HGTV Stars Reveal Why Being Christians Led To Losing Their Show

Benham Bro

Twin brothers David and Jason Benham revealed what happened when HGTV executives decided to pull their show due to their Christian beliefs. They are pro-life and pro-traditional marriage; and when their network discovered their views, they cancelled their show called Flip It Forward.

“We knew right from the onset that when we accepted Christ into our heart, our dad always raised us – that you’re going to experience persecution,” the Benhams said.

This is not the only act of anti-Christian persecution occurring in America; with the dramatic push for political correctness and the call for “equal rights.”

Another example is a couple in Oregon that is facing fines after being found guilty of discrimination for refusing to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding.

Jesus, in the Sermon of the Mount, addressed this issue:

Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you. – Matthew 5:11-12

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Atlanta Fire Chief Punished For Expressing Christian Beliefs On Sex & Marriage

Fire Chief

Kelvin Cochran is the Fire Chief in Atlanta. He’s also a former member of the Obama administration. Plus, Cochran is an evangelical Christian who’s not afraid to express his religious beliefs. And for that, Cochran is now being punished.

Via, we learn that Cochran has been suspended for one month, without pay, for writing a book in which he maintains his fervent support for traditional Christian beliefs on sex and marriage.

…the gay mafia is loudly complaining that Chief Cochran, by writing this book, will suddenly now not put out the fires of gay homes, or something like that.

Specifically, the accusation is that by being honest about his orthodox Christian views on sex and marriage, Chief Cochran is undermining the public trust in him.

You’d think the government would appreciate Kelvin Cochran being a role model to young black men in Atlanta, but they are instead much more focused on not offending the gay rights community.

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed took the action against the city’s black fire chief when the mayor’s office reportedly began to receive complaints about the book Cochran authored called “Who Told You That You Were Naked?”

And suspending the top fire department official without pay is apparently not enough for Mayor Reed, as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

In addition to suspending Cochran, Reed’s office has now opened an investigation to determine whether the chief’s actions violated the city policies or discriminated against employees.

Cochran has been ordered to undergo sensitivity training and has been barred from distributing copies of the book on city property after a number of firefighters said they received them in the workplace.

Cochran’s controversial book is being sold on, where you can find this description of “Who Told You That You Were Naked?”:

From God’s perspective nakedness meant so much more.

It meant condemnation and deprivation to his most precious creation-mankind.

Though He reconciled Adam’s condition by clothing him in coats of lambs’ skin, Adam never got over what he had done.

Condemnation has dominated ever since. Now we have a more permanent solution. We have been clothed with Christ!

The sections of the book that supposedly touched off the complaints from Atlanta’s gay community and the condemnation from Atlanta’s mayor maintain that homosexuality and having multiple sexual partners is “vile,” “vulgar”, and “inappropriate”.

Members of the city’s fire department also reportedly filed complaints after being given copies of the book while on duty.

Chief Cochran self-published the book that he said was based on a collection of teachings shared with a men’s Bible study group.


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Bakery Is Being Forced To Pay For Not Making A Pro-Gay Marriage Bert And Ernie Cake, Or Risk Going To Court


Owners of a bakery in Northern Ireland refused to make a cake featuring Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie for a customer’s pro-gay marriage event and is facing a fine and a court appearance. The owners are Christians and say that making the cake would go against their religious beliefs.

Newtonabbey-based Ashers Baking Company was informed by Northern Ireland’s Equality Commission that it needed to provide the cake to Gareth Lee, who wanted to purchase the cake to mark “International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia” in County Down, according to The Telegraph and BBC. The incident transpired in July.

Northern Ireland is the only part of the United Kingdom where same-sex marriage is not allowed.

Daniel McArthur, general manager of Ashers, issued a statement, saying his family and company feel they are being targeted because of his religious beliefs:

“We feel that the Equality Commission are pursuing us because of our beliefs that marriage is between a man and a woman.”

“It feels like a David and Goliath battle because on one hand we have the Equality Commission who are a public body, they’re funded by taxpayers’ money, they have massive resources at their disposal, whereas we are a small family business and we have limited resources at our disposal.

“We’re continuing to hold to the stand that we took originally because we believe it’s biblical, we believe it’s what God would want us to do, and we also think that if we do cave in to the Equality Commission at this point it’ll put pressure on other citizens who are defending their view of traditional marriage.”

The Equality Commission wrote a 16-page letter to the company ordering them to compensate or risk going to court.

