Bobby Jindal Is A Massive Hypocrite When It Comes To Religious Freedom

I’m a free speech extremist. I believe the government has absolutely no business regulating or censoring speech. Of course, commercially popular speech doesn’t need protection. It’s only unpopular—racist, sexist and vulgar—speech that requires it. So as a free speech extremist, ironically, I often find myself on the same side as those I believe to be abhorrent, disgusting human beings.

Like the Westboro Baptist Church, for example. When their charismatic leader, Fred Phelps, was alive (may his gentle soul rest in peace) he referred to me personally as a filthy whore after I lumped him in with things which make Christianity look bad (him and the Inquisition, just to name a few). His cult of fanatics is odious and gross; their practice of picketing soldiers’ funerals, victims of violence and gay pride events is opportunistic, ghoulish and grotesque. They’re publicity hounds who put themselves in the public eye in hopes of furthering their cause of 19th century vintage bigotry. The best thing I can say about them is they’re cynical. The worst thing I can say is they’re Christian.

But I don’t think the government should shut them up. Nor does the Supreme Court. In 2011, in an 8-1 decision siding with Phelps and his minions, the Court said they had a right to display their small-minded grampa-mixing-his-meds-with-absinthe drivel on public sidewalks. And yes, near the burial sites for America’s war dead.

Why should we protect putrid language? Why is this basic freedom important? Because whomever decides what speech is hateful or distasteful, ultimately becomes the arbiter of our discourse. Then we’re all at the mercy of ever-morphing taboos, mores and, yes, political correctness.

And just for clarity’s sake: The First Amendment doesn’t guarantee immunity from the repercussions of speech. Your boss firing you for tweeting something off-color doesn’t make you a First Amendment martyr—it makes you unemployed. Also, my telling you to shut up isn’t infringing on your freedoms. My telling you to shut up is also my right. It’s the government telling you to shut up that’s infringing on your freedoms.

The most important thing in the public sphere, in this arena of ideas and debate—is to defend speech you don’t agree with. Otherwise, you’re not actually for free speech; you’re just for your speech.

This week, the obscure governor in one of the poorest, fattest, least educated, most miserable, worst quality of life states who (of course) thinks he should be president, Louisiana executive Bobby Jindal, threatened to arrest Westboro Baptist picketers who hinted they’d hold rallies at the funerals of victims of yet another one of the country’s mass shootings. “If they come here to Louisiana, if they try to disrupt this funeral, we’re going to lock them up,” Jindal said Sunday on CBS. “We’re going to arrest them. They shouldn’t try that in Louisiana. We won’t abide by that here. Let these families grieve.”

Jindal issued an executive order curbing the rights to practice the sincerely held beliefs of the Westboro Baptist Church, even though existing Louisiana law protects mourners with a 300-500 feet buffer from protests.

This is the same man who recently signed a different executive order protecting the religious freedom of those who oppose gay marriage. “We don’t support discrimination in Louisiana and we do support religious liberty,” said the governor. On birth control, Jindal is also on the side of the religious. He wrote in a WSJ op-ed: “Anyone who has a religious objection to contraception should not be forced by government health-care edicts to purchase it for others.”

Sure, governor, you’re all for religious freedom you agree with. That’s not freedom. That’s selective religious intolerance. That’s cherry-picking which faiths you support and which faiths you want to see in jail.

Throughout this wholly insincere debate over religious freedoms versus gay rights and women’s reproductive health, Bobby “Hey Guys, Look at Me!!” Jindal has said he’s on the side of believers. But the first time he’s confronted with believers whom he finds offensive, he threatens to go full Kim Jong-un on them.

Trying to shutter speech with government action is unconstitutional, unconscionable and un-freaking-American. It’s also totally unforgivable.

Freedom isn’t only about making birth control less available or denouncing homosexuals. Freedom is also the right to be offensive, ignorant and stupid—and Governor Jindal is exercising that right flawlessly.

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Are You Guilty Of Being A Real Leader?

“Real leaders are not called to lead up consensus they are to mold consensus, and without a doubt, this will create enemies.”

When you see a leader taking a stand and, as a result, his life is threatened, he gets dumped by his sponsors, he is condemned by the establishment “politicians,” and he is taken out of context by the state-controlled media, you have to understand that he is not one who is going along to get along, but rather is a genuine leader. This, in many cases, is the identifying characteristic when it comes to what a leader looks and acts like. And real leaders are what is needed in America (Rev. 5:5).

