Police State America

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Get ready for martial law

Watch what people do, not what they say, especially when it comes to politicians with enormous egos.  This president says he loves liberty.  He says he upholds the Constitution and the rule of law, according to his oath.  He says he understands the Constitution establishes and protects liberty.

But look at what the man does.  He violates the Constitution routinely, destroying liberty with each violation.

In a recent press conference, he made excuses for NSA surveillance excesses, proposing meaningless reforms.  Obviously, he could not care less about protecting our constitutional right to be free from illegal government search and surveillance.

He uses the IRS to target conservatives to stifle their right to free speech and assembly.  For years, Tea Party conservatives have complained they have been denied tax exempt status to operate.  The IRS admitted they targeted the Tea Party and other conservatives.  IRS officials have testified the White House was involved.  Yet recently, the FBI tells us there is nothing to investigate.  Just yesterday, it was reported the IRS is now targeting conservatives in Hollywood.

Journalists have been targeted, spied upon, their privacy invaded, and their jobs threatened. White House officials have harassed reporters and editors and producers.  Even CNN was threatened for covering Benghazi, as was Fox News.  AP reporters’ records were taken and examined by DOJ.

The Obama police state emerges.  It gets worse.  Much worse.

Pushing passage of the National Defense Authorization Act recently in the dark of night, Obama has now set the stage for arresting American citizens without charge and detaining them indefinitely, according to many respected legal experts.  Some have sued the government, stating in court documents:

 “The central question now before this court is whether the federal judiciary will stand idly by while Congress and the president establish the legal framework for the establishment of a police state and the subjugation of the American citizenry through the threat of indefinite military arrest and detention, without the right to counsel, the right to confront one’s accusers, or the right to trial.” 

Every item listed is a gross violation of due process as guaranteed by the Constitution.  Make no mistake: this so-called president is a control freak, a far left statist and egomaniac, hell bent on establishing centralized authority to control all aspects of life.

Police state.  Martial law.

Meanwhile, it’s open season on conservatives, Christians, the Catholic Church, and Christian law firms. Liberty Counsel reports it has been targeted by the IRS.  Franklin Graham’s ministry was targeted, as are hundreds of other groups refusing to goose step according to the dictates of Obama’s drum beat.   Dr. Ben Carson, following remarks critical of Obama, was audited by the IRS for the first time in his life.  Gov. Mike Huckabee is now being misrepresented and assaulted by the national media for rightly criticizing the administration on a number of fronts.

No doubt furious over ongoing criticism of ObamaCare and desperate for some power play advantage, Obama has now removed the gloves, no longer restrained by common sense, re-election, or regard for his own party.

Notice coordinated attacks on the governors of New Jersey and Virginia.  Notice the conservative-condemning remarks by the governor of New York.  Notice the arrest and indictment of conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza.  Notice harassment of reporters and threats leveled against James O’Keefe.   Notice the bold-faced demand by Sen. Chuck Schumer of NY for more IRS harassment and targeting of the Tea Party.  He readily acknowledges Congress will not act against his political enemies, so the IRS must be brought in to do his dirty work.

Experienced observers realize that when dealing with the Left, nothing is accidental; all is coordinated and orchestrated.

Recall the White House summoning various media representatives last month coinciding with the appointment of John Podesta to Obama’s inner circle.

Podesta knows how to get things done, one way or the other.  He unabashedly recommends the Executive Branch bypass Congress on climate change. A Clintonista from Chicago, Podesta is ‘admired’ for his ability to tamp down scandals and save political fortunes. Certainly, this series of attacks on conservatives is specially designed to distract from Obama’s serial scandals and to turn his poll numbers.

What we are seeing now is a revealed battle plan authored by Podesta and others, and endorsed by this president in league with mass media, all working to centralize power, destroy the Constitution, and establish an oligarchy in America–an oligarchy to be established and preserved by the use of raw military power in a police state environment.   The battle plan has actually been revealed for some time. given the other devious tactics employed in the overall strategy.

