WATCH The Insane Thing That Happens When A Thrashing Shark Capsizes Fisherman’s Boat

When it comes to big fish stories, here’s one about the monster that didn’t get away…though, quite possibly, you might think that an angler in his right mind would have gladly let it go.

Sharks have been in the news quite a lot lately. Seven reported shark attacks in shallow coastal waters off North Caroline over the past few weeks have vacationers keeping a very close eye on the surf. And when Western Journalism shared a Tennessee woman’s self-made video about how to avoid shark attacks — a video called “Summer Safety Tips” that’s been viewed close to 6 million times — people who watched the very entertaining piece about a very serious subject went wild with appreciation.

Now, another video about a determined fisherman’s wild experience off Florida when a bull shark as big as his kayak took the bait and took the man for a scary ride. Fox News identifies the intrepid angler as Capt. Ben Chancey, who had to swim for his life when the 8-foot fish thrashed about and capsized the small boat.

However, once Chancey swam to the safety of a nearby vessel and caught his breath, he got right back on the horse, so to speak, hopped back into his kayak, and reeled in the shark that was still on his line. After besting the beast, Chancey reportedly let it go.

You can watch the insane recording of this dangerously close encounter by clicking on the video above.

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11-Yr-Old Played In His Yard When CPS Took Him Away. Here’s What Happened Next…

This past April in suburban Florida, an 11-year-old boy got home before his parents and, having no key to get in, did what boys do. He played a little basketball and munched on some snacks.

His mom was on her way home, but got caught in afternoon traffic and weather. The boy’s parents arrived home at about the same time. Their son had been home for about an hour and a half when they arrived.

When the parents pulled into the drive, they were surprised to see a police cruiser parked in front of their home. Little did they know that their lives were about to be turned upside down. The police were waiting for them. Both parents were handcuffed, fingerprinted, strip-searched, and held in jail overnight. Their two children were taken from them by Child Protective Services.

This singular incident would be the start of a hellish month of battles, pain, and undue suffering. It would take that long for the parents to get their boys safely back home.

The authorities’ claims were that the couple’s son had no access to food, water, or a bathroom. The mother countered the claim by saying that there was a shed that had two sinks and hoses, explaining her son could have gotten water from there. He did, in fact, have food–he had eaten it already. As for not having a bathroom, apparently the police officer found their yard in decent enough condition to relieve himself while the boy waited alone in his squad car.

The couple’s children were in foster care for two days before being moved to a distant family member’s home. However, the parents still could not see their children. According to the law, they had committed a felony; so they were not allowed to cross county lines, and the relative refused to drive the children to see their distraught parents. After a few weeks, though, the relative grew tired of caring for their children and released them back into state care. The parents were not told about this until after the fact.

The civil court case was heard last week. There was a copious amount of deliberation between the attorneys and the judge. Growing weary and anxious, the 11-year-old boy asked to speak personally to the judge. This bold move single-handedly brought his family back together. He asked the judge to please return him and his little brother back to their parents. The judge agreed, with stipulations.

They are never allowed to leave their son alone in the back yard again, and they must also comply with all the CPS directives they had been given–including the family going to therapy and the parents going to parenting classes. The children also must attend daycare or day camp during the summers. The judge closed the civil case against the couple and returned their children to them.

The couple pleaded ‘not guilty’ in the criminal case. Their hope is that the charges get dropped; otherwise, they will be looking at third-degree felony charges and a criminal record.


This is a story that is being echoed all over the United States: CPS comes into a home, presuming guilt before innocence. With CPS coming under fire recently for neglecting to follow up on visits, or for other various acts of misconduct, it appears that CPS is trying to clean up its act. However, history is a good conduit through which to see that even the best of intentions can fail miserably.

CPS seems to have gone from a sleepy sheriff, hardly noticing anything that slithers into town, to a trigger-happy deputy green behind the ears arresting everyone. It is understandable to wake from a slumber and want to slay the evil dragon. What is unnecessary is the vilification of innocent lives, though. It appears that a government agency, which some would argue already has a bad reputation, is making their reputation worse.

CPS has a place in government. To some people, it appears it is overstepping its boundaries. It appears to be taking loved, well-cared for children out of their homes and placing them with strangers. To some, it appears that CPS has become overzealous and is inflicting undue pain and suffering on some of the families it investigates.
Do you think that CPS is overstepping their boundaries? Let us know! Leave your comments below.

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Atheists Are Attacking This Sheriff For What He Did In Uniform – He Just Fired Back With Force

When Florida lawman Grady Judd received an invitation to address parishioners at Lakeland’s First Baptist Church at the Mall, he accepted – as he had in response to numerous previous invitations by other groups. When the Freedom from Religion Foundation received word of the resulting speech and the fact that the Polk County sheriff was in uniform while delivering it, the Wisconsin-based organization sent a letter threatening to sue on the grounds of religious discrimination.

At one point during Judd’s recorded address, he posited that the world “would be better if everyone behaved” like a Christian.

According to a WKMG report, FFRF claims Judd broke the law in delivering what it deemed a sermon while in uniform. The letter reportedly claimed his act rose to the level of “excluding other religions and making nonbelievers feel like outsiders in their own community.”

Judd reacted to the backlash, however, by defending both his message and the manner in which he shared it.

“I was invited to this church,” he said, “just like I am to many churches, just like I am to many secular events, to speak.”

The subsequent speech, Judd continued, should not be considered offensive to anyone, regardless of faith or lack thereof.

