Video: Armored America…Security Or Police State?

Law enforcement agencies across the country are scrambling to get free armored vehicles that once protected soldiers from terrorists overseas. What in the world is going on here? Norvell Rose reports…

Obama, Military Leaders Lied About Osama’s Death Date

Osama bin Laden SC Obama, Military Leaders Lied About Osama’s Death Date

Wagging The Dog (media, citizens) Operation Confirmed

By CPT Pamela Barnett, USA Retired* (Author Obama Never Vetted:The Unlawful President) Copyright 2012

Obama lied to every American and the rest of the world about the date of the alleged Osama Bin Laden killing, according to recently released Department of Defense emails.  (Email redactions by DOD) According to a live speech (White House link and alternate link) given to the country late night on May 1, 2011, Obama stated “Today at my direction the United States launched a targeted operation against that compound (where Osama allegedly was) in Abbottabad, Pakistan.  A small team of Americans carried out the operation with extraordinary courage and capability.  No Americans were harmed.  They took care to avoid civilian casualties.   After a fire fight they killed Osama Bin Laden and took custody of his body.”

The emails in my possession received directly from the Department of Defense as a result of a Freedom of Information Act request  for Osama Bin Laden’s killing and burial related documents, reveal that the mission to allegedly “kill Osama” occurred April 28, 2011 or earlier, not May 1, 2011, as Obama claimed.

perez 150x150 Obama, Military Leaders Lied About Osama’s Death Date      In one of the emails with a date time of April 29, 2011, 4:58 AM,  Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Samuel Perez asks an unidentified email sender (Redacted) regarding the “burial”: “Do I need any special religious/ceremonial preparations?”  Email strings that were released concerning the alleged burial of Osama go back to April 28.  This means that “Osama” (or possibly someone else) was killed April 28, 2011 or earlier.

 Early Morning Email From RDML Samuel Perez Asking About Burial April 29

PEREZ EMAIL Obama, Military Leaders Lied About Osama’s Death Date

Email From Rear Admiral Kurt Tidd Morning Of April 28 to RDML Perez Regarding BurialWith Daily Update (27 APR 2011) Subject Header

OSAMA TIDD EMAIL Obama, Military Leaders Lied About Osama’s Death Date

 Obama continued to lie to the American people two other times in his speech that Osama was killed that day – May 1, 2011.

At 6.13 minutes, Obama stated “Tonight I called President Zardari and my team has also spoken with their Pakistani counterparts. They agree that this is a good and historic day for both of our nations,” stated Obama.

At  8.37 “Today’s achievement is a testament to the greatness of our country,” stated Obama.

So why did Obama lie about the date that Osama was killed?  Was it timed to further control the media by giving them a new, sexier story than a 9th Circuit Court of Appeals hearing the next morning in Pasadena, CA, that confirmed that Obama’s real, unforged Constitutional credentials had/have NEVER been vetted by any court or anyone in any State or Federal government agency?  The court eventually ruled that no one had standing after the 2008 election, except possibly a candidate; and Ambassador Allen Keyes was not running for President again, so the case was dismissed.  This video is very important in understanding how the federal courts continue to fraudulently weasel out of hearing Obama ineligibility cases and how the federal courts have taken away our right to petition the federal court regarding unconstitutional issues.

For the first time, the major news networks were going to cover an actual court hearing on Obama’s ineligibility and fraud crimes the very next morning.  Obama and his operatives saw this coming and wanted to further keep the American people and the media in the dark regarding his ineligibility, forged documents, and use of a Connecticut social security number never assigned to him.  (See related story Was “Osama Killing” Obama Wagging The Dog?)

Surprisingly, or not surprisingly, Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Samuel Perez and other high level military and other government officials let the lie on Osama’s alleged day of death stand.  What else is being lied about by Obama and military officials regarding the alleged death of Osama Bin Laden?

On a boat of over 6,000 sailors, only a handful of witnesses?  Where were all of the on-duty sailors?

Did those unnamed men in leadership even look in the body bag?  Anything or anyone could have been in the bag.

gaouette photo 150x150 Obama, Military Leaders Lied About Osama’s Death DateAlso, the Department of Defense, in their Freedom of Information Act response, stated that the USS Carl Vinson (the carrier in which Osama’s body was allegedly dumped) had no documentary evidence of Osama’s burial.  However, in the released emails RDML Charles M. Gaouette stated: “The paucity of documentary evidence in our possession is a reflection of the emphasis placed upon operational security during the execution of this phase of the operation.”

Paucity means a small amount.  So the military leadership in coordination with Obama’s DOD stated that there is no documentary evidence (a lie), even though RDML Gaouette had said there was a “paucity” of evidence.

