Bill O’Reilly And Glenn Beck Clash Over Future Of Republican Party

Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly

Founder of TheBlaze Glenn Beck joined Bill O’Reilly on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor to discuss earlier comments made by Beck about leaving the Republican Party.

Last week, Beck spoke about leaving the party due to its inability to stand on principles and failure to stand against Obamacare and immigration.

“I’ve made my decision. I’m out,” he said. “I’m out of the Republican Party. I am not a Republican, I will not give a dime to the Republican Party. I’m out.”

O’Reilly pushed back against the comments, suggesting Beck would vote for Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and therefore not be leaving the Republican Party.

Beck argued that “blind support” for the party should be avoided, speaking to voters who simply vote for the D or R. But while he said that Cruz is his guy for now, he added that he would also support Senator Rand Paul, R-Ky., and Gov. Scott Walker, R-Wis.

“Here’s the thing — don’t vote for parties,” Beck said, with O’Reilly agreeing. “Don’t blindly support the parties. Support the people.”

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Cowardly Conservatives Use Garner Case To Grab Their “Ferguson Moment”

Photo credit: Jens Schott Knudsen (Flickr)

They are all grabbing at their own “Ferguson Moment” in hopes of redeeming themselves for not condemning the police officer in the Missouri case.

Cowering in fear of being called a racist, a number of so-called conservatives have abandoned logic to beat their breasts over the death of Eric Garner. Without hearing a single word of testimony and basing their judgment on a two minute video, these people KNOW what happened.

Here are facts these cowards have been pleased to disregard.

Cops don’t prowl our streets looking for someone to murder.

Eric Garner made a conscious decision to raise his 32nd arrest from a misdemeanor into a challenge of society’s right to enforce our laws. Garner consciously resisted arrest in the face of overwhelming odds and his heart and asthma conditions.

Garner had no job; he supported a wife and six children by being a career criminal. has uncovered a connection between Garner and a smuggling operation run by organized crime.

No one has explained how someone who is being choked can say “I can’t breathe” loud enough to  be recorded from ten feet away. Saying ‘” can’t breathe” isn’t possible for someone who is not breathing.

Chokeholds kill or render people unconscious immediately. Chokeholds don’t kill people an hour later. Garner’s hyoid and windpipe were intact; Garner did not die from a chokehold no matter how many times the media repeats that lie.

“Racism” cannot be proved here because it does not exist. The cop’s bosses, the precinct commander, and supervising female sergeant are black. The cops were responding to their orders and a complaint about Garner from a minority shop owner. Garner’s own daughter said this was not about race.  Al Sharpton is holding his demonstrations in Manhattan to obfuscate these facts because they don’t “fit.”

If the precinct commander and sergeant were white males, we would know their names and where they live; and they would have to enter and leave their workplace under heavy security.

Saying Garner died “for selling loose cigarettes” is a cynical lie. Those who actually know what they are talking about understand that Garner was killed by his own obese lifestyle and a conscious choice to fight when he could have submitted and lived to commit more crimes.

The following cowardly conservatives are using the Garner case to suck up to the liberal media, grab their own “Ferguson Moment,” and be absolved from the “guilt” the Left insists they should feel. Here are the responses of some “educated” conservatives to the Grand Jury decision against indictment of police on the scene.

Michael Steele, the affirmative action, former Chairman of the Republican National Committee: a “….Black man’s life is not worth a ham sandwich…”

Breitbart’s John Nolte has reduced the complex matter to an assertion that the cops walked up to Garner and killed him in retaliation for selling untaxed cigarettes.  “Police behavior sure looked inexcusable,” claims Nolte. Note the slippery word “looked.”

Fox News Charles Krauthammer pronounced the Garner decision “incomprehensible.”

John Boehner hints he will investigate the Garner case.

Michael Savage’s “Ferguson Moment” came with his pious declaration that the “Chokehold Was ‘Murder of an Innocent Black Man.’” Note his injection of race.

Glenn Beck, who is busy sucking up to CNN so he has a place to work when his operation fails, called the decision “obscene.”

Andrew Napolitano said that not indicting the police was grievously wrong.

Enjoy your “Ferguson Moment,” fellas; you’ve earned it, and thanks for showing us who you really are. Your Holiday party invitations are in the mail.

So now whom do we trust?

Get your free PDF of Coach’s book “Crooks Thugs& Bigots: the lost, hidden and changed history of the Democrat Party.” If you don’t know the truth all you’ll have is Democrat lies.

Photo credit: Jens Schott Knudsen (Flickr)

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Watch: Obama Reveals He Had A Surprisingly Close Encounter With Atlanta Ebola Nurses


President Obama told reporters Wednesday he not only shook hands with doctors and nurses in care of Ebola patients at Emory University, but kissed the nurses as well.

The President said Wednesday:

“I shook hands with, hugged and kissed not the doctors, but a couple of the nurses at Emory, because of the valiant work that they did in treating one of the patients.  They followed the protocols, they knew what they were doing, and I felt perfectly safe doing so.”

The President kissed the nurses at Emory University in Atlanta, where the second Ebola patient, Amber Vinson, is currently being treated.  President Obama has cancelled a scheduled campaign trip to Connecticut to focus on the Ebola crisis.

Media personality Glenn Beck posted to his Facebook Page Thursday that an audience member was kept outside of his studio in Dallas for the taping of his television program because he was a healthcare worker who provided care for Thomas Eric Duncan.

