Obama Taps Biased Pro-Abortion Judge for Appeals Court

Cheryl Sullenger, LifeNews.com

President Barack Obama has nominated former Kansas Attorney General Stephen Six as a judge on the Federal Appeals Court in Denver. Six was involved in obstructing the prosecution of Planned Parenthood on 107 criminal charges and, according to some, tied the hands of the prosecutor in the 2009 criminal case against George Tiller.

Because of this, Operation Rescue opposes Six’s confirmation on the grounds that his political biases make him unfit to serve.

Six’s ascension to state office followed a contentious and scandal-ridden political battle over abortion, which continued unabated under his administration.

Six was appointed by former Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, a rabid abortion supporter who was known for appointing ideological soul-mates to positions throughout the state government that would protect abortionists from accountability to the law. Six replaced Paul Morrison, who was hand-picked by Sebelius to run against then-Attorney General Phill Kline, for the purpose of halting his investigation into abortion clinics in Kansas. Morrison was forced to resign in disgrace after being caught in a sex and corruption scandal where he tried to use his illicit lover to spy on Kline’s abortion investigation for the purpose of derailing it.

The Tiller Cases Impeded

Before Kline left the Attorney General’s office, he had filed 30 criminal charges against George Tiller related to illegal late-term abortions. That case was dismissed on shady jurisdictional grounds. Kline appealed the dismissal and appointed a special prosecutor to continue the case, but Morrison withdrew the appeal and fired the special prosecutor hired by Kline.

Later, under intense political pressure, Morrison filed 19 criminal charges against Tiller for doing illegal late-term abortions without an independent second opinion that the abortions met the narrow exceptions under the law that banned abortions after 22 weeks. These charges were weaker than Kline’s case. Six inherited this second case against Tiller upon the resignation of Morrison and allowed it to move forward while refusing to reinstate the stronger case against Tiller.

Six appointed Barry Disney to prosecute the case. However Six told Disney not to take any “foul punches” against Tiller. In the end, Disney hardly got any punch at all. Disney entered into a stipulated agreement about the so-called facts in the case prior to the trial that greatly narrowed the focus of Disney’s prosecution. In fact, Disney called only one witness, Ann Kristin Neuhaus, a disgraced abortionist who was once declared a “danger to the public” by the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts. Disney alleged that Neuhaus had an improper financial affiliation with Tiller and provided all his second opinions required for post-viability abortions. Neuhaus was a hostile witness who was uncooperative on the stand. Tiller was soon acquitted of the charges.

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