. Rather than capitalizing on bin Laden’s demise by using an event to rally allies in a focused campaign to finish the job to root out bin Laden’s more notorious associates, Obama is rallying supporters to donate their capital so he can build up his campaign war chest. First things first.

Apparently the whole campaign finance issue is so complicated that only someone like Obama can fully understand it. He’s been all over the map when it comes to finance reform; you might say he was for it before he was against it. In June 2008, Obama announced he had reversed his original stance and would forgo public campaign financing because, “The broken system we have now, a system where special interests drown out the voices of the American people will continue to erode our politics and prevent the possibility of real change.”

Soon after making that statement, unprecedented amounts of cash poured into Obama’s campaign coffers from special interest groups showing us that the only “real change” he offered was a new spirit of corporatism, when powerful Silicon Valley Green energy leaders like Steve Westly seemingly purchased a seat at the government’s table.

The more than $500,000 in campaign contributions Westly raised is a gift that keeps on giving. Now appointed to Energy Secretary Steven Chu’s advisory panel, Westly is granted regular access to Chu. Companies backed by Westly’s venture capital firm received over a half-billion dollars and Tesla Motors, a company Westly has ties to, saw its stock rise six percent after the Obama administration announced a federal rebate plan for electric cars….

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Obama Cashes in on the Green Energy Hoax

Basil Irwin,

Kicking off his interminable campaign, President Barack Obama is running around the country flapping his lips that one answer to high gasoline prices is to spend money developing renewable energy sources.

Riiight. We’ll all drive windmill or solar powered cars. Obama would be more believable if he suddenly started wearing a cardigan sweater around the White House with a passel of “WIN” buttons pinned to its breast.

Wind and solar energy cost several times more per unit of energy than coal, oil, or natural gas. Not to mention that wind and solar don’t scale. As a university-trained and credentialed scientist, I calculated that….

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