Trevor Loudon Making His Book ‘The Enemies Within’ Into A Movie


New Zealander Trevor Loudon stopped by the WJ studio this week to talk about his new documentary movie that is based on his best-selling book The Enemies Within – Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress. Mr. Loudon has been touring America and spreading the word on how and why conservatives must win the 2016 presidential election. His book profiles fourteen senators and more than fifty representatives and their ties to radical anti-American organizations.

The documentary ‘Exposing The Enemies Within’ is raising funds through the crowd-sourcing site Indiegogo. Mr. Loudon is looking to release the movie in October in theaters.

We’re going to get full theater release. This will be a Hollywood-quality production. And it’s going to stick it right to the Communists and Marxists in Congress. It’s going to pull no punches and name names.

The noted author and anti-communist figure said that most Americans do not realize that communism never died.

We’re going to call these people out. Expose their Marxist Communist ties. Expose their agendas. Expose what they’re into, what they’re trying to do to America. And we want to shock the American public. Because most Americans have no idea. To most Americans, Communism is a t-shirt, a Che Guevara t-shirt. That’s as far as it goes. But they do not understand that it never died.

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Sen. Corker: If Obama Thinks Iran Deal Is ‘Good For The Nation, Surely He Can Sell It’ To Congress Too

Bob Corker

With every passing day, many say Iran is getting closer and closer to getting the nuclear deal they want. Despite the criticisms coming from Israel’s Prime Minister and several conservatives, Obama is content moving forward with the Iranians.

Twitter/ Netanyahu

Twitter/ Netanyahu

Twitter/ Netanyahu

Twitter/ Netanyahu

Just last week, Obama warned Congress not to interfere; if they did and killed the deal, “international unity” would collapse. He vouched for the deal, arguing that it was the best way to prevent Iran from procuring a nuclear weapon.

In light of the president’s promises, Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman Bob Corker, R-Tenn., spoke with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday and urged Obama to “sell” his deal to Congress, if was in fact a good deal.

While Obama apparently fears that involving Congress in the deal would put an end to the negotiations, Corker says otherwise.

“We know that during the negotiations, the fact that Congress was likely to weigh in was something that the administration and the other western countries were able to use to ensure that this deal isn’t worse than it is,” Corker said. “If the president feels like this is something that’s good for the nation, surely he can sell it this to the United States Senate and House.”

Corker plans to vote on legislation on April 14 that would allow Congress to review the Iranian deal before it is implemented.

h/t: CNS News

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America Gets Angry Over Illegal Aliens

Twitter/Patrioctic Parrot

If you live outside of Washington, D.C., or any liberal urban blue city, you can feel the anger on the streets and in the cafes about the Obama administration’s policies toward illegal aliens and the opening of the floodgates for benefits and citizenship here in America.

Currently, if an immigrant has a child in-country, that child is given American citizenship. Now, most Americans want that law changed. Americans also want harsher (or should I just say effective) deportation of those here illegally.

The Washington Examiner reports that, in a recent Rasmussen poll, a whopping 83 percent of Americans want immigrants to prove they are here legally before they are given local, state, or federal benefits, and 62 percent of the country feels the administration is “not aggressive enough” in deporting illegal aliens:

Despite President Obama’s efforts to cool the nation’s views on illegal immigrants storming over the U.S.-Mexico border, Americans have reached a new level of anger over the issue, with most demanding a more aggressive deportation policy — and reversal of a law that grants citizenship to kids of illegals born in the U.S.

A new Rasmussen Reports survey released Monday also finds Americans questioning spending tax dollars on government aid provided to illegal immigrants. A huge 83 percent said that anybody should be required to prove that they are “legally allowed” to be in the country before receiving local, state or federal government services.

Overall, the poll is bad news for the White House because it shows sustained, and in some cases, elevated anger and frustration over the surge in undocumented immigrants in the United States.

For example, 62 percent told the pollster that the U.S. is “not aggressive enough” in deporting those illegally in the United States. Just 15 percent believed the administration’s current policy was “about right” and 16 percent said it was “too aggressive.”

That 62 percent number is a jump from a year ago when it was 52 percent.

It seems that Americans are tired of paying for illegal immigrants. They are tired of those who have no respect for the duly passed immigration laws of this country. They are tired of our Dear Leader making up immigration law as he goes along.

One wonders where Hillary Clinton, in her quest for the presidency, will come down on this issue. The Clintons are masters at reading the tea leaves in America and changing themselves accordingly.

Hopefully the courts will continue to stall Obama’s executive orders on immigration and deportation policy. Congress needs to enforce its will as well—that is, if they can find the courage.

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REVEALED: These Two Huge Votes May Have Motivated Obama Admin To Target Dem Senator

Images Credit: Politico/Twitter

Powerful New Jersey Democrat Sen. Robert Menendez was indicted on Wednesday on eight counts of bribery as well as conspiracy following a lengthy federal investigation into the alleged trading of political favors for gifts from a wealthy supporter.

