Trump’s Battle With One Of America’s Most Powerful Men Just Escalated To New Heights

Days after Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump offered an immigration plan that would power down a visa program heavily used by America’s technology superstar companies, a pro-immigration reform group founded by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has replied by claiming Trump’s plan would cause vast economic devastation.

“What’s absurd is not just these ‘plans,’ but that those who would seek to represent Americans as president are falling all over themselves to support backward policies that would rip apart American families and collapse our economy,” said a statement posted by President Todd Schulte.

Zuckerberg’s support for more immigration led Trump to criticize him by name when Trump released his immigration plan on Sunday.

The statement said that Trump’s plan would cause the mass deportation of an estimated 11.5 million undocumented immigrants, costing the economy $1.7 trillion, citing a 2013 study by a Harvard economist. It said it would devastate the construction, agricultural and hospitality industries.

Trump’s immigration plan would reduce the attractiveness of H-1B visas, through which top technology companies import high-skill workers from abroad. Trump wants to increase the minimum wage paid to H-1B workers to force U.S. companies to hire domestically.

“In the year 2015, with 92 million Americans outside the workforce and incomes collapsing, we need to companies to hire from the domestic pool of unemployed. Petitions for workers should be mailed to the unemployment office, not U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS),” Trump’s plan proclaims.

Schulte said more H-1B visas are needed to bring in skilled foreign workers, who he said would create jobs rather than hurt American workers. Tech companies have long been pressing for an increase in H-1B visas.

Expert analysis of the H-1B program offers a less-than-flattering picture of its results.

Employers “don’t use the H-1B visa as a way to alleviate a shortage of STEM-educated U.S. workers; they use it primarily to cut labor costs,” the Economic Policy Institute reported in February. A long-term academic study of the program released earlier this year also questioned the benefits of the program, saying: “The preponderance of evidence indicates that H-1B workers at least partially crowd out other workers, with the estimates typically indicating substantial crowdout of other workers.”

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Beyonce Tried To Honor Mike Brown On Her Facebook Page And It Backfired Big Time

One year after the death of suspect Michael Brown and the subsequent rioting that destroyed much of Ferguson, Mo., pop star Beyonce shared her thoughts via Facebook Sunday.


The black-and-white image of a man accused of attacking a Ferguson police officer before he was shot and killed last year contained the singer’s promise that Brown is “forever in our hearts.”

While early reports suggested Brown was unarmed and cooperative when he was shot, subsequent evidence indicates officer Darren Wilson was justified in his use of force. The fact that Beyonce chose to embrace the early narrative, describing Brown’s legacy as indicative of the “fight for society to respect the humanity of all people,” was enough to spark outrage from a variety of social media critics.

One Facebook user complained: “Beyonce, I can’t believe you are praising a thug sure says a lot about you!!”

Another wanted to make sure Wilson is not forgotten in the anniversary of Brown’s death.

“Let’s remember Officer Darren Wilson,” Robert Webb wrote, “who’s [sic] career was taken from him when this idiot choose [sic] suicide by cop.”

Wilson received death threats in the wake of the shooting, forcing him to leave his career behind and withdraw from public life.

Another common reaction to Beyonce’s post was a reference to the robbery Brown reportedly committed just prior to his death.

Some, like activist DeRay McKesson, on the other hand, were quick to share Beyonce’s tribute.

Is Mike Brown a civil rights hero? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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This Stunning News Trump Just Got Could Be A Game Changer As First Debate Approaches

The candidate who could be called the “shock jock of presidential politics” continues to shake up the GOP establishment as well as political pundits and analysts who are admittedly confounded by the depth and durability of “The Donald’s” popularity.

As Western Journalism reported on Wednesday, a veteran observer of the political scene and frequent contributor to MSNBC confessed that he was dead wrong about Donald Trump’s enduring appeal and his ability to turn around opinion during the weeks he’s been an official candidate for president.

Washington Post columnist Chris Cillizza wrote of Trump’s dramatically improving favorability rating: “Why did I miss Trump’s appeal so badly? Simply put: I had NEVER EVER seen a reversal in how people perceive a candidate who is as well known as Trump — much less a reversal in such a short period of time.”

Now, with the first GOP debate only hours away and Trump poised to lead the Republican pack onto the Fox News stage in Cleveland, a new poll finds that “many rank-and-file Republicans see Trump’s blunt and unpredictable style as an asset” and not as a potential liability. The Reuters report is based on the results of a new poll that gives the Trump candidacy yet another big boost:

“Most Republicans believe real estate mogul Donald Trump will positively influence Thursday’s first presidential debate, saying his presence will challenge the establishment and open the party to new ideas, a Reuters/Ipsos poll shows.”

