New Startup Says Rand Paul Is Most Conservative Candidate

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A new startup ranks potential 2016 presidential candidates as the most conservative and the most liberal based on their donors, what they have said, and their issue positions. The startup ranks Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky. as the most conservative and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., as the most liberal.

Crowdpac was founded by researchers at Stanford University. Their mission is to categorize candidates based on these publicly available criteria: money, speech (what the candidates actually say), and voting history. From their site:

In analyzing the patterns of who gives to whom, our data model is able to make inferences about the issue positions of both candidates and donors. Additional information on candidates’ personal contributions made to other campaigns are incorporated to improve the model’s predictions.

 “To calculate scores on specific issues for incumbent candidates, we use congressional voting records,” the group adds. “For non-incumbent candidates with no voting record, we compare their donors with the donors of incumbents.”

The scale is rated left to right – 10L to 10C – with moderates receiving a zero in the middle. Paul is the most conservative with a score of 10+C, followed by Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, with 9.7C. Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin scored a 7.8C, followed by former Governors Rick Perry of Texas and Mike Huckabee of Arkansas with 6.9C and 6.2C, respectively.

Former Governors Jeb Bush of Florida and Jon Huntsman of Utah are towards the moderate end of Crowdpac’s scale, scoring 4.2C and 3.0C. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie received a 2.5C

Sanders is the most liberal with 8.3L. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., was close behind with 8.2L, though Warren recently stated she will not seek the Democratic nomination in 2016. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton scored a 6.4L, while former Governor Martin O’Malley received a 5.3L. Vice President Joe Biden scored a 4.4L.

Photo: Crowdpac

Photo: Crowdpac

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David Limbaugh Destroys Leftist Sally Kohn’s ‘Inconsistent’ Stance On Religious Freedom

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Conservative author and commentator David Limbaugh responded to a recent Twitter post by his ideological antithesis with a series of pointed rebukes.

Leftist activist Sally Kohn shared her take on liberty and religion in the same post, prompting Limbaugh and others to point out the apparent hypocrisy of her stated position.

Talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh’s brother suggested that her stated support of freedom does not jibe with the attempt many social leftists make to muzzle outspoken Christian conservatives.

Limbaugh went on to assert Kohn feels entitled to treat conservatives with disdain because she believes her views are superior. It is that mentality, however, that he cites as evidence of her hypocrisy.

Limbaugh’s remarks were seconded in numerous other comments, including one by another prominent conservative commentator, Steven Crowder, who pointed out the inherent differences between fundamentalist practitioners of Islam and Christianity.

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Top Conservative Signs And Bumper Stickers Of 2014

Dads bumper sticker FI

The top conservative signs and bumper stickers of 2014 are enough to please any conservative and anger any Democrat…

1) Our first sign was placed on the premises of Shiloh Brew and Chew by owner Sharma Floyd. The eatery is located in Maryville, Tennessee. She put out a big welcome sign to anyone who wants to pack heat in her restaurant…



2) This school in Argyle, Texas, put up a sign that rubbed liberals the wrong way…

Photo Credit: Twitter/Oliver Darcy

3) This sign at a military surplus store didn’t shy away from political incorrectness but embraced it…

4) This conservative plastered what he called the Influences of Heaven and Designs of Satan on his back windshield…

car windshield

5) This conservative bumper sticker for dads is sure to irritate Democrats everywhere…

Photo Credit: youngcons


6) Sadie Robertson of Duck Dynasty shared the love in the LOVE Is Project by sporting a LOVE bracelet…



7) This conservative bumper sticker may irritate some birthers, but it makes a point all conservatives can agree upon…

Conservative Tribune

Conservative Tribune


Which one was your favorite? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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Ever Wonder Why Liberals Lie About Republicans?

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By now, it’s common knowledge that Lena Dunham lied about being raped at a fraternity party at the University of Virginia by a Republican student.  Sadly, this is just one incident in a long list of similar episodes where liberals lie to implicate Republicans in crimes they didn’t commit. The strange thing is, you don’t see conservatives lying about liberal behavior.

The question is, why do liberals do this?

Remember that Vladimir Lenin famously said: “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” 

At their core, what do liberals want?  They want power and money. They want control.

They are corrupt. They are liars. They are ruthless in using any tool available in order to get the control they want.

The marxists in Russia and Eastern Europe were the same. So was Chairman Mao, Castro, etc., etc.

Remind me again how many people have died due to leftist regimes? Mao alone killed over sixty-million.

