Obama’s Executive Order Would Stifle the First Amendment

Daniel Hanson, FloydReports.com

The Obama administration has drafted a new, little-noticed executive order that would plainly stifle free speech. The “Disclosure of Political Spending by Government Contractors” order is still a draft, but if the administration has its way, the order will be in full force soon.

Premised on the idea that sunlight disinfects, President Obama’s executive order would require all bidders for federal contracts to disclose all financial contributions to candidates standing for election. The order includes all corporate contributions and all personal giving in excess of $5,000 by officers and directors of corporations concerned, and it also requires the disclosure of contributions made to third-party groups like the National Rifle Association or the Center for American Progress. The order takes direct aim at the $530 billion in federal contracts that will be issued in 2012, and it represents the latest move in a series of tactics designed to drag the Supreme Court’s defense of the First Amendment in the Citizens United decision through the mud.

The Court’s decision, announced in 2009, struck down parts of the McCain-Feingold Act that prohibited corporations and unions from broadcasting on behalf of candidates close to a primary. The move sparked a public feud between President Obama and the Court, as Obama (in an infamous moment) chose his State of the Union Address in 2010 to openly criticize the ruling. Reacting instinctively, Associate Justice Samuel Alito responded to Obama’s factually incorrect criticism by mouthing the words “not true” in a very public way.

The Court, of course, was acting to defend free speech from the muzzle of government regulation, even if that regulation was proscribed in the name of openness and transparency. Affirming the First Amendment, the Court sided with the Founding Fathers, who hotly rejected the idea of disclosure on all political communication. Indeed, the pseudonym “Publius” was employed by Hamilton, Madison, and John Jay as a way to protect themselves as they defended the passage of the new Constitution in The Federalist Papers, and similar nom de plume moves came with such high-profile public debates as Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, signed “Written by an Englishman,” and a cabinet debate between Hamilton and Madison under the names “Pacificus” and “Helvidius.”

Anonymity is an important cornerstone to American politics because it insulates the speaker from reprisal by the government or another disgruntled group in the face of political criticism. Additionally, providing the speaker with anonymity allows the argument to stand on its own merits, removing the caustic ad hominem barbs often attached to political discourse. The provision of anonymity has a rich heritage as, in the words of the Court, “a shield from the tyranny of the majority.”

This shield remains just as important in the digital era. In the wake of the Proposition 8 debates in California, major financial supporters of Prop 8 were routinely peppered with death threats, vandalism, and other intimidation tactics. Property was defaced, certain supporters were fired from their jobs, and some religious organizations even received envelopes containing white powder. The intimidation tactics were employed after the disclosure of the names….

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Video: Is Obama Regulating Rural Areas by Executive Order?

Will Obama Go Fascist on the Debt Ceiling?

Ben Johnson, The White House Watch

Barack Obama has sometimes been fond of branding his Republican foes “hostage-takers,” but officials in his administration have found a new hostage in their negotiations over raising the debt ceiling: the U.S. Constitution. The president’s advisers and several “unbiased” media outlets are suggesting if Congress refuses to raise the debt ceiling, Barack Obama can force the nation to continue borrowing money. The Founding Fathers required all expenditures originate in the House of Representatives, but Obama officials are wrapping his actions in the 14th Amendment. For the first time in living memory, the president is threatening to commit an impeachable offense if he does not get his way.

CBS News has reported the debt ceiling impasse leaves “the option of a congressional end-run by President Obama a possibility.” Reporter Whit Johnson said, “The stalemate in Washington has some asking if President Obama could simply bypass Congress and order the Treasury to keep borrowing.” Obama or his spokesman Jay Carney has been asked twice about the possibility and, despite an incredibly misleading headline from the Associated Press, neither rejected the possibility. (Carney merely said, “I don’t think that I want to get into speculation about what might happen if something does or doesn’t happen”; Obama replied, “I don’t think we should even get to the constitutional issue.”) MSNBC’s Powerwall dared the president to carry it out, claiming it would be smart politically.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, who has never shown much regard for financial laws, claims the president has this power under the Fourteenth Amendment. The fourth clause states:

The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.

Geither made his comments at….

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Is Obama Impeachable? Let Me Count the Ways….

Matthew Vadum, The American Spectator

Not that I’ve been watching closely, but so far I count at least four possible grounds for the impeachment of the president of these United States.

