Sick Student Missed Classes. See The Shocking Thing This School Did To His Mom.

A Georgia woman was arrested last week after her son missed more days of school than the local district allows. She is out of jail and awaiting trial.

Julie Scott Giles of Screven County, Ga., said on her Facebook page earlier this month she received a certified letter that her son Sam had six more unexcused absences–absences without a doctor’s note–than the district allows per year.

If anyone feels the need to go public with this feel free to do so….the facts are Sam originally had what they consider 12 unexcused absences, 6 are allowed per year, so he had 6 more than is acceptable, but the doctor reissued 3 excuses that Sam didn’t turn in, so basically I am being arrested for THREE days.

Giles ultimately turned herself in to the Screven County Sheriff’s Office and described her experience on Facebook. “I am home. I was actually placed in ankle shackles!! I was told that doing so is procedure,” Giles wrote. “I was respectful and followed directions. Sheriff Mike Kile allowed me to leave after being booked and photographed without having to call a bondsman. I will call tomorrow to get my court date. Thanks for the support!!”

Giles has a court date on July 14. She could be facing a fine of $25 to $100 for each unexcused absence, plus possible jail time.

William Bland, the Screven County Schools Superintendent, told WTOC that arresting parents for excessive unexcused school absences is not an unusual practice. “It’s important for these children to be in school and I think the courts recognize that,” Bland said.

Giles will be on Fox and Friends Friday, and she wrote an additional post thanking those who have expressed their support:

I just cannot express how full my heart is right now!! The pouring out of love and support has overwhelmed my heart! The kindness that has been shown to me by family, friends, and strangers is nothing short of miraculous! My cup runneth over. My heart is happy! Hopefully the lesson learned here is that just because you CAN do something to someone doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

I never imagined myself being arrested or being locked in ankle shackles, but I cannot think of a better reason to be put in them than being the mother my boys NEED me to be! I wonder how the powers that be that were involved in this would feel seeing their wives, mothers, daughters, or sisters in shackles? Maybe they should think it over…

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A (Socialist) Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing–Part 2

In my previous article on “Social Justice”, I began to expose the “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.” I am referring to noble sounding, but ill-conceived, government initiatives that insidiously displace individual rights and freedoms with collectivist goals. This can be expected as evidenced by the fact the insignia for the Fabian Socialists is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Certainly, everyone wants “justice”. Our Pledge of Allegiance ends with the words “with liberty and justice for all.” However, the mischief begins when the word “SOCIAL” is inserted in front of the word “JUSTICE”.

America was founded on the concept of liberty and justice for each and every individual, and our declaration begins with the premise that “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

Although we are created equal, there are no guarantees of equal economic outcomes under our free enterprise form of economy and government.  Find a country where everyone is economically “equal”, and I’ll show you a government where nobody has any freedom.

The Social Justice movement works from the basic premise that global free-market capitalism is “unsustainable” and is the source of all evil because it does not lead to equal outcomes.

I know what you’re thinking–“whoa commissioner, you had me until then…  but it sounds a little over the top to me.”  You want evidence.

Okay, let’s start with the various definitions of social justice that seek a form of egalitarianism, i.e. equal, outcomes for all.

Next, we have Mr. Obama’s promise to fundamentally transform America.  Transform into what?

Have you ever seen the Common Core Transformative Matrix?  Of course, you should be asking the question… transform our students from what into what? Well, it looks somewhat like a four leaf clover. The topmost leaf has the destination.

Want to know what it says? I’ll give you some hints. It doesn’t say “God”. It doesn’t say “The Constitution.” It doesn’t say, “America.”

It says “Global Citizen.”

So what’s a Global Citizen? It is a euphemism for ‘godless government-state citizen’ that places the collective above liberty, above free-enterprise, and above God.  It targets vulnerable children who do not yet subscribe to the principles of individual liberty and unalienable God-given rights.

Don’t laugh. It’s happening as we speak. I know as a fact that an exercise called the “Privilege Walk” is being taught throughout our colleges, and within local public schools. Students are lined-up side by side and asked a series of 25 race-baiting and subtle but anti-Judeo/Christian questions that go something like this:

If you are a white male, take one step forward.

If schools are closed during holidays that align with your religion, step forward.

If you are a minority, take a step backward.

If your parents do not have a college degree, take a step backward.

In the rotting carcass of failed progressive-left federal education doctrine, class envy, anti-white bias, and anti-achievement exercises are presented as a means of promoting Social Justice. In reality, the Privilege walk is little more than a classic anti-white male, anti-capitalist exercise, designed to evoke negative emotions against those who have enjoyed individual success. As Obama said, “If you own a business, you didn’t build that.”  If you own a successful business, you should bend the knee and pay homage to the collective and your government.