What is a leader? Often, when making a new contact, I will first vet them before allying myself (Amos 3:3). After all, there is a huge difference between a public person and a leader.

For example, I had a very well-known preacher come to stay out at my place; but before having him come out, I went and vetted him to see what his enemies were saying of him (John 15:17-18). Lo and behold, I discovered he had many unlawful and un-American enemies attacking his ministry. He was leading, not asking permission to do so. At every turn, he seemed to be in trouble for standing up for righteousness and the laws of our republic (Matthew 5:10; Luke 6:22-26).

“Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

In contrast, how many of today’s self-positioned leaders, regardless if they are preachers, patriots, or conservatives, are as worthless as the ones they complain about? After all, they have a reputation to keep up (Philippians 2:7-9). They go along to get along. They don’t offend anyone because they do not stand for anything; and if they were to have enemies, someone might think ill of them for actually taking a stand for what is right. Of course, they cannot have that (Gal. 6:12).

In the conservative movement (today’s conservatives are yesterday’s liberals), for example, you have a bunch of men who are no more than paper tigers. They play the politically correct game as long as it is safe enough for them to hide behind their computers and get away with whatever it is they write. Because they live under a false pretense, they are too spineless to actually fight for what they say they love (2 Timothy 4:7; Jude 1:3).

As a matter of fact, when it comes to the fight–which is the furthest thing from their minds–they say: “Let someone else do the fighting,” demonstrating their lack of integrity. They love their country so much that their degree of sacrifice is going to another fruitless conference to be seen and to talk. Of course, it goes no further than talk (Matthew 15:8).

They hide behind a title, watching the game of life and telling everyone how they are to live their lives, but not applying it to themselves (Jeremiah 9:3; Malachi 2:2). Hypocrites!

Search out your favorite patriot, preacher, or conservative and see what they stand for. If there is no opposition, it means they are not standing.

What of the women? I am not here talking about the women who are laying it down, doing what the men ought to be doing. I high-five these brave and classy women such as Pamela Geller, Brigitte Gabriel, Katherine Albrecht, and others.

I am talking of the conservative women, which you can find everywhere except where they ought to be, and with someone else except who they ought to be with. These conservative women act like little 15-year-old cheerleaders who did not get their fill of attention in high school. Now they have brought it into adulthood. To them, the fight for liberty is some sort of fashion show fantasy. The sad fact is that everyone sees them for who they are; and that is “little, immature, snotty girls” who never grew up mentally, but are trapped in the body of 50 or 60-year-old woman.

These women love the limelight so much that everything is sacrificed, including their families. This is all for the opportunity to be seen by men (Matthew 23:5). They love their titles too and don’t forget to add them to their names when they are out in public. Apparently, these women do not have the right people around them who actually love them enough to tell them to grow up and raise their families (Titus 2:4-5).

Do a search on these worldlings, and you will find nothing that proves the contrary to what I am saying.

Herein lies the problem with the America we know. These people profess to be one thing. Yet, in reality, they are the opposite. They are no different than what they complain about (1 Kings 18:21). In short, these people are the problem (Philippians 3:18). They contend that they want peace in a world that is at war with what they profess to believe in, but they do not go to war to have it set right (John 16:33).

These self-positioned leaders fail to understand that men follow courage and not titles (Mark 8:27). They believe that it is their position to be served rather than being the ones who are to serve (Luke 22:27).

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C.J. Pearson’s Personal Planned Parenthood Plea Is Permeating The Population With Passionate Pro-Life Position

At the age of 12, C.J. Pearson has already achieved a level of prominence beyond what most Americans achieve in their entire lives. The outspoken conservative activist has amassed a loyal following on the strength of several concise, passionate videos he has released in recent months.

The reception has not been completely positive, of course. Pearson acknowledged earlier this month that he received online threats from an anonymous critic, prompting him to take a brief break from commentary.

Pearson published his latest piece as a Facebook message instead of a video. The intimate, personal account of the circumstances around his own birth were presented as a counterpoint to disturbing charges recently made against abortion industry giant Planned Parenthood.


“My mom became pregnant with me during high school,” he wrote, “and she had a tough decision to make, probably one of the toughest decisions a prospective mother could ever make.”

With little money and few prospects, Pearson said his mother had a tough decision to make.

