Obama Just Tried To Defend His Refugee Program On Facebook, And It Backfired BIG Time

The White House is trying to import tens of thousands of Syrian “refugees” into the U.S. despite the attacks in Paris; and to push that goal, President Obama posted a graphic to Facebook to explain the “rigorous” screening that these refugees face to get into the U.S. But Facebook commenters didn’t seem to believe a word of it.

Pushing the Twitter hashtag “#RefugeesWelcome,” the Facebook graphic declares that “refugees undergo more rigorous screening than anyone else we allow into the U.S.”

Image credit: Facebook/The White House

Image credit: Facebook/The White House

The graphic is accompanied by a message that insists that we can bring in these hundreds of thousands of refugees even “while ensuring our own safety.”

The posting goes on to claim that for each and every “refugee,” a series of at least five intensive safety checks are made by the FBI, the Department of State, the National Counterterrorism Center, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of State.

The graphic claims that “refugees” undergo the following security checks:

  • Security checks for applicants of all nationalities
  • Examination of all available biographic and biometric data
  • Consultation of a broad array of law enforcement and intelligence community databases
  • Extensive interviews and many lines of questioning
  • Only after all checks are completed and cleared is a refugee applicant cleared to travel to the U.S.

Immediately, the comments on the president’s Facebook posting, though, were filled with negative comments.

Commenter David Swenk, for instance, had a typical and well-written response.

“Yeah and you can keep your doctor,” Swenk wrote, “and your insurance will go sown $2,500 per family, and Benghazi was due to a movie, the Arab Spring will bring freedom and stability to Arab people and ISIS is JV. I think there is a solid track record of what the White House says doesn’t always pan out. The French screened too and look where that got them. ISIS already said they were infiltrating. You’re a fool if you don’t think ISIS trains their people to pass screenings, Most of these people have no paper trail. Your own FBI and DHS have said we need to back up and there is a threat, Congress says and millions of Americans, Why not, for once, listen to what we say and implement our will and not your own.”

Commenter Ethan Hubbard echoed dozens of others saying, “Everyone who wants the refugees, I want you to go and clear out a room in your house for a family to live in.”

In fact, very few of the comments are positive and in favor of Obama’s plan to bring in “refugees.”

Regardless, of Obama’s insistence that his administration carefully screens these “refugees,” many in Congress disagree with the claim.

Republican Senator Jeff Sessions warned about this at a hearing on Oct. 2.

“Refugee resettlement also comes with security risks, as we have witnessed with the surge of ISIS recruitment among Somali-refugee communities in Minnesota,” Sessions said. “Anyone claiming to have a serious and honest discussion of refugee resettlement must ask the difficult questions about integration, assimilation and community safety.”

“We have little or no information about who these people are … no ability to determine whether they are radicalized,” the senator added.

Republican House Intelligence Committee member Peter King also noted that there really isn’t any vetting of these refugees, saying, “as a practical matter, there is no vetting.”

Listen: MLK’s Niece Blasts Mizzou Protesters With History Lesson They Won’t Want To Hear

The niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said her uncle would likely offer one piece of overriding advice to the University of Missouri protesters: “We all must learn to live together as brothers (and I add as sisters) or perish as fools.”

In an interview with USA Radio News’ Russ Jones, Dr. Alveda King referenced the Bible verse Acts 17:26 as a crucial fact all should keep in mind when considering people of different races. “The communities across America, including at Mizzou, [the Bible] says we are one blood, one human race, so we have the ability and the capacity to love each other as brothers and sisters and to conduct ourselves accordingly,” the minister and Georgia state representative told Jones. 

“My uncle Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, ‘We all must learn to live together as brothers (and I add as sisters) or perish as fools,’” she added. “It’s wrong to charge us with racism when we simply want to educate young people.” Listen to her remarks below: 

As reported by Western Journalism, Jones is an alumni of the University of Missouri and was dismayed to see the school undergoing such turmoil earlier this month. “This is not the beloved Mizzou many know,” he said. “How are administrators, and the nation for that matter, supposed to take seriously issues of discrimination when the facts seem to say something very different?”

Jones founded the group TruthsMattersMU to examine and challenge some of the claims being made by Concerned Student 1950, the campus group which spearheaded the Mizzou protests. Truth Matters wants to provide a space for “a rational and reasoned response to racial tensions on the campus.”

According to the TruthMattersMU Facebook page, some of the facts it believes are true include:

-President Tim Wolfe was falsely accused and should not have resigned.

-Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin should not have stepped down.

-1st Amendment rights are being threatened.

-Protests are creating further division rather than embrace diversity. 

-Questions there is system-wide racism at the University of Missouri 

The TruthMattersMU’s page was briefly shut down by Facebook for “hate speech” according to Jones. Truth Matters stated it received a notice from the social media company stating, the page did not “follow the Facebook Terms and Community Standards.”

The notification read: “While people can use Facebook to challenge ideas, institutions, and practices, Facebook removes hate speech. Hate speech includes content that directly attacks people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender, or gender identity, or serious disabilities or diseases.”