It is classic Marxist class warfare… subtle but effective.

Ayn Rand, author of Atlas Shrugged, perfectly indicts this mentality: “The smallest minority on earth is the individual.  Those that deny individual rights cannot claim to be defender of minorities.”  Yet, that is exactly what the Social justice movement does.  It strips individuals of self-identity and treats them as members of a victim-class. This is called “Identity Politics.”

If you’re lucky enough to belong to a group that is in political vogue with politicians, you may reap government benefits, or even a college admission.

If you belong to the wrong group, which usually consists of either Caucasian males, or business owners, you’re in trouble. Supporters of free-market capitalism are “unsustainable.”

So go ahead… take the Privilege Walk, and feel guilty.


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What This Elementary School Just Did Terrified Unsuspecting Students…’Am I Going To Die?’

Image for representational purposes only.

It was a day like any other at East Side Elementary School in Worland, Wy. — carefree youngsters were playing outside enjoying recess activities, unaware of what was about to happen that could leave a frightening, lifelong impression.

Located in beautiful northwestern Wyoming alongside the Big Horn River, Worland is a city of some 5,500 whose website proudly proclaims: “A great city to raise a family, Worland offers excitement for everyone.” But around 10am on this particular morning, the kind of “excitement” that sent first-through-fifth-grade students screaming, crying, and running in panic was no doubt not the sort of family benefit that Worland officials had hoped to highlight.

According to the Casper Star-Tribune, a safety drill to prepare the elementary school students on how to react to a threatening stranger in their midst went terribly wrong, at least in the opinion of many terrified students and their angry parents. Though the school’s gym teacher monitoring playground activity apparently knew the incident was just a drill, the unsuspecting kids didn’t. One was so terrified that, according to the newspaper article, she suffered “the scare of her life,” wondering, “Am I going to die?”

Before the panicked students began to congregate in the back of the playground after the gym teacher shouted, “Run, run!” and started to blow his warning whistle, here’s how the drill reportedly developed last week at East Side Elementary:

A man in a hooded sweatshirt with a suspicious backpack appeared in the back of the playground. The hood was pulled over his head.

The school’s gym teacher, Kevin Heyer, approached the man, tapped him on the shoulder and asked his name.

Heyer said the man took off running.

At that point, Heyer…began blowing his whistle. “Run! Run!” he said he shouted to the kids, pointing to the back field, opposite of the supposed intruder.

So, did the school plan and conduct the drill on its own? Reportedly, no. The Star-Tribune article notes that the exercise and lockdown procedure was conducted with the cooperation of local law enforcement. Despite the fear and trauma experienced by the youngsters, the county sheriff told reporters that the drill was a success.

Washakie County Sheriff Steve Rakness, who led the training, told the local newspaper Friday that the training was a success.

“We identified some things we need to work on, but otherwise no problems whatsoever,” the Northern Wyoming Daily News reported Rakness saying. “I think they know what they need to do,” he added.

A number of parents, though, disagreed with the sheriff’s assessment. One parent, Amy Munoz, whose daughter Kaydence told her mom that she thought some kids were yelling that the supposed intruder had a gun, told the paper:

“They took it to an extreme not to discuss this with parents and the community beforehand,” she said. “It’s a slap in the face.”

The school’s principal defended the exercise, noting that parents had been notified in an email that such a drill would be conducted.

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Scary: Education Secretary Sets The Stage For ‘Public Boarding Schools’

While criticism of leftist-dominated public education abounds across the United States, Barack Obama and others in the current administration continue to push for compulsory preschool and other programs that would keep kids away from their parents – and under government control – for as long as possible.

In a recent speech at the National Summit on Youth Violence Prevention, U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan doubled down on such rhetoric by publicly advocating what he called “public boarding schools.”

He insisted that public schools are simply not open long enough to provide all of the resources he contends they should.

“I think all of our schools should be community centers,” he said. “Our schools should be open 12, 13, 14 hours a day with a wide variety of after-school programming.”

Noting that street violence is an issue in many communities, Duncan went on to assert that the more time students spend within the confines of government schools, the better.

“If we could keep our kids there longer,” he insisted, “we think that makes a lot of sense.”

Beyond the 14-hour days he wants to see implemented at all schools, Duncan said at least some students should be remanded to the custody of their educators.

