Watch: Armed Man Brutally Attacks Homeowner, But He Doesn’t Go Down Without A Fight

It was late on a Friday afternoon when a Texas man who had just finished working on his truck outside his suburban home suddenly found himself in a fight for his life. Authorities say the 29-year-old resident of the Mission Bend neighborhood near Houston was confronted by an assailant with a gun who had casually crossed the street, walked up, pulled his weapon, and tried to force the victim back into the house.

That’s when the victim fought back — even with his hands tied behind his back — and in the struggle took a shot to the leg. Reportedly, the bullet narrowly missed, severing a critical blood vessel whose rupture could have caused the man to bleed to death. After the shot rang out, the victim crawled desperately toward the street where he tried to get the attention of passing motorists. The shooter casually walked away.

Surveillance video has been released by the man’s girlfriend in the hope that the images of the attacker will help lead to his arrest. By clicking on the video above, you can watch a report by KHOU-TV on the broad-daylight attack and the shooting victim’s heroic fight against his assailant.

Authorities say the unidentified victim of the assault is recovering from his wound.

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Police Discover The CHILLING Truth Behind Hate Crime…It’s Not What You Think

Wounds a Utah man claimed were the result of hate crimes committed against him in April because of his homosexuality have been found to be self-inflicted, police said Tuesday.

Rick Jones, 22, a cook at his family’s restaurant in the rural community of Delta in the southern part of the state, claimed he was hit over the head one night in late April while alone. He also asserted he was issued a death threat and that an anti-gay slur was carved into his arm while he was unconscious, KSL reported.

But after an investigation, Millard County Sheriff Robert Dekker confirmed the alleged crimes were fabricated by Jones. “The investigation has come to an end today with the admission of (Jones) to having staged all of the incidents,” Dekker told KSL Tuesday. The case has been referred to the Millard County Attorney’s Office for further investigation, but the sheriff would not say whether or not the crimes were a hoax. “We urge community members to continue to be supportive of the Jones family,” Dekker said in a statement.

Brett Tolman, the attorney representing Jones, told KSL his client “is accepting responsibility for the incident.” Jones had Tolman call the Millard County Sheriff’s Office to cancel the investigation. Tolman told KSL Tuesday:

At this point we are working with investigators and with the community at trying to point out and recognize that what this really amounts to is a very serious cry for help by an individual … who is gay and is in need of mental health treatment, which he is getting.

People who participated in fundraisers for Jones, online and otherwise, will be receiving refunds, Tolman added. Utah Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox, a Republican, issued an updated statement after he called the alleged attack on Jones “cowardly and barbaric” earlier this month:

I am both relieved and saddened by the news today. The original allegations were incredibly troubling and not representative of the love and compassion the people of Utah exhibit daily. I am proud of the overwhelmingly positive response and support from Delta and every corner of our state. Today, our concern is that the young man and his family receive the love and help necessary to find the peace and healing they seek.

h/t: The Washington Times

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WATCH: Dad Discovers Young Daughter Missing. After Finding Her With This Man, He Takes Matters Into His Own Hands

A California man describes a chilling encounter in which his 12-year-old daughter snuck out of the house to meet with an alleged sexual predator more than twice her age.

Tim LeBlanc of Nuevo, Calif., told KLAC he was up around 2 a.m. Monday morning when he noticed his daughter was gone and her window was open. “The screen was off and this window was open about three inches or so,” LeBlanc said. “I was scared to death. Everybody tells me I’m overprotective, but apparently I’m under-protective.”

The self-proclaimed “under-protective” father looked around the neighborhood with his older son and located his daughter nearby with 27-year-old Scott Stillwell, who connected with LeBlanc’s daughter on social media. LeBlanc describes what happened next:

He had this door open about this wide and had his arm around my daughter and was kind of sweeping her in, putting her into the truck.

“He’s lying to me, telling me, ‘Oh, I’m 16.’ And there was no way. He was obviously a grown man,” LeBlanc continued. “He was talking sexually, sending pictures of himself naked.” He knocked the alleged sexual predator to the ground and took the photo you can see below before authorities arrived on scene.

LeBlanc said Stillwell convinced his daughter over social media he was a 15-year-old boy. His daughter is not allowed on any social media sites. “What I’ve gained from my interaction with this guy is I don’t think she would’ve ever came home alive,” LeBlanc said.

Tim LeBlanc/KLAC

Tim LeBlanc/KLAC

Police booked Stillwell, a San Diego native, on two felony charges, including meeting a minor for a lewd and lascivious act, KNSD reported.

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WATCH: What This Garbage Man/Former Marine Just Did To A Robber Gives Him Instant Hero Status

It could be one of the best lines ever by a city worker who’s credited with foiling a would-be robbery at a convenience store — a rookie sanitation worker (garbage man) transitioning into a new career after serving as a U.S. Marine. When asked about his stepping up to take down the assailant, the fast-acting worker quipped: “This was just another day taking out the trash.”

The New York Daily News reports on the quick thinking and decisive action by 44-year-old Curtis Jackson of Brooklyn, who said his instincts took over when he saw a man with his hand in his pocket as though holding onto a gun. Jackson reportedly charged the man, took him to the floor, and kept him pinned until police arrived at the Manhattan 7-11 store.

“The weapon in assailant Nicholas Mecina’s pocket turned out to be a marker, but Jackson wrestled the 47-year-old homeless man to the ground while his partner called 911.”

The two city workers told the newspaper they had stopped in the store to use the restroom. But their intent to “rest” turned into an assist in an arrest, as you can see from clicking above to watch a cellphone video of the incident.

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Man, 88, Came Face-To-Face With Two Armed Robbers – Then His Army Training Kicked In

Image for representational purposes only.

According to recent reports, a British World War II veteran made quick work of two would-be burglars despite being outnumbered and more than four times older than either of his attackers. What 88-year-old Kenneth Brown did have, however, was army training that stuck with him through the decades since he served with the Somerset Light Infantry in Asia.

When the teens knocked on his door on the afternoon of April 14, 2013, at least one was Brown’s acquaintance and both likely considered the octogenarian an easy target. Though unarmed and standing at just 5 feet 4 inches, the homeowner was willing and more than able to protect his life and property.

“They demanded money from me so I walloped one and they ran off,” he recalled.

During a recent trial, prosecutors presented evidence that Jack Saunders and Tom Love – the two 19-year-olds – developed a ruse by which to gain entry to Brown’s home and rob him. Saunders, an acquaintance who reportedly brought a knife to the scene, told the elderly man that he left his football inside the home and came to retrieve it.

It was at this point, prosecutor Sherry Nabijo told the court, that Brown noticed the knife and punched Saunders, sending both young men fleeing on foot.

Not only was Brown apparently unrattled in the face of the threat, he later explained that he intentionally went easy on the pair of intruders.

“I didn’t think about the danger,” he said. “I told the police I could have done them a lot more damage, but I didn’t want to get on the wrong side of the law.”

Both men were convicted, with Saunders receiving a 19-month sentence and Love set to spend nearly a year behind bars.

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