When An Officer Was Killed On Duty, This College Put His Kids’ Future In Its Hands

The three children of fallen officer Sonny Kim have received a very generous gift from the University of Cincinnati.

University President, Santa J. Ono said that should the three children of the police officer want to attend college at UC, the school will gladly pay their entire tuition. The average cost for a four-year degree at UC runs around $50,000.

This is a charitable offer, considering that Ohio has a law that states: “the child of a public service officer killed in the line of duty, who is admitted to any state university or college shall not be required to pay any tuition or any student fee for up to four academic years of education, which shall be at the undergraduate level.”

The president of UC said that the school’s scholarship to the Kim children will be on top of the support from the Ohio Safety Officer’s Fund. Ono had referred to it in a tweet earlier as for tuition; however, he later clarified that “they can use it for room and board, books, and study abroad.”

Kim, 48, was a husband and father who died while responding to a 911 call. There had been a report of a black man in his early 20s walking around being belligerent and carrying a gun.

The suspect, Trepierre Hummons, engaged Kim in a gun battle upon the officer arriving on the scene. Both men died from gunshot wounds received during the exchange.

Kim had been with the Cincinnati Police Department for 27 years.

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The Creepy Consequences Of Oppression Chic

Why was America so shocked by homegirl hoaxer Rachel Dolezal?

The spray-tanned con artist, who resigned this week as head of the Spokane chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of (Artificially) Colored People, is the inevitable outcome of academia’s cult of manufactured victimhood.

College campuses have been grooming a cadre of professional minority fakers and fraudsters for decades.

The notorious pretendians Ward Churchill and Elizabeth Warren faked their Native American status to bolster their faculty credentials at the University of Colorado and Harvard, respectively. It was a mutually beneficial racket for all poseur parties involved. Churchill and Warren basked in their tenured glory. The schools racked up politically correct points for adding the right flavors to their employment rolls.

Churchill was specifically granted a “special opportunity” position that his school created to increase “diversity” on the teaching staff. Warren falsely listed herself as a minority professor in a law school directory. Harvard officials eagerly touted Warren’s bogus background, the Boston Herald reported, to “bolster their diversity hiring record in the ’90s as the school came under heavy fire for a faculty that was then predominantly white and male.” Based solely on what Warren later admitted was unsubstantiated “family lore,” the Fordham Law Review called her the “first woman of color” at Harvard Law.

The pressure to conform and cash in on the cult of oppression chic is even more virulent among the student body. Race-based affirmative action is a primary catalyst.

Take Vijay Chokal-Ingam, brother of TV star Vera Mindy Chokalingam (Mindy Kaling). He pretended to be black in 1998-99 in order to gain admission to St. Louis University School of Medicine.

“In my junior year of college, I realized that I didn’t have the grades or test scores to get into medical school, at least not as an Indian-American,” he wrote. “So, I shaved my head, trimmed my long Indian eyelashes and applied to medical school as a black man. … Vijay the Indian-American frat boy become Jojo the African-American Affirmative Action applicant to medical school.”

From the moment they apply to the nation’s elite institutions of higher learning, applicants are rewarded for playing up racial division, ethnic strife, and identity politics.

“I told Harvard I was an undocumented immigrant,” Dario Guerrero bragged in The Washington Post last fall. “They gave me a full scholarship.”

In the 1990s, top-tier schools introduced a “diversity essay” requirement for undergrad admissions. The online “Common Application” used by hundreds of colleges and universities directs prospective students to “describe an experience that illustrates what you would bring to the diversity in a college community, or an encounter that demonstrated the importance of diversity to you.”

More recently, the University of California at Berkeley mandated that all graduate school hopefuls supply a “personal history statement” with “information on how you have overcome barriers to access opportunities in higher education.”

And that’s not enough. Applicants for every U.C. Berkeley graduate program must provide “evidence of how you have come to understand the barriers faced by others, evidence of your academic service to advance equitable access to higher education for women, racial minorities and individuals from other groups that have been historically underrepresented in higher education, evidence of your research focusing on underserved populations or related issues of inequality, or evidence of your leadership among such groups.”

These “progressive” schools then herd their young charges into color-coded dorms and segregated academic departments, where they can stew even deeper in their “otherness” and gripe about “white privilege.”

We’ve moved from “separate, but equal” to “separate is superior.”

In addition, I’ve chronicled dozens of cases of minority students over the years who have faked hate crimes when they were dissatisfied with their level of systemic oppression. Instead of being punished, many of these p.c. performance artists have been praised by college administrators and faculty for “raising awareness” of social injustice.

Is it any wonder, then, that lying liar Rachel Dolezal learned from historically black Howard University to loathe the skin she was born in?