This positive polling for the brash billionaire adds extra luster to Trump’s shine among a growing portion of the GOP electorate that is cheering on The Donald as he takes on not just his GOP rivals, but also the Republican establishment and Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton. The Weekly Standard points out other new voter surveys that give Trump additional momentum and credibility heading into the primetime TV face-off that will likely draw many viewers curious to see how Trump handles the evening.

Noting that the American South has generally been a region you could call “Establishment Country,” The Daily Caller blog by Michael Graham points out that the wealthy New York businessman could be whistling Dixie as he strides confidently onto the debate stage. The numbers cited in the article are based on fresh polling by OpinionSavvy/InsiderAdvantage:

“In Georgia, The Donald’s 30 percent is nearly double his closest competitor, Jeb Bush…. Next door in South Carolina, Trump is at 31 percent, while home state Sen. Graham is at a modest 7 percent. In Alabama, Trump is at a gasp-inducing 38 percent,” writes Graham.

The top-tier GOP candidates for the 2016 nomination will debate tonight, Thursday, on the Fox News Channel, beginning at 9 p.m. ET. Those contenders who didn’t place among the top-10 in recent major polls will have a chance to answer questions and square off on Fox News starting at 5 p.m. ET in a shorter debate.

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The Pictures And Message She Left ‘For All The Haters’ Has Her Getting Some Gruesome Death Threats

Continuing a trend Western Journalism is already following, yet another female hunter has been targeted by vicious taunts and social media threats for publicly embracing the controversial pastime.

During a recent African expedition, Idahoan Sabrina Corgatelli took down a variety of exotic animals, capturing her kills on camera to share with her social media followers. Warning the Facebook users she described as “haters,” she left a message just before her trip promising that they will have “so much more to be pissed off about.”

That post has apparently since been deleted, though the subsequent images of her alongside a variety of dead animals remain – as does the rampant vitriol they inspired.

Image Credit: Facebook/Sabrina Corgatelle

Image Credit: Facebook/Sabrina Corgatelle


Image Credit: Facebook/Sabrina Corgatelle

Her boyfriend, identified as Aaron Neilson, appeared alongside Corgatelli in the image above. He also reportedly joined the Facebook debate, which extended to include the recent backlash over an American dentist who killed a popular African lion.

The Telegraph quoted Neilson’s Facebook posts, though an effort to confirm them led Western Journalism to the following error page.


One statement reportedly read:

I AM A HUNTER! For that I make no excuses, no apologies, I back down to no one, and I hide from it not! I’m armed at all times, and I’m ready – either step up or shut up!! My money, my time and my efforts to go Lion hunting/conservation, for that I am proud!

As for Corgatelli’s Facebook page, it has been overpopulated by negative comments. An action as innocuous as changing her profile picture Sunday led to thousands of comments echoing the following rant:

You are the definition of disgusting. So heartless it infuriates me. How could you bring yourself to kill these beautiful innocent animals for no reason other than pure enjoyment? That is SICK. I really hope that in this case, karma is real and it’ll come your way. …

Should hunters be targeted for killing wild animals? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Ted Nugent Just Ignited Big Controversy With One Lion Photo And One Intense Rant

In the ongoing debate surrounding an American dentist who killed a protected lion during an African expedition, outspoken hunting enthusiast Ted Nugent has been a characteristically brash voice. As Western Journalism reported earlier this week, the rock legend expressed on Facebook his opinion of those mourning the death of Cecil the Lion.

Beyond questioning the accuracy of reports surrounding the kill, Nugent followed that social media post with a photo of him standing over a dead lion he identified as “Cecil’s greatgreat [sic] grandpa, Fernando the lion.”


He went on to defend the kill as “pure natural legal proper scientificaly [sic] sound necessary hunt like all hunts was pure SPORT TROPHY MEAT FUN.”

None of the animal was wasted, he added, offering a direct challenge to those who find the image offensive.

“I dare idiots everywhere to point out what was wrong about this & all hunts,” he wrote. “Fools are as fools be. Lion baby, the other whitemeat [sic]!”

As was perhaps his intention, the post garnered a passionate mixture of support and criticism.

“Ted if we had big cats in this country everyone would be cheering after every cat kill,” one supporter wrote.

Another Facebook user offered an example of the opposition’s argument.

“You’re more of a dumb redneck than I originally thought,” the critic wrote. “Motor city madman? More like motor city dumba**.”

Is Ted Nugent right? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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