Revealed: The Stunning Thing George W. Bush Told Ted Cruz Before He Ran For President

As Texas Senator Ted Cruz vies for the top spot in some presidential polls with GOP front-runner Donald Trump, the newly reported words that President George W. Bush had for Cruz in 2000 seems to show Cruz is exactly what he says he is: a political outsider.

Back in 2000, Ted Cruz was working to get into national politics, and Politico reported on the results of the Texan’s attempts to get some sort of birth in George W. Bush’s Washington.

While the newser tried to make it seem Cruz “wanted to be part of the Establishment,” the truth seems to show just the opposite–his attempts were stillborn because he apparently just isn’t Establishment material.

Politico reports that people familiar with the conversation Cruz had with the 43rd president said Cruz had a whole list of things he would like to accomplish in a Bush administration.

“…consolidate conservatives yearning for a political outsider, how he would outflank the front-runner on the right, how he would proudly carry the mantle of the ascendant tea party to victory over entrenched elites.”

Apparently, though, after delivering his long list of conservative goals, Bush wasn’t biting.

“I guess you don’t want my support. Ted, what the h–l do you think I am?” Bush reportedly told Cruz.

From there, things seemed to go downhill for Cruz’s hopes that the Bush administration might help him out with his own political aspirations.

As Politico notes:

Almost from his arrival at Bush’s headquarters, colleagues say Cruz flashed many of the same assets and liabilities still on his political balance sheet: acumen and ambition, combative and conservative instincts, elbows as sharp as his smarts, a knack for self-promotion and rubbing colleagues the wrong way.

When Bush won, however, Cruz would not get the White House post he had dreamed of; instead, he found himself in the bureaucratic backwater of the Federal Trade Commission.”

Cruz himself said he wasn’t able to get into the Bush White House because he had “burned some bridges on that campaign” due to his “youth and immaturity” in politics.

Despite getting no help from the GOP establishment, though, Cruz went on to win a slot as the Solicitor General of Texas, and then in 2012 went to the Senate from the Lone Star State.

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Rush Just Exposed The Reason Obama Says ‘ISIL’ Instead Of ‘ISIS’

There is a reason why President Barack Obama uses the term ISIL rather than ISIS, and talk show host Rush Limbaugh says the American people won’t like the reason.

Limbaugh said the reason isn’t related to blaming George W. Bush for terrorism, but rather to diminish Israel.

“I think there’s a totally different reason for this,” Limbaugh said on his show, referring to views of different pundits about the sudden switch in terms.

ISIS is an acronym for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, whereas ISIL stands for the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. The Levant includes the entire region, Limbaugh pointed out.

“It would include Israel, which, to these people, Israel is a fraud. Israel doesn’t deserve to be there. That’s all Palestine and that’s what I think is behind the pronunciation, this insistence that it be called ISIL,” the national talk show host said.

Limbaugh noted that the only ones who use the term ISIL include Obama and members of his administration. The media, and everyone else, continues to call the terrorism organization ISIS.

“I think he’s got a different audience for the term. I don’t think he’s talking to the American people. I think he’s talking to Iran,” he said.

The talk show host said Obama uses the term as a way to support Iran, which benefits from sectarian violence between the Sunnies and the Shi’ites. Continued division among its neighbors gives Iran more control over the region, according to Limbaugh.

Limbaugh also said that it is clear that increased terrorism and decreased security of the United States fall at Obama’s feet.

“Bush is eight years ago now, seven years. They know Bush had nothing to do with San Bernardino. He had nothing to do with Fort Hood,” Limbaugh said.

He continued in comparing the two presidents and even suggested that the U.S. president has loyalties elsewhere.

“People know what when Bush was president, this stuff didn’t happen. People know that when Bush was president, there wasn’t an ISIS and all this happens to coincide with the election of Barack Hussein O. But the use of the word ‘Levant’ has an audience in the Middle East. He’s not talking to us,” Limbaugh said.

Giuliani Just Revealed EXACTLY What ISIS Is In 5 Words Obama Won’t Want You To Hear

The foreign policy ineptitude demonstrated by President Obama created the conditions where ISIS could grow, thrive, and now slaughter victims in Europe former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said this week.

“ISIS is filling a vacuum created by a vacuous foreign policy,” Giuliani said Monday on Fax News. “ISIS is an Obama creation.”

“This did not have to happen if our policies were different,” Giuliani said. “If President Obama had listened to Senator McCain and Senator Graham and a whole group of other people, and had set up a no-fly zone in Syria five years ago — if we had gone in and worked with the Syrian legitimate rebels…If we had not taken our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, ISIS never would have emerged.”

If we had 50 or 60,000 troops in Iraq, we would have been getting the intelligence that would have told us about the development of ISIS. And that would have been given to the CIA,” Giuliani said.

“Once you take your troops out, we have no resources, we have no real access,” Giuliani declared. “Here’s the simple fact, and this goes back to President Bush, some American president has to hold a speech at night and say to the American people, ‘We have to be in the Middle East until the threat against us is over.’ Just the way we were in Germany. Just the way we were in Italy. Just the way we are now in South Korea.”

Giuliani said Monday that the aftermath of the Paris attacks took him back to the events of September 11, 2001, when terrorists attacked New York City.

“This has been a very difficult weekend for me because it brings back September 11 and all the terrible memories I have of it,” he said. “And the thought then, when President Bush, you know, acted so decisively and so quickly, that maybe something like this wouldn’t happen again.”

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Hispanic Repubs Just Issued This MAJOR Warning To GOP Candidates Right Before Debate

The night before the GOP presidential candidates meet in Boulder, Colo. for their third debate, a group of conservative Hispanic groups gathered and issued a warning.

