Homeland Security Busted Busing TERRORISTS Into Our Country!

The Department of Homeland Security is supposed to protect us from terrorists, not import them, right?

Perhaps that was the old mission directive–but it appears that has changed.

Now it is apparently the Department of Homeland Security’s mission to import Muslim Terrorists to ‘equal the terrain’ or some other insane reason.

According to WND.com, the United States is quietly bringing in 100,000 Muslims each year. They use such cover as United Nations refugee programs and a variety of visa programs.

And they are not bringing in your garden variety so-called ‘moderate’ Muslims. Included in these huge human imports are some very hardcore extremist radical Muslims from Somalia and other African countries. Keep in mind that Somalia is headquarters for al-Shabab, a designated foreign terrorist organization that murdered 147 Christians in a Kenya university in April of 2015 and murdered 67 more at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya in 2013.

And if you live in Minnesota, watch out. About 40,000 Somali Muslims were resettled there. But rather than being happy living off of U.S. welfare, compliments of American taxpayers, a growing number of these Muslim transplants are uprooting themselves to leave the United States to join the Islamic so-called State. Six were arrested in Minnesota in April of 2015 after making repeated attempts to leave the U.S. to fight with the Islamic so-called State. It’s gotten so bad that Andrew Luger, the U.S. attorney for Minnesota, confessed in an April 4, 2015 news conference that “we have a terror recruitment problem in Minnesota.”

More than two Somalis in Columbus, Ohio, have been arrested on terrorism charges. And thousands upon thousands of Muslim Africans are entering the United States through the Mexican border. WND.com reports that Department of Homeland Security buses transport immigrants from the Mexican border to detention centers where they are processed, given a court date, and released.

Under this current Obamanation, there is a new password that is the modern equivalent of Open Sesame. It’s called: Asylum. And if this insanity isn’t stopped, we may soon see these imported inmates running the asylum, formerly known as The United States of America.

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‘Dystopia’ DHS Wargame For Jade Helm In Texas?

Wargaming has been a tool for military planners throughout recorded history; and for decades, militaries have used computer technology to make simulated exercises more complex and fruitful.  More recently, the US Department of Homeland Security developed their own wargames with help from the Department of Defense.

One of these tools, first released in 2009, is called Dystopia: Where Bad Things Happen. The toolset is a “…collection of geospecific and meta data…” including a detailed map, which functions like Google Earth, and a Wiki-type encyclopedia called Dystopedia.


Dystopia gives the DHS Center for Homeland Defense and Security the means to practice real-world actions with a wide range of information, including in-depth intelligence about private individuals and organizations such as churches and Boys and Girls Clubs.

The overview states that Dystopia “…is continually being developed and extended with people and places…”–although from December of 2014 until this week, the only noticeable change has been the addition of cemeteries.

The overview also states that Dystopia is a purely fictional world, comprised of several small communities as well as two large urban areas “…separated by a regional boundary that can serve a county line, state line or national border, depending on the requirements of the scenario.”

However, the territory on one side of this supposedly generic boundary is labeled Mexico; and with that information, it becomes clear that the other side is almost certainly Texas.


For instance, the two major urban areas, separated by a border, are called Diablo Valley and Nuevo Diablo; which could represent the two major cities of the Rio Grande Valley, Laredo and Nuevo Laredo.

The Texas side of the map also has a major port city. This city has a U.S. Coast Guard station and several embassies, and every oil pipeline on the map leads to the refineries found there.  It takes no stretch of the imagination to see this as Houston. The coastline also has geographically significant barrier islands, just as Texas does.

The US side of the map is incredibly more detailed than the Mexican side, which has few strategically important features aside from power plants and a military base. However, on the other side of the border, one can spend hours sifting through categorized layers of information.

In addition to utilities, zoning districts, and transportation routes, the locations of apartment complexes and civic organizations are also pinpointed. Even organizations that seem unrelated to DHS functions are marked, such as the local chapter of the Hell’s Angels, the West Side Chess Club.

Of course, no domestic training scenario would be complete without a contingent of white supremacists; and in Dystopia, the supremacists have a rural compound, which the DHS classifies as a “house of worship”.

By itself, the Dystopia tool raises many questions, especially given the failure of the DHS to control our southern border. Yet taken in context with the upcoming Jade Helm exercise, the plans for which pre-date 2013, Texans should demand answers from the DHS.

How long have they been training for dystopia in Texas? What scenarios are they preparing for, and what plans do they intend to execute?

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Secret Service Agents Were ‘More Likely Than Not’ Impaired By Alcohol In March White House Incident

A new report says it was “more likely than not” that two Secret Service agents had their judgment impaired by alcohol when their vehicle crashed into the White House fence earlier this year.

The Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General released a report Wednesday which says the agents, Marc Connolly and George Ogilvie, “disrupted the scene of an investigation of a suspicious package during an elevated security condition at the White House.”

While questioned by DHS OIG investigators, Connolly and Ogilvie denied drinking excessively the evening of March 4. The report states Ogilvie was driving and “had to do considerable maneuvering” through the secure area and ultimately pushed a construction barrier roughly five feet from the bumper of the vehicle.

Inspector General John Roth’s report said when they crashed, it “was no mere ‘bump,’ but rather extended contact to shove the barrel out of the way.” The report reveals further startling details:

Moreover, both agents were required to report their conduct up the chain of command, but did not. Each told us that they did not believe what they did amounted to a reportable incident.

Their failure to report reflects either poor judgment or an affirmative desire to hide their activities.