From the letter, according to The Telegraph:

“This letter … is to be understood as a letter of claim which, in the absence of both an immediate acknowledgement that there has been an unlawful breach of the equality laws set out above and an unconditional offer of adequate recompense to Mr. Lee, will be followed by litigation.”

But Simon Calvert, Deputy Director of the Christian Institute in the UK, an organization supporting Asher’s, said Wednesday the Equality Commission is just targeting the company for its religious beliefs:

“It is simply baffling for a body supposedly working for equality to be threatening a Christian family with legal action, all because of a cake. The Equality Commission has taken four months to dream up new grounds on which to pursue the McArthur family, claiming that they’ve breached political discrimination laws.

“If supporting same-sex marriage is a protected political opinion, so is supporting traditional marriage. Yet the Commission clearly favors one view over another and is prepared to litigate to prove.”

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Jimmy Carter: Government Shouldn’t Force Churches To Marry Gay Couples


Former President Jimmy Carter took a break from building houses for Habitat for Humanity in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area to talk with the local ABC-affiliate, WFAA-8. President Carter was asked about his support for gay marriage, considering his Baptist faith.

“I don’t think that the government ought ever to have the right to tell a church to marry people if the church doesn’t want to. I’m a Baptist and the congregation of our church will decide whether we’ll have a man or woman as pastor, and whether we’ll marry gay people or not. And if my church votes not to marry gay people, we wouldn’t do it. And I wouldn’t want them to.”

The 39th President of the United States was asked if he thinks that marriage licenses for gay couples will ever be issued nationwide, or if the states will handle it separately.

“I’m kind of inclined to let the states decide individually. And now, as you see, more and more states are deciding on gay marriages every year. But, if Texas doesn’t want to have gay marriages, then I think that’s a right for Texas people to decide.”

The former President just turned 90 and has helped Habitat for Humanity build 3,800 houses.


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What The ‘Gay Marriage’ Debate Is Really About

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It’s called Pandora’s Box.

And the Supreme Court just opened it.

Did you actually think the debate over “gay marriage” was about marriage? Have you really come to believe that this cultural kerfuffle has anything to do with “civil rights” or “equality”? Have you bought into the popular premise that this is a legitimate discussion on federalism – that it’s a reasonable disagreement over whether the U.S. Constitution’s equal protection clause requires that newfangled “gay marriage,” something rooted in same-sex sodomy, a deviant and disease-prone behavior our Constitution’s framers officially declared “the infamous crime against nature,” be made law of the land?

A lot of people have, so don’t feel bad. A lot of reasonable, well-meaning, and even, at times, intelligent people have taken the bait.

But that’s all window dressing. It’s superficial. It’s collateral. It’s chaff, a diversion, a squirrel. Don’t chase it.

At its core, this increasingly heated fight over “gay marriage” is about two diametrically opposed and profoundly incompatible views of reality (or lack thereof). It’s the modern manifestation of a millennia-old clash between worldviews. This ugly cultural conflict is, in reality, neither legal nor political in nature, but, rather, is fundamentally a philosophical debate. Ultimately, it derives from, and is illustrative of, deep-seated spiritual warfare. Quite simply, the clash over “gay marriage” is emblematic of the larger, and much older, clash between good and evil.

And it’s reaching critical mass.

On the one hand, on the natural marriage side, we have a worldview that recognizes absolute truth – that acknowledges the fixed moral and natural law, authored and enforced from time immemorial by the sovereign and loving Creator of the universe. This same Creator, incidentally, just happened to design and define the very institution over which we quarrel. Those with this worldview concede that every man, woman, and child is accountable to this sovereign Creator and will, one day, stand before Him to face final judgment for what they did or did not do during their infinitesimally short-lived stint here on earth.

This, though not a comprehensive representation, is the biblical worldview.

On the other hand, on the unnatural marriage side (or the “marriage equality” side as these self-styled “progressives” euphemistically prefer), we have a worldview that denies absolute truth. It imagines there are no fixed lines of demarcation between right and wrong – that morality and reality is entirely relative and, therefore, the very notions of good and evil, right and wrong, and sin and repentance are but false and limiting constructs concocted in the narrow minds of a dull bevy of sheepherders some thousands of years ago.

Since those with this worldview either deny God’s very existence altogether or, alternatively, believe that some version of god, like marriage, can be defined, or redefined, in the mind of the beholder, they claim accountability to no one (except goddess political correctness) and, thus, declare reality to be that which they, the secular-”progressive” intelligentsia, proclaim it to be (e.g., that manmade, credulity-straining, reality-warping, and oxymoronic counterfeit called “same-sex marriage”).

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