Donald Trump Causes Internet Firestorm With Outrageous Tweet Attacking Clintons

A recent social media post by possible presidential candidate Donald Trump has instigated a wave of criticism online despite the fact that the offending post was since deleted. (Scroll down to see the post.) Screenshot images of the offending tweet, in which Trump posited that “Hillary Clinton can’t satisfy her husband,” have appeared across the Internet in recent days, including in a Talking Points Memo article that offered some background information.

Twitter user Sawyer Burmeister reportedly posted the comment first before similarly deleting it amid backlash. According to a Trump spokesperson cited by Raw Story, one of 10 staffers posted the comment to his profile; and, as soon as Trump saw the post, he opted to delete it.

Business Insider’s coverage of the post led many readers – even those actively opposed to a Hillary Clinton presidency – to chastise Trump.

Image Credit: Twitter/@mahilena

Image Credit: Twitter/@mahilena

“Wow,” one reader wrote. “So if a woman can’t make it in bed, she can’t make it anywhere?”

Others saw fit to call the business mogul out on his own romantic issues.

“The Donald has been divorced numerous times,” one comment stated, “which brings to mind an old quote about throwing stones and glass houses. I doubt his ex-wives left him because he was awesome in bed.”

Some saw such rhetoric as a troubling indicator that civil political discourse is a thing of the past.

“Sad how in America today the gentle voice of truth and sanity is increasingly being forced off the public podium in favor of a horrible cacophonous din of arrogance, money loving, intolerance and outright lies,” a reader insisted. “Thats [sic] why unsavory psychopathic figures like Trump get to spout their crap and actually get an audience, oh well.”

Of course, a few were willing to give Trump credit for what many saw as a clumsy partisan attack. One reader suggested the Clintons’ is a “marriage based on political ambition.”

The outspoken executive has sparked controversy with his words in the past; however, as he prepares to announce whether he intends to seek the GOP nomination in 2016, it remains to be seen how – if at all – his penchant for candor might impact him on the campaign trail.

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Has Trump Dropped Obama Citizenship Probe To Accuse Cruz?

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The GOP infighting has apparently already begun as one likely presidential candidate took aim at the first official hopeful on the same day he announced his candidacy. Donald Trump, who made headlines for his skepticism of Barack Obama’s purported birth certificate, stated similar concerns over Ted Cruz’s eligibility to serve as president.

Cruz, who was born in Canada to an American mother, has faced allegations that he does not meet the constitutional requirements to become the nation’s commander in chief. He has repeatedly claimed he is eligible, however; and, as Western Journalism reported this week, even left-leaning media outlets acknowledge he meets the necessary citizenship threshold.

For Trump, though, the evidence is not entirely convincing.

“It’s a hurdle,” he said of the Texas senator’s birth; “somebody could certainly look at it.”

Trump’s early attack on the Tea Party favorite was tempered by his admission that Cruz is a talented politician.

“It’s going to be interesting to see how Ted does,” he acknowledged. “I know him very well; he’s a smart guy and could do pretty well. It’s not going to [be] easy for anybody. It’s going to be a competitive field.”

Any praise he might have for Cruz, however, is offset by his ostensible constitutional concerns.

“He was born in Canada,” Trump said. “If you know and when we all studied our history lessons, you are supposed to be born in this country; so I just don’t know how the courts would rule on it.”

As for Trump’s decision regarding his own presidential candidacy, he said he will make an announcement “sometime by June.”

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Donald Trump Announces Exploratory Committee For Potential 2016 Presidential Run

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Real estate mogul Donald Trump is leaving his show on NBC to form an exploratory committee to raise money for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. Trump has tinkered with running for president in the past.

03182015_Donald Trump The Hill Tweet_Twitter

The New Hampshire Union Leader reported Tuesday Trump will not host another season of The Apprentice as he will be forming an exploratory committee for the first time ever. He flirted with a run in 2012 and has made several appearances on television, but this is his first serious foray into the political spectrum.

Along with the exploratory committee, Trump hired New Hampshire political operative Corey Lewandowski as a senior adviser last month, the Union Leader noted. Trump turned down the offer of a renewal of The Apprentice for another season from senior producer Mark Burnett, who reached out to Trump personally, Lewandowski told the publication.

“Nobody in the history of television has turned down a renewal,” Lewandowski said. “But Mr. Trump can do that.”

At CPAC last month, Trump told Western Journalism:

Well, the country needs help. It’s in such trouble. It is in such a mess.

We have a leader that doesn’t know how to lead and he doesn’t have the right ideas. And I think he’s got his own ideas, either that or he’s totally incompetent. And we have a country that needs help and it needs help quickly and badly.

In a statement announcing the exploratory committee, the now former NBC host echoed similar sentiments Tuesday:

I have a great love for our country, but it is a country that is in serious trouble. We have lost the respect of the entire world.

Americans deserve better than what they get from their politicians – who are all talk and no action! I have built a great company, created thousands of jobs and built a tremendous net worth with some of the finest and most prestigious assets in the world – and very little debt!

All Americans deserve the same opportunity. Our real unemployment rate is staggering while our manufacturing base is eroding on a daily basis. We must rebuild our infrastructure, control our borders, support local control of education, greatly strengthen our military, care for our veterans and put Americans back to work!

We must stop other countries from totally taking advantage of our representatives who are being out-negotiated at every turn. I am the only one who can make America truly great again!”

h/t: TheBlaze

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WATCH: Why This Bold Black Lawman Just Threw The Book At ‘Phony’ Al Sharpton As A ‘Cartoon’

Al Sharpton Sheriff Clarke and Megyn Kelly

After what Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke just said, it’s a good bet that Al Sharpton won’t be inviting the sheriff over for Christmas dinner.

Sharpton has suddenly changed his tune about police officers being racist, hate-driven “roaches.” On his MSNBC show, the execution of two NYPD cops over the weekend was condemned by the civil rights activist — some would say “agitator” considering all of his provocative, inflammatory rhetoric through the years.

Appearing on “The Kelly File” Monday night, Sheriff Clarke blasted Al Sharpton as a “phony” and a “cartoon.” Commenting on Sharpton’s abrupt about-face in now praising the work of NYC police following the assassination of two of New York’s finest over the weekend, the outspoken lawman told Megyn Kelly:

“I don’t know why the media continues to put a camera and a microphone in front of his face.” Clarke said. “He doesn’t believe a word of what he said today – neither does anybody else.”

And speaking directly to the close relationship Sharpton enjoys with President Obama, Sheriff Clarke said:

“I would question the judgment of anybody in the United States of America that would hold counsel or take advice from Al Sharpton.”

As Western Journalism reported on Monday, Donald Trump — who claims to know Al Sharpton very well — called him a “professional con man” who has “gotten away with murder.”

You can watch Megyn Kelly’s extraordinary interview with Milwaukee Country Sheriff David Clarke by clicking on the video above.


Image Credit: Fox News

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Watch: What Trump Just Called Al Sharpton Will Cause Race Hustler Heads To Explode

Donald Trump and Al Sharpton

Donald Trump is known for saying some pretty provocative things from time to time, and his appearance this morning on “Fox and Friends” gave him another chance to drop a huge verbal bomb.

When asked about Al Sharpton’s role in stirring up racial tensions and turning communities of color against the police departments that serve them, Trump was both blunt and accusatory.

Referring to the civil rights activist’s involvement in Ferguson and New York City protests against so-called police misconduct, Trump called Sharpton a “professional con man” who has “gotten away with murder.”

You can watch Donald Trump’s explosive interview on the Fox News show by clicking on the video above.


Image Credit: Fox News

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