BREAKING: The Supreme Court Just Made A HUGE Move That Threatens Dem Campaign Cash

In a surprise move that could pose a major threat to organized labor — a key Democrat constituency that supports liberal candidates with vast amounts of campaign cash — the U.S. Supreme Court has just said it will hear a controversial case out of California. USA Today reports that the justices have agreed to consider the case of Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, “challenging the requirement that teachers contribute to unions, even if they don’t join them or agree with their positions on issues.”

The USA Today article points out that, in the most recent case to come before the court in which the forced union dues have been challenged by people who don’t support what those dues have paid for politically, a sharply divided court ruled against the union policy.

“…the court ruled 5-4 along ideological lines that home-care workers in Illinois do not have to pay dues to public employee unions. The workers said the unions lobbied the government, often on issues the workers oppose — thereby abridging their First Amendment rights.”

In the California case that will bring the critical issue back before the Supreme Court in late fall, two lower courts have upheld the demand by the California Teachers Association that teachers contribute to the union, even if they don’t belong to the union or don’t agree with the group’s position of issues.

The Los Angeles Times article on the high court’s taking up the case notes just how important the eventual outcome of the matter could be to public employee unions and the causes, candidates and campaigns they support with massive amounts of money. What makes this pending decision even more critical is its timing as the 2016 election cycle moves into high gear.

The case is likely to be seen as crucial test of public employee unions, which have under political attack in several Republican-led states. The outcome may well have a political impact as well, because these unions have been reliable supporters of the Democratic Party.

The Times coverage notes just how much money the public-sector union collects from each member and non-member. “The lawsuit said full dues for teachers who join the union are about $1,000 a year, but non-members still have to pay about $650 on average for their share of the cost of collective bargaining….”

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Revealed: The Dying Wish Of This Top Dem’s Child Could Keep Hillary Out Of The White House

Just two days ago, The Washington Post — generally not a newspaper to hyperventilate about matters of national politics involving high-profile Democrats — ran a story with the surprising headline: “In Bernie Sanders, an unlikely — but real — threat to Hillary Clinton.” Say what? The Post writers believe that the 73-year-old senator from Vermont, a self-declared socialist, has a shot at spoiling Hillary’s bid for her party’s presidential nomination?

Apparently, the Post thinks the Sanders campaign has enough “oomph” to give the presumptive front-runner a real run for her money…even though the far-left lawmaker has relatively little — money, that is.

Sanders’s emerging strength has exposed continued misgivings among the party’s progressive base about Clinton, whose team is treading carefully in its public statements.

Now, as The Wall Street Journal notes, there could be another “threat” to the Clinton campaign just over the horizon — a threat that would, presumably, be much more serious that the non-performing campaigns of announced candidates Martin O’Malley and Lincoln Chafee. The Journal reports that at least two members of Vice President Joe Biden’s family, including his late son Beau Biden, have urged him to seek the nomination.

“Before his death last month [of brain cancer], elder son Beau Biden encouraged his father to get into the race, people familiar with the matter said. And Hunter Biden told a friend in recent weeks he, too, would like to see the vice president wage one more campaign for the White House,” reports The Wall Street Journal.

Now 72 years old, Biden has waged two previous bids to become the country’s top elected official. Though he failed in both attempts, Biden is now seen as, potentially, a more formidable candidate. Ironically, it could be the tragic death of his 46-year-old son, Beau, that makes the vice president a more sympathetic figure in the eyes of the American public.

A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll earlier this month showed that Americans’ image of Mr. Biden is growing more positive. A total of 40% saw him in a favorable light, versus 31% who had a negative view of him. In November 2014, Mr. Biden’s favorability rating stood at 35%, compared with 38% who viewed him unfavorably.

There is a draft-Biden committee now working to convince the vice president that he should challenge Hillary Clinton for the party’s top electoral spot in 2016. The article in the Journal points out that the group has not received Biden’s formal endorsement–nor has it gotten the vice president to show up at any events promoting his possible candidacy.

A life-size cutout of the vice president—dubbed ‘Cardboard Joe’—is ever-present at the group’s events and has proved to be a draw in lieu of an actual candidate. Supporters can buy ‘I’m ridin’ with Biden’ merchandise to back the cause.

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Watch: Libs Just Got SHREDDED By Black Guy Who Gives Dems A Must-See Lesson On Slavery

PJTV’s Alfonzo Rachel has a message for black Americans: don’t let the Democrats keep you on the victimization plantation.

The host of “Zonation” likens the Democratic Party to a restaurant that only serves junk food. He states that the party promises black people that you don’t have to pay for it, because they will make rich, white folk pay. Meanwhile, next door, the Republican Party has its own restaurant serving healthy fare, which does not taste as good–and you have to pay for it with the money you earn.

Democrats, Rachel contends, want to force you to keep eating their junk food, while Republicans give you a choice–“’Eat what you want,’ but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to be conservative about it. By making good choices, you can prolong enjoyment of good health.”

