Obama To Take Air Force One To Florida Everglades–To Discuss Climate Change

President Obama will be making his way to Florida Wednesday – Earth Day – to discuss climate change, which the president once said is the “primary threat to our national security.” As with many trips, Obama will be taking Air Force One, which reportedly burns five gallons of jet fuel for every mile it flies.

“I’m going to visit the Florida Everglades to talk about the way that climate change threatens our economy,” Obama said during his weekly address Saturday.

The Everglades is one of the most special places in our country.  But it’s also one of the most fragile.  Rising sea levels are putting a national treasure – and an economic engine for the South Florida tourism industry – at risk.

Obama also emphasized that climate change is something that “can no longer be denied – or ignored.”

Earlier this month, President Obama asserted that climate change is a “primary” threat to national security.

“The Pentagon has already said that climate change is a primary national security threat that we’re going to face, and we are working with the Department of Defense to start preparing for that and mitigating for that,” Obama said during a speech at Howard University. “And a lot of our international policy and national security policy is centered around the very real concerns that that’s going to raise.”

David Martosko noted some of the ironies in Obama’s call for fewer emissions when he made a trip to Washington state and Japan for last year’s Earth Day festivities in a piece for The Daily Mail:

  • Air Force One consumes five gallons of jet fuel for every mile it flies.
  • The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates that burning the fuel emits 21.1 pounds of CO2 per gallon.
  • Total presidential consumption for Earth Day (2014), not including automobile motorcades, is an estimated 35,609 gallons.

The irony was not lost on these people either:

04202015_Obama Hypocrite CO2_Twitter04202015_Less Harm Tweet_Twitter04202015_hypocricy_Twitter

h/t: Breitbart

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WATCH: This Angry Governor Has Just Taken A Bold, Defiant Stand Over ObamaCare ‘Extortion’

Decrying the Obama administration for using strong-arm, “coercion tactics” in an effort to force his state to expand ObamaCare coverage, Florida Governor Rick Scott says he’s suing the president.

In an interview Thursday night with Fox News’ Kimberly Guilfoyle, the Republican governor of the Sunshine State lashed out at the administration for threatening to cut back funding on an assistance program for low-income families unless Florida officials comply with Washington’s demands. Guilfoyle, substituting for Greta Van Susteren in On the Record, said, “That sounds like extortion.” Gov. Scott replied, “Oh, absolutely.”

By clicking on the video above, you can watch the interview in which a defiant Gov. Rick Scott vowed to take the administration to court, saying, “We’re going to stand up for all 20 million people in our state.”

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Handcuffed Detainee Is Being Booked When Officer Has A Heart Attack; What He Does Next Might Have Saved His Life


Jamal Rutledge sat handcuffed awaiting booking recently when the officer processing him collapsed to the ground. Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Officer Franklin Foulks had a heart attack–and Rutledge was the only one who could do anything for him.

The security footage showed Rutledge checking on the officer and kicking the security fence to alert police to the situation.

Officers Robert Norvis and Raymond Ketchmark responded and removed the officer’s gear and activated a nearby defibrillator while waiting for medical personnel to arrive. Foulks was taken to the hospital, and the medical staff noted that the quick thinking of Rutledge helped save the officer’s life.

According to NBC Miami, Rutledge and Officers Norvis and Ketchmark will be honored for their actions.

h/t: The Blaze

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Wounded Warriors Ride To Applause In Miami Beach

Photo credit: DVIDSHUB (Flickr)

It’s not often that you are awakened out of the drudgery of your life and shown graphically why you should be grateful for your health, your family, and your country. This happened to me this morning.

I was eating breakfast outside a hotel in Miami Beach, after doing a video hit for a TV network north of Miami the day before.  The tables were lined along Ocean Drive and filled with tourists, foreigners, and locals alike.  Suddenly, a column of motorcycle cops thundered down the street and cleared the road of any cars.

The customers at the myriad of outside restaurants sitting at the promenade along the beach strained to see what was happening as they looked down the road in vain.  There was silence for about five minutes.

Then slowly, one man in a blue shirt came cycling by; he had an American flag emblazoned on the back of his shirt. He was missing both of his legs below the knee. Then another. Then another.Then a hundred.

Then something amazing happened.  The people eating at the crowded restaurants stood up in the middle of their meals and started clapping. One, then two, then hundreds. Foreigners, locals, tourists, everyone.  The applause was thunderous.

This morning made me proud to be an American.  wounded-warriors_soldiersride

Photo credit: DVIDSHUB (Flickr)

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Libs Outraged Over Proposed Bill Requiring Students Watch ‘Patriotic’ D’Souza Film

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore (Flickr)

A Republican state senator in Florida is facing backlash over a bill he recently presented that would mandate public school students watch filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza’s most recent documentary.

Senate Bill 96 states that ‘America: Imagine the World Without Her’ would be shown to eighth and eleventh grade students in the state’s public schools unless a parent or guardian chooses to opt out of the screening.

If enacted, State Sen. Alan Hays’ bill would take effect at the beginning of next July.

As Breitbart noted, media outlets across the state have published sharp criticism of the proposal, apparently based on D’Souza’s conservative views.

The Orlando Weekly, for example, classified the film as “conservative agitprop” and D’Souza as an “anti-Obama, anti-progressive, anti-liberal” whose movie revolves only around “his political point of view.”

The paper also lamented the filmmaker’s “pro-Christian point of view.”

The Orlando Sentinel summed up the bill thusly: “If you could cash in on crazy, Florida would be the richest state in America.”

Though opponents are quick to classify the film as a project rooted in partisanship, D’Souza explained his true objective in an exclusive interview with Western Journalism earlier this year.

“The big question the movie explores,” he said, “is what would the world look like if there was no America? What would the past look like … if George Washington had taken a bullet from a British sniper?”

For Hays and the many moviegoers who made ‘America’ a huge success this summer, such a celebration of America’s greatness offers an important lesson for this nation’s next generation of citizens.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore (Flickr)

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