“One idea that I threw out that I wanted to sort of road test with the kids today,” he continued, “is the idea of public boarding schools.”

Acknowledging such a program is “a controversial idea,” he suggested it is nonetheless needed in certain situations.

“There are just certain kids we should have 24/7,” Duncan concluded, “to really create a safe environment and give them a chance to be successful.”

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How To Battle Those Anti-Christian ‘Stink Bugs’ At Graduation

Graduation season is upon us. Be it middle school, high school, college, or graduate school, now is a time of joy and celebration for millions. From coast to coast, graduates, faculty, family, and friends are gathering, or soon will, to celebrate academic achievement and years of scholastic seed-sowing. It’s a time of reflection and hopeful anticipation as those who have earned the distinction “alumni” prepare to reap hard work’s harvest and traverse the winding path ahead.

I love the graduation ceremony. As a law school educator, I’m re-charged each year by the electric expectation that hangs in the air. It clings, like so much static, to baggy gowns and dangling tassels as young and old laugh, cry, hug, and high-five. For some, the job hunt now begins. For others, it’s on to the next level of learning.

Graduation time is also a time for thankfulness. With plenty to go round, grateful grads bathe in appreciation, and deservedly so, parents, family, faculty, and staff for the sacrifices of time, energy, and financial resources so that they might reach this important milestone.

Still, for many, there is one person above all to thank. He is Christ Jesus, God incarnate and Savior of the world. As it was with me, without Him, they would not have made it.

And so thank Him they do.

Yet as surely as the stink bug infests Virginia in May, spring brings with it a swarm of secularist bullies in the public schools. At once agitated and aided by left-wing extremist groups like the ACLU, Freedom From Religion Foundation, Americans United, and People for the American Way, these anti-Christian segregationists seek to remove God from graduation altogether and intimidate His faithful into silence.

But try as they may, and succeed briefly they oft do, this annual campaign of religious cleansing is frequently stopped dead in its tracks when Liberty Counsel, one of the nation’s fastest-growing civil rights law firms, shows up with a colossal can of constitutional RAID. This band of Christ-serving attorneys works day and night to ensure that prayer and religious viewpoints are not suppressed during public school ceremonies.

To that end, Liberty Counsel is now launching its thirteenth annual “Friend or Foe” Graduation Prayer Campaign. The campaign serves to protect religious viewpoints at graduation and, from a legal standpoint, educate the educators as to what they can and cannot, must and must not do.

In a precedent-setting case against the ACLU that went all the way to the Supreme Court, Adler v. Duval County School Board, Liberty Counsel defended the right of students to pray or give religious messages at graduation. The case established the legal principle that public schools are free to adopt a policy that permits students or other speakers to present either secular or religious messages, including prayer, at commencement ceremonies.

“Despite what the secularists want you to believe, students do not lose their constitutional right to free speech when they step to the podium at graduation,” observes Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel. “To allow a variety of viewpoints except religious viewpoints at graduation is religious hostility and unconstitutional. While schools should not force people to pray, neither should schools prohibit them from praying. If they do, Liberty Counsel will act quickly and decisively to defend the students.” (Liberty Counsel has published a free legal memo on graduation prayer. Make sure your school administrators, faculty, and staff get a copy.)

What this means is that in every public school across America – from grammar school through post-graduate – student speakers have an absolute constitutional right to pray and/or share their faith from the podium, whether such sentiments are written in prepared remarks, or uttered ex improviso. This includes leading others who may wish to participate in prayer.

And those who don’t?

Well, don’t.

So, if any administrator attempts to censor a student speaker’s remarks by redacting references to God, Jesus, faith, or religion, or by otherwise prohibiting student-led prayer, then that administrator is in violation of the law. He or she, whether deliberately or otherwise, has trampled the First Amendment.

It happens every year. School officials hostile to religion, most especially the Christian religion, begin spouting the mythological “separation of church and state” talking points spoon-fed them by the aforementioned secularist organizations. This disinformation campaign has had tremendous success over the years, and so we must set the record straight.

That’s what Liberty Counsel is doing.

If you know of any graduate being told not to pray, not to lead his or her fellow public school graduates in prayer, or otherwise being told not to share his or her faith from the podium (assuming that graduate has earned a role as a student speaker), then please call Liberty Counsel at 1-800-671-1776 or email them at to file a report.

Let’s give these anti-Christian stink bugs a mouthful of constitutional bug spray.

And, graduates, congratulations. We’re proud of you.

And so is your Lord.

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might …” (Ecclesiastes 9:10).

“Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15).

The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

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