FBI Counterterrorism Expert Just Gave Chilling Warning To All Americans – You Need To See It

An FBI counterterrorism expert has delivered a stunning warning about terrorism right here in America. Although frightening, many believe it makes perfect sense.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, an expert on counterinsurgency and counterterrorism and who runs The Gorka Briefing website, appeared on Fox News with Megyn Kelly on Wednesday to warn Americans that ISIS is already among us and that we shouldn’t sit back and expect the government to protect us.

“Don’t wait for Uncle Sam to protect you. Every American has a duty and responsibility to be aware of the threat and be prepared to protect themselves,” Gorka told Kelly.

ISIS is here, Gorka said. The guest then reminded his audience that there were at lest 82 ISIS suspects arrested in America already and that happened in just a 20-month period. He also noted that FBI director James Comey has reported that there are up to 900 terror-related investigations going on in every state in the union.

In October, Director Comey said that the number of investigations is “slowly climbing” as ISIS expands its reach into the U.S.

Comey also seemed to warn that the FBI is getting stretched too thin and worriedly said, “If that becomes the new normal…That would be hard to keep up.”

During his visit with Fox, Gorka also pointed out that the attacks in Paris has emboldened terrorists, not just in Europe. He said that sleeper cells all across the west will feel that success is at hand.

“The jihad is real, the jihad is global and they want to bring it to the shores of America,” Gorka said.

Americans have one saving grace that other nations don’t have: their Second Amendment rights.

“You have to be tactically aware,” Gorka insisted. “If you’re in a state, you’re in a municipality that allows you to carry a weapon you should do so. You should get training, you should carry it, your members of your family that are prepared to do so likewise.”

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BREAKING: Passenger On Houston-Bound Plane Does This, Immediately Gets Restrained

A female passenger on board a British Airways flight bound for Houston from London had to be detained after she allegedly tried to open an exit door.

The approximately 30-year-old woman was described as abusive and “unruly” by British Airways, WCVB reported.

Fellow passengers and crew members restrained the woman, and the flight was diverted to Boston. “A passenger on British Airways Flight 213, a 777 en route from Heathrow to Boston, tried to open an exit door and has been restrained. The cockpit is secure and the flight is continuing to Boston,” the FAA said in a statement.

Massachusetts law enforcement met the flight at the gate in Logan International Airport and took the woman into custody. Massachusetts State Police said the woman was intoxicated. “Our customers and crew deserve to have a safe and enjoyable flight and we do not tolerate abusive behavior,” British Airways said in a statement. “The FBI confirmed it was responding to the incident but Massachusetts police spokesman David Procopio said there was ‘no indication of any terrorism’ tied to her actions,” the Express reported

The incident comes as law enforcement is at a heightened state following the attacks in Paris last Friday and the downing of a Russian passenger jet at the end of last month.

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The FBI Just Made An Even BIGGER Move Against Hillary Clinton… There’s Nowhere Left To Hide

The FBI is expanding the parameters of its probe into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Fox News reported on Thursday that “agents are looking at U.S. Code 18, Section 1001, which pertains to ‘materially false’ statements given [by government employees] either in writing, orally or through a third party. Violations also include pressuring a third party to conspire in a cover-up. Each felony violation is subject to five years in prison.” 

“The agents involved are under a lot of pressure and are busting a–,” an intelligence source, who was not authorized to speak on the record, told Fox News.

Section 1001 can be applied, “when individuals make misleading or false statements causing federal agents to expend additional resources and time,” according to the news outlet. The provision even encompasses statements that were not made under oath, according to Fox News judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano.

“This is a broad, brush statute that punishes individuals who are not direct and fulsome in their answers,” former FBI agent Timothy Gill explained. “The problem for a defendant is when their statements cause the bureau to expend more time, energy, resources to de-conflict their statements with the evidence.”

Clinton initially said in the spring, when the private server email story broke, “I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. There is no classified material.” Later in the summer, she revised her statement explaining that she had not sent or received emails that were “marked classified at the time.” 

The FBI is also exploring potential violations under the Espionage Act regarding provisions relating to “gross negligence” in the handling of national defense information.

As reported by Western Journalism, the former secretary of state was made aware of her responsibility to properly protect classified information, which included signing at least two non-disclosure agreements her second day in office.

Nevertheless, Clinton placed classified material on an unsecured server, which could easily be hacked through the Internet. Additionally, she turned over her server to a Denver-based IT firm, whose employees did not have security clearances, and to her attorney, who also lacked a clearance.

Former CIA director Gen. David Petraeus was indicted and convicted for what appears to be a far lesser breach of his duty to protect classified information.

