Watch: Police Raid ‘High Priest’s’ Home For Drug Bust… Instead Find The Stuff Of Nightmares

In response to reports of a possible heroin ring in a local neighborhood, Bridgeport, Conn., police officers raided the home of Felix Delgado.

Rather than finding a drug ring, the officers discovered two human skulls, an altar and a makeshift coffin.

In a statement, Michael Gianotti of the Bridgeport Police Department said, “They were just really shocked when they walked in there and what they found. It was just not what they expected.”

Delgado describes himself as a “high priest” of the ritualistic, sacrificial religious cult called Santeria.

Connecticut has no laws against the cult’s activities; however, in their investigation, the police found a warrant against Delgado in Worcester, Mass., for disinterring eight bodies from a cemetery.

Delgado was arrested in Connecticut, and is being held on a fugitive from justice charge; he will be extradited to stand trial in Massachusetts for grave robbery.

Doris Reese, a neighbor of Delgado’s, said in an interview, “It just looks creepy. The stuff I saw.”

Reese also noted that there were cars coming and going at “all hours of the day.” This is what prompted her and neighbors to make a complaint to the police.

Chris Martinez, Delgado’s son, says that his father has done nothing wrong, and that he is just misunderstood.

When asked by Eyewitness News if a lot of people come in and out of his father’s home, Martinez said, “To get readings and stuff, yeah. What we do, we do it for the good. We don’t do it for the bad. Other people do it for the bad and we’re getting accused of being bad.”

Watch: Store Owner Surprises Armed Robber, Fights Him Off With Strange Weapon…

The Waste Management Phoenix Open Professional Golf Association (PGA) tournament kicks off Thursday in Phoenix, Arizona. Golf clubs will be swung by PGA professionals in an attempt to win big money, but one convenience store owner arguably can give the professionals and everyone else a lesson in how a golf club can also be used in cases of self-defense.

A would-be robber entered a Methuen, Mass., Stop Quick convenience store Wednesday, flashed a knife, and demanded money. Undaunted by the presence of a knife-wielding thief, the store owner took a few steps backward, and came forward at the robber swinging his golf putter.

The robber picked up the cash register and tried to get away. He ran to the door, but it had been locked at the push of a button by the fast-thinking clerk. The man used the register to break the glass at the bottom of the door. The clerk then came from behind the counter and began to beat the man with the putter. The robber dropped the register and tried to lunge through the hole he created by smashing through the glass.

The man got away, but not with the register, or any of the money inside.

The clerk reportedly told police the man went into the parking lot, got into a blue sports utility vehicle and drove off. The man is believed to be a white or light brown Latino in his mid-30’s. He’s approximately 6 foot 4 inches tall and weighs 250 pounds. It appears as though the clerk is only about 5 foot 8 inches tall and weighs less than 140 pounds, but one could say he made up for his size with his short game putter.

Breaking: Judge Just Made Huge Move In Bill Cosby’s Sexual Assault Case

Though previous reports indicated he would not face prosecution for his alleged sexual assault of a woman in 2004, TMZ is reporting Wednesday that his recent request for a dismissal was turned down.

An attorney representing the famed comedian said a former district attorney promised a deal had been made to avoid prosecution in the case. The 78-year-old Cosby said this supposed deal was the only reason he showed up for a wide-ranging deposition that revealed a number of allegations from several women.

Prosecutors currently handling the case, however, argued that the former D.A. could not legally make the arrangement, noting that no one on Cosby’s side of the courtroom had written proof of the deal not to prosecute.

Current D.A. Kevin Steele offered his take on the ostensible arrangement, insisting that a “secret agreement that permits a wealthy defendant to buy his way out of a criminal case isn’t right.”

For Cosby’s attorney, Christopher Taybeck, the courtroom reversal is an affront to the justice system.

“This prosecution should be stopped in its tracks,” he said. “When a prosecutor gives his word, that’s something that is enforceable.”