“This is how close Ebola hits home.  We just finished our Ebola show and I walked off the soundstage.  I asked about the audience etc.

“I was then informed that just before the audience was loaded in, an audience member was kept outside the building due to security.

“It was a nurse who worked with the sick nurses and in the room with the victim who just died from Ebola.  One of the team members.  Really?”

H/T The Daily Caller


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Boom: This TV Star Just Unleashed An Epic Must-See Rant That Liberals Will Hate

Photo Credit: Facebook/Mike Rowe

After gaining national prominence through his role as host of the popular series ‘Dirty Jobs,’ Mike Rowe has become known to many of his fans as a paragon of common sense. Through social media and other forums, Rowe provides his take on issues that affect real people and, in some cases, is met by disdain by those who find his approach politically incorrect.

Upon appearing as a guest on conservative talk show host Glenn Beck’s program, Rowe revealed one specific critic’s concerns – followed by his response.

Tobey Gloss described Rowe’s appearance with Beck as a “travesty” because he personally wants “nothing to do” with the popular host. First and foremost, Rowe took exception to Gloss’ rhetoric.

“To me, a travesty is what happens when the state executes an innocent man, or sets a guilty one free,” Rowe responded. “A travesty is ignoring a bully, or betraying the public trust. A travesty is not what happens when Mike Rowe talks publicly to someone that Tobey Gloss doesn’t like. That’s called a ‘conversation.’”

He went on to explain that it is not only impossible to please everyone all the time; it is an absurd task to even attempt.

“Obviously, our country is a divided mess,” he wrote. “If I want to reach the masses, I can’t limit myself to programs and individuals that meet with your specific approval.”

Rowe explained that, in his effort to spread what he considers a vital message, it is imperative that he link up with forums that can reach wide and diverse audiences.

“Here’s the thing, Tobey,” he continued. “I have a foundation called mikeroweWORKS. Our goal is to raise awareness around several million good jobs that no one seems to want. These are jobs that require the mastery of a hands-on skill. Spreading that message requires lots of PR, and Glenn has been very supportive of my foundations [sic] goal. I’m grateful for the chance to speak directly to his audience, and will do so again whenever I’m invited back. Likewise, MSNBC and FOX. As well as NPR and CNN. And anyone else with a big audience.”

He concluded by mentioning his response, nearly a year ago, to a very similar complaint after a prior appearance on Beck’s program. At that time, Rowe noted that he had also appeared on ‘Real Time’ with leftist host Bill Maher.

“How are we ever going to accomplish anything in this incredibly divisive time,” he wondered, “if we associate only with people that we don’t disagree with?”

H/T: IJReview

Photo Credit: Facebook/Mike Rowe

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Why Are Media Conservatives Buying The Homosexual Propaganda?

Over the last few years, we have witnessed a headlong rush by many conservatives in the media in support of various aspects of the homosexual agenda. Some were socially liberal all along, and some appear to be pushed into such a position due to pressure upon them by their colleagues or the media corporations they work for. Regardless, it is disturbing to witness their willingness to go along with this trend without even questioning the cultural impact such issues will have. Frankly, it is embarrassing how ignorant many of “our” conservative media stars are when it comes to the homosexual agenda.

Indeed, even Fox News has ignored huge stories that reflect negatively on the homosexual movement; and the few times they do cover such stories, it is oftentimes inaccurate or incomplete. I wince as I watch Bill O’Reilly, Tucker Carlson, Dana Perino, Bernie Goldberg, Mary Catherine Hamm, Megyn Kelly, Shepard Smith, Margaret Hoover, and others use the same arguments used by the homosexual community, even to the point of using the exact same phrases and buzz words. They should know better.

For example, many media conservatives happily use the term “gay” or “gay rights” and the phrase that he or she “has come out of the closet.” However, such wording assumes people are born homosexual, a myth that not even the pro-homosexual American Psychiatrist Association will support anymore. After years of research, dozens of pro-homosexual scientists have failed to find the homosexual gene; and the few who did claim to find it were later discredited for engaging in fraudulent or sloppy methodology. Moreover, Dr. Francis Collins, head of the Human Genome Project, enlisted over 150 of the world’s top geneticists to decode the human genome; and they could not find a “gay” gene. It simply does not exist.

Let’s be clear here so that the Fox News crew understands. No one is “gay” or born “gay.” Instead, people engage in homosexual behavior, period. No one “comes out of the closet.” Rather, they are simply choosing to publicize their homosexual behavior. Further evidence that homosexuality is NOT genetic is the fluidness of homosexual behavior. As many as a third of homosexuals revert back to heterosexuality as Kinsey, Masters & Johnson, and numerous other liberal sex researchers have all reported.

Moreover, the very existence of thousands of ex-homosexuals in America demonstrate how tentative homosexuality really is. And yes, due to the addictive nature of homosexual behavior, some ex-homosexuals do relapse just as some drug addicts, alcoholics, and others enslaved to addictive behaviors do. No big surprise here.

However, if homosexuality is not genetic and not permanent, it is therefore caused by environmental and behavioral issues that are clearly not comparable to inborn traits like race or gender. So why are we creating a plethora of new laws based upon a sexual behavior? Let’s be clear about homosexual “rights” laws. Most of them are illegal in the sense that they have created legal scenarios that are increasingly violating the real constitutional rights of Americans.

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