LGBT Troops Trampling Christians, Religious Freedom

It is undeniable the LGBT movement has grown in acceptance, public opinion, influence and, more recently, in boldness throughout the West.

Almost simultaneously, Christians in America became less active, visible, and vocal in public while LGBT proponents gladly stepped in. As our passion for truth and biblical morality decreased, those fighting against God and Christian values have become more committed and emboldened.

We might trace this incremental transfer of influence back to the early 1960s, when homosexuality as an identity was first recognized. Prior to that time, the word “gay” was not used to describe homosexuals, and those who practiced the lifestyle were considered in need of psychological treatment because it was classified as a disorder by the medical profession.

If we only listen to the liberal media, Hollywood, government, and culture today, LGBT rights trump all others while Christianity is belittled and considered abnormal. Sadly, the minority are the ones with the loudest voices. Though not all are hostile and agenda-driven, the activists refuse to allow disagreement or dissent any longer. If you do not conform to the takeover, you may be steamrolled, silenced, and if they have their way, exiled.

Political correctness and the powerful LGBT lobby will no longer coexist with religious freedom and practicing Christians. The fact is, they never really could. With the help of the liberals and progressives in government, the LGBT community has successfully rewritten history to further their cause.

Pastor Gary Gilley of Southern View Chapel stated the LGBT community now demands respect and full acceptance, and homosexuality has evolved from an act or behavior, to a thing in itself; classified as a disorder needing treatment for healing/change; to an orientation and, thus, a political movement;  to identity and, thus, a right.

Christians who believe in the Scriptures as their final authority are in a most difficult place. If we live in obedience to written revelation, we cannot accept homosexual behavior as anything less than immorality. Yet, if we speak against the homosexual lifestyle, we are accused of hatred, judgmentalism and homophobia.

Add to this the fact that most Christians have never seriously examined the biblical teachings on homosexuality and issues are now arising that have rarely been seriously debated throughout church history, then we can readily see why the faithful children of God are being squeezed. They find themselves between the immovable Word of God and its clear teachings on all forms of immorality, including homosexuality – and the changing Western culture, which now sees homosexuality as perfectly acceptable and normal, as it does most other forms of immorality.

Obviously, homosexual behavior is not an unforgivable sin, nor is it the worst of sins. All forms of sexual sin are serious as they hurt other people, often countless people, but sin offends a holy God. Adultery, abortion, lust, pornography, pedophilia, rape, and coveting are serious sins in God’s eyes. The difference is someone’s natural identity (who a person is) is not the same as their chosen sexual lifestyle (what a person practices).

Though every one of us were created in God’s image, it is important to remember none of us are without sin and we all need a savior. Sin is any behavior contrary to God’s law and the very reason Jesus Christ suffered and died.

It is a trustworthy statement, deserving full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, among whom I am foremost of all. Yet for this reason I found mercy, so that in me as the foremost, Jesus Christ might demonstrate His perfect patience as an example for those who would believe in Him for eternal life (1 Timothy 1:15-16).

The marketers of evil claim the battle is over discrimination, equal rights and “love.” The Bible teaches God is love (1 John 4:8) so what do they mean by love? God cannot contradict His Word. We must remember how important it is to define the terms being used. Enemies of God are using the LGBT movement to normalize homosexuality and transgenderism to squelch Christianity, undermine natural marriage, tear apart the traditional family, and create as much chaos as possible.

Clearly, the LGBT agenda is being implemented with little resistance and we’re witnessing the consequences of our past silence. Where have the nation’s spiritual leaders and people of faith been? Where are concerned parents? The prevailing worldview is now humanism, atheism, and moral relativism; just about anything goes in our “ABC” (anything but Christ) culture.

Contrary to pop culture, Hollywood and the Left; most of us know God created us either male or female and nature’s laws require a man and a woman to procreate.

But from the beginning of creation, God made them male and female. For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and the two shall become one flesh; so they are no longer two, but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate.” Mark 10:6-9

Therefore, a person’s sex cannot be changed. What is known as “sex reassignment” surgery is simply a method of accommodating one who chooses to appear physically different. This may be offensive to some, but as one doctor said, “A mutilated male pumped full of estrogen remains just that—a mutilated male pumped full of estrogen.”