Truth Matters appealed and Facebook reversed its decision calling it an “accident.” Jones told the News Tribune that the company probably meant “mistake.”

“He suspects groups or individuals supporting the MU protesters complained about the page, and it might have been automatically taken down without anyone from Facebook looking to see whether it indeed violated any policy,” the Tribune reported. 

“We used the Facebook speech tools to restrict incendiary terms that could be considered hate speech,” said Jones. “What seems absolutely clear is that there is a cultural movement to restrict intellectual honesty.”

Alert: Facebook Users Are Getting Ripped Off By A New Holiday Scam

Though it might seem minor compared to some of the extensive Internet frauds that came before it, reports have surfaced that social media users are being lured into a too-good-to-be-true pyramid scheme wrapped – quite literally – in the Christmas spirit.

Business Insider shared an article by Christine DiGangi, who notes that the first complaints surfaced late last month regarding a program called ‘Secret Sister.’ The gift exchange allows volunteers to send a gift valued at roughly $10 to an existing member of the program. That new member is then reportedly instructed to sign up additional members, each of whom sends that person a gift.

Promoters of the racket promise that sending a single gift could net a user up to 36 presents in return. DiGangi explained that the concept is similar to that of swindlers behind chain letters of yesteryear, though the fact that this scam is playing out online gives organizers some added defense against existing laws.

“Even though the chain-letter portion of the secret sister scheme occurs online,” she wrote, “if any part of the exchange involves the mail, it’s illegal under [the Postal Lottery Statue], according to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service’s website.”

Reaction to media scam alerts varied, with several Twitter users offering scant sympathy for those duped by the scheme.

Several commenters, however, viewed the program in a less malicious light, pointing out that a small investment could brighten a stranger’s holiday season.

At least one Buzzfeed reader admittedly participated despite knowing she would likely receive nothing in return. “I honestly got that it was a scam when I first saw the post,” the reader wrote, “but what the hell’s the harm in wanting to spread a little cheer to someone I don’t know without expecting something in return?”

Do you consider this “pyramid scheme” to be a scam or a new way to give anonymously? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Watch: Ben Carson Just Destroyed The Media In The Most Hilarious Way Possible

Capitalizing on the critical role social media has played thus far in the 2016 presidential race, Ben Carson’s campaign on Tuesday released a short video that immediately began spreading across Facebook.

In the form of a top ten list, staffers revealed facts about the candidate that “the liberal media” might consider newsworthy. The satirical turn came on the heels of media scrutiny over perceived incongruities in Carson’s autobiography – and hours before he was set to take center stage for the fourth GOP primary debate.

The campaign staff wanted to make sure to stay ahead of any possible “breaking stories” coming out in the news today. You heard it here first folks.

Posted by Dr. Ben Carson on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

“The campaign staff wanted to make sure you stay ahead of any possible ‘breaking stories’ coming out in the news today,” an introduction to the video stated. “You heard it here first folks.”

Among the infractions from Carson’s school days were a propensity to “color outside the lines” and at least one allegation of “passing a note in class.”

Furthermore, his unequivocal refusal to take narcotics, one staffer revealed, “has some worried that he will be unwilling to compromise in Washington.”

The video was seen about 150,000 times within the first hour of its publication, with a clear majority of commenters expressing approval.

“Nothing like a good preemptive strike,” one Facebook user wrote. “Love your sense of humor in the midst of all this nonsense.”

A few critics – including one self-avowed Carson supporter – viewed the video as overkill.

“You don’t have to defend yourself so adamantly,” a commenter suggested. “It becomes a little off-putting for you to continue to do so.”

Is Ben Carson a victim of media bias? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

He Escaped Jail And Ran Thousands Of Miles Away- Then He Snapped A Pic That Got Him Caught

One fugitive may have run like the wind and made it past the border of Mexico, but that did not keep the long arm of the law from using Facebook taunts to nab their man.

Nicholas Grove, 38, from Idaho escaped from the Payette County Jail in late August, 2014, climbing over a razor wire topped fence and running off. He ultimately made it over 3700 miles to the south to Cancun, Mexico.

According to KBOI2, “Grove had been in the Payette County Jail for charges on unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, possession of burglary tools and an invalid license.” He escaped several weeks after his arrest. 

The fugitive, who must have been feeling pretty safe, began posting pictures on Facebook taunting law enforcement. “I’ve had more help from total strangers than any of my ‘friends’ or family,” Grove wrote.

He made several posts alluding to living in Mexico, possibly in Cancun.

“Social media certainly played a roll originally because this certain individual bragged about his escape on Facebook,” said Brian Underwood, a U.S. Marshal who has been working on the case.

Image Credit: Daily Mail/Facebook/Nick Grove

Image Credit: Daily Mail – Facebook/Nick Grove

Authorities arrested him over one year after his escape in Tulum, Mexico, near Cancun.

“He caused us some grief and so we’re glad to see that he’s off the streets,” Payette County Sheriff Chad Huff said. “Ultimately, he’ll get his day in court in Payette County and we’re thankful again for the Marshal.”

h/t: WNEP

Image Credit: Google Maps

Image Credit: Google Maps