She had two choices: have me or abort me. My mother wasn’t ready for a child. She wasn’t financially capable of raising me and she didn’t feel as if she could give me the life she thought I deserved. But, my mother saw potential in me. She saw hope in me. She saw a future in me. My mother made the decision to have me because she simply loved me. Planned Parenthood would have told her abortion was the easiest and safest decision to make, but she didn’t buy that. She felt as if my life was much more valuable than simple convenience and for that, I am eternally thankful.

His testimonial garnered a litany of supportive comments. Many, including an adoptive father and several women who were at one point in the same position as Pearson’s mother, offered their own unique voices to the discussion.

Do you believe in the sanctity of human life? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Do We Care Who Wins?

Conservatives have an army of competitors lining up for the presidency.

Once again and true to form, the right is loading up and carefully taking aim, so as to THOROUGHLY shoot itself and what’s left of America – right in the head.

With the liberals, you get a choice of only a couple of flavors prior to election time. With the conservatives, where teamwork, solidarity, and effective marketing are consistently ignored, we’ll probably charge to the polls with at least three or four candidates (this time).

We have learned, the hard way, that many (but not enough) people will indeed back an independent just because they can. They waste their vote in minimally securing another four years of bitching rights …. “I knew he couldn’t win – but at least I voted my conscience.” When I hear such syrup, I’m painfully reminded of a STUPID bumper I often saw during Clinton’s first term that read:”Don’t Blame Me, I Voted For Ross!”

That’s great. Thank you very much. Be sure to ‘vote your conscience’ and completely squander what little influence your voice might have contributed. I so love all today’s high-minded philosophers who refuse to condescend and collaborate even just enough to help in defusing a guaranteed destroyer like the current liberal agenda. Oh yes, you’ve had your say! And for that, the enemies of all godliness and liberty send along their wholehearted appreciation.

‘Power in unity’ be damned. Even after two terms of the Obama nightmare, Republicans/conservatives won’t strain themselves to see past the ends of their noses. We have been force-fed Barack’s and his dad’s socialistic dreams – at a dizzying cost – and now we appear to be lining up for more of that. It’s because we so proudly ‘know we are right,’ and we refuse to bend. (I didn’t say to compromise our standards.)

Very few American patriots seem to understand that the primary reason we’ve had to sit and watch a liberal president tear our nation to pieces is because we refuse to condescend to necessarily reach the majority of children who now make up voting America. The guy in the Oval Office can speak ‘street,’ and the limping right still insists upon running more ‘white guys in suits’ and trying to come across like the Brady Bunch.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan? Of course I voted for them! I would have given an eye and a tooth had they been elected! But not enough people joined me in that effort. So many insisted upon “voting their conscience”–more aptly called, in these times, “pissing in the wind.” But how many, NOW – after a seven-year overdose of ‘Obamamine’ – see much satisfaction in having squandered their precious influence? And what was the idea, Ron Paul? In effect, your determination put you right up there with H. Ross Perot. (I admire and respect both the Pauls.) But how do we dare to luxuriate in the ongoing insanity of splitting up an already feeble and disintegrated conservative vote?

And exacerbating this horror (just as I have said in past articles), when do we finally realize that the same sort of polish and presence that worked so well in the 70s or 80s simply doesn’t cut it anymore? Once again quoting myself from a morning-after piece I did last presidential election: “(M)y most rudimentary marketing sense made me wonder why we (the GOP) would run the 1967 version of Batman and Robin against an Obama.”

This is not rocket science. If you own a television set, you should easily recognize what does and doesn’t ‘sell’ these days. Do I think that Donald Trump would be a good president? Undoubtedly. Rick Perry? He could save our country. Ron Paul? See above. But, for crying out loud, our nation has just sanctioned the perverted censorship of its own history, and is currently standing down as the Islamic cancer that our current president invited in is bloodying up our peace and security!

Our burgeoning mass of uninformed and lightheaded citizenry can no longer value what is right. We want whatever looks and feels good – whatever will free us to return to our ‘regularly scheduled programs.’ It’s a careless, self-righteous atittude/behavior that will surely destroy us – but THOSE are the people the right MUST appeal to. Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings – but read it and weep.

We’re spoiled. We can’t be bothered to take care of business or to use our heads for something other than a place to put an inverted ball cap. And today, there is no greater or more intimidatingly dictatorial force than the bludgeon of political correctness. Bottom line: if it isn’t ‘cool,’ it doesn’t ‘rule.’