“The message was clear,” he concluded. “The message was uplifting.”

Furthermore, he told WTVT that he has no intention of turning down future requests to speak because of the FFRF backlash.

“When people call the sheriff’s office and ask me to come speak,” he said, “I am going to speak. I am going to wear my uniform. You can guarantee it.”

Should a sheriff be permitted to address religious groups while in uniform? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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WATCH: Man Caught DANCING On Sheriff’s SUV; The Reason Why Is Even Crazier…

A Florida man was arrested after surveillance video caught him dancing on top of a sheriff deputy’s vehicle.

Christian Radecki, 44, bumped into a Lee County Sheriff’s vehicle on April 7, climbed on top, and began dancing while his sedan’s radio was blasting music, WPTV reported. He broke the patrol vehicle’s windshield wipers and grabbed the American flag off the home he parked in front of.

Radecki was arrested after neighbors called police. He was charged with Disturbing the Peace and Criminal Mischief. He is also a convicted sexual offender. WPTV explains Radecki’s motives:

According to a Cape Coral Police report, Radecki said it all began when a ‘woman with fangs’ came to his door, threatening that a human sacrifice was about to occur involving vampires. ‘Therefore, Radecki made the conscious decision to get the Sheriff of Nottingham to help him stop the slaughter of small children,’ the report states.

His dance playlist began with Hall & Oates’ “Rich Girl” and concluded with Supertramp’s “Goodbye Stranger.”

The Cape Coral resident also told authorities he did not take any drugs or consumed any alcohol prior to the incident. He also said he had not been diagnosed with any mental health condition or taken any prescribed medication.

Radecki was first taken to a hospital for a medical evaluation, then transported to Lee County Justice Center in “apparent good health,” according to WPTV.

Have you ever seen something like this? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Wounded Warrior Returns From Fighting Terrorism In Israel. You Won’t Believe What He’s Considering Next.

As Western Journalism reported last year, retired U.S. Army SSG Brian Mast did not let the fact that he lost both legs in an attack while deployed in Afghanistan diminish his drive to serve. In an exclusive interview, he shared his plan to fight alongside Israeli Defense Forces as a volunteer – a trip from which he recently returned.

“I honestly believe that Israelis want nothing more than peace with each of their neighboring countries regardless of the history they have,” he said in a subsequent interview with Western Journalism. “I believe this because of the time I spent at the table of many hosts, seeing in their eyes the constant worry they have for their sons and daughters who constantly have to defend Israel.”

Since returning, Mast said he has considered what the next chapter of his life should include. Though he has yet to formally announce, he explained that a congressional bid in his home state of Florida is a distinct possibility.

Image Credit: Brian Mast/Courtesy

Image Credit: Brian Mast/Courtesy

His motivation, he explained, is a desire to do more than just talk about the things he thinks need to be changed in America, opting instead to lead the effort.

“I want to inspire all of our leaders to serve as my brothers and sisters serve on the battlefield,” he said “—without regard for personal sacrifice or gain, only what is best for our country.”

Beyond that, Mast said a desire to run for elected office has been building since the aftermath of his life-altering injury.

“I have been considering running for Congress since I was lying in a bed in Walter Reed Army Medical Center in 2010,” he recalled. “I can remember very specifically having the conversation with my wife that I do not want to go through life and have my greatest contribution be in my past, that the best example I ever set for my kids was back when I served, and the best think I ever did for my brothers to my left and right in combat be back when I was in Afghanistan, or to have the best thing I have done for our country be when I was in the Army. I believe in my heart the best I can give our country is still ahead.”

Asked what attributes of a soldier translate to a legislative career, Mast did not hesitate in offering several “important principles” that have guided his life both on and off the battlefield.

He stated his believe that “the best leaders never ask their men to do something they are not first willing to do themselves.”

Mast compared military and congressional service by asserting the “decisions we make have real life-and-death consequences in war, and so too to do the decisions made in Washington.”

Image Credit: Brian Mast/Courtesy

Image Credit: Brian Mast/Courtesy

Though he said any official announcement won’t be made until next week, Mast did share several themes that would be central to his campaign should he decide to run.

He cited positions – including reducing the size and scope of government and returning more power back to the states – sure to appeal to Florida’s conservative voters. Furthermore, he pledged to fight to repeal ObamaCare, endorsing instead a private sector healthcare model offering individual health savings accounts.

“I have been a part of socialized healthcare just like so many of my fellow veterans,” he said, “and we can tell any who want to know just what this looks like – no choice in providers, falsified waiting lists, little choice in care options and staff that is rarely removed when they underperform.”

Mast also supports school vouchers, a flat-rate tax system, and a secure southern border.

One issue obviously close to his heart is the treatment of America’s returning veterans.

“As far as a system of healthcare,” he said, “I believe the bureaucratic nature of the VA makes in capable to provide the best care; and veterans should receive total choice in care.”

Though he would be entering the race to represent Florida’s 18th district a political novice, Mast said he nonetheless likes his odds.

“I think my chances are great,” he said. “Though I am new to politics, I have been serving and fighting for our country for most of my adult life. I have let my actions be guided by my principles and I [that] translates to my neighbors knowing that my policy will be driven by my principles also. I think people will appreciate that I give the kinds of straight, direct answers and actions that were always expected out of me while in the Army.”

To find out more about Mast or to follow his potential path toward the House, visit his official Facebook page.

Would you like to have more representatives with Mast’s track record of sacrifice and bravery? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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