Glenn Beck Just Exposed Something That’ll ‘Fundamentally Change’ The US, And No One’s Talking About It

On The Glenn Beck Program today, Beck raised an incredibly important issue that no one in the media seems to be discussing.

Out of the nine Supreme Court justices currently sitting on the bench, three of them will be over the age 80 by the start of 2017. These include Justice Anthony Kennedy, Justice Antonin Scalia, and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. In addition, Justice Stephen Breyer will be close behind at the age of 78.

This means the next president will likely have three to four Court appointments during their time in office, which some might say will have a tremendous impact on the future of our country. Not only because of the power the Court wields, but also because of their generally lengthy terms.

Beck sees this as a key issue in who to consider for president. While a president only serves four to eight years, a Supreme Court justice has no term limits and can serve as long as they see fit. If the Supreme Court is stacked with liberal justices, it becomes a situation that cannot be remedied.

According to Beck, this makes it imperative that we elect a strong constitutionalist — and for Beck, that man is Ted Cruz.

“So Ted Cruz is the guy who says, and he said it to me, I will expend, I will not give up, I will expend all of my political capital if need be on just the Supreme Court appointees,” said Beck. “Because that is the long term win, that’s the one that will affect us for the next 20 or 30 years.”

Beck wasn’t the only one who held this opinion, either.

“There is absolutely no one in my entire life that would be better at picking Supreme Court justices than Ted Cruz,” said co-host Steve Burguiere. “If he does nothing else, he will be unbelievably great with Supreme Court justices, I am 100 percent sure.”

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Glenn Beck Just Revealed Who He Thinks Really Won In Iowa: ‘Nobody Is Going to Say This…’

After announcing his endorsement of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in the Republican presidential primary race, conservative radio host and author Glenn Beck cheered his White House pick on to victory as the first votes were cast Monday night in Iowa. While Cruz pulled out a solid win among caucus-goers, Beck concluded that he was not the night’s biggest winner.

“The real winner here,” he asserted, “– and nobody is going to say this — is the tea party.”

Referencing the conservative movement that gained traction nationwide prior to the 2010 midterm election season, Beck acknowledged that it carries less influence six years later. Nevertheless, he said the adherents of tea party values were responsible for Monday night’s victory.

“None of this would have been possible without the tea party,” he said. “It wouldn’t have happened.”

In addition to Cruz’s stronger-than-anticipated finish, Beck added Marco Rubio’s close third-place showing into his argument. Both men sailed to electoral victory — putting them in the current position to seek the nation’s highest elected office — largely on the strength of tea party support.

Beck also weighed in on the razor-thin margins on the other side of the aisle, explaining Bernie Sanders’ near-defeat of Hillary Clinton further signaled establishment politics on both sides of the aisle are in their death throes.

“Bernie Sanders, a 76-year-old [sic] man, who his life expectancy says he’ll be dead by the end of his term, a guy who could use a few … Crest Whitestrips on his teeth, a guy who is not the guy who is polished or anything else,” the host said, “he bested or came close to besting Hillary Clinton, somebody who was born for the job, somebody who has every political connection.”

Watch Glenn Beck’s Reaction When CNN Host Hits Him With 1 Accusation About Trump He DOESN’T Like

CNN’s Chris Cuomo did his best to back Glenn Beck into a corner with some provacative comments regarding Donald Trump.

Beck began his commentary with warning against the dangers of electing a man like Trump, and pointed to Trump’s boasting that he had become so popular the candidate could “shoot someone” with a gun in the middle of 5th Avenue in New York City and people would still support him.

Cuomo then tried to blame Beck and other conservative commentators for Trump’s popularity when he asked, “Is there a little bit of reap-what-you-sow in some of this with the GOP, that engendering an oppositional mode towards government, in ratcheting up negativity as a mainline discourse, you wound up somewhat birthing Donald Trump? And now, some of those people who were angry about what was going on, telling people to be angry, now they’ve got somebody who’s harnessing the power of exactly that, and you’re disappointed.”

Beck fired back. “Well I’m not disappointed, I’ve warned against this,” he said. “I mean, you go back to my shows on Fox and I warned the progressive movement — and that’s what this is, Donald Trump is a progressive. Make no mistake. He believes in the power of the pen. I don’t.”