I am not suggesting impeachment proceedings would be a good idea. I’m just keeping score, the same thing the president does.

The latest impeachment ground, if President Obama follows through on it, is his kingly proposal to raise the federal government’s debt ceiling without congressional approval.

Liberals are often impervious to reason, preferring to see the Constitution as authorizing everything they see as good and prohibiting everything they see as bad. “When a crisis occurs, instead of solving it, Democrats use it as an excuse to expand their power,” notes Republican historian Michael Zak.

So it wasn’t terribly surprising the other day when Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner waved the Fourteenth Amendment around like a magic wand. The fourth clause of the amendment states:

The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. But neither the United States nor any State shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.

Obama zombies like liberal Bruce Bartlett seem to think that because “[t]he validity of the public debt of the United States … shall not be questioned” somehow this means a) that the debt ceiling is unconstitutional and b) the president gets to authorize borrowing without congressional approval. Maybe in their eyes there is also an option c) which fantasizes that because debts are falling due borrowing is automatically authorized or mandated by operation of law.

In other words, even though Article I, section 8 of the Constitution provides that Congress has the power “[t]o borrow money on the credit of the United States,” it doesn’t matter. Congressional control over borrowing is irrelevant because the Dear Leader says so.

Why bother having a Congress with the power of the purse then?

In reverse chronological order, the other three prospective grounds for impeachment are….

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Immigration Leader: “Obama Has Committed a Form of Treason,” Impeach Him!

June 28, 2011 (MMD Newswire) – – The Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is calling for the impeachment of President Barack Obama for his involvement in the Project Gunrunner scandal, as well as his recent edict instructing federal employees to establish a form of amnesty for illegal aliens in defiance of the Congress, existing federal laws, and the U.S. Constitution.

Obama’s ICE Director John Morton issued a memo on June 17th to all ICE Field Office Directors, Special Agents-in-Charge, and all Chief Counsel, authorizing them to decline to remove illegal aliens who meet the qualifications for amnesty under the DREAM Act Amnesty, which Congress has rejected many times.

Congressional investigations have determined that Obama’s ATF and Justice Department have been supplying assault weapons to the drug cartels that import most of America’s cocaine, methamphetamine, and illegal immigrants.

“President Obama is no longer the legitimate president of the United States,” said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. “By arming drug and human smugglers with assault weapons that have been used to kill American and Mexican citizens and police forces, and by ordering amnesty for illegal aliens which has been rejected by both the Congress and the American public more than eight times, Obama has committed a form of treason against the United States and must be removed from office by Congress.”

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) is a national organization founded on 9/11 of 2004. ALIPAC has over 40,000 supporters, comprised of Americans of every race, party, religion, and walk of life, who represent the over 80 percent who want America’s existing immigration laws enforced.

ALIPAC is sending letters to the 137 current members of Congress whom the group endorsed and supported in the 2010 elections requesting the impeachment process to begin immediately in the interest of public safety and civil stability.

“Obama just made it clear to the American public that he does not care what they think, what the current federal laws are, what the US Constitution says, or what Congress has ratified,” said William Gheen. “Congress must take immediate action to stop Obama or the American Republic will fall. What use are elections, candidates, or the Congress, if the Executive Branch rules by decree?”

All ALIPAC supporters and like-minded Americans who oppose amnesty and illegal immigration are called upon to immediately call and write their members of Congress demanding the impeachment of President Barack Obama for crimes against the people of the United States.

If Congress does not respond by July 15, ALIPAC will move to call for public protests across the nation calling for the ouster of this authoritarian regime which feels it can arm rebel groups invading America with their illegal cargo while forcing an amnesty on the public.

The self-governance of American citizens and the health of the American Republic must be guarded against this form of Treason.

The Congress will be given an opportunity to act before members of the public take things into their own hands and call for a day of nationwide protests.

For more information, to schedule interviews or to show your support for the impeachment of President Obama, please visit ALIPAC at www.ALIPAC.us


DISCUSS THIS NATIONAL PRESS RELEASE WITH ALIPAC’s ONLINE ACTIVISTS: http://www.alipac.us/ftopicp-1239458.html#1239458

Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), (866) 703-0864 / Press@alipac.us

To sign the petition to impeach Barack Obama, click here. For more information on the Impeach Obama Campaign, click here.