He continues a little further with the culinary theme and then pivots from it to talk about how the Democrats seek to keep black people in a form of slavery: “Being made to feel like a victim for many blacks and being made to feel like the 99 percent, is comfort food for them. They have been conditioned to believe it is important for them to feel like the field negroes.” Democrats, Rachel contends, “want you to feel dependent on the master, and they’re still dependent on you.”

“Now instead of using blacks to farm cotton, they use you to farm votes. And you have been suckered into believing that this off-balanced circle of dependency is Democrats doing something for black folks,” he says.

The late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan 50 years ago put his finger directly on social welfare programs for causing the breakdown of the black family. While working at the Department of Labor in 1965, the New York Democrat co-authored a report finding that welfare programs punish marriage and subsidize single parenting.

The host then echoes John F. Kennedy’s “Ask not what your country can do for you…” inaugural address call, delivered a few years before Moynihan’s report. “The government isn’t supposed to do things for you,” he says. “You are so busy with this entitlement mindset of the government doing something for you, you fail to see that the way out of poverty is by doing for others.

“It’s called service, and the better you are at a service, the better you get paid. But you have been conditioned to see service as slavery. Just the way the Democrats want it,” Rachel claims.

“Democrats want you to believe that you are entitled to other people being deprived of their rights for your comfort,” he states. “Democrats haven’t changed because that is what slavery is all about. Depriving someone else of their rights for the comfort of someone else.”

Rachel offers the example of taxing businesses. The Democrats promise that by taxing rich, white business owners heavily, making them pay their “fair share,” black people will benefit. But in the end, everyone is hurt because the more money businesses have to pay to the government, the less they have to hire people.

The Zonation host also points out that the Democrat Party has a history of treating black people poorly, including fighting to keep the slave market legal in the United States, authoring Jim Crow laws in the south, and founding and populating the ranks of the KKK.

What could be added to Rachel’s lesson is that the Republican Party has a history of standing up for the rights of African Americas. The party was founded to limit the growth of slavery in the 1850s. Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican president, led the nation through the Civil War, which ended slavery in the 1860s. Further, a Republican-controlled Congress passed the post-Civil War Amendments in the 1860s and 70s, which freed the slaves once and for all, guaranteed equal protection under the law, and granted the right to vote to the former slaves.

In more recent times, the Congressional Republicans were instrumental in the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, supporting it in greater percentages than the Democrats: 80% of Republicans in both houses voted in favor of the bill, compared to more than 60% of Democrats.

h/t: BuzzPo

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The White House Just Changed Their Profile Picture To THIS Following SCOTUS Ruling

In light of the historic Supreme Court decision affirming gay marriage, many institutions used social media Friday to take a victory lap.

Not surprisingly, President Obama, Vice President Biden, The White House, and the Democratic Party all took to various social media platforms to celebrate Friday’s 5-4 decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, showing off the rainbow colors and offering statements of support:

06262015_The White House _Facebook

Several companies also showed their support on Twitter, including telecommunications giant AT&T and Starbucks:

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream renamed their Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor to “I Dough, I Dough” at their walk-in shops.

Even sports teams got in on the action:

06262015_San Francisco Giants_Facebook

Facebook/San Francisco Giants

06252015_US Soccer_Facebook

Facebook/US Soccer

h/t: Young Cons

Are you disgusted by this flaunting, or are they entitled to do so? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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WATCH Why This Dem Politician Just Went All Kinds Of Screaming Crazy On Pro-Gun Advocates

When pushy politicians try to tell the people they serve how to handle the guns they own, the fireworks can certainly start to fly. That’s exactly what happened during a recent city council meeting in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., where a Democrat member of the governing body started lecturing and then berating pro-gun advocates who showed up to voice their opposition to a proposal before the council.

And the loud-mouthed antics of Democrat Councilman Joe Rich were caught on tape for all to see.

As The Blaze points out in its coverage of the starting outburst from the short-tempered Mr. Rich:

Members of the Dutchess County chapter of the Shooter Committee On Political Education attend a June 15 meeting to oppose a proposed anti-gun ordinance that would require gun owners to lock up all of their firearms in Poughkeepsie, the Poughkeepsie Journal reported. But Rich didn’t seem to appreciate the dissenting opinion on the issue.

Working up to a fever pitch in his fiery rant against the pro-gun citizens who were trying to testify before the council, Rich accused them of not “loving” the city and of wanting “to make sure these laws never get a chance to find out if they’re going to work or not.”

And then the insults really began to fly when Rich brought out the really big guns and pointed threateningly, shouting for people to “Shut up! Shut up!”

By clicking on the video above, you can see for yourself how this Democrat politician flew off the handle and attacked a few shocked citizens who tried to exercise their right to comment on a proposed ordinance. And when you watch, you’ll understand why the councilman next to Rich reacted the way he did to how his out-of-control colleague was behaving.

Image Credit: YouTube/Mert Melfa

Image Credit: YouTube/Mert Melfa

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