Email Where RDML Gaouette Stated That Documentary Evidence of    “Osama’s Burial” Existed

OSAMA GAOUETTE EMAIL Obama, Military Leaders Lied About Osama’s Death DateOSAMA GAOUETTE EMAIL 2 Obama, Military Leaders Lied About Osama’s Death Date

Was Rear Admiral (lower half) Charles Gaouette relieved from command because he did not like that the U.S. military and Obama were lying to the American people? Was the admiral being set up by the Obama administration for not wanting to keep the Osama lie quiet? From

Navy Admiral kicked off his ship, sent back to Bremerton. Why?

A man who climbed the Navy’s ranks over a long career has been unceremoniously removed as commander of the USS Stennis Carrier Strike Group and sent back to the homeport in Bremerton.

A U.S. Navy spokesperson is not giving an explanation for the change, other than to say that questions had arisen about Rear Admiral Charles Gaouette’s “leadership judgment.” …….

……..NBC News interviewed Neal Zerbe, a retired Navy Captain, who says, “The particular commander being relieved, and you know translating that to just moving him back to a continental U.S. base while the investigation continues, is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.”

If you plan on going to see the new Osama killing movie Zero Dark Thirty this weekend, citizens of this country and the world should consider taking the movie more as a work of fiction to prop up Obama than a work of non-fiction.  The Obama administration’s lies continue.

*Use of military rank is NOT  an endorsement by the Department of Defense or Department of the Army.


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No Tolerance For Conservatives In Military

NAVY SC1 No Tolerance for Conservatives in Military

A retired Army chaplain says homosexual sailors have been able to choose their bunkmates on board Navy ships as a consequence of the repeal of the ban on homosexuals serving openly in the military.

Col. Ron Crews (USA-Ret.) served as an Army chaplain for 28 years and now serves as a spokesman for the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty. When asked by The Washington Times to write an op-ed on the consequences of the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” he was quick to point out that “toleration does not cut both ways.”

“The Department of Defense is continually bringing forth homosexual soldiers and military personnel to do press conferences and talk about how wonderful it is,” Col. Crews notes. “And then they allow military personnel to march in a gay pride parade in San Diego. But yet those who hold biblical values are silenced.”

Read More at By Chad Groening.

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Rep. King Wants Investigation on Obama’s Role in Osama’s Death Film

Caroline May, The Daily Caller

The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee has called for an investigation into reports that the Obama administration is granting Sony Pictures and director Kathryn Bigelow “high-level access” for a film about the Navy SEAL operation which killed Osama bin Laden. The movie is scheduled for release one month before the 2012 presidential election.

New York Republican Rep. Peter King sent a letter Tuesday to Defense Department Inspector General Gordon Heddell and CIA Inspector General David Buckley, expressing his concern about declassifying sensitive information for pure entertainment.

“The administration’s first duty in declassifying material is to provide full reporting to Congress and the American people, in an effort to build public trust through transparency of government,” he wrote. “In contrast, this alleged collaboration belies a desire of transparency in favor of a cinematographic view of history.”

In his letter, Rep. King noted that the mission was successful because it was extremely covert, and that providing “high-level access” to a Hollywood filmmaker runs contrary to that effort.

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How to Defend America in the 21st Century, Part 2

Dr. Earl Tilford,

Note: This article is Part II in a series. Click here to read Part I. — Ed.

The U.S. Department of Defense must restructure to accommodate deep budget cuts and, more importantly, be ready for the challenges of 21st-century warfare. Those challenges will include unconventional operations and wars fought in vastly expanded battle spaces. Reforms are needed in three areas.

First, today’s DoD — structured around land, air, and sea forces to accommodate Industrial Age conflict — is inadequate for Information Age warfare. The U.S. Air Force received separate service status in 1947 by a mating of the atomic bomb to the long-range delivery system of the day, the B-29 bomber. For five decades, air-power enthusiasts argued that air power formed the tip of the spear while land and sea forces constituted the supporting shaft. That is no longer the case.

Human-piloted combat aircraft undergird the Air Force’s reason for being. It is likely that the 20 B-2 bombers currently in the inventory, at $2 billion dollars a copy, will be the last of the manned bombers. Additionally, the F-35 is likely to be the last manned fighter developed by the United States. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) will be the fighting platforms of the future. They can do more for less cost because UAVs are not designed for pilot survivability. Additionally, in the current war, the Air Force has been the supporting—rather than the supported—service. It’s time to reintegrate the Air Force into the U.S. Army. This eliminates an entire service with accompanying bureaucracies while minimally expanding an Army likely to experience reductions throughout its other branches….

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