After receiving a full art scholarship based on her portfolio of “exclusively African-American portraiture,” she reportedly encountered bigotry from campus officials who had assumed she was black when she applied. She lost a lawsuit against the university in which she described an atmosphere “permeated with discriminatory intimidation, ridicule and insult” for being white. Soon after, according to her family, she began to make her creepy transition and continues to “identify as black.”

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. If you can’t make it, fake it. In the ivory tower, the most afflicted and the most offended are at the top of the food chain.

Oppression Olympics breeds grievance grifters.


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Book Reveals How Educators Are Destroying America’s Children

Teaching is a self-sacrificing profession. Teachers are under-appreciated, overworked, and underpaid. But the educational establishment is another matter. It ties the hands of good teachers as it dumbs down our children.

Samuel Blumenfeld and Alex Newman are the co-authors of Crimes of the Educators. They take us on a wild ride as they document a process that has been going on for over 100 years.

Alex spoke to me from Florida.

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Michelle Obama Just Marched Into An Islamist Hotbed And Had A Strange Choice Of Words

First Lady Michelle Obama, while speaking at an all-girls school in Great Britain on Tuesday, said that men are “useful” in promoting the education of girls.

While participating in a discussion at the Mulberry School for Girls on London’s East Side, Obama said: “There are 60 million girls all around the world, just like the girls here [at Mulberry] but they’re not getting an education.”

The First Lady used to opportunity to promote her Let Girls Learn initiative. The aim of the $200 million program, funded by the United States and the United Kingdom, is to promote girls’ education worldwide. The first projects will help 450,000 children in the Democratic Republic of Congo get a primary school education. Sierra Leone and Liberia will also benefit.

The Mulberry School is dominated ethnically by Bangladeshi students, along with other minorities. Tower Hamlets, where the school is located, is one of the more economically depressed parts of the city. It is made up of Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistani, and otherwise Asian populations. It has been known as a hotbed for Islamic activity in the country.

The First Lady said she could identify with the students, having grown up on Chicago’s “South Side”–that is why she chose to visit their school.

“When I look out at all these young women, I see myself. In so many ways your story is my story,” she told the room, which was made up of mostly Muslim students, wearing the traditional hijab head scarfs. “I know I don’t look [older than you all],” she joked.

“We’ve got to change cultural norms too, that’s why work on the ground is so important” she explained. “We’ve got to send different messages about the importance of educating our girls.”

She added: “You know our sons are important, we love men, we all do, they’re good, they’re useful.”

“I have one in my life,” she added, referring to President Obama. “I like him but you know we have to change the definition of what it means to invest in our young girls.”

Twitter lit up following the First Lady’s remarks about the utility of men. One begged to differ about the usefulness of her husband, in his role as president.

Michelle Obama Men Are Useful

The First Lady encouraged the girls to not limit their education to what they learn in books in school. “Don’t just be book smart,” she said, “be smart about the world, know your community, understand your politics, read your papers, know what’s happening in the world. You have to know how your government works, and you have to vote and be actively engaged at all times, that’s part of an education.”

h/t: Breitbart

Michelle Obama Let Girls Learn

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This CEO Is ‘Paying It Forward’ To His Employees – By Doing Something Amazing For Their Kids

Image for representational purposes only.

Despite their portrayal by some leftists as heartless and greedy, a number of recent stories prove that corporate executives can and do take an active role in bettering the lives of their employees.

Western Journalism reported earlier this month that company founder Richard Branson unveiled a new policy giving new fathers working for Virgin Management a full year of paid paternity leave. A similarly family-focused perk was recently implemented at Boxed, a New Jersey-based upstart company.

CEO Chieh Huang explained the motivation for his idea – personally funding the college education of his employees’ children – in an interview with ABC News.

First, he said he owed his employees a debt of gratitude, saying his success is due to “people putting in a lot of back-breaking and hard work.”

This new company benefit, he said, is his way of expressing his gratitude.

Furthermore, as a poor child, he was able to appreciate the value of a good education. He said he wants to pass along that same experience to the next generation.

“I want to help these folks, you know,” he said, “because they’re starting on this journey with us.”

Roughly a dozen kids currently qualify for the new program, including 18-year-old Joe Bobko.

Bobko’s father, Mark, said his boss is “definitely a hero,” explaining he feels “extremely lucky” to have the weight of such a financial burden taken care of by his employer.

In his case, the freshman’s four-year tuition at Bloomsburg University is slated to top $100,000.

Huang, however, dismisses any notion of his heroism. In fact, he said he is “completely the opposite,” concluding he is simply doing “the right thing.”

Do you support generous business leaders like these? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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