Watch: Megyn Kelly Obliterates College Administrator Who Said ‘Sorry’ For Serving Mexican Food At ‘Intergalactic Night’

Fox News host Megyn Kelly slammed a college administrator who apologized for her school’s “mistake in judgement” by serving Mexican food during a monthly school event.

On The Kelly File Thursday, Fox and Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade appeared with Kelly to discuss several subjects, including Stevenson College’s regret over serving Mexican fare during its ‘Intergalactic Night,’ a space-alien themed evening. The college is located in Santa Cruz, Calif.

Kilmeade explained the event takes place once a month with a different theme. “Some Hispanic students became vocal and they protested this,” Kilmeade explained, reading some of the apology letter that can be found in full here.

“I am writing today to apologize for a mistake in judgement that took place in the planning of last night’s College Night,” wrote Carolyn Golz in her letter to members of the student body. “The theme was ‘Intergalactic”’and the decor included robots and space ships with aliens.”

Unfortunately, the program planners made a poor decision when choosing to serve a Mexican food buffet during a program that included spaceships and ‘aliens,’ failing to take into account how these choices might be perceived by others.

We would never want to make a connection between individuals of Latino heritage or undocumented students and ‘aliens’ and I am so sorry that our College Night appeared to do exactly that.

As a result of this incident, I will require cultural competence training for Programs staff, in addition to implementing mechanisms for future program planning that will ensure college programs are culturally sensitive and inclusive.

“As an ally for students of color and, in particular, undocumented students, I am committed to ensuring that student life staff receive the training necessary to make sure that this type of incident does not happen again at Stevenson,” Golz continued in the letter.

But Kelly had harsh words for Golz. “You can’t make this up…with all due respect, you are a moron,” asserted Kelly. “I’m sorry but Carolyn needs some help,” Kelly added after Kilmeade lauded Stevenson’s communications department for getting back to him in an efficient manner for the story.

“For French night… they knew what to do; for Harry Potter night, they served potatoes. I’m not really sure why,” Kilmeade said.

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More Than 8 In 10 Students Opt Out Of Common Core Testing In Some New York Districts

As testing began in public school classrooms across New York this week, administrators faced a huge backlash from upset parents who chose to opt their children out of the exams. Federal curriculum standards known as Common Core mandated the standardized testing, which many feel places undue stress on kids by giving test results a huge bearing on overall grades.

One group tracking the backlash within the state of New York recently released some staggering statistics that show an overwhelming majority of kids refusing to take the tests in certain districts. Even teachers unions, specifically New York State United Teachers, have encouraged parents to opt out of the assessments.

A Long Island-area district topped the list, with a whopping 82 percent of parents deciding their children should not be subjected to the series of tests. Numerous others had opt-out rates well above 50 percent. The 2015 results are projected to be twice as high as the number of refusals tallied just a year ago. Nevertheless, High Achievement New York Executive Director Stephen Sigmund touted the ostensible success of the program.

“You’re going to have one million kids take these assessments in the next two weeks,” he insisted, “so you can’t lose sight of the fact that the vast majority are taking the assessments.”

He went on to lambaste parents and other Common Core opponents, saying “they shouldn’t be encouraging kids to refuse tests, and particularly the teachers unions shouldn’t be encouraging them.”

While, as in previous studies, there does seem to be a correlation between high opt-out rates and wealthier school districts, criticism of Common Core is becoming a nationwide issue across socioeconomic divides. Politicians in several states have introduced legislation designed to keep the federal mandates out of schools and students; and despite efforts to silence opposition, parents, teachers, and students continue to voice their concerns about a program that forces educators to teach test-related material instead of offering more comprehensive lessons.

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Controversial School Assignment Instructs Kids To Pretend They Are Muslim

Image for representational purposes only.

After a Wisconsin radio host posted a screenshot of one area teacher’s idea of an appropriate writing assignment, dozens of outraged citizens – along with several high-profile news organizations – began circulating the story and lambasting the teacher.


According to the post, U.S. and World History teacher Beth Urban instructed her students to prepare for a five-paragraph essay in which they will pretend to be a male or female Muslim in America.

