Howard Dean Forced To Apologize For ‘American Sniper’ Comments

Howard Dean

Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean speculated last Friday on Real Time with Bill Maher that most of the moviegoers who went to see American Sniper were angry and from the Tea Party.

His comments have generated a lot of buzz, so much so that he says he’s been receiving countless tweets from “right-wing nut jobs” calling him out for making them.

Actor Gary Sinise joined the cause and called out Dean for his comments, forcing Dean on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews to make a public apology for his comments.

“This is something in which I’ve almost never done in politics, I’ll apologize to the veterans,” Dean said. “I haven’t seen the movie, and I think it was wrong. I talked to a lot of people about it.”

But before his actual apology, he first had to take a jab at the Right.

“I make no apology to the thousands of right-wing nut jobs who’ve been Twittering me with nasty language, but I do apologize to the veterans; we owe them a lot and I think this movie was much more nuanced than I thought,” he added. “I have a lot of respect for the people who served this country and I apologize.”

Twitter responded to Dean’s apology and his presumptive criticism before watching the movie:

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Watch The Surprising Way This Senior Liberal Senator Just Announced Her Re-Election Plans

Boxer announces

First elected to the House of Representatives in 1982, then to the Senate a decade later, California Democrat Barbara Boxer says she’s ready to move on from her legislative work on Capitol Hill.

The 74-year-old liberal lawmaker has let it be known that in 2016 she will not seek a fifth Senate term, choosing instead to pursue her societal passions outside of the upper chamber.

In the Senate, as ABC News notes, Boxer has joined fellow Californian and the senior senator from the Golden State, Dianne Feinstein, in championing a number of liberal causes:

…Boxer has been a staunch supporter of abortion rights, gun control and environmental protections.

And of course, she voted in favor of the Affordable Care Act — ObamaCare.

The last time Boxer ran for the Senate, in 2010, she handily defeated businesswoman Carly Fiorina, who has recently made noises about becoming a GOP candidate for president.

Senator Boxer chose a unique way of making known her intent not to seek re-election. She put out a YouTube video featuring her grandson asking the questions the lawmaker says she’s gotten from numerous reporters in recent months.

You can watch the Barbara and Zach show by clicking on the video above.

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Obama May Have Destroyed The Democratic Party For A Generation


Although our Dear Leader is strutting around like a peacock, enjoying his last two years of lawlessness and his destruction of American foreign policy and security, there may be a silver-lining in his flurry of executive actions and coddling of dictators and rogue regimes around the world. I believe President Obama is destroying the future of the Democratic Party for the foreseeable future.

America, at it’s core, is a right-of-center country. The people are basically conservative and want sound government policy and decisions. This is why you hear so much in the mainstream media about “broken government” and the “do-nothing-Congress.” They know the people want to have adults in charge of the country. The Democratic Party has been devastatingly effective in manipulating the low-information-voters with their demonization of conservative politics and politicians. They have blamed the Republicans and “wing-nut” Tea Partiers for all of the country’s problems. If the country could just have progressive leadership, they say, then we would have a utopia.

Well, America has now experienced this leftist nirvana for six years now. The problem for the Democrats is that they can no longer blame Bush.

We have an incompetent (I prefer intentional) destruction of American security interest around the world. We have squandered the blood and treasure spent in the Middle East. Dictators and rogue regimes are rising that no one could foresee during the latter years of the Bush administration. The economy is finally starting to show some life six years into the recovery. However, this can be attributed to a drop in oil prices, not Obama’s policies. A drop in energy costs that Obama and his minions tried very hard to prevent (think Keystone Pipeline and no hydraulic fracturing on federal lands).

We have bureaucratic incompetence at every level. The IRS, FEC, Secret Service, VA, etc. been riddled with scandal and criminality, the level of which we may not know for years until a Republican administration can investigate thoroughly. The Obamacare disaster is another example. I don’t need to go on here. You know what I’m talking about.

The American public has seen all of this. They have seen how nothing works under Obama. They have seen the gangster behavior–and they don’t like any of it. They have seen cops shot in New York. They have seen the race baiting from senior officials and the president himself. In short, America has seen the socialist nirvana first hand. They see it will not end well.

That is why the Republican party is now more popular than the Democrats. That is why Republicans control Congress and most state governments. That is why people are moving from blue states to red.

I believe the Democratic Party has destroyed itself for a generation. I believe you will see a new, competent, adult leadership rise within the Republican Party. The country can no longer afford to allow a small group of communist extremists to dictate the future of our country. Soon, with Hillary’s defeat, they will be banished from power for a long time. I predict a new American century.


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Top Conservative Signs And Bumper Stickers Of 2014

Dads bumper sticker FI

The top conservative signs and bumper stickers of 2014 are enough to please any conservative and anger any Democrat…

1) Our first sign was placed on the premises of Shiloh Brew and Chew by owner Sharma Floyd. The eatery is located in Maryville, Tennessee. She put out a big welcome sign to anyone who wants to pack heat in her restaurant…



2) This school in Argyle, Texas, put up a sign that rubbed liberals the wrong way…

Photo Credit: Twitter/Oliver Darcy

3) This sign at a military surplus store didn’t shy away from political incorrectness but embraced it…

4) This conservative plastered what he called the Influences of Heaven and Designs of Satan on his back windshield…

car windshield

5) This conservative bumper sticker for dads is sure to irritate Democrats everywhere…

Photo Credit: youngcons


6) Sadie Robertson of Duck Dynasty shared the love in the LOVE Is Project by sporting a LOVE bracelet…



7) This conservative bumper sticker may irritate some birthers, but it makes a point all conservatives can agree upon…

Conservative Tribune

Conservative Tribune


Which one was your favorite? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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Ex-CIA Official: Democrats Were Fully Aware Of Interrogation Methods


On Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace interviewed the former director of the National Clandestine Service of the CIA, Jose Rodriguez, who oversaw the agency’s interrogation program.  Rodriguez said that Rep. Nancy Pelosi “knew every one of our enhanced interrogations” and was briefed on specific methods like waterboarding, sleep deprivation, pushing, and slapping just after Congress’ summer break.

“We briefed her specifically on the use of the enhanced interrogation techniques on Abu Zubayda.  So she knew, back in September of 2002, every one of our enhanced interrogation techniques.”

The former CIA Director told the Fox News host:

“These people were fully aware of all of the techniques that were given to us and approved by the Office of Legal Counsel at Justice.”

Rodriguez added that Nancy Pelosi “never objected to the techniques at all.”

He said that California congresswoman Jane Harman (D) was the only person who ever objected to the CIA’s practices when she cautioned the director in 2003 that “the perception will be in the future that you did this to hide something.”

Rodriguez went on to say that Jay Rockefeller, the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, was well-informed with the Agency’s tactics and requested specific information from the 2004 Inspector General’s report.

“So, all of these people knew exactly what we were doing.”

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