It was a rare and extraordinary move by the Obama Justice Department, as The New York Times notes, “the first federal bribery charges against a sitting senator in a generation.”

The 61-year-old lawmaker has angrily denied the charges and vowed to fight them.

While the federal investigation into Menendez and his dealings with a political benefactor has been well known through the years it’s been going on, the indictment and its potential consequences for the senator’s political future, as well as possible imprisonment, have some wondering about the timing of the DOJ’s move against Menendez.

What’s reported by Politico and by The Hill provide interesting context for considering, “why now?”

Immediately after the announcement of the Menendez indictment on Wednesday, Politico reported that the New Jersey Democrat had made up his mind about voting to confirm President Obama’s pick to be the next U.S. attorney general.

In fact. the Politico piece notes in it’s opening sentence, “Loretta Lynch’s confirmation for attorney general may have been saved.”

Only last week — before the DOJ leveled the very serious charges against Menendez — the senator had indicated he was undecided on Lynch’s confirmation as the first black woman to become the nation’s top law enforcement officer.

Menendez’s support was critical because with his vote, combined with the rest of the Senate Democratic Caucus and the four declared Republican backers, put the number of votes for Lynch right at 50.

That means Lynch, currently the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York, would be confirmed — provided that Vice President Joe Biden broke a tie.

Add to the sudden Menendez decision to support Loretta Lynch for the top job at Justice, the fact that his indictment means Congress’s chances of passing Iran legislation are now in doubt — legislation that President Obama doesn’t want to land on his desk.

The Hill reports on the critical consequence of the decision by Sen. Menendez to step aside as the ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee:

The Foreign Relations Committee is set to vote April 14 on the bill [Menendez] co-authored with [Sen. Bob] Corker calling for Senate review of an Iran [nuclear] deal.

If Menendez is out of the picture long-term, it could sap Democratic support for legislation that the White House has already threatened to veto.

The article in The Hill points out that the next most senior Democrat on the committee after Menendez is Sen. Barbara Boxer, “an ally of President Obama who opposes passing any Iran legislation before the final June 30 deadline in the talks.”

So, with a huge hammer hanging over the head of Robert Menendez — a hammer that could drop decades in prison on the senator if he’s found guilty of corruption — Obama appears to be in a much more controlling position on two items of great significance to his political agenda, as well as his legacy as president.

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Just Like Her Hide-And-Seek Emails, HIllary’s Popularity Is Disappearing

Image Credit: The Guardian

No matter how passionately her supporters (such as James Carville) try to paint a happy face on emailgate, Hillary Clinton is suffering the kind of precipitous drop in trust and approval ratings that could spell trouble for her expected presidential campaign.

On the Wednesday edition of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Carville — a loud-mouthed Democratic strategist and Clinton loyalist — dismissed the idea that Hillary’s email scandal would have a lasting, negative impact on her anticipated run for the White House.

As reported by The Washington Times: “’At the end of the day, I predict this whole thing is going to amount to diddly-squat,’ Mr. Carville said.”

However, as one might imagine the “Ragin’ Cajun” himself could observe in his distinctive style, at the moment diddly is squatting directly and heavily on Hillary Clinton’s approval ratings with voters.

The Hill reports on the results of a new survey just released by a respected independent pollster, in which voters in Florida now say they’re not so hot on Hillary in the wake of revelations about her highly questionable email practices while secretary of state.

A new poll released Tuesday by Quinnipiac University found Clinton trailing former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in the Sunshine State and enjoying only a 2 percentage point lead over Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.).

In February, she led both — with a 10-point lead on Rubio.

The Hill notes that, given poll results such as these, Republicans are increasingly optimistic about their chances of defeating the former first lady should she be the Democrats’ nominee for 2016.

The same poll found Clinton ahead of the GOP field in the must-win state of Pennsylvania but with only a 1-point lead over Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.). And her favorability rating in both states has dropped, by 4 points in Florida and 6 points in the Keystone State.

And there’s more bad news from Quinnipiac. Even as her favorability ratings continue to fall, voters in the all-important swing states of Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio haven’t got good things to say about Hillary’s integrity.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, those responding to the question weren’t so complimentary when asked, “Would you say that Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy or not?”

Image Credit: The Washington Free Beacon

Image Credit: The Washington Free Beacon

On Tuesday, the chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi formally asked Mrs. Clinton to appear before the panel to answer questions about her use of a personal email account for official government business, as well as the decision to wipe her private server clean of all those emails.

The Blaze says that Chairman Trey Gowdy wonders about the possibility that business emails were destroyed along with personal communications.

“The request [to testify] came just days after Clinton’s lawyers said Clinton had deleted all non-work emails from her personal server, a move that Republicans say was made without any outside review of what might have been on those emails.”

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