Armed Patron Celebrated As Hero After Opening Fire On Two Robbers


When two armed robbers entered a Texas restaurant last weekend, the dining room was clearing out as owners prepared to close for the evening. One of the patrons finishing up his meal, however, was able to jump into action as the suspects made their way toward the cash register.

Owner Koy Sam recalled that seeing the two armed robbers storm into the business was alarming.

“All of a sudden, my wife ran back panicking,” he said, noting that one of the suspects forced him and his wife to the ground as the other made his way to the till.

A vigilant customer stepped in and grabbed one of the men, firing his own gun at the other as he ran out of the Houston eatery. All the while, Sam said, the patron reassured everyone else that the situation was under control,

“He was amazing,” the owner said. “He absolutely kept us all calm, made sure everything was OK.”

The customer was able to hold one suspect until authorities arrived, though the accomplice was able to exit the scene. A KHOU report indicated it is not clear whether the second suspect was hit when the patron opened fire.

K&S Seafood was left with several bullet holes in its front windows, but staff and customers were safe – as was the money in the register. Thanks to the quick thinking of an armed patron, the restaurant is enjoying some local celebration and an increase in business.

Conservative radio hosts in the area have reportedly been urging listeners to visit the restaurant, and some existing customers are doing their best to promote the establishment. Thomas Bazan, for example, is making the rounds in surrounding neighborhoods distributing promotional fliers.

“There’s wickedness and evil,” he said, “and we need to stand up against it and fight back.”

The willingness to fight back shown by the armed customer Saturday evening prompted Bazan’s wife, Paula, to pursue getting a concealed handgun license. She was among those eager to praise the customer’s actions.

“Thank you for your bravery,” she said, “and thank you for being prepared.”

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Handcuffed Detainee Is Being Booked When Officer Has A Heart Attack; What He Does Next Might Have Saved His Life


Jamal Rutledge sat handcuffed awaiting booking recently when the officer processing him collapsed to the ground. Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Officer Franklin Foulks had a heart attack–and Rutledge was the only one who could do anything for him.

The security footage showed Rutledge checking on the officer and kicking the security fence to alert police to the situation.

Officers Robert Norvis and Raymond Ketchmark responded and removed the officer’s gear and activated a nearby defibrillator while waiting for medical personnel to arrive. Foulks was taken to the hospital, and the medical staff noted that the quick thinking of Rutledge helped save the officer’s life.

According to NBC Miami, Rutledge and Officers Norvis and Ketchmark will be honored for their actions.

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WATCH: When Fox News Anchor Interviewed Three Hero Marines, He Clearly Never Expected This

Fox News

Last week, Western Journalism told you about the three U.S. Marines who rushed to the aid of an elderly woman who was attacked by a pair of armed robbers.

From their recruiting office in the Seattle area, the Marines sprang into action after hearing a commotion outside. The trio of battle-tested warriors made sure the victim of the attempted robbery was safe–and even chased down and held one of the armed suspects until police arrived.

On today’s Fox and Friends, anchor Steve Doocy interviewed the three…or at least he tried to.

Sitting stoically together on a couch, showing almost no emotion in their dress blues, remaining austere and incredibly succinct in their descriptions of what happened, the three proved quite a challenge for Doocy as he tried to paint a picture of the recent events that brought these Marines into the public eye.

You can click on the video above and see that it’s crystal clear these three fighting men — no-nonsense Marines through and through — had little interest in publicity or promoting their selfless act of heroism. For them, rushing to the rescue of a woman in trouble was their duty and deserved no special attention.

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Lacking Parental Supervision, Young Rapscallion Destroys Dollar Store Until Stranger Has Enough


Warning: Strong Language

A young boy was filmed recently as he casually walked through a store wreaking havoc, trashing the aisles and roaming around without any apparent supervision.

The narrator/cameraman followed the boy around as he knocked items off the shelves and threw boxes at customers, leaving behind a trail of products.

The little tirade lasted only three minutes on video, but covered the majority of the store — including the stock room — before a patron of the store had enough of the tantrum and dragged the boy out of the store by the back of his shirt.

Man Draging Boy out

The good samaritan held the boy down and even placed a knee on him to hold him in place while they presumably awaited the police’s arrival.

Puts knee on boys back

The videos are going viral and many Twitter users agree he needs to be disciplined, as do his parents:


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Palestinian Viral Video Teaches Jihadists ‘How To Stab A Jew’


WARNING:  Violent Content

A disturbing video released by the “Resistors of Occupation in the West Bank and Jerusalem” instructs jihadists how to stab a Jew to death quickly and efficiently. The masked instructor displays several different knife attacks on a masked “victim” that demonstrate how to inflict maximum injury. The video has gone viral on Palestinian social media networks. reports:

“Arab stabbing attacks on Jews have increased significantly this year and every Israeli is a potential victim when “resistors” educate every Arab to be a murderer.”

In the 1-minute instructional video, several techniques of knife attacks are demonstrated. The instructor begins with a forward thrust to the torso of the “victim” and twists the knife to maximize damage. The next lesson shows the instructor grabbing his victim from behind and inflicting several stab wounds to the stomach.

The lesson continues with the assailant casually stabbing the victim in the abdomen as he walks by, causing the victim to double over in mock pain. Then the attacker demonstrates another tactic of slashing the victim’s neck with the blade. The final assault is a combination attack that inflicts stab wounds to the back of the leg, the stomach, and the back as the victim falls forward.

In the Old City of Jerusalem on Friday, a Palestinian armed with a knife wounded two Israeli border police officers. There is no indication that the attacker was inspired by this video.


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