So it comes very naturally to liberals to accuse a Republican of a crime in order to foster the narrative they are trying to create in the national psyche. Al Sharpton did it with the Tawana Brawley case, corrupt prosecutors did it with the Duke lacrosse team, and now we have the incident with Rolling Stone magazine. Liberals are desperate to paint conservatives as anti-women neanderthals.

By the way, tell me again the position of the National Organization for Women on female genital mutilation in Islamic societies? I’m glad they are speaking out about that – NOT. Somehow, the Muslims get a pass (but that’s for another column.)

The only way to stop this trainwreck of progressive manipulation, lies, and distortion is to aggressively fight back and ultimately defeat them in the arena of ideas. You see, they will continue to do the same thing over and over again. They just don’t care that it’s wrong.

To them, the end (being able to control you) justifies the means.

We are nearing a tipping point in our society. America either ceases to exist as the Founders intended, or we conservatives stand up and fight for what is right and wrong, for our children’s sake.

How is it that Rolling Stone magazine is still in business? How is it that CBS News is still in business after publishing false stories about George W. Bush during the 2004 election? (Yes, Dan Rather is gone–but his overlords are still there.)

As a conservative, you do have a weapon. It’s called your consumer freedom of choice.

If you believe in America, then never read, buy, or click on a Rolling Stone story again. Add it to the list of other liberal publications you will never support. That is choice you can agree with.  

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Cowardly Conservatives Use Garner Case To Grab Their “Ferguson Moment”

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They are all grabbing at their own “Ferguson Moment” in hopes of redeeming themselves for not condemning the police officer in the Missouri case.

Cowering in fear of being called a racist, a number of so-called conservatives have abandoned logic to beat their breasts over the death of Eric Garner. Without hearing a single word of testimony and basing their judgment on a two minute video, these people KNOW what happened.

Here are facts these cowards have been pleased to disregard.

Cops don’t prowl our streets looking for someone to murder.

Eric Garner made a conscious decision to raise his 32nd arrest from a misdemeanor into a challenge of society’s right to enforce our laws. Garner consciously resisted arrest in the face of overwhelming odds and his heart and asthma conditions.

Garner had no job; he supported a wife and six children by being a career criminal. has uncovered a connection between Garner and a smuggling operation run by organized crime.

No one has explained how someone who is being choked can say “I can’t breathe” loud enough to  be recorded from ten feet away. Saying ‘” can’t breathe” isn’t possible for someone who is not breathing.

Chokeholds kill or render people unconscious immediately. Chokeholds don’t kill people an hour later. Garner’s hyoid and windpipe were intact; Garner did not die from a chokehold no matter how many times the media repeats that lie.

“Racism” cannot be proved here because it does not exist. The cop’s bosses, the precinct commander, and supervising female sergeant are black. The cops were responding to their orders and a complaint about Garner from a minority shop owner. Garner’s own daughter said this was not about race.  Al Sharpton is holding his demonstrations in Manhattan to obfuscate these facts because they don’t “fit.”

If the precinct commander and sergeant were white males, we would know their names and where they live; and they would have to enter and leave their workplace under heavy security.

Saying Garner died “for selling loose cigarettes” is a cynical lie. Those who actually know what they are talking about understand that Garner was killed by his own obese lifestyle and a conscious choice to fight when he could have submitted and lived to commit more crimes.

The following cowardly conservatives are using the Garner case to suck up to the liberal media, grab their own “Ferguson Moment,” and be absolved from the “guilt” the Left insists they should feel. Here are the responses of some “educated” conservatives to the Grand Jury decision against indictment of police on the scene.

Michael Steele, the affirmative action, former Chairman of the Republican National Committee: a “….Black man’s life is not worth a ham sandwich…”

Breitbart’s John Nolte has reduced the complex matter to an assertion that the cops walked up to Garner and killed him in retaliation for selling untaxed cigarettes.  “Police behavior sure looked inexcusable,” claims Nolte. Note the slippery word “looked.”

Fox News Charles Krauthammer pronounced the Garner decision “incomprehensible.”

John Boehner hints he will investigate the Garner case.

Michael Savage’s “Ferguson Moment” came with his pious declaration that the “Chokehold Was ‘Murder of an Innocent Black Man.’” Note his injection of race.

Glenn Beck, who is busy sucking up to CNN so he has a place to work when his operation fails, called the decision “obscene.”

Andrew Napolitano said that not indicting the police was grievously wrong.

Enjoy your “Ferguson Moment,” fellas; you’ve earned it, and thanks for showing us who you really are. Your Holiday party invitations are in the mail.

So now whom do we trust?

Get your free PDF of Coach’s book “Crooks Thugs& Bigots: the lost, hidden and changed history of the Democrat Party.” If you don’t know the truth all you’ll have is Democrat lies.

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