“Give 3 examples of what you do daily for your religion,” the assignment stated, “and any struggles you face.”

EAG News contacted a parent of one student in the class who, while she doesn’t hold the teacher accountable for coming up with the project, does feel it was inappropriate.

“I did not voice my concerns directly to the teacher,” she said, “because I do not blame the teacher. I believe this is a curriculum issue. The teachers are not using their own curriculum; the school boards/superintendents do generally.”

Such a loss of local control over public education is a major source of concern for opponents of the federal curriculum program known as Common Core. EAG News pointed out, however, that this was not Union Grove High School’s first experience with controversial assignments.

Roughly two years ago, the same school distributed crossword puzzles that defined conservatives as those who adhere to a “political belief of … restricting personal freedoms,” a move that was quickly denounced by local parents.

Shortly after that incident, the company responsible for publishing the assignment confirmed it would take greater care in eliminating such biased content.

Western Journalism contacted Union Grove High School for comment. As of this writing, our attempts have been unsuccessful.

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Pro-Life Group At Johns Hopkins University Will Be Permitted To Have Fetus Display After It Was Initially Banned

After initially being banned, a pro-life group at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Md., will be allowed to set up a display giving center stage to several fetuses from the early stages of conception to shortly before birth.

The Hopkins Arts and Crafts Committee initially told the JHU Voice For Life group that the display would be prohibited from inclusion in the university’s Spring Fair because it “contains triggering and disturbing content,” FoxNews reported.

Here is the display in question:

Life Site News

Life Site News

“Out of respect for our relationship of the past 30 years, we would appreciate if you refrained from using the fetus models,” the committee said in an email to the pro-life group. “We hope you understand that our intention is not to restrict your freedom of speech or expression, but rather to create an inclusive and respectful environment for all.”

Voice For Life’s president, Andrew Guernsey, shot right back: “Abortion is disturbing, that’s the reason we have such a table,” Guernsey told Fox News.

I certainly find it ironic that a university that has dedicated itself to the advancement of medicine and biology would find displaying medically accurate fetal models disturbing and offensive…I mean, these are images shown in high school textbooks.

Not long after the outlet emailed the Arts and Crafts Committee inquiring as to why the display would not be permitted, the decision was reversed. They explained in a statement to Fox News:

We … were wrong in our initial decision and, upon further reflection, have decided we will not impose restrictions on the displays presented by any community groups at Spring Fair …. The committee values free speech.

Voice For Life was never prohibited from participating in the fair.

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Teachers Unions HATE Accountability, Rebel Against Performance Measurement

lev radin /

It’s all about the children right?

At least that’s what the teachers unions will tell you when they rail against performance measurement in their industry.

I’ve never seen an industry so averse to accountability. Our education system is crumbling, and the teachers unions have a big part to do with that. By refusing to hold bad teachers accountable (and even enabling them), the unions are damaging the future of our country.

Performance testing is a big evil in their eyes. Why should they have to perform like the private sector? They are “owed” tenure, a “living wage,” and “freedom from accountability.”

What a crock of you know what.

In New York, the teachers who are “all about the children” are now threatening to refuse to test students. Yes, you got that right. Teachers are rebelling against accountability by telling their kids they don’t have to take the tests that measure their learning.

Unbelievable, right?

The Wall Street Journal reports:

In an aggressive move against testing, the New York State United Teachers Union started robocalling members Thursday with a reminder they can have their children refuse next week’s state exams.  

“This is insanity,” says the robocall’s recording of union president Karen Magee.  “Governor Cuomo is forcing schools to use tests as a hammer…we are fighting back.”

Evan Stone, co-founder of Educators 4 Excellence, which aims to elevate teachers’ voices in policy, said the union should use its influence to improve testing rather than trying to undermine the testing system.  

Our education system has become a seminary for liberal teaching of the socialist religion. ‘Get all you can from government, avoid accountability, lie in order to obtain power, and brainwash the children’ is the new mantra.

Accountability is critical if we are to rid our schools of this cancer. The New York teachers union should be ashamed.

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