Obama/Holder Could Face Felony Charges for Fast and Furious

Doug Book, FloydReports.com

Why waste time asking “What did you know and when did you know it?” when the Obama Regime might already face felony charges?

That’s the question Attorney David Hardy and others are asking those investigating the role of Regime members in the deadly gun walking fiasco, Fast and Furious.

Since whistleblowers brought this scheme to the attention of Congress early this year, Senator Charles Grassley and Congressman Darrell Issa have been frustrated by Department of Justice stonewalling, subterfuge, and misrepresentation.

As Grassley wrote to Attorney General Eric Holder in a July 18th correspondence, “If the attorneys working on the [Justice] Department’s response to the Committee spent less time redacting documents and more time producing them, we would be much closer to understanding the failures in leadership surrounding Operation Fast and Furious.”

But it is Hardy’s contention that….

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Senator: Obama’s “Criminality…Quite Obvious” in Fast and Furious

Fred Lucas, CNSNews.com

A senior Senate Republican has accused the Justice Department of a “cover-up” by limiting information to Congress about a botched gun running program along the southwest border.

“I think they’re trying to cover up now by not giving us all the information that we want,” Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, told CNSNews.com.

“In regard to criminality, this is quite obvious there is criminal activity when our own government suggests our own laws ought to be broken,” he said. “Isn’t it just as criminal if we do that, as [it would be] if Chuck Grassley did it as a private citizen?”

Grassley is investigating a gun running operation led by the Phoenix division of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), and also involving the Drug Enforcement Administration and FBI.

“Operation Fast and Furious,” saw federal law enforcement officials knowingly allow guns to be sold to straw purchasers for the purpose of tracing the firearms, which included AK 47s assault rifles, to Mexican drug trafficking gangs.

The initiative began in September 2009, but was halted after two of the weapons were found at the scene of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s murder in December 2010. Although Operation Fast and Furious ended with the indictment of 20 straw purchasers, no-one from the drug cartels – the primary target of the program – was brought to justice.

The Justice Department assigned the Office of Inspector General to conduct an internal investigation into the affair.

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Video: Hezbollah Foothold Growing on Mexican Border

Not only was Operation Fast and Furious/Project Gunrunner an ill-conceived, unnecessary, and duplicative program that has cost two American lives and jeopardized countless more on both sides of the border, but some are asking if these guns have ended up in the hands of Hezbollah terrorists. Still, Barack Obama mocks those who want to secure our border. Will we ever know the depths of danger into which this president has plunged our country?

Melson’s Testimony Proves Fast and Furious was an Obama Plot

Doug Book, FloydReports.com

On July 4th, Acting ATF Director Ken Melson testified for hours before representatives of the Grassley/Issa congressional committees. Personal counsel in tow, Melson made a number of allegations concerning the Department of Justice and two agencies under DOJ control—the FBI and the DEA.

According to his testimony, not only did the DOJ refuse his repeated requests that the ATF be permitted to provide information demanded by the congressional committees, the Department also arranged for tax dollars from the FBI and DEA to help finance Fast and Furious straw buyers.

And as Fast and Furious supplied weapons were found at the murder scenes of both ICE agent Jaime Zapata and Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, it means that both killings were financed by American taxpayers.

Equally disturbing to Sen. Chuck Grassley and Congressman Darrell Issa is the fact that the Justice Department tried to “conceal from Congress the possible involvement of other agencies in identifying and maybe even working with the same criminals that Operation Fast and Furious was trying to identify.”

That is, the FBI and DEA were working with the same drug dealing, gun trafficking higher ups the ATF was ostensibly targeting and hoping to unmask with Fast and Furious.

One such individual, deported years earlier by the DEA, is now working as a “counter terror informant,” tasked with reporting to the FBI the possible presence of dirty bombs and al-Qaeda members crossing the Mexican border into the U.S. Yet neither agency shared this information with the ATF. And, of course, neither did Eric Holder’s Department of Justice.

Two days after Melson’s testimony, the story broke of guns being walked out of the ATF office in Tampa, Florida. Their destination, Honduras, has become a major gateway for Colombian drugs entering Mexico and the United States. The weapons presumably went to Honduran M-13 and M-18 gangs, which have taken over the drug trade in the nation, making deals with Mexican and Colombian cartels.

So, these are the facts….

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From Gunrunner to Gun-Grabber

Doug Book, FloydReports.com

Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-MD, wants to grab your guns.

On June 30th, Maryland Democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings assembled gun confiscation advocates and Second Amendment foes from across the nation to approach the Project Gunrunner/Fast and Furious debacle by doing what the Left does best: changing the subject.

As it is not in the nature of liberals to allow truth to interfere with their agenda, the Congressman decided to ignore the fact that members of the Obama regime’s ATF had directed the sale of thousands of weapons to drug cartel straw buyers and assisted in trafficking those guns across the Mexican border.

Instead, Cummings claimed that“no legitimate examination of [drug cartel violence and illegal firearms trafficking] will be complete without analyzing our nation’s gun laws, which allow tens of thousands of assault weapons to flood into Mexico from the United States each year.”

It apparently escaped the Congressman’s notice that it was President Obama’s ATF and DOJ that fractured those gun laws and caused a flood of weapons across the border in the first place.

So, with the embarrassing facts of Project Gunrunner properly shoved under the table, the Cummings Forum offered the following recommendations to halt the flow of arms across the border….

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