Beck then drew attention to the roots of the Tea Party. “Those who stood for the Tea Party and actually believed in it were standing for constitutional principles,” he said.

Beck blamed Theodore Roosevelt for the progressive movement, even though he was a Republican. “This idea of an ever-expanding power inside the presidency is something that both parties have,” Beck said.

Drawing a contrast between Bernie Sanders and Trump, Beck said he “respects Bernie Sanders,” because Sanders does not hide who he is, implying that Trump is hiding his liberal, progressive ideologies.

Watch: Trump Just Said Something About Shooting People That Is Causing All Kinds Of Internet Chaos

The hyperbolic hurricane that is the presidential campaign of Donald Trump roared to life Saturday with a new sound bite for America to chew on.

Speaking in Iowa about the intelligence and faithfulness of his supporters, Trump explained their loyalty as only he could.

“I have the most loyal people, did you ever see that? Where I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.” He followed up the phrase by putting his fingers in the shape of a gun, pointing it directly at the camera, and pulling the trigger.

Trump went on to note that in public opinion polls, he far outdoes rivals in terms of those voters who say they are firmly committed to Trump.

As with all things Trump, there was a wide variance in reactions.

“I will let Donald speak for himself,” said Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas. “I can say I have no intention of shooting anybody in this campaign.”

“There is one thing to have a healthy ego, there is another to give a man who believes those kind of things, who has a habit of anyone who stands in his way of destruction,” said Glenn Beck, who Saturday endorsed Cruz. “To give that man the full power and scope of the office of the presidency is something we will grow to regret.”

“Trump makes a joke and wins another news cycle,” chortled commentator Dale on The Gateway Pundit. “Just more FREE publicity for my man Trump!”

The loyalty of Trump supporters has become a phenomenon, according to pollster Frank Luntz, who conducted a focus group in August and found that after showing its members a series of Trump’s gaffes, they supported him more than ever.

“I’ve never seen voters so passionate and committed to a candidate after seeing an hour’s worth of reasons why not to vote for him,” he said.

“It was a window into a phenomenon that has left pundits, pollsters, and everyday Joes dumbfounded since Trump descended the escalator to announce his presidential candidacy in April,” commented Elaina Plott in the National Review. “As his comments have increased in shock value … his poll numbers have skyrocketed along with them or, at the very least, have stayed steady enough to maintain his position atop the GOP field.”

“Yeah he makes mistakes. He’s human,” one voter named Scott said at the August focus group. “He says things that are off color, that I’m embarrassed by occasionally, but I still think he’s a leader, that those prove that he’s a leader.”

Another voter named Tina explained, “You know what Trump does? He says something completely crazy and inflammatory and I’m like, ‘Oh my God!’ And then he dials back and sort of starts explaining it and saying how he would do and it makes sort of sense.”

At the end of the focus group session, Luntz gave a valediction that remains true months later.

Nothing disqualifies Trump,” he said.

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Wow: Glenn Beck Just Responded To Palin’s Trump Endorsement With One Brutal Line

Radio talk show host Glenn Beck minced no words Tuesday night in sharing what he thinks of Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Donald Trump.

In a Facebook post after the speech, Beck wrote: “I couldn’t disagree with her more but she has played the game now for years. Perhaps she knows more than those of us still on the outside. Maybe the press was right about her [emphasis added] but for all of the wrong reasons.”

The radioman pointed out that Trump was once an advocate for many of the policies Palin has campaigned against, including “big government, bailouts, executive orders, not just abortion but partial birth abortion, nationalizing of banks, stimulus, pathway to citizenship.”

“What was the massive pivot point to make him change so fundamentally?” Beck questioned.


Beck and the former Alaska governor have had an icy relationship in recent years. Breitbart reports the once-political friends had a falling out after Beck read a private email on his radio program Palin had sent him concerning the 2011 shooting of  Rep. Gabby Giffords.

Last September, Beck called Palin a “clown” on his radio show when commenting on her speech following Donald Trump’s at a Washington D.C. rally to protest the Iran nuclear deal. He apologized the next day, saying it was “childish” to name-call. 

The Washington Times reports Beck will endorse Trump rival Sen. Ted Cruz at a rally in Iowa on Saturday.

As the rumors broke Tuesday of the possible Palin endorsement of Trump’s candidacy, Cruz sought to convey that he is taking the news in stride.

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