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What These 3 Letters Spell Out On New Fla. License Plates Have Some Drivers LIVID

Some Orange County, Florida residents are complaining about the license plates they were issued. The plates are so offensive to some drivers that they’re refusing to drive their cars until they’re able to swap out their plates for a new one.

The license plates in question spell the word “GAY.” Driver Craig Lukas recently purchased a car with his partner and was given one of the “GAY” license plates. Lukas, who says he “prefers to remain quiet” about his lifestyle, was offended that the state would issue a license plate.

Some states, like Maryland, have “objectionable plate lists” in which over 4000 words and letter combinations are banned from being used on license plates. Personalized plates or “vanity plates” in Maryland are subjected to scrutiny to ensure the content on the personalized plates are not offensive or objectionable.

Scott Calvert of the Baltimore Sun wrote, “State law allows the MVA to deny tags that have a scatological or sexual meaning; use curse words, epithets or obscenities; carry a “fraudulent or deceptive purpose” (FBI and CIA are banned); refer to illegal acts (sorry, no HEROIN or KILLALL) or convey messages about a group’s race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or disability.”

WFTV Channel 9 interviewed Lukas. “There are plenty of combinations out there that they state could have used,” he said. “It was a definite oversight on the part of the state as far as I’m concerned.”

Kelly Quintero, Communications Director with the Orange County Tax Collector’s office replied to WFTV, “These plates have been vetted by the state and we see no issue with them.” Another official from the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reported that the plates were only given out in the Orlando, FL, area. If a customer is unhappy, the official told WFTV, they can exchange the plates.

Another reporter, John Wright of Towleroad opined about the scandal, “Who knows, maybe some homophobes at the DMV ordered the “GAY” license plates because they’re angry still about the legalization of same-sex marriage. Or perhaps it was an LGBT employee who wanted to rub it in the face of the department.”

Conservative Star Will Crash State Of The Union To Send Obama This BOLD Message

As President Obama and Democrat legislators attempt to stack the audience at his last State of the Union speech with people who further the left’s causes, some conservatives are inviting guests to challenge Obama’s ideas.

One of those guests was the subject of months of controversy last year and made headlines around the world because of her stance on gay marriage.

The conservative Family Research Council has announced it has secured two seats at Tuesday’s address for Kim Davis, the Rowan, Kentucky county clerk who cited her religious principles and refused to approve marriage licenses for gay couples even after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled gay marriage was legal. Accompanying her at the address will be her lawyer, Matt Staver.

A press release put out by Liberty Counsel says Davis will attend the State of the Union speech to “stand for religious liberty.” Liberty Counsel helped represent Davis last year as the federal government sought to force the woman to issue gay marriage certificates.

“While the President will be extolling his ‘accomplishments’ of the last seven years, Kim Davis and Mat Staver will be a visible reminder of the administration’s attack on religious liberty and an encouragement for people of faith to stand,” the statement says. “For seven years, people of faith have been in the crosshairs of the Obama Administration. The state of religious liberty is dire, but we cannot give up.”

Attorney Staver said he hopes “all people of faith” will “get involved in the political process, to vote for people who support your values, and to never give up.”

“Four and a half years ago, Kim had her life radically transformed by Jesus Christ,” the statement says. “As a result of her uncompromising faith, she has gone to jail, met with the Pope, stood with the governor of Kentucky during his lopsided election win, and is now attending President Obama’s final State of the Union address. God can and will use anyone who is committed to Him.”

According to the Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard, Davis was also in attendance at Monday night’s “State of the Family” address by Family Research Council president Tony Perkins.

Meanwhile, President Obama has invited Cincinnati resident Jim Obergefell as his guest for the speech. Obergefell was the plaintiff whose case went to the Supreme Court and served as the imputes for the legalization of gay marriage.

Others are inviting guests to serve an ideological purpose, as well. Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan has invited a Catholic nun from Little Sisters of the Poor to protest Obamacare. Not to be outdone, more than 20 Democrats in Congress have invited Muslims as their guests to attend.

h/t: Washington Examiner

Lawyer For Christian Bakers Just Revealed ‘Most Shocking’ Detail About The Case – It Might Surprise You

The most shocking thing about the case of an Oregon couple who fought to maintain their principles after they refused to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple was the way to government acted, according to the couple’s lawyer.