Obama uses the threat of terrorism to concentrate power in the federal government.  He uses so-called man-made global warming to concentrate power. He uses the administrative rule-making authority of a vast bureaucracy to enact tens of thousands of job killing regulations.  He uses the race card, gun control, same sex marriage, abortion, education reform, immigration, finance reform, healthcare ‘reform’, and discussions about income disparity to concentrate power. He stacks the courts, corrupts the legislative process, and issues executive orders to concentrate power.

If provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) are allowed to stand by the Supreme Court, the American experiment in liberty and the American dream are dead.

Obama is the enemy within.  Either he is defeated, or America is lost.

The American people have been lied to and fooled by the Poser in Chief, over and over, for years.  2014 and 2016 are their last chance at redemption.


Allan Erickson enjoyed an 11-year career in radio, television and print journalism as a reporter, talk show host, and operations manager. He then turned to sales and marketing for 20 years. He is the author of the book “The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence,” Tate Publishing, 2012. He is available to speak in churches addressing the topics of faith and freedom.  To contact him, email:  allanlerickson@gmail.com.

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Abortion Supporters Declare War On Freedom of Speech

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A Massachusetts law makes it illegal for any citizen to  “enter or remain on a public way or sidewalk”  within 35 feet of an abortion clinic if they are distributing pro-life literature. This case has made it to the Supreme Court, where it is anyone’s guess how they will rule on this issue.

How they should rule on the question is pretty clear- speech, especially political speech, is protected under the 1st Amendment. If this law stands, it will keep concerned pro-life people from one effective venue to spread their message to those who are considering abortion.

Free speech is one of our most sacred rights- its importance is one thing on which conservatives, libertarians, and liberals should all agree. Liberals trumpet it all the time. It is most distressing to see them abandon it when it doesn’t suit their purpose.

Let us hope and pray that the Supreme Court will render a just decision on this issue and uphold free speech, even when the liberal Massachusetts legislature is assaulting it.


Photo Credit: Dallas Krentzel (Creative Commons) Meme Designed By F. Peter Brown



San Fran Pro-Life Signs Called “Hateful”

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There is perhaps no bastion of sexual perversion more militant than San Francisco. In addition to numerous gay pride parades and other graphic public displays of immorality, the city has a virulent pro-choice community.

About two years ago, one such group sought permission to display several signs supporting the murder of unborn children. The banners were hung along Market Street, a major San Franciscan artery, much to the dismay of pro-life advocates.

Upset by seeing signs with messages such as “U.S. Out of My Uterus,” some concerned locals questioned why city leaders approved the permits – especially since they did not promote a specific event. When the local public works department confirmed the signs did not violate any statute, the opposition died down, and the controversy was largely forgotten.

This week, however, activists on the other side of the issue decided to use that municipal ruling to their favor by displaying various signs pleading for an end to the murderous act of abortion.

Walk for Life West Coast is sponsoring the exhibition, with banners sharing the message that “Abortion Hurts Women.”

In a glaring example of self-delusional irony, the same group that sponsored the 2012 pro-abortion extravaganza is now decrying the same free expression by their ideological opponents.

The Silver Ribbon Campaign to Trust Women is demanding San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee forcibly remove the signs. In a letter sent to the mayor this week, the activist group called the signs “false and hateful.”

Taking it one step further, the organization’s director, Ellen Shaffer, deemed the displayed message to be hate speech and expressed her “shock” that Market Street is now littered with “snowflakes and lies.”

While Lee is proudly aligned with the pro-abortion agenda, his office thankfully disregarded the inane demands to strip Walk for Life’s liberty.

Spokeperson Francis Tsang said Lee “disagrees strongly with the message of the banners, but the mayor’s disapproval obviously doesn’t and shouldn’t trump the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.”