The Tuesday night meeting was “held less than a mile from the site of the debate at the University of Colorado’s Boulder campus, was organized by the American Principles Project’s Latino Partnership. It was also attended by leaders from other grassroots groups, including the Latino Coalition, Hispanic Leadership Fund and the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference — all key groups engaged in building support for Republicans among the Latino community,” the Huffington Post reports

The one thing all the leaders of the groups could agree on is that Donald Trump is not their candidate.

The partnership’s president Alfonso Aguilar, who served in the administration of George W. Bush, said, “We are not going to shy away from the fact that if Mr. Trump is the nominee, we will encourage Latinos to write their own candidate in.”

“We still have hope that we can help elect a Republican candidate, but we are 100 percent united behind the fact that Mr. Trump is not our guy,” Massey Villarreal, former head of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, said before the meeting according to the Washington Times

Rosario Marin, former treasurer of the United States under President George W. Bush, stated plainly, “Heed our warning. Don’t expect us to come to your side during the general election. You are not with us now, we will not be with you then. You don’t need our vote now, you won’t have it then. You insult us now, we will be deaf to you then. You take us for granted now, we will not recognize you then.” Marin indicated that she is supporting her former boss’ brother Jeb Bush in the 2016 race.

The American Principles Project’s Latino Partnership felt it was appropriate to gather and issue their warning in the swing state of Colorado, given the key Hispanic demographic in the electorate. The Rocky Mountain state went for Barack Obama in 2012, with the president carrying 75 percent of the Latino vote. He took 71 percent nationally.

The Republican candidate who did the best among Latinos in recent elections was George W. Bush, who garnered 44 percent nationwide in his narrow 2004 victory.

“We have not worked on behalf of this party for decades only to see our community work undone by the divisiveness of some candidates,” Marin stated. “I will not name names, but one in particular has earned my absolute disgust and contempt. I will not dirty my mouth by pronouncing his name.”

Aguilar did not shy away from naming names. “At this point, I think we’ve been very clear that we are not going to endorse or attack any candidate besides Trump,” he said. “If we don’t see a course correction, then I think we may start naming other names.”

Bush Kept Us Safe*

Try to contain your excitement, America! The younger brother of President George W. Bush wants to be president, too. Well, he tells us he wants to be president. Jeb’s running as a legacy admission while saying he’s his own man. It’s like a 30-year-old living “alone” in his parents’ basement.

The people advising and donating to Jeb all come from the Bush-o-sphere created by his father and brother. How does one get to say he’s his own man while an unprecedented two former presidents campaign and fundraise for him? Easy: Lie. Just make it up.

And it’s a peculiar lie, too. The kind of lie that makes you uncomfortable because it’s so clearly untrue. Jeb’s “I’m my own man” is the comb-over of lies: Sure it might make you feel better to slick those greasy long strands over your chrome dome, but you’re not fooling anyone!

But Jeb’s autonomy (that his Big Brother and his mommy and daddy will totally vouch for) isn’t even the saddest and creepiest lie he’s looping. The most cringe-worthy, face-palming, #headdesk, squirm-inducing baloney Jeb repeats is, “My brother kept us safe.”

Uh…from what exactly? An unparalleled terrorist attack? Nope. That was on September 11, 2001; and thanks to a Supreme Court decision, Dubya was president on that day.

No, his little brother claims, he kept us safe after we lost 3,000 Americans to a planned act of mass murder.

OK. We were safe after September 11th?

From what exactly? Nation building? Losing 4,491 American soldiers, over a 100,000 Iraqi civilians, 136 journalists, 51 media support workers and trillions of taxpayer dollars to destabilize the region for the next couple of generations?

He did not keep us safe from that. We’re still not safe from that.

So I ask again, what did Bush keep us safe from?

Katrina? More Americans died (1,833) in Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath than in any other natural disaster since the advent of the helicopter. It wasn’t just a failure of engineering, it was the caving of an indifferent government headed by a man most noted for his month-long vacations. Bush was celebrating John McCain’s birthday while thousands of families were stranded without proper food, water or waste disposal. We all watched scenes from a Third-World banana republic play out on TV in our country – bodies bloated and rotting in the sun, looting and hordes of hungry and bewildered refugees.

Bush did not keep us safe from that. We nearly lost an American city on his watch.

So, safe? From?

From the economy buckling and millions of Americans losing their savings, pensions and retirements? Ten million Americans lost their homes. Entire communities were obliterated. Millions of Americans lost their jobs. There’s now a giant swath of Baby Boomers who will never be able to retire because their investments disappeared on Bush’s watch. The Wall Street Journal dubbed Dubya the worst on jobs since we started keeping track of them.

How about our morality? We tortured prisoners. No way to skirt around it. Calling it “enhanced interrogation” doesn’t make it not torture in the eyes of the international community or any other thinking person. Bush didn’t keep us safe from that either.

So Bush didn’t keep us safe from a terrorist attack, an overseas quagmire, a botched response to a natural disaster, an economic collapse or moral decay.

What Jeb seems to be claiming is that his Big Brother saw to it that TSA agents patted down your elderly granny and confiscated all of our bottled water at the airport. That he created more government agencies that sounded like they were doing something important, like Homeland Security. There was more security—more scrutiny after thousands lost their lives in Lower Manhattan.

People who say “Bush kept us safe” are really celebrating their own patriotism and willingness to give up personal freedoms for a greater good of national security. Everyone felt helpless on that day. It was the one thing we could all do—submit to random searches and intrusions and hope that the leader of the country wasn’t a shortsighted, reckless numbnut.

Unfortunately when those sacrifices were made, the man in the Oval Office was an inept frat boy who once used a bullhorn on top of the rubble of his incompetency.

But Jeb is his own man.

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