We’ve just recently watched, in disbelief, as the Confederate flag (and anything white that stood beneath it in the 1860s) has been officially proclaimed to be cursed and banned (based on some of the zaniest reasoning I’ve ever heard). That alone should tell us that there aren’t enough people out there who either care enough or have the presence of mind and power to call off such madness. Why, then, would anyone in their right mind expect any conservative presidential candidates that the liberal press is already busy painting as elite and out-of-touch ‘one-percenters’ to win the day in 2016? It simply won’t work. It can’t – NOT TODAY. (2 Timothy 3:14)

Anyone reading this can see that this writer is a big fan of the conservative hopefuls I’ve here mentioned (and more). But I’m telling you, again, that we are going about this thing all wrong.

If we can remember nothing else from our founding history than the banner bearing a disconnected snake slithering among the words “Join Or Die!”, we still might have a little bit of hope of reclaiming the White House. If not, brace yourself for another cold and merciless eight years.

Any real writer is in love with his or her editor. It’s largely because a good editor is there to throw certain material in the wastebasket – before it makes copy – that would cause its author to be seen as an idiot. It should work the same way with our Republican presidential conventions. We had better – especially at this unprecedentedly crucial moment in our Republic’s waning existence – have our act TOGETHER BEFORE we take our candidate to the polls. This time, regardless of whose feelings might get hurt, we cannot make any mistakes.

The conservative movement needs a marketing team and a cheering section strong enough to rally the unified and committed cooperation of prospective candidates as well as a precious scarce electorate. First impressions mean everything – and we need to carefully examine how the public is going to receive our offering. There was a time when a good old boy, even a perfectly qualified one, could be a shoe-in. Those days are gone.

Of course, conservative voters will (most probably) vote for conservatives. But it seems that most conservative voters can no longer be bothered to put down the remote long enough to get to the polls and make a difference. The liberal voters, on the other hand, don’t want to lose their gravy train. That’s why they hit the streets and get their voters to the polls. It is not unusual for them to go house-to-house sobering up their brother and sister liberals enough to ensure a victory.

After a horrific eight years of Barry’s stripmining the carcass of what remains of the United States, do we really want to seal our fate by backing candidates who will only appeal to people with brains? Because there aren’t enough of those anymore to make the difference.

I defy you to prove me wrong here. We either have to promote candidates who don’t fit the stereotype of everything Hollywood makes fun of, or we can all go home to bed early. I mean, if conservative America isn’t going to get off its backside and take care of business – which includes finding a horse that can win, and then EXCLUSIVELY supporting that candidate by every means available – we are left with no alternative but to try to appeal to a broader spectrum of voters – BOTH SIDES OF THE LINE.

A black man and a woman will do. You can fill those blanks in for yourself.

I am convinced that there really are enough voting people, conservative and liberal, who are tired enough of Obama and sufficiently wary of a Clinton or Sanders to take a chance on a team that won’t come across like Boss Hogg and Bernie Madoff.

If we don’t get serious about achieving our priorities and work together smartly in putting a real president back in the White House, we are going to lose this country. But, since we won’t do that – short of a miracle – you can bank on the fact that our next president will be affectionately hugging Obama at the inauguration.

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John McCain Just Said Four Words About Trump That Reminded Everyone Why He Lost In 2008

After Donald Trump’s ballyhooed appearance at an event in Arizona this month, that state’s senior senator did not hesitate to weigh in on local reaction to the outspoken presidential contender.

“It’s very bad,” John McCain said in an interview this week. “This performance with our friend out in Phoenix is very hurtful to me; because what he did was he fired up the crazies.”

He went on to conclude that Trump has “galvanized hem” and “really got them activated.”

As it turns out, some of “the crazies” were not too pleased with the characterization. Many expressed their outrage on Twitter.


McCain took the opportunity to praise South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham – a friend and frequent legislative partner – for publicly lambasting Trump’s controversial immigration remarks.

The tirade against Trump and his supporters was not the first time McCain has faced backlash for criticizing conservatives. As one prominent example, he once referred to three Republican senators – Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Justin Amash – as “wacko birds,” which garnered an immediate response from many in the party’s right wing.

Politico readers were generally displeased with McCain’s rhetoric.

“I guess you can call me crazy,” one commenter wrote, “but I want our laws enforced!”

Another informed McCain that “the real problem is … we the people haven’t been crazy enough.”

Should Donald Trump tone down his illegal immigration criticism? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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