One might wonder how Lee could argue abortion does not cause women harm considering the countless cases of physical and emotional damage millions of such procedures have inflicted over more than four decades. Nevertheless, it is refreshing that, even in San Francisco, the right to free expression is still being protected.


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A&E Faces Serious Backlash From Audience


A cable network once heralded for bringing the family values of the Robertson family into American homes through the hit program “Duck Dynasty” is now in hot water after suspending one of the show’s biggest stars.

Add your name to our petition to share your disapproval with A&E’s decision!

The brouhaha started with a GQ interview with family patriarch Phil Robertson, in which he expressed traditional Christian views regarding sin. In addition to alcohol abuse, greed, and other acts displeasing to God, he expressed the biblical view that homosexuality is sinful.

Taking this and other statements out of context, activists quickly moved to portray the comments as intolerant and hateful. While Robertson, who is a preacher in Louisiana, unequivocally stated that his admonitions were rooted in love and concern, the radical left created a firestorm that ultimately ended in the 67-year-old hunting magnate being indefinitely kicked off of the show.

Along with a number of other news sources with a strong allegiance to the First Amendment, the Western Center for Journalism is giving Robertson’s supporters a forum through which to voice their concern.

In addition to a petition that will be sent directly to A&E executives, fans of the ratings giant can take part in a conversation regarding this controversy by “liking” the Facebook page “Petition for Phil.”

A&E has come under fire before for allegedly asking the Robertson family to omit invocations to Jesus in the prayer that ends each episode. The stars – along with a great many fans – expressed outrage at the request, and the network relented.

The show has grown to be A&E’s most successful show; however, the huge amount of money the Robertsons have earned for the network did not prevent executives from punishing Phil for expressing his personal beliefs. A number of high-profile individuals, including former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, have responded to the developing story with unwavering support for the Robertson clan.

In fact, opposition is originating primarily from the special interest groups that initially complained about Robertson’s comments to GQ and do not represent the show’s target audience. Modern television provides abundant content aimed directly at homosexuals and other minority communities. When a refreshingly traditional show gains traction, however, it is routinely and roundly criticized for its purported intolerance.

The program has only become a success because millions of loyal viewers identify with the Christian conservatism expressed by its stars. Thanks to our interconnected culture, that same audience can now immediately express its collective outrage over Robertson’s suspension.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Judge Orders Memorial Cross Removed

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In the latest case of an activist court corrupting the intent of the First Amendment, a federal judge Thursday ruled that a cross displayed to honor our nation’s veterans is unconstitutional.

The cross, which has been standing in La Jolla, Calif. for nearly 60 years was, until recently, a city-owned monument. In 2006, however, the federal government claimed ownership of the cross and surrounding property through the oft-maligned process of eminent domain.

Naturally, this upset the perpetually outraged leftists in groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union, which challenged the government’s ownership and display of a faith-based symbol.

ACLU representative Daniel Mach explained that his group supports the government “paying tribute to those who served bravely in our country’s armed forces,” but contended that a cross displayed to honor their memory was wholly unacceptable.

Though an appellate court ruled two years ago that the cross violated the First Amendment, that case stalled before reaching the U.S. Supreme Court. Federal District Judge Larry Burns was subsequently tasked with issuing a ruling on the matter.

In his decision, Burns ordered the cross removed within 90 days. He did allow time for appeals, however.

Those in favor of the display have expressed their intent to once again seek intervention by the Supreme Court.

While practitioners of other religions might not necessarily endorse the cross, such sentiment in no way means that its mere presence is a violation of the Constitution. Our founders expertly crafted the First Amendment to allow free exercise of faith by preventing any laws establishing a national religion. Secular leftists have increasingly added their own ideology to the Bill of Rights to the point that many Americans now demand a nation devoid of any religious imagery.

This is not the nation our constitutional framers envisioned. It is no wonder a society built on faith-based morality has now devolved into a culture that accepts – and even promotes – the murder of unborn children, sexual perversion, and countless other detrimental practices.

–B. Christopher Agee

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