While Cosby reportedly received some support from fans waiting outside of the courthouse at the time of the deposition, he received little sympathy from social media users.

Watch: 92-Yr-Old WWII Vet Greets Burglar With BIG Surprise That Makes Him Drop His Ax And Run

A potential burglar got more than he bargained for when he encountered a gun-toting homeowner.

According to CBS Los Angeles, Joe Milspa, a 92-year-old World War II veteran, was at his home in San Jacinta, Calif., on Sunday morning when he heard a noise coming from outside. As Milspa approached the door of his home to investigate the disturbance, the would-be burglar used the ax he was carrying to smash the home’s window.

After hearing the glass shatter, Milspa fired a single shot into the wall in hopes that the would-be intruder would leave. He stated that, rather than shooting the intruder, he decided to fire into the wall in hopes that the intruder would abandon his plans to gain forcible entry into the home.

Due to Milspa’s quick thinking, not only was a life potentially saved, but a likely burglary was foiled.

The burglar, sensing that things were not going as planned, fled, escaping injury; however, he dropped his ax and hat as he fled from the scene of the crime.

MiIspa was employed by the Los Angeles Police Department as a mechanic for 21 years. He told reporters that he has had a gun for decades, and still visits the shooting range to practice.

“I could have shot him right in the head between the eyes. But I didn’t want to do that. I would have been in trouble,” stated MIspa.

The perpetrator is described as having a dark complexion and being between 20 and 30 years of age. The authorities in San Jacinta are searching the area for the intruder.

13-Yr-Old Visits Popular Site Mom ‘Never Heard Of’ – Every Parent Needs To See What Happened Next

Two Virginia Tech students have been charged in connection with the murder of 13-year-old Nicole Madison Lovell. The teenager was allegedly abducted and killed when she ran away from home Jan. 27.

While the suspects await trial, it’s the social media app called “Kik,” that investigators believe led to Lovell’s demise.

Millennials probably already know about Kik. For the other generations of parents and grandparents, there’s a lot that needs to be learned about the popular social media app — specifically how sexual predators use Kik to gain access to vulnerable children.

Kik allows children like Lovell the opportunity to reinvent themselves, make themselves what they want to be like. In Lovell’s case, her Kik profile didn’t show the world how she was a liver transplant survivor, and often bullied for the baby fat she still possessed. In Kik’s world, Lovell was a happy-go-lucky “tweener,” in between being a child and a teenager.

Police told Nicole’s mom, Tammy Weeks, they think the sweet-faced girl met her alleged killer on Kik. “It was some off-the-wall site I never heard of,” Weeks told The Washington Post.

Investigators say Kik is responsible for many crimes against children for several reasons. The app allows users to be anonymous, have any age they wish to have, upload photos to the app which aren’t currently stored on the smart phone, and interact with total strangers, some of whom are using the app to entertain sexual fantasies with children.

“Unfortunately, we see it every day,” said  Lt. James Bacon, head of the Fairfax County Police Department’s child exploitation unit. “Kik became the latest thing. It’s attractive to predators because of its anonymity.You can make a Kik account and you can make yourself out to be anyone you want to be.”

Kik has been criticized for creating such a dangerous app children can access, and because the company is located in Canada, it’s more difficult to conduct police investigations when incidents of exploitation arise in the U.S.

Kik has responded specifically to the Lovell case. “Kik cooperates with law enforcement to combat child predators anywhere in the world, either upon provision of a court order, or in emergency situations when there is an urgent threat to life or physical safety,” the company said in a statement.

Petula Dvorak of the Post writes that parents can and should exercise vigilance to ensure their child’s safety.

“Bacon said he tells parents to never let their kids have in-depth, online conversations with strangers. If your kid has crossed the line, ask your phone carrier to have your kid’s phone mirrored to your phone,” Dvorak writes.

In addition to mirroring, parents can and should explore every app in their child’s phone, even asking their child to display hidden apps that may allow for even more exploitation and anonymity.