Both Connolly and Ogilvie were at a bar/restaurant celebrating a colleague’s retirement prior to the incident. No field sobriety tests were administered to either agent the night the crash occurred.

“Officers on duty who witnessed the March 4 incident wanted to arrest the agents and conduct sobriety tests, according to a current and a former government official familiar with the incident,” The Washington Post reported at the time. “But the officers were ordered by a supervisor on duty that night to let the agents go home, said these people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the sensitive internal matter.”

Roth’s report said the agents “displayed poor judgment and a lack of institutional awareness.”

On Wednesday, Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy said he was “disappointed and disturbed at the apparent lack of judgment described in this report. Behavior of the type described in the report is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”

Connolly, who had been the deputy special agent in charge of the Presidential Protection Division, announced his retirement ahead of the report’s release. Ogilvie, the assistant special agent tasked with running the agency’s Washington field office, was placed on administrative leave.

Do you support the Inspector General? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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DHS Secretary Warns Of Possible Lone Wolf Attacks In America

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Sunday that the United States is facing a new era in which a lone-wolf terrorist could “strike at any moment.” In an interview with ABC News, he said the Islamic State’s influence is spreading far beyond the battlegrounds of the Middle East:

We’re very definitely in a new environment, because of ISIL’s effective use of social media, the Internet, which has the ability to reach into the homeland and possibly inspire others.

The interview took place two days after U.S. Northern Command’s Admiral William Gortney ordered an increase in the force protection condition from FPCON Alpha Plus to Bravo. When asked if there was a specific threat toward the military, Johnson said, “It’s pretty much self-evident. I saw other groups have called for attacks on government installations, military installations, which is why we have ramped up our federal protective service at federal buildings around the country, and why the military, the Department of Defense, is taking action itself. These are prudent steps, these are prudent, cautious steps, in a time when the public and law enforcement and our government needs to be vigilant and needs to be aware.”

The Department of Homeland Security has recently come under fire from Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) who reportedly called the government’s efforts to stop the social media recruiting campaign “laughable.” Johnson disagreed with his assessment, but did agree that the government cannot be alone in this fight. He said, “we need to get the message out, and that’s not necessarily a government objective, a government mission. It has to come from within the community. It has to come from Islamic leaders, who frankly can talk the language better than the federal government can.”

Last week, FBI Director James Comey told ABC News that “hundreds, maybe thousands” of Americans are receiving messages from ISIS urging them to join the group and launch assaults.

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BREAKING: What ISIS Just Claimed, And The Media Amplifies, Could Be A Boost To The Terror Group

Headline after headline delivers basically the same breaking news:
“ISIS claim responsibility for shooting at Texas Muhammad cartoon contest – Fox News
“ISIS claims responsibility for Texas shooting, threatens more attacks – CNN
“Garland Shooting: ISIS Claims Responsibility for Attack – NBC News
“ISIS Claims Link to Shooting at Texas Event Showing Muhammad Cartoons” – The New York Times

But what these and other headlines don’t tell you is that, as the online Fox News report reveals several sentences into the body of the piece, “it was not immediately clear whether the group’s claim was an opportunistic co-opting of a so-called ‘lone wolf’ attack as its own.” In other words, the Islamic State terror organization may have made itself seem more powerful, more influential, more far-reaching, more of a threat to Western civilization simply by claiming it was behind the attack by two Islamists on the Muhammad cartoon event in Garland, Texas.

Yes, at least one of the two men shot and killed by police as the pair opened fire outside the meeting center where the event was wrapping up reportedly had known terror ties, as Western Journalism reported on Monday. However, there’s been no official confirmation from investigators that the pair were dispatched or controlled by ISIS. The claim of responsibility for the attack, if valid, would mark the first time ISIS has been known to carry out such an assault on U.S. soil.

CNN reports that the ISIS claim was made in a Tuesday broadcast over its official radio channel:

,,,the group said two Al Khilafa soldiers opened fire outside the event in Garland, a suburb of Dallas. Al Khilafa is how ISIS refers to its soldiers.

The ISIS radio announcer also referred to Simpson and Soofi as the terror group’s “brothers.” The announcement ended with this warning:

“We say to the defenders of the cross, the U.S., that future attacks are going to be harsher and worse. The Islamic State soldiers will inflict harm on you with the grace of God. The future is just around the corner.”

Much like the Fox News report, the online CNN article on the ISIS claim notes that “there was no immediate indication that the terror group in Iraq and Syria actually had contact with Simpson or Soofi, who both lived in Phoenix.”

Given reports of the rivalry between ISIS and al Qaeda forces for what could be called “top billing” among terrorist organizations, the quick claim by the Islamic State group could be seen as an attempt to enhance its resume, so to speak. In a recent analysis of the battle between the two groups for dominance in the terror world — a piece entitled ISIS vs. Al Qaeda: Jihadism’s global civil war” — two foreign policy experts writing for the website Brookings noted:

Who will emerge triumphant is not clear. However, the implications of one side’s victory or of continuing division are profound for the Middle East and for the United States, shaping the likely targets of the jihadist movement, its ability to achieve its goals and the overall stability of the Middle East.

As for the investigation of the Sunday attack in Texas, Fox News says that, not only has there been no official word that ISIS was responsible, but federal authorities haven’t even labeled the assault by the two Muslim men a terror attack.

“Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said in a statement Monday that law enforcement authorities are investigating the men’s motives and all circumstances surrounding the attack.”

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