Aaron and Melissa Klein, owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, were recently forced to pay a $136,927.07 judgment in a case that has garnered national attention over the free exercise of religion.

“(The most shocking component is) the abuse of the power of the government to go and prosecute this case, prosecuting it directly, contrary to what’s asserted by the Kleins as their religious practices and their beliefs,” Tyler Smith, the Kleins’ attorney, told The Church Boys podcast, according to TheBlaze.

“And that being completely ignored by the state agency, when they’re prosecuting based on a statutory classification that this is now a protected status under a statute, when the Kleins have clearly protected constitutional rights that should supersede that and be more protected than a statutory right.”

Image credit: YouTube Aaron and Melissa Klein speak at a news conference in June.

Image credit: YouTube
Aaron and Melissa Klein speak at a news conference in June.

Smith that it was “quite shocking” that state officials and prosecutors have ignored these facts, penalizing the Kleins for “compensatory damages for emotional, mental and physical suffering” over the cake refusal.

Smith also affirmed that the Kleins, who closed the bakery, will continue to fight. “Aaron and Melissa Klein are devoted to honoring God in every aspect of their lives, including how they conduct themselves in this litigation,” Smith said in a statement to Willamette Week.

“The Kleins have certainly not given up the appeal,” the lawyer told The Church Boys podcast. “The appeal has already been filed.”

Smith said that he plans to argue in court that a “number of constitutional violations” unfolded against the bakers at the hands of the state.

“The appellate process is the place that we will be able to make other and more continuing constitutional arguments asserting and trying to protect the religious liberty, the free speech rights and the other rights that the Kleins have and they should have under Oregon law and United States constitutional law,” he said.

“Aaron and Melissa will continue to work to ensure that every American has the First Amendment right to express their faith-based beliefs, and to conduct their daily affairs according to their conscience,” Smith said, according to

h/t: TheBlaze

Obama Just Became The First Sitting President To Do This, And It’s Creating Huge Buzz

Barack Obama has become the first sitting president to pose for the cover of an LGBT magazine. Out Magazine has named the 44th president the “Ally of the Year” for his support of issues important to the community.

In an article accompanying the cover, the editors wrote that Obama “came to office on a wave of euphoria, appeared to lose momentum halfway through, and has since rallied, helping us secure marriage equality, among other landmark initiatives that are transforming our place in America.”

Among the first actions his administration took was to refuse to defend the Defense of Marriage Act before the Supreme Court, arguing it was unconstitutional.

Obama told the magazine he saw the gay community’s push for protected rights status as part of the American promise of equality under the law:

[G]rowing up as a black guy with a funny name, I was often reminded of exactly what it felt like to be on the outside. One of the reasons I got involved in politics was to help deliver on our promise that we’re all created equal, and that no one should be excluded from the American dream just because of who they are. That’s why, in the Senate, I supported repealing DOMA [the Defense of Marriage Act]. It’s why, when I ran for president the first time, I publicly asked for the support of the LGBT community, and promised that we could bring about real change for LGBT Americans.

The president believes that the Supreme Court made the right call in ruling unconstitutional state laws that define marriage as between a man an a woman.

When asked about the “Kim Davises of America” — referring to the Kentucky county clerk who was jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples — Obama responded, “I am a man of faith and believe deeply in religious freedom, but at the end of the day, nobody is above the rule of law — especially someone who voluntarily takes an oath to uphold that law. That’s something we’ve got to respect.”

Many critics will find the president’s call for a respect of the rule of law ironic, given his actions as chief executive. Constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley testified before Congress in 2014 that the president had created a “constitutional crisis” by his efforts to subvert the will of Congress.

On Monday, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals found his administration’s “executive amnesty” program a violation of the separation of powers.

Last year, Sen. Ted Cruz, the Texas Republican seeking the GOP nomination in the 2016 presidential race,  released a document chronicling 76 “lawless acts” by the president, which included his administration’s failure to defend DOMA.

h/t: Breitbart