The State Department has now found between 600-700 Clinton emails containing classified information, according to Politico

Fox News reports:

…at least four classified Clinton emails had their markings changed to a category that shields the content from Congress and the public, in what State Department whistleblowers believed to be an effort to hide the true extent of classified information on the former secretary of state’s server.

One State Department lawyer involved in the alleged re-categorization was Kate Duval. Duval once worked in the same law firm as Clinton’s current and long-time lawyer David Kendall and at the IRS during the Lois Lerner email controversy. Duval left government service for private practice in mid-September.

Insiders Say FBI Has Enough Evidence To Charge Hillary Clinton

Video Transcript:

According to two sources, the FBI have enough evidence to bring a case against Hillary Clinton.

As of now, at least 671 emails that Mrs. Clinton sent or received through her private server contained classified material. Two reached the highest classified designation, which is top secret. I am told that that particular document is an open and shut violation. I’m also told that the FBI Director James Comey is personally overseeing and directing this investigation and as of now, they do have enough to build a case against her if they so choose on two issues: One, gross negligence of the mishandling of classified data; and two, obstruction, multiple counts.

Mrs. Clinton’s defense that the emails were not classified at the time she accessed them will not save her.

Bill, you’re talking about classified material that may or may not have been stamped classified at the time, but that material was in intelligence circles known as “born classified,” meaning that the information contained therein was so sensitive that it was assumed to be classified. And as secretary of state, she must have known that.

Bill O’Reilly opined that the investigation would disappear due to governmental intimidation, which ironically, could also prove to be the kiss of death.

O’Reilly: Alright, if they don’t indict her, and the evidence is there that they could, that will become public though.

Crowley: And that will be devastating.

The guest attorney surmised that even with top secret emails, Attorney General Loretta Lynch may not go after a prosecution.

The emails to me, look like a violation. But she has to reach the standard of what we call, gross negligence. But she can’t take it to trial for headlines, and she can’t take it to trial for sport, Bill. She’s got to do it based off of evidence in front of her. I think that she should, I think Hillary Clinton should be prosecuted. I do not think legally there’s enough there to get that standard and I think she won’t.

Should Hillary Clinton be prosecuted? Do you think she’ll be protected by the government? Share and comment below.

The FBI Has A New Method To Identify Extremists, And Some Muslims Are Furious About It

The FBI is postponing the debut of an unusual game-style website aimed at preventing young people from joining terrorist groups–because Muslim and Arab groups are complaining.

National news reports state that the online program, titled “Don’t Be a Puppet,” was scheduled to be released Nov. 9., but is now on hold. The program targets young people with information on how to spot a radical extremist online, and there are hopes by some it would halt youth radicalization and recruitment of American youth for terrorism. The FBI wants the program to be used in schools, with teachers guiding students through the game-like format.

Muslim and Arab advocacy groups, which were selected by the FBI to be a part of the community panel reviewing the program, said they have many concerns. The biggest concern was that the government wants students and teachers to become informants, according to Muslim and Arab advocacy officials.

“It seems like they’re asking teachers to be extensions of law enforcement and to police thought, and students as well. That was very concerning to us all,” said Hoda Hawa, director of policy and advocacy for the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC).

Arjun S. Sethi, a law professor at Georgetown Univeristy, said in an interview with a national publication that the program has a fatal flaw.

“The program is based on flawed theories of radicalization, namely that individuals radicalize in the exact same way and it’s entirely discernible…” Sethi said.

The official FBI statement is that the program is “designed to provide awareness about the dangers of violent extremist predators on the Internet…” It has said little else regarding details of the program.

The FBI is concerned with youth being radicalized. FBI Director James B. Comey said agents have handled more than 900 cases of homegrown extremists, and most of them are connected to ISIS. He said the recruiting efforts of terrorists aren’t just trying to lure youth to go overseas, but are also seeking to convince them to commit violent acts in the United States.

“That buzz all day long in your pocket, come or kill, come or kill, come or kill, has a tremendous impact on the troubled mind,” Comey said.

The FBI has arrested many young people since the Islamic State was designated a terrorist organization in 2014. Many of those arrested were swayed with online propaganda, according to Comey.

Reaching young people through public school systems can be done, but officials must be careful on how the program is implemented to be effective, according to Seamus Hughes, deputy director of George Washington University’s program on extremism.

“Schools can be an important space in spotting and combating radicalization, as teachers are often best positioned to see concerning signs. Of course this needs to be done right, with proper training, respect of civil liberties and without stigmatizing,” Hughes said

The FBI plans to tell schools that the program is available; and interested schools would use it in civics, social studies and government classes, according to information given to participants at the meeting discussing the program. The FBI has allowed some teachers and students in northern Virginia to preview the program and has received some commitments from school districts. Estimates given to those at the meeting are that around 